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  1. i followed the instructions in: https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/813 now not even able to get to the launcher screen (adleast my old launcher could get to the connect screen) like what the hell?! i go from not able to join the game to not even able to get to the launch screen! this would be fine if it didn't say to "replace" the old launcher... can somebody please just help me out, all help appreciated
  2. aslains...?
  3. i recently downloaded the new update only to find that the game would encounter a "critical error." I originally thought this was because i downloaded this patch over bad wifi, i put it away to re-download when i got home, only to find that the new downloads would not even open! only showing this for a split second: so i went back to the original file and re-uploaded it only to have the same issue after you press OK it says to either press okay to shutdown or cancel to start wine debugger (seems to the same as pressing OK) devs or whoever can fix this please help! any advice would be much appreciated.