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  1. WestPac_CG22

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    CA: Cleveland and Atlanta. Both have 19 pt captains. DD: Monaghan. Currently 17 pt captain working up to 19. BB: Arizona. Currently with a 12 pt captain CA: None
  2. WestPac_CG22

    Wait till you see 8.2

    Got to admit, I was confused at first too. WG probably should have had a pop-up providing a short explanation, but after 15 battles on this proposed 8.2 version, I have to say it looks like it will ease new players into the game faster and maybe with a better understanding of game mechanics and dynamics.
  3. WestPac_CG22

    Random Thoughts from Deep R'Lyeh: On 19 Point Captains

    I just recently reached my third 19pt captain and left him in the Atlanta with LS as one of my skills. The other two are in the Cleveland and the New Orleans. All of these are decent money makers as well as earning some pretty good free commander XP. I'm hoping to start building up some German and British 19 pointers next.
  4. WestPac_CG22

    Thanks for ruining Shards, by the way.

    I like the change made to Shards. I feel it is a definite improvement.
  5. WestPac_CG22

    [edited] you do to my NM???!!!???

    I've not noticed any issues aiming with the NM. I recently swapped my 19pt captain in her for a 11pt and I'm still averaging 35-40,000 damage per battle in her with at least 1 kill.
  6. WestPac_CG22

    Camo Question

    Got it! Thanks.
  7. WestPac_CG22

    Camo Question

    I'm having a problem applying the permanent Lunar New Year camo that I received in the LNY crates. I can see the camo for the Anshan and Huanghe listed in my inventory, but when I go to put them on those ships, they are not showing up in the camouflage tab. Does anyone have any insight as to why and what I may need to do to correct it? Would appreciate any feedback.
  8. WestPac_CG22

    Do Bots cheat?

    I have never seen torps fire from a destroyed bot, but I wouldn't say it could never happen. I have seen bots within 1 to 4km evade torps fired from my ships as well as from teammates. I've also seen bots turn immediately from broadside to bow on when I've targeted them. I seen bot DDs go into an evade mode when I've fired on them, even at close range. I think the most interesting "bot cheat" that I've experienced was a battle that I played in the Asashio B on the Neighbors map. All the bots began to follow me even though I was never in their detectable range. In fact I wasn't detected until there was nine minutes left in the battle. I know that in the training room you can set the bot AI from low to mid or to high. I wonder if these settings coincide with certain levels of captain skills. A low setting would equate to a 3pt captain, while a mid setting would equate to a 10pt captain and high would equal a 19pt captain. I realize that bots don't have real captains and that skills vary for the type of ship being played, but the developers could code the bot AI with a set of parameters that could provide a bot BB with Expert Marksman, Superintendent and Fire Prevention. A bot DD with Adrenalin Rush, Last Stand and Concealment Expert and a bot cruiser with IFHE, Demolition Expert, Basic and Advance Firing Training. in fact it wouldn't surprise me if all bots had the equivalent of Priority Target, Incoming Fire Alert, Vigilance and Radio Location from the start. Having a little coding experience, I'm certain that bot AI is aware of where each ship is on the map at all times. They are just programed (for the most part) to ignore you until you've met certain detection parameters in the program. It would not surprise me if most bot AI were programmed with the skills equivalent of a 19+ point commander.
  9. WestPac_CG22

    Mail Buoy Ep. 2 - Ask Your Questions here

    Hi Zoup, Is there any kind of app or program that you're aware of that can convert old WoWS replay files into viewable videos?
  10. WestPac_CG22

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    I'm not too concerned about a nerf to the GC. It was given to me for free when I came back after a eight month hiatus. I started up the game and there it was sitting in my port along with DeGrasse. I haven't played it much since I've had it, but I have done pretty good with it at T4-T5. If they bump it to T6, I'll most likely play it less as it doesn't even have a spotter.
  11. The key word in my post is "uncomfortable". I agree with you that people are fine with changes that benefit them and are comfortable. However, when change is uncomfortable and a detriment or a disadvantage to people, they complain with abandon. It's human nature.
  12. Life is in a constant state of change. You either adapt or you die. You either evolve or you become extinct. Complaining is just the natural human response to uncomfortable changes.
  13. WestPac_CG22

