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  1. With the tier 9 and 10, better to go to the flank and kite while burning BBs to the ground. Your real strength is in the mega heal. You're a support ship... you're goal should be to get the other team to shoot at you rather than the other boats around you, then when you take a big hit or go below about half health, withdraw, go dark... use mega heal... then return and repeat. Doing this on a flank (preferably the weak flank) but regardless, should give your team the upper hand in terms of dealing damage... your job, be the punching bag... maneuver to avoid when possible,.... but tank for your team while burning them down.
  2. Heed_04

    H-44 Super Battleship In Game!

    Something like this will inevitably be added... no need for a vote, wargaming probably already has it modeled and it will likely come out in the next 15 months.
  3. YES and YES. Regular ranked 3 vs 3 please! Very fun game mode.
  4. Heed_04

    HMS Hood any good?

    For Tier 7 Hood is fine. Her pro's, she's fast, has TONS of HP, her cons, she's an enormous target with a huge turning circle and inaccurate guns (but better than Gneis...).
  5. Going to have the crew start scraping Clemson's hull in preparation... gonna club me some baby seals ;-)
  6. If you have Kurfurst, skip Pommern, it's trash.
  7. It's that time of year again... Wargaming is probably just now thinking about what ships are going to be "Black Friday" ships. Last year I believe they telegraphed that they would have one new Black Friday ship of each class... between tier 7 and 9. So the question is: what ships will Wargaming make Black Friday ships? My Guess: CV: Kaga Black BB: Lenin Black CA: Mainz Black DD: Kidd Black What's your guess?
  8. Heed_04

    Statistical proof that MM is NOT RIGGED

    MM is plainly not rigged and every time I see forum posts about it being rigged I shake my head. The game lends itself towards one side taking an extreme upper hand and rolling over the other team because the game relies on flanking (although focus fire is important, that's not the primary way games are won... it's all about positioning). So when one team successfully rolls the flank (regardless of win rate) the other team usually collapses very fast after the flank is rolled. That's why a team abandoning A or C cap usually loses.
  9. Flamu's concerns are valid... however, all WGing has to do is lower the main battery reload... and buff the secondary range by 1 or 2km and you have very interesting Battleships. They aren't going to do a split lower than tier 8 because those BB's already exist... these BBs are an extension of Colorado and New Mexico. Florida would have been a candidate for tier 7 tech tree in the "old" main line. But anything from the modern line would be completely made up if it was of the same flavor... so maybe they do that later,... but it's unlikely. Lower tier has enough ships for new players to explore already. The game's goal is, once you're into the game, you get up to tier 7+ and stay there.
  10. Heed_04

    Are there any good T9 tech tree ships?

    BBs: Iowa & Alsace. (Musashi is still king) CA: Riga, Buffalo, Brindisi, Saint Louis & (High Skill CAP, but if you know what you're doing) Smoke Neptune. (Alaska is still king) DD: Kitakaze, Fletcher, Ostergotland, Mogador, Jutland, Chung Mu. (Benham & Black are excellent... but I think Kitakaze is king)
  11. Heed_04

    Pommern Final Review

    Not worth it. I have her, she takes a ton of damage... her guns are weak. She isn't even close to a Kurfurst... and she's frustrating as hell to play because of her weak guns.
  12. Heed_04

    Slava final Review

    She'll actually (generally) be a detriment to the team she's on, she doesn't tank damage very well. She's basically a potato remover. It should only take about a month to figure out her gimmick for most. She won't be able to play the objective very well and is a BB designed for kiting cruiser players.
  13. Heed_04


    It's still a good boat, problem is, people that loved it when it was OP... it's just not OP anymore.
  14. Heed_04

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    Odin is fun... her tier 10 equivalent will be more fun.... whenever that happens.
  15. Dove your stats. Take Tirpitz... it fits you best... or buy an Odin... but really, take Tirpitz. I think you'll be surprised how well you do in it.