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  1. How do I complete the missions as fast as possible? I've seen things like Operations/Co Op and have thought about doing T1 do get the sink ship count. Is there anything else I can do?
  2. T7 and 8 suck. Haven't gotten to Essex or Midway yet though.
  3. Well... Anyways, it's always good to help out newbies who are new at the game. More players=more noobs to destr- err, help.
  4. German BBs and their heavy cruisers have the intimidating looks. Although an Iowa class unleashing a broadside is nothing to be ashamed of. That's some serious power right there.
  5. I ignored strafe in original post because skill varies. I can't assume everyone knows how to dodge and execute a strafe with the same amount of precision.
  6. I do admit I'm a little unused to using 1 fighter squad since I mostly used AS but In Strike IJN will still dominate the air simply by locking your fighters up. With strafe they can easily abuse lock+strafe and take out your squad without you being able to do anything. Sure you might be able to strafe out and catch his fighter squad but usually they're either too close or too far away for your strafe to be effective. And I am kind of annoyed that AS is not handed over with caviar and champaign. If it is so hard to beat the IJN in fighter duels that you have to pretty much a unicum in CVs to win, that's not really balanced. The flavor of USN carriers is AS and should be represented as so.
  7. True. I tried making a free COD WW2 Beta Testing account by setting my Xbox region to Hong Kong. When I attempted to play, my ping went up to like 3000 and it was pretty much "I killed you 3 minutes ago, hacker" for me.
  8. As of the new USN CV loadouts playing these carriers against IJN has been unbearable. I'm not sure why WG didn't nerf Japanese fighters but the only time USN Cvs work is when they play against themselves or a potato. Let's ignore strafes, because that comes down to player skill(although it's extremely hard to beat an experienced Shokaku/ Hiryu in a strafe battle). USN fighters are great at T4-6. They can easily demolish IJN squads without taking serious losses. At t7 this changes. One on one, an IJN squad will loose to single USN fighter squad. However the USN will loose 3-4 planes. However, at T7 and 8 IJN then gets 2 fighter squads that can easily destroy Ranger/Lexy's. I'm not going to get started on lock+strafe. USN needs their fighters buffed or IJN needs theirs nerfed to acceptable levels. I thought USN's national flavor was Air Superiority. What happened? The T7-8 grinds are miserable now.
  9. I feel like this change is good for every US CV below T9(downtiered planes is going to be hell, especially Essex's T8 fighters. Seriously, what the hell WG). However: IJN and the 2 USN premium CVs need to be nerfed. IJN needs their AS loadouts taken away and stock loadouts tweaked while USN premiums just need a general nerf. Especially Saipan. A nice way to solve this would be to buff US fighters so that they can shoot down at least 2 IJN fighter squads with just their 1.
  10. When you cannot hear the word Cleveland without thinking of the ship
  11. Scharnhorst or Derpitz. Those two are fun, forgiving, and gives you nice amounts of credits. They are also easy to play and can teach you a lot of the mechanics of WoWs. I'd also say you can buy Texas. Through the premium shop, with real money though. All of your money goes to the real life ship and she is still fun as hell to play, and generates nice amounts of credits (though not as much as 2 German BBs above). She is also a bit harder to play. Do remember it is your choice though. Don't feel pressured to buy anything you don't want.
  12. I was lucky and got to sleep on this ship. The bunks were incredibly squashed, but it's the Texas so I didn't care.
  13. If you expect a stock Ranger to be protecting you from air attacks you're wrong.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a great day. Meanwhile, I still need to make my pecan pie.
  15. I really enjoy Texas. Every game I seem to be doing damage and that makes me happy. Also surprising Saipan players with BFT+AFT+AA range and listen to them screaming into the chat. Having just got out of Ranger that makes my day.