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  1. 457th_FighterGroup

    Can German secondaries get a buff?

    German BBs have definitely been powercrept. Their secondaries are definitely not the issue causing it however. Buffing them would be like pouring water on a grease fire. It's not going to change the fact that brawling is just not the meta right now. We all wish it was but it's not and we can thank a few certain ship lines for that.
  2. 457th_FighterGroup

    CVs have basically disappeared?

    I've been playing my Texas lately for the permacamo and I've also noticed that. I think CV populations are a little down atm cause of these Euro DD missions. I tried taking my Midway out and I pretty quickly saw why. 3 Hallands per side. It wasn't fun.
  3. 457th_FighterGroup

    How Can I Get the Konig Albert?

    Low tier premiums aren't really worth making an investment into if you're trying to train captains and such. They're more for seal clubbing and having a good time(KA is amazing at this). They don't make much money/XP. My suggestion would be save some money for a Scharn or Prinz Eitel, or watch for them if they go into the Armory and you can use a coupon and get them for coal.
  4. 457th_FighterGroup

    The Bismark should no longer be Tier VIII

    In my Bismarck I have a 65% WR. Granted it's only 34 battles but to me it feels like a very solid ship. It doesn't perform nearly as well when at T10, but that's what you get when you can simply curbstomp entire T6 teams without an issue. I really don't think it's that bad when uptiered, the 380s have amazing ballistics and penetration and while the accuracy isn't as good as other ships, the rounds hit like frozen Boar's Head sausages. Granted it sucks when a Zao or something starts cooking you and you can't do anything to him but that's just how it is. Use your speed to disengage. The secondaries will shoo away destroyers and the armor holds up in close combat against other higher tier ships beautifully. It's definitely my favorite ship along with Texas and my (almost) full secondary build captain is a blast to use. I have too much fun putting him on my K Albert too.
  5. 457th_FighterGroup

    How Can I Get the Konig Albert?

    Konig Albert is pretty rare and it hasn't been sold for a few years. It was briefly sold during the giant summer sale a few years ago but that was it. It likely won't make an appearance anytime in the future unless the meta massively shifts to the point where it sucks, which probably will not happen. I was lucky enough to get mine through a code on a WoWs model that a friend gave to me. It was supposed to be an Emden but turned out to be my KA. Lucky me You'd be better off getting a Prinz Eitel Friedrich or a Scharnhorst. The Scharn is much more fun and is more suited toward training your captain, while netting you more credits and free xp as well.
  6. 457th_FighterGroup

    Night Surface Combat

    That doesn't make any sense. All 4 T6 Ops originally had carriers involved and Raptor Rescue still does(also one place in the game you can still see a Bogue). Bot CVs are in Co op, so why can't they implement them in the other Ops? Actually it might be because they were odd tier CVs. But you can still rework that easily
  7. 457th_FighterGroup

    Night Surface Combat

    I miss these higher tier Ops, why were they removed? People having too much fun?
  8. 457th_FighterGroup

    High tier Pan-EU DDs quite probably need an AA nerf.

    The Halland especially gave me a hard wake up in my Midway. I was just scouting at the beginning of the match, accidentally find the Halland and all my planes are wacked out of the sky in a few seconds. It was annoying. However I think it's justified. There's not many DDs that have that kind of power and once your team whittles them down they get easier to attack. DDs are already easy to damage with planes and giving a few some a bit of protection isn't bad. Plus most cruisers at T10 erase your planes out of existence anyways. Another DD is not going to change anything
  9. 457th_FighterGroup

    this game has no new players because low tiers are literally unplayable

    Quite a few of my battles are low tier(t5 and below) so I'm kinda guilty of ruining people's experiences with my Vampire/K Albert, etc. However beyond those few OP ships that are incredibly fun to wreak havoc with, it's not really that bad unless you get into a 4 CV game. That can get annoying. I would play my K Albert more as well but often you'll get into a CV or DD heavy game where the ship feels "balanced". Anyways I don't think low tiers are dead zones. It's occasionally fun to meet an enemy seal clubber and have a viscous brawl you don't see as often in high tiers. For some reason I am drawn to my S Caroline as well. For some reason I love the ship and I have every reason to hate everything about it, but somehow I'm able to forgive it. Maybe I'm not the only one...
  10. 457th_FighterGroup

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    As somewhat of a CV player(not really but I have played all the way up to Midway) I don't really mind CVs in my matches. Normally they suck, unless its 3 Langleys in a division and decide to all cross drop your protected cruiser at the same time. Rip me. I can see why some people don't like CVs. Some people just want to shoot and nothing more and not have to dodge torps or bombs that pop up occasionally. It sucks to be targeted by them, but it also sucks to be targeted by 5 HE cruisers and be turned into a $42 grilled sirloin cut in a few minutes. Personally I don't mind them because I have played them and know how to deal with them. Most of my ships I buff my AA at least a little so it's one less thing to worry about. With AA, one of things I didn't like very much about the rework was the priority sectors. While its somewhat of a manual control its not really player controlled still and I would rather WG implement a system where you can actually take your flak guns and shoot them yourselves. With that I think most people's complaints would be somewhat relieved because there's some skill involved in that besides wiggling your a$$ frantically trying to dodge torps. Rockets are a little strange as well, I don't really enjoy using them. They feel cheap to use and aren't really a historically accurate type of attack to be used on armored ships. Then again we have torps that reload in 15 secs. Whatever. Overall I don't have too many problems with the rework but I do feel like there wasn't really a skill floor that was lowered. The only thing that was dropped really was the enemy CV's ability to strafe you to oblivion, which was a big problem and probably drove a lot of newer players from CVs. To answer the OPs original question, CVs in my mind just add another element to the game that exist to make battles a little hotter/challenging and add some historical value as well.
  11. 457th_FighterGroup

