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  1. 457th_FighterGroup

    New Mexico... is it just me, or does this ship suck?

    Play enough rounds in standards and you'll get used to it. It's been a very long time since I've had a NM but i play my TX daily and enjoy the heck out of it, even if MM has been giving me the shaft lately in it placing me on blowout teams. The key is to place your shots carefully, and be smart with your positioning. The guns are perfect for medium range. Always stay with your teammates(if you can keep up with em) and blow unsuspecting ships out of the water when they lift their skirt. It's perfectly fine for brawling, and although it does soak up damage at range, up close it's like a giant boulder that just keeps coming no matter how much you through at it. After having a Fuso and Bayern, I can understand how the gameplay for those can come off as much more enjoyable to play-and they somewhat are. They're ships that you work to make them perform but are straightforward, but NM is just a little more of a circumstance type ship. When in the right one, it really shines. How you get to that and how it ends up is up to you.
  2. 457th_FighterGroup

    Tons of crashes and bugs lately

    I've just gotten back into the game after a few months. I've noticed quite a few just instances of super slowness in the UI and everything, my game crashed 3 times the other day in a single session. I'm not sure if it's just my 2 1/2 year old laptop slowing down or just the game because although it runs other games slowly, I haven't noticed anything different. What was especially annoying and compelled me to post this was that I just had an AWESOME Bismarck match, which is rare considering that it was T10 like the rest of the matches I've gotten into, where I managed to take my 26k health Bis up against a nearly full health Montana and come out on top through angling and stuff. However, after the match finished the game sort of bugged out and took me back to port without showing any results, and it had the "detailed statistics are only viewable in the current session" message. Really made me mad because I haven't had that kind of satisfying moment in this game in a while. I wanted to see how much damage I had really done. Anyways sorry for rant, it is now over. I am curious if anyone else is getting these extremely frustrating bugs or if I just need to get a new PC.
  3. 457th_FighterGroup

    Do You Still Play Tier 1?

    Cool thread revival. Ever since T1 ships have turned from somewhat compatible in T2 to logs with men throwing tomatoes, nope.
  4. 457th_FighterGroup

    WOWS End of life?

    Totally understand you. I feel that the game isn't dying in a technical sense, but for many players like you and me it has already died. More premiums are added just for the sake of having something to add instead of creating ships with actually interesting qualities. Instead of building on mechanics that were established as working well and "as intended" (ie captian skills) and simply just adding more skills to add more depth, they go for the approach of basically tearing the whole thing down. Every update has to be huge and game altering- why? I haven't played for a few months either. I think the answer is that WG just wants new players who don't criticize them for stupid moves like the rest of us do. While more and more new players decide to join, WG pushes the old ones out with this kind of stuff, creating a shallow and not very long lasting player base in the face of their grand plans. Make one wrong change and a bunch of newbies leave.
  5. 457th_FighterGroup

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    I agree with what LWM said earlier to same degree. This nerf was clearly intended to the small percentage of players still using brawler builds(me) especially like Massachusetts and Georgia, but instead ended up giving buffs to low tier ships that clearly didn't need it, IE Konig Albert. Mine got more secondary hits than my Bismarck now in similar situations. Although it doesn't matter because low tiers seems to be infected as well with battleships and cruisers anchored at the map edge acting as medieval trebuchets and praying for citadels. Why did this happen? Who at WG makes such brain dead decisions and writes the numbers down thinking that their high school calculus professor is going to come in and magically correct all of their blatant mistakes because they themselves don't know what they're doing? Secondaries have never been overpowered, only when German BBs flooded the servers could you ever come close to saying that. Some people justify the nerfs because they like to floor the gas in their Cleveland and have a shootout with a full health Mass, come to a dead stop, and then complain when they get ripped apart. It baffles me It also baffles me how people seem to enjoy this meta. There's more action shooting at stationary inactive training room bots than there is in current Randoms.
  6. 457th_FighterGroup

    5 year veteran quitting. End notes.