    How to Put This Nicely

    I just came out of the strangest battle where I had my best highest score in the Tirpitz but only one kill and we lost the match. We were in a T8 battle on the Neighbors map with one carrier on our team, a Lexington. Now normally I don't rant about how other players play, and I'm not about to start now. However, I do have a word of advice to anyone, myself included, who has never played a carrier before. I preface my statement this way because the player who was controlling the Lexington admitted to all, not before the battle, not at the beginning of the battle, but well after the battle started that he didn't know how to play the ship or control the planes. Now I understand that there are a number of carrier players that are orienting themselves to the new carrier mechanics. I understand that it may take them X number of battles before they start to get the hang of things. I'm perfectly fine with that and will help them in any way I can during a battle. What I do have an issue with is someone who has no experience playing a CV, bringing a T8 carrier into a battle and they have NO clue as to how to play it. So how do I put this nicely? PLEASE! if you don't know how to play the new CV but want to learn. Great! Start with a T4 ship and take it into the TR and get acquainted with it. Please! learn how to control your aircraft. Learn how each plane type handles. Learn how to set up attack runs and how to aim. Learn when to loose your ordinance and do the most damage. Please do this BEFORE bringing it into a live battle. Just a word of advice from a humble surface ship player. This message is not intended for those players who already have experience with CVs both old and new. And yes, he was pink when he entered the game.
  14. "It's the end of the world as we know it" REM So here it is the end of the week and four days since Update 0.8.0 and the CV/AA rework has been introduced to the live server. After spending some time reading forum posts and looking at the chat in game, one would think that: 1. That the sky is falling and the apocalypse has begun. OR 2. This is the biggest over-hyped event since Y2K. OR 3. None of the above. Whichever camp you're in, it's pretty clear that the CV/AA rework has a lot of players voicing their opinion. Some of it positive, some of it negative, and some just down right salty. Now, I'm a Co-op player, I've dabbled in Random at some lower and mid tiers, but for the most part, I enjoy playing Co-op and Operations. I'm also NOT a CV player. I tried playing a carrier at one point long before the rework and it was a total disaster. I did however, try the new carriers on the PTS and I have to say, that I enjoyed it a whole lot more than the old RTS version. I still didn't do very well, but I had a much easier time controlling the aircraft and setting up attack runs. Suffice it to say that for now, I'll just stick with the ships that I know and have worked best for me. So here's my take from a Co-op point of view. My very first battle with the new update was in the New Mexico. We had a carrier on our team, but no carrier on the bot team. My initial thought was, "This is going to be a pretty one-sided battle", meaning that we were probably going to clean up the bots pretty handily. And we did. However, that all ended in the second battle. I was in the Atlanta and this time we had two carriers on our team and none on the other side. I would say we had a pretty good team, but we got our butts handed to us! The carrier players struggled to contribute any damage and ended at the bottom of the leader board. It was clear that they were going to need time to get used to the new mechanics. For the rest of my time playing that day damage scores were the lowest I've had for quite awhile and my win/loss rate was the worst I've seen it since I first started playing this game. By the end of the day though, all I could do was laugh. I lost more battles than I won that day but I realized that it most likely would have been much worse if WoWs had provided the bots with a carrier. Having two carriers on our team definitely made it unbalanced and not in our favor. The bots appeared to have some minor changes in their programming as well and seemed a little more aggressive. I don't know if anyone else noticed that as well. With the enemy team having two extra BBs in place of carriers they were able to focus more fire power against our advancing ships and ignore the carriers until they came within close range. Even though I was playing ships that I've become fairly proficient with, it was all I could do that first day to not feel frustrated with my performance. However, it did allow me to re-evaluate how I play certain ships and that tactics that used to work would have to be modified to adapt to this new meta. Some of the changes I've made, depending on the ship I'm playing, is to provide carrier escort. This allows the carrier player to focus on their aircraft while I farm damage and draw fire from encroaching ships. Another change has been to slow my push to a cap or base even more than before and allow our carrier's aircraft to spot enemy ships and then reposition myself accordingly. The spotting range with the new aircraft seems to have improved greatly with the rework. Just these two modifications in the last four days have dramatically helped to bring my damage score and win rate back to a level I feel satisfied with. My game play has improved since the update dropped on Tuesday, but that has left me with some questions: 1. Is WoWs going to add carriers back to the bot teams at some point in the future. And if so will DD players in Co-op be facing the same situations as they are now in Random battles? In the old system, Bot aircraft tended to focus more on BBs Cruisers and CVs and would ignore DDs a much of the time. 2. How much will Co-op players have to modify their tactics when it comes to AA against Bot aircraft? In other words, at what level of accuracy will Bot aircraft be firing missiles and dropping torps and bombs and how much will the new AA be effective against them? 3. If there are to be no Bot carriers in Co-op, then will AA modules, consumables and captain skills become worthless in Co-op? There are probably more questions than answers right now than I can think of, but it's getting late and I'm getting tired. So I leave off with how I began: "It's the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine!"