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  1. Pensacola good at T6?

    Here are my stats with the Pensacola at tier 6: Overall Results Average Score per Battle Highest Score Battles 19 Experience 1,353.84 Experience 2,282 Victories 12 (63%) Damage caused 37,078.37 Damage caused 67,075 Battles survived 9 Warships destroyed 1.32 Warships destroyed 4 Damage caused 704,489 Aircraft destroyed 3.21 Aircraft destroyed 26 Warships destroyed 25 Main battery hit ratio 36% Aircraft destroyed 61 I find I leave points, damage, and sinks out there. I'm not getting what I could from her. And before you dig on me, let me explain. I'll only complain about 1 thing. Turret rotation. Too many times, when I'm turning, the turrets don't keep up. So I have to stop my turn, leaving myself exposed, to allow my turrets to rotate. Too many times I've lost the opportunity at good shots because I was in a position, turning appropriately, trying to angle, but again, I either have to leave myself exposed, or forgo the shot. Like others have said, the Pensa is a glass cannon. And that's true. But it's also limiting as a ship. If you're maneuvering, like you should/have to, you're just not going to get as many shots off as possible. I'm not complaining about the odds a given shot will hit the target. I'm complaining that I don't have the opportunity to shoot the shot in the first place. If I shoot and miss, so be it. But the slow turret rotation is limiting me to when and how often I can shoot.
  2. Here's something you don't see every day... At least I don't....
  3. I've played about a dozen games in her since she moved to tier 6. At times I bemoan the slow turret rotation. Her life depends on her maneuverability, and it's excruciating knowing your ship can easily out-turn her turrets. Even when the target is at long range. Other times I curse the lack of stealth, because there's so little margin between max gun range and detectability. Pensa has 2 things going for it.. Guns and Maneuverability. Lack of stealth limits how effective the guns can be and slow turret rotation further neuters her overall effectiveness because once you fire, you're maneuvering to stay alive. Essentially, the Pensa is a 1-shot ship. You have 1 shot where you can dictate terms, if you're lucky. From that point, you're totally defensive. If you're extremely lucky, your target is occupied with somebody else, and you get a chance for a follow-on shot. There's a saying, and I'll try to get it right. "There are white-lies, bald face lies, and then there are stats." Winning percentage may not be the best stat for measuring how good a ship is. There could be a case were teams win despite loosing a ship early. Life expectancy might be a better stat to measure. How long is the Pensa staying alive, compared to other tier 6 cruisers. If the Pensa is dying faster than others, than there's something wrong. Right now, I'd say the tier 7 pensa was better than the current tier 6. Why? Because I could participate in the game longer with the tier 7 version. I felt as if I could contribute to the game more in the tier 7 game. I had better concealment, so I could move and be closer to enemy ships before firing, making my gunfire more effective. I could maneuver and still track targets with my turrets, again making my guns more effective.
  4. Offensively, you can make a choice... and I know this may seem simplistic... When it comes to a) destroying a cruiser, or b) doing serious damage to a battleship, choose a. (Obviously it depends on quality of shot, but both being equal...) I can't think of any reason why destroying an enemy ship isn't preferable to merely damaging another. Remember, any ship that floats is a ship that can shoot.
  5. USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DD-850)

    I toured her a few years ago as well.. I must admit, I missed the urinal. But, I did have a cheese-burger while onboard Mamie.
  6. Well, play the Missouri "honest", then. Rake in more credits. You don't have to use it's radar. My point, was that sometimes I feel like "I just have to" charge up and use my radar. I got radar, I have to use it right? And that gets me into trouble, especially when I first got the ship. Radar is almost like a crutch I feel I have to use, when in fact, sound game play decisions would serve me better. As for the Iowa, there are times when the spotter plane, and the extra gunfire range, and spotting torpedoes, has it's positives. I get your point, I don't have to use radar. You're exactly right. If you approach radar as a nice to have, and apply sound strategy, it's a bonus.
  7. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Hey, don't climb down my throat with "if you don't like it don't play it" replies, I wasn't suggesting I wasn't going to play it. It's just that sometimes the game play style that US cruisers require isn't all that fulfilling. I understand, hunt DDs, support, etcetera, but the way you have to play to accomplish that is like "being in the friend zone." You want to do more, but you know you just can't.
  8. Maybe the bigger question is.. should the Pepsi be in the game at all? Think about it, all it has is it's guns. I don't know if it can be competitive without really breaking the rules. The ship is what it is. Heavy guns, paper thin armor, is it even suited for the game? Just throwing it out there.
  9. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Yea, I know it's been this way for quite a while. It's just depressing all over again. And by the way.. I was on the winning team for that particular game. It just felt like I didn't contribute much.
  10. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Is it just me, or do others find the gameplay of US cruisers kind of sad and lackluster? I just finished a game and it was terrible to see, every US cruiser, on both sides, was huddled behind an island. Hoping somebody else would make a mistake and move out into the open. It became a game of "who can shoot over the island better." Is that the style US cruiser play has devolved to? Just sad. Sad, sad, sad.
  11. Another Factor in Carrier Balance

    Personally, I've never liked the idea of different squadron size, or the difference in air-wing make up. I've always wanted it to be equal, within each tier. Make the planes themselves slightly different; ie one nation's fighters are slightly faster than the other's, while another has more armor, or more ammo, or whatever. Wargaming's penchant for "every nation has it's own flavor" backfired on them when it came to CVs. I've stopped playing my CVs until the rework is done, then I'll give them another try.
  12. UHmmmm.. I'm not so sure... I'm finding radar not as useful, at least so far. With radar you have to be so close, and most DDs at that tier know to keep their distance. I find it easy to think "I got radar, I'm invincible!" and I charge in. Admittedly, bad game awareness on my part, but my point is that it's easy to get caught up in the usage of radar to the exclusion of all sound game playing decisions. I play both, and I've unlocked the Montana. Iowa isn't as gimmicky as the Missouri. You have to play it honest.
  13. Notser on CV rework

    As an experienced CV driver, I have to ask. Do you feel the success/failure of the first encounter with enemy CV determines the outcome of the battle? So if your first encounter goes overwhelmingly in your favor do you feel you're bound to win? Or if it goes overwhelming against you, do you feel there's no coming back?
  14. I hate to ask a noob question... but how do you get this information?
  15. Good suggestions, but how do you objectively measure some of these? Aiming time, is tough, maybe shooter is waiting for reload or turret rotation. Environment is good idea: 10 pts for ship in smoke at time of firing. 5 points for in clear weather. Obstacles: 10 pts for ship behind island at time of firing, 5 points for clear. Target HP at time of contact could be added. Citadel difficulty is hard to be objective. Everyone has their opinion on what ship is hardest to citadel.