    I'm just a 2017/16 player but I got tired of this game as well. I picked it back up last year around this time but after the commander skills change, I had enough. It's gotten incredibly stagnant and boring. One of the reasons I prefer it to standard FPS(Cod, etc) is cause of the slow pace that allows you to think out somewhat strategic moves involving you or your teammates- it was always a different experience each time. In my opinion brawling metas were the best at this because so much can happen during those fights(and I mean actual brawls, not just today's suicide dash). Instead of only ships countering each other, it was players countering each other. Nowadays I feel that there is minimal strategy and the only way to win is if your ship(with help from RNG) outclasses the other. If I wanted mindless killing I could just go hop on Doom or something. I get that metas change, new ships are added, and playstyles have to adapt. But there's no adapting anymore. You either blow crapup or you don't. Unfortunately WG does not seem to care and WoWs is headed down the same path that [edited] and WOT are on, where vehicles and trees are added frequently because the devs don't really feel like doing anything else to actually improve the game. I myself have moved on to [edited], because although it's definitely riddled with the exact problems WoWs has, air battles are still pretty fun at low BR at least and how you fly actually counts. You're not solely dependent on the nose of your ship angled at an exact figure to bounce a few 12 inch AP shells that easily out damage your own actual battleship guns. Anyways, I completely feel for anyone who's leaving. I enjoy reading about what's happening in game but honestly it just sucks to play now. Might go back to Atlantic Fleet
  7. 457th_FighterGroup

    WW2 Aviation Prints For Sale

    Sorry mods, I couldn't find sales against the rules anywhere but if I missed it please take this post down. Anyways I have two 20x16 inch prints. Hand signed by four RAF pilots, this one is of P47s over Burma in 1944. $280+shipping This is hand signed by P51 pilot Huie Lamb, who shot down a rare German Arado 234. He had a Me262 kill as a P47 pilot in an earlier mission. This one is $300+shipping. Buy both and shipping is on me. No frames are included and they are shipped in a protective tube. Please feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions. Thanks!
  8. Agreed, ironically the only ships that are getting buffs to secondaries are the ones they didn't want buffs being given to- low tier ones like K Albert or Mikasa. I took my K Albert out and noticed somewhat of a difference, but not noticeable, although the fact that I got teamed up on by half the reds didn't help.
  9. The past games with my Bismarck before the update i was getting 20-30k in secondary damage. I'm not gonna play because I know I'll be extremely dissapointed.
  10. 457th_FighterGroup

    POLL: Is game play better or worse in 10.0 ?

    I took a look at the captain skills, debated taking my Bismarck for a spin, and then closed the game. I love brawling and hate long range play and the way gameplay is being described right now I have no interest in playing. So much was screwed up on this rework, I wish they had added just another row of skills or done a "skill tree split".
  11. 457th_FighterGroup

    0.9.6 Agility Rework Effects - USA & Pan America

    Ya whoops I didn’t read your stuff correctly. Glad my Texas wasn’t affected but RIP to the other ships, especially CO. Poor thing
  12. 457th_FighterGroup

    0.9.6 Agility Rework Effects - USA & Pan America

    This doesn’t really make sense. Why are they getting nerfed? The turning is the only good aspect of the maneuverability. Hopefully these changes won’t be drastic. Playing the T5 French BB, which had terrible energy retention(max speed 21 knots) pissed me off so much. What a slug. edit: talking about dreadnought USN BBs, oops
  13. 457th_FighterGroup

    Is CE wasted on brawling BBs?

    In my Bismarck I took FP instead of CE. However, that was a personal choice. I completely understand CEs use. Disengaging with targets can be important and also sneaking up on people is a valid strategy. i took FP because it’s useful all the time including in brawling/combat situations. CE isn’t useful when you get into secondary range of course, so I picked something that would give me some advantages during the actual fight, if that makes sense
  14. 457th_FighterGroup

    Can German secondaries get a buff?

    German BBs have definitely been powercrept. Their secondaries are definitely not the issue causing it however. Buffing them would be like pouring water on a grease fire. It's not going to change the fact that brawling is just not the meta right now. We all wish it was but it's not and we can thank a few certain ship lines for that.
  15. 457th_FighterGroup

    CVs have basically disappeared?

    I've been playing my Texas lately for the permacamo and I've also noticed that. I think CV populations are a little down atm cause of these Euro DD missions. I tried taking my Midway out and I pretty quickly saw why. 3 Hallands per side. It wasn't fun.