    How to Bretagne

    Hello all, I haven't played this game for a long bit. One of the lines I had been grinding before I took a break was the French BB line(no actually I didn't grind it, I won Bretagne out of a crate when the line was released). I have played the Germans, Americans, and Japanese up to/past t5 and have a lot of experience in battleships. This ship has just not clicked for me at all. I spend a lot of time in my Texas and it's one of my most played ships, which could be a reason I don't prefer this boat, but I feel like its just generally underpowered. 1. Firepower. The Bretagne has the same turret configuration as almost all the other T5 BBs. Its middle turret is facing forward, which is the one bonus this ship has. The firing arcs and turret speed are fairly decent. However these guns have a lot of flaws. The 13 inchers don't hit hard at all- they have average damage and have trouble penning things. You either get an overpen or shatter/bounce, and when you do pen something the damage is usually meh. Ballistics are decent- shells fly fast-ish and the arcs aren't terrible, but at far range shells feel much more sluggish and plunging fire will usually lead to a lot of missed shots and poor damage. The shell groupings are a bit wild and you can have either shotgun dispersion or laser accurate salvos, or something in between. That's decent for a T5 BB but couple it with the poor damage and it's kind of underwhelming. Its range is good but the plunging fire makes any shots beyond 15km pretty useless. Secondaries are pretty good when you can get close enough but this really isn't a good idea. 2. Maneuverability. This boat has pretty much the same speed and turning as the other BBs aside from Konig and Kongo(maybe Orion is faster? I can't remember). It can wiggle pretty nicely because of it's smaller size but shaves off speed in turns. Not much different from other super dreadnought BBs at the tier. 3. AA is pretty good at 46. At T5 there's a good number a CVs in my experience but this isn't a game changer for the ship, unlike say the Texas. 4. Survivability is what makes this ship really ugly in my eyes. The hit points are drastically low at 41K, which is lower than every other T5 BB by about 6K points. It doesn't make up for this by having a strong armor layout like konig- it's rather squishy and from the nose it soaks up tons of damage. Its armor belt is okay but no one seems to hit that when you're attempting to angle, and can be easily penetrated when broadside(not that special). Torpedoes hit very hard with only a 10% torp protection. The citadel is below the waterline but somehow it is easy to hit through the armor belt. 8 inch CL shells can easily penetrate the soft top layers,. Add to the fact the armor is just stout enough to shatter HE shells from typical CLs and DDs of the tier and create fires everywhere and your ship dies incredibly fast. Furthermore the heal isn't very special and won't heal very much damage. Forget running away too, as your ship can't run away from anything. This is just based on my experience with the ship. It doesn't feel terribly underpowered, but it definitely does feel underwhelming and unneeded compared to other BBs. Texas/New York have very strong guns(amazing AA for TX). Kongo has speed and range. Konig has great brawling traits- good armor and strong guns/secondaries. Iron Duke has HE shells. The Bretagne just doesn't outclass any of these ships in any category. I love my Texas and I am probably just trying to play the Bret the way I play my Texas, which is wrong, but the ship just doesn't feel very good. I'd like to know if my opinion is shared among others or if I'm just playing this ship completely wrong. Thanks
  12. 457th_FighterGroup

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    I don't remember ever seeing an Iwaki A. more than once. A lot of low tier premiums are quite rare too because they don't really have any use. As far as higher tiers go, Ashitakas are pretty rare. So is Kii.
  13. 457th_FighterGroup

    Lenovo Laptop can plays decently?

    Like, a simple, normal ThinkPad? I'm no computer expert but I've never thought a ThinkPad was the best for gaming. But now that I hear this, I think I might go pick myself up one, since I don't have a laptop currently.
  14. 457th_FighterGroup

    Fighting against Japanese CVs is hard as hell

    I have 4 solutions 1. Set up a training room so you can practice against a Ryujo. 2. Try kiting his fighters over friendly ships preferably with good AA, and then turn back and engage(don't try strafing with this unless you have a bit of distance) 3. I know this can be hard for you since strafe doesn't exist in t4 and 5 but learn to strafe. 4. Stop playing CVs for now. They're getting changed drastically in the future and if you're not good at CVs now, don't try getting good with them. It will be a waste of times.
  15. 457th_FighterGroup

    Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    My experience is that BBs are generally not as good as cruisers in this Op. My 2 ships to use are either Dallas or Pensacola. Both have pretty good guns and nice AA. I would definitely recommend Pensi over Dallas though. La Galiss is a good choice too because of torps, however her AA is a bit lacking. DDs aren't useful at all unless you're a unicum, because of the bot's ability to see torps before they're supposed too. Independence is actually a good choice too, because of strong planes and stuff. When I still had her, I played with the now gone AS loadout, and learned that was a bad choice. However her planes have changed a bit and she's in good shape now.