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  1. World of Warships retro version

    I actually just drove up to grandparents house, and sadly my grandma told me she gave it away. Darn... Stratego is still there though, so I had a go with my grandpa.(I lost) Edit: Actually the box is still there with the game pieces but the big box is gone.. :(
  2. World of Warships retro version

    This is a game called Sub Search. It was essentially Battleship but with depth, submarines and different ship values. I used to play it all the time with my Grandpa. Another game that wasn't a ship game but still military was Stratego. Chess/checkers but different.
  3. One time I was in my Lex, and my entire team had been killed. The reds had capped 2 bases and the score was about 50 points apart, reds ahead. There were 4 or so ships heading my direction, including a lowish health Tirpitz. Out of torp bombers, I sent my DBs in and got a 10K salvo with the first squad. Then my second squad came in. There was only about 15 seconds left I believe, and the Tirpitz was at 3K health. I set up my DBs and realized at the last second I had not lead the Tirpitz enough... but I had! A single bomb hit the Tirpitz's Stern and sank him, giving us a small lead in points. 5 seconds later the clock ticked to 0 and we won! I got my first and only Solo Warrior.
  4. The Ranger in Random is fun too!?

    I'm at Essex currently, which can easily stand up to Taihos if you play right. Ranger cannot really even try to compare to her counterparts at T7. She can be a good ship if you are unicum level or so but Hiryu, Saipan, and Kaga will just steamroll you if the captain has an IQ higher than 10. You're just facing bad captains, which is not surprising(well, it kind of is). It's a blessing, really. Hopefully you keep getting these stupid opponents. Good luck
  5. I have two. Number one is the sound effect when a Cyclone is announced. It's straight out of a horror movie. Two is Langley's horn(I believe some IJN CVs have it too). She sounds like a clogged up leaf blower.
  6. The Least Fortunate Kagero Ever

    At one point I was in a Svietlana chasing down an Orion about 7km away.. I was having a good game, 1 cap and about 40K damage plus maybe 1 ship sunk. I was doing a lot of damage to the Orion, but he took a shot(with his superpen HE) and detonated me at about 50% health. I wasn't happy. Next story. Back when UK BBs released I decided to hop in my Langley and farm some damage. In one battle our team had collapsed and I was running away as I think 4 Bellerophons were closing in. They killed me quickly but my torp squadron got off and hit 1 torp on a full health Bellerophon and detonated him. We lost, but me and the guy who I killed had a good laugh about it in chat.
  7. Citadel Damage Question

    It could have been 2 citadels with some saturation involved.
  8. Citadel Damage Question

    Citadel+regular pen damage.
  9. If you are getting bored with one line, try grinding up another. There might be one that will click for you.
  10. New Cleveland - To IFHE or not to IFHE

    You could pull a Yuro and do that ridiculous Spotter Plane build(13km+ "gaydar")
  11. The Price of Luxury

    Seriously? What about Vampire, does she have a koala? (sorry I'm Australian and koalas are cute)
  12. Decided to take my Essex out for a spin earlier and got flamed for being a bad CV player while my ping is spiking to about 500 every 3 seconds and the UI was giving me the finger... yeah.
  13. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    Got it, thanks edit- oh woops, double post
  14. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    Got it, thanks
  15. Most players? Yeah, not really. Those people are out there but they are not "most". Get in a Cleveland and say good day to CVs.