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  1. WestPac_CG22

    i should just quit for the day

    I've had days where my first three battles were one disaster after another. That's when I decide to just go back to port and drink the rest of the day!
  2. I'm sympathetic to your cause Ensign. I have at least thirty pithy, sarcastic responses running through my mind even as I type this.
  3. Thanks Kizarvexis for the answer.
  4. The name Guinea comes from the region of Africa were the gold was mined to mint the British coin. It was in use from the 1600s to around the late 1700s I believe.
  5. Agreed. Used as a currency long before it was stupidly used as a derogatory name. Do we have to do anything to get this conversion to credits or will WG make the conversion automatically? I think I have like 10 or 15 of them.
  6. I'm just about done with this event. I purchased the cheapest version of the PEF and put a 13 pt. captain in her. Using LWM's review, I equipped her for AA and secondaries. I then used my coal reserves and purchased 60 Revolutionary camo (+30 credits) and 40 Ocean Soul (+20 credits). I equipped her with Econ flags (No dragon). I do have premium time, but I've only played in Co-op. I managed to fulfill the 5 nation requirement for 4 million using the PEF. It took two nights. As of this moment I have 1 million left to earn for the USA initiative. I've been using the Cleveland with a 19pt captain equipped with Revolutionary camo. I have to say I was getting better scores with the PEF. Today I hope to finish the "In the Name of His Highness" event. Still using the Cleveland, though I'm down to using the Ocean Soul camo. I completed the Belle Epoque collection and had all but one left with four dupes. Instead of grinding through the DD mission, I purchased one crate and finished it that way. I'm on the last stage of the Nerves of Steel mission and on the final task of the Mighty Prinz campaign. I will most likely have to take a T8 or higher ship into Random and hope I can earn the 1000 base xp and survive the match.
  7. WestPac_CG22

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    I've had some really great battles with this ship. Most however are just average. If you keep a few ships in front of her and have an island or two to close by, then she doesn't get focused so much. IF they were to buff her, then my vote would go for a faster reload. This has been my best game with the Indy to date.
  8. WestPac_CG22

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    I've used her to accomplish the five nation missions for 4 million credits and will have the Nerves of Steel finished tomorrow. I'm at 3 million credits for the sixth nation and should have the final million earned by tomorrow as well. As for setting her aside, she'll sit in port for awhile till there is some event or mission that requires her unique talents. I love taking this ship close enough for her secondaries to fire. In T4-T6 battles, they wither enemy DDs and Cruisers and her AA is wonderful. At T-7 she's good at starting fires. It's only at T8 that I have real issues with her and even then she is adequate.
  9. WestPac_CG22

    What is the problem with Printz EF ?

    I've took LWM's advice and set it up for AA and secondaries and have been doing fairly well with it. T4-T6 DD's wither under it's secondary fire and T7 DDs catch fire regularly. T8 battles tend to be a little problematic, but as long as I stick around the T7-T8 team mates, I tend to survive, though usually at a lower score. Last night I used the PEF equipped with econ flags and Revolutionary camo to go from 15,000 to 2,800.000 credits in a little over two hours. I should have the entire final directive finished by tomorrow. I like this ship and it seems to play fairly well for me.
  10. WestPac_CG22

    Code for dragon flags

  11. WestPac_CG22

    New Bonus Code - Expired

  12. WestPac_CG22

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    Just tonight alone, I've racked up over 2 million credits for five nations using the PEF with standard econ flags and the Revolutionary camo (+30% Credits) in Co-op. With any luck, I should have all of Directive 4 missions, plus the Nerves of Steel mission done by Sunday at the latest and come out of it with a 15 pt. captain.
  13. WestPac_CG22

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    I'd have to say I have three: Atlanta - I've learned to play here was some proficiency that I survive the majority of battles and usually get over 50,000 damage in most fights. Spamming HE can be quite soothing. Musashi - I just love the power and the sound of her guns. Blyskawica - I have a lot of fun with this ship. She has decent guns and torps and is good in fight against other DDs
  14. So other than being a premium ship with with 50% more XP and extra credits supplied by the permanent camo, is there any real difference between the Charleston and the St. Louis? I read the Wiki on the Charleston and it looks to have the same specs as the B hull St. Louis. I noticed that there wasn't even a review by LWM, so I'm assuming that even she didn't see it as having anything note worthy about it. So, is there any reason why I should spend 15, 000 coal for this ship, other than the permanent camo and maybe as a collector's item?
  15. WestPac_CG22

    Nerves of Steel Mission

    So I'm hoping someone in the WoWS community might be able to answer this one for me. In the Nerves of Steel mission it seems that each of the 5 stages earns you 400 steel when you complete them, but completing the entire mission only earns you 19 steel? Did I miss something here? I realize that completing all stages nets you 2000 steel, but I just thought that completing the entire mission would earn you more than just 19 steel. I don't know how this ended up in the contest submission section, I thought I was in the General Game play section.