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  1. I for one, am looking forward to downloading and looking at the changes for 0.7.8. It will be the first time that I felt that I know what to look for in the public tests. This statement gives me focus. I am an average player but I am hooked on WWS. I even went out several months age and bought a DELL G7 gaming machine and upgraded my connection speed. I will do my best to provide you feedback. User ID: Irelands-32, NA Server, San Francisco CA USA, Sybase Sr Tech Support Engineer (Retired)
  2. Perhaps Wins Vs. Losses could be a rolling system (forget about the bad icon from me you do have a point.) What about a Win Vs Loss rating which only goes back 12 or 6 months. On month 13 (or 7) the first month rating is dropped and the new rating consists of data from month 2 to month 13. At month 12 your rating consists of data from Jan - Dec Or if we chose a rolling 6 month system Jan thru June. Doing a rolling Win vs Losses would (it seems to me) help reflect how the player is progressing or how he is failing to progress. Some phone companies in the States do this when they give the customer free minutes from left over minutes not used in previous months. Am I making myself clear?
  3. Irelands_32

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Battleship Formations

    I am not sure if I agree or not. You do have a point but with the right team and the right communication I think lining up to do a push might work. I normally play the Alabama, I find it a difficult but sound ship and I get a little annoying when chat is silent and we go off without any plan. Teamwork is very important but I don't often teamwork. When I have, my experience is that teamwork works.
  4. Irelands_32

    Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    I had the same problem but I think it was my connection. I switched to a faster internet connection and resolved the problem. Well almost. Is this a common problem with many of us? Insert other media.url
  5. Ver 7.6 My keyboard does not recognize the function keys to send messages. I am on US Keyboard windows 10 latest updates done. Is this my problem and if so how do I fix this