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  1. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    What would be their names? That wouldn't work for me. I need an internet computer simulation Navy game.
  2. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    I learned to play Chess when i was 12 years old, not as a game but as an advocation. For games, I played Risk and Diplomacy. WWS has strong elements of Chess, with its offence and defense style of play. In Random play it is primarily one on one, forget about team work. In my opinion if you or I want teamwork we need to opt for Ranked or Clan play. I do love this game but I do wish they could build in more advantages for working as a team.
  3. Irelands_32

    PTS 0.10.9 Feedback

    Thank you for taking the time to give me a detailed response. Knowing the rationale behind the message makes all the difference to me. You have answered my concern.
  4. Irelands_32

    Historical Accuracy

    I pretty much agree with you. I like the mechanics but not the childish themes so I avoid them. I do love the game though (except for the subs).
  5. Irelands_32

    PTS 0.10.9 Feedback

    My ship was sunk. That was all well and good. Leaving the battle and going back to port I received a warning that I was Leaving early. There was no reason for this warning as I had been sunk. The warning should only appear if and when I have attempted to leave the battle while still alive. I am bringing this to your attention because I believe it is a negative for the game. Details: 1) I was the only non-robot on my team. 2) There were only robots on the opponents team 3) I was not the first ship on my team to be sunk Thank you
  6. Friendly TK damage should be turned back on. A torp should be a torp. I do not understand what the rationale was for turning friendly fire off in the first place. Could anyone please explain this to me.
  7. Irelands_32

    Three Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    You don't need to be proud about non supporting a game which you come back to play over and over again. Yet you feel a need to complain about a bug that was fixed. Unbelievable.
  8. Irelands_32


    I'm an old goat so being 20 and drinking caught my eye. When I started college the State of Flori-dah lowered the drinking age to 18. By the time of graduation they had raised it once again to 21. I have sometimes thought that I might have been responsible for that.
  9. That's it. I thought all of the Klingon ships were real.
  10. I am an average player, maybe a below average player but I do play a lot of WWS games. This is the only Internet game I play so what I hear on YouTube and Twitch is so sad. I am still logging in on a daily basis but I have suspended supporting the Corporation with my Dollars. I do care about the Community Content Providers and I have supported them and followed them. What they have to say is important to me. Let me say this, for me: 1) The game is less fun; 2)The rewards seem to have been scaled back; 3) Some of the changes appear to make the gave over complicated and less skill oriented.
  11. Irelands_32

    Tired of playing Random Battles

    As i see it, it is not the "campers and cowards" which are to blame. WWS has changed this game by making it very difficult for lower skill players to develop and understanding of how to develop the necessary skills to improve their game. You want to blame players as campers and cowards. That is not logical. Look elsewhere, look to the Nerfs, Look to the additions. WWS is getting more and more complex. It is better to hide behind a rock then respond to a 'help Call' from a fellow player.
  12. Irelands_32

    Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns

    They do of course, but I wish they didn't try to reach for the stars. Up Up they go. over hill and mountain they go, and then they drop. Drop they do like a stone. Great for sending, not so good to be on the receiving end.
  13. Irelands_32

    Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns

    Yes. You explained this quite well. Also, you mentioned the Iowa which is the only BB that I have been on. I have been neglectful in playing her. When I was new (years ago) I made the newbie mistake of wanting the biggest and baddest American ship out there. Why play a IX when I could play a X. It took me a while to understand why coming up in the ranks is important in World of Warships. I have gone back to a VI and VII which I am enjoying.
  14. Irelands_32

    Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns

    I also was about to ask that question. I play the Montana and was upset that the Montana's guns were not listed. However, we both got our answer. What was listed was the guns of ships that existed in the U.S. Navy. I am satisfied.
  15. Irelands_32

    NA Waterline stream with Shonai and Hapa_Fodder

    As a BB player I am already looking for a big rock or an iceberg to hide behind. Then again I might disguise myself as a Hospital Ship.