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  1. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    My experience is that BBs are generally not as good as cruisers in this Op. My 2 ships to use are either Dallas or Pensacola. Both have pretty good guns and nice AA. I would definitely recommend Pensi over Dallas though. La Galiss is a good choice too because of torps, however her AA is a bit lacking. DDs aren't useful at all unless you're a unicum, because of the bot's ability to see torps before they're supposed too. Independence is actually a good choice too, because of strong planes and stuff. When I still had her, I played with the now gone AS loadout, and learned that was a bad choice. However her planes have changed a bit and she's in good shape now.
  2. Cleveland honestly isn't that bad at T8. Vs other cruisers, it will lose alot of the time but it has ridiculous DPM against BBs and DDs, along with AA that will shoo away the planes. My first game with her I had 106K damage.
  3. RN CVs closer than we think?

    Oh come on. It ain't that bad down here...
  4. Should Scenarios Be Expanded?

    Of course. T3 Op please.
  5. Dynamo

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/public-test-079/ Operation Dynamo is coming in 0.7.9, with UK DDs(?)
  6. Helena is pretty good so far

    Right now I'm grinding to her. I'm on Dallas currently. I've heard good things about her but I haven't seen many Helenas either in battle for some reason
  7. Favourite Low Tier Ships

    I play all 3 of my T3 premiums alot. I have Varyag, Vampire, and K Albert. Honestly Vampire is a bit more fun than the others however.
  8. I just finished grinding Gneis. From my experience, she's a good brawler, but honestly I prefer the Scharn. The 128s on the Gneis don't do as much to BBs as you'd think. They're wonderful against cruisers and DDs but it's nothing the Scharns 150s and 105s can't do. Furthermore the Scharn has faster firing guns and hydro(?).
  9. So is the Courbet even more OP than the Orion?

    Oh you're good, I used to forget the Konig existed and thought the Bayern was the German T5. Silly me
  10. So is the Courbet even more OP than the Orion?

    Lol, OP is talking about T4 BB Anyways, I thought the Bretagne had the best AA of T5 BBs. I remember Iron Duke not having good AA.
  11. Opinions on Kongo

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about a line to grind, or a ship to get. One of the ships I'm looking at is Kongo. Is she a good ship at the moment or has she been powercrept to oblivion? I've seen both opinions.
  12. Dev Blog - ST Tier 10 French BB Bourgogne

    Has anyone noticed at the bottom, "The visual appearance and air defense characteristics are not final and subject to change in subsequent updates." It appears we have some AA changes close.
  13. They're already working on one. Multiple CCs have confirmed it, and said that it was very good and WG is going forward with it. Personally, I feel like strafe needs to be nerfed or just outright removed. By doing that you are taking a big a step in narrowing the skill gap.
  14. Yeah, it's Z as well. You can also use it to view your carrier.
  15. Best in game chat [edited] you've ever heard.

    I remember one T5/7 game where I was in a Gneis and there was a triple Ceasare Div on the red team. They didn't do much except for one guy who at the moment had a Confederate and 4 kills. I believe one more salvo would have finished me off. He turned broadside to get his rear guns to bear, but I knew what he was doing. I said a quick prayer to RNGesus and fired a salvo, which hit the Ceasare twice in the citadel along with 2 other pens, finishing him off. He spent the rest of the match complaining how underpowered the Caesare is.