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  1. Irelands_32

    WWS New Camo Rationale.

    Actually, I think that there is a logic error going on here. Perhaps WWS wants to get rid of Camos all together. They will become a slow fade. The new players will not miss them as they really have no reason to put them on their ships.
  2. Irelands_32

    WWS New Camo Rationale.

  3. Irelands_32

    WWS New Camo Rationale.

    I took a break from WWS 3 months ago, but I am a longtime player and in truth, this is the only game that I do play. I returned just as .6 arrived and I'm trying to get used to the changes. What I don't understand is now the purpose of putting camouflage on our ships. Am I correct in reading that they look nice but no longer provide us with any game value am I missing something? When I run out of my many camouflages why would I want to purchase anymore? I do love this game but I don't see changes with these camos and signals as in any way making this game simpler. I am getting used to our new torpedoes. I am primarily a BB on the American and British lines. Right now I am running like hell when I hear a ping. (but that is my problem). Am I just finding it difficult to adapt because I am in old goat? I'm not sure that the problem resides with me. Comments welcome. Maybe I have missed something.
  4. Irelands_32

    Flag-o-Rama 2022

    Message Received. Turning back full speed. Zagging and smoking up. My flags are going into the lock box. If my ship goes down my flags go down with me. Long live the Emperor.
  5. Your Why question misses the point. WWS has always been about 'balance' and about the possibility of building a certain level of 'skill'. I am not a whale but I have been around for quite a while. This game changes all the time. You just have to try it once things get settled out. Myself? I am taking a break,, for various reasons.
  6. I do not play CV's but I am not bothered by having them around. I do not like SUBS and feel they have ruined the game. Right now I am taking a break for various reasons but I do intend to be back.
  7. I was wondering if and when this would happen. I am happy that it has finally occurred. I had noticed that on the WWS Test Server the chat function had been disabled around the same time that the Russian invasion began. Was there a connection? Was this forced by the Russian government? In any case, I decided not to go back.
  8. Irelands_32

    Co-Op Torp Blockers

    Yes and those torps should cause damage.
  9. Irelands_32

    Co-Op Torp Blockers

    At first, I thought you were being serious. For me, I do get upset when those islands come out of nowhere and block my progress. I don't understand why WWS doesn't do something about that.
  10. Irelands_32

    Co-Op Torp Blockers

    I wish that they would bring back Torp damage for friendly fire. Torps have no allies and once released, what they strike should count. Making friendly fire Torp cause damage would prevent blocking by those willing to cheat and make those who shoot torps more careful. WW2 Torps were not smart. A hit should be a hit that causes damage.
  11. Irelands_32

    Clan Battles: "Narwhal" Season

    I was thinking about doing this but Rome said: "No". They were worried that Hell might freeze over.
  12. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    Good question and I do not know. I didn't do it on purpose.
  13. Oh yes it was, but it was Walking the Plank on the Roof of the 30 Story Pirates Headquarters Building in Nassau in 1740.
  14. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    What would be their names? That wouldn't work for me. I need an internet computer simulation Navy game.
  15. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    I learned to play Chess when i was 12 years old, not as a game but as an advocation. For games, I played Risk and Diplomacy. WWS has strong elements of Chess, with its offence and defense style of play. In Random play it is primarily one on one, forget about team work. In my opinion if you or I want teamwork we need to opt for Ranked or Clan play. I do love this game but I do wish they could build in more advantages for working as a team.