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  1. At first I was a real skeptic about the addition of Black ships (Tirpitz Black, etc) as a money grab. That said, I now think they are a great addition to the game. Really great skins and good ship choices. Have really enjoyed their addition and hope Wargaming does the same thing next year. (Perhaps with Kidd, Prince Eugen, Kii, and Roma ;-) OR go with tier 7 Black ships... and maybe add some pirate captains to go with them, like Black Beard...)
  2. 2019 Ships... 1. Russian BB's (January 2019) 2. Italian Cruisers (May 2019) 3. French DD's (September 2019) 2020 Ship lines... (Submarines?) Italian BB's (January 2020), British Cruiser Split OR Commonwealth Cruisers OR British CV's(May 2020), Italian DD's (September 2020) 2019 Premiums: The above mentioned are all good. I'd like USS New Jersey (Iowa Class BB) as a tier 10 with 26 second reload and Conqueror heal. I'd like a high tier Russian BB. I'd like the other nations to get their USS Alaska equivalent.
  3. I've purchased containers in every other event... except "Go Navy" because they have become too pricy. Over $100 for 30 boxes is just too much money. I don't know who does the metrics on these things at WG but if you don't think you're getting a deal, you're less likely to open your wallet. I'll probably get containers for the British arc because of the new flags being made available, but it does get a bit ridiculous. Kind of also hoping they drop in some extra UK premiums during this event... beside Cossack.
  4. Heed_04

    Proposal for the Italian battleship line

    I like your post. I would do the same with tier 3 & 4. I would do the refit of Guilio Cesare's sister at tier 5, and keep them similar. Tier 6 & 7 same as you. Tier 8: Littorio: with good dispersion! Please! Then at tier 9 I would avoid 12 guns and stick with another of the proposals, a larger Littorio with 16 inch guns and again, good dispersion. Then at tier 10 I think WG has a choice (and can do either, I don't really care). Stick with 3x3 and an even larger Littorio with really good sigma and 430mm+ guns and a fast reload OR 4x3 16 inch guns and have something that plays like Montana. Either way would suit me fine. I think from a game balancing point of view, going with Littorio, then Littorio+ with 16's, then a 4x3 design is the easiest to balance. Whatever they do... give us good sigma on this line of BBs! Roma is a major disappointment due to sigma alone, everything else about her is great, but the sigma is infuriating, so I don't play her often.