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  1. Captain_Rawhide

    players say one more time...

    Please just get rid of the homing torps. There is NOTHING else in the game that give you a 100% chance of hitting something. I can live with the rest.
  2. Captain_Rawhide

    Ranked "Qualifying" Scam

    Most people are just getting their rewards out of Bronze or Silver and calling it a day. The grind through the qualifiers is just too much.
  3. Captain_Rawhide

    Fire prevention Expert

    It's an undocumented poison pill they just forgot to add to the description.
  4. I stopped buying perma camos for ships over two years ago. It seemed as soon as I bought one, they would nerf the ship and turn it into a port queen. I would say stay away from them, unless you are sure you will continue to play the ship no matter what WG decides to do with it in the future.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    Karma finally figured out...

    I noticed I got more super containers if I responded 'highly satisfied' on the popup survey.
  6. Captain_Rawhide

    Advice: Complete the "2 Years of WoWs" collection

    Thanks. I completely forgot about this one. Just finished it off for 8K coal.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    The Karma Debate

    So funny that you mentioned Fletcher. I get more -1 while playing her than anything else. It doesn't matter what I'm doing or how many ships I kill or how may caps I take or even if I practically carry a match. People seem to just expect dds to read their minds and play just to support them. I just wish you could see who gave you karma after a game so that you knew if it was valid or just some cry baby venting on you.
  8. Captain_Rawhide

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    5 days premium and 1000 doubloons. At least they made this one worth getting. Unlike the last one. Not possible. The most they give is 1000 doubloons. Typo?
  9. Captain_Rawhide

    Zao hasn't aged well.. so let's tweak it!

    They really don't need to buff older tech tree ships. If they would give Cruisers decent Captain skills, it would make a difference for more than just Zao. Zao is not the only tech tree Cruiser that needs some TLC. The Captain skills are horrible or almost useless. Not trying to change the topic, but this would be my solution for Zao.
  10. Captain_Rawhide

    FXP farming will be seriously nerfed in the new economy.

    I think you can argue the numbers back and forth all day long. But the one constant is WG. So look at the past and I think you will know exactly what is going to happen.
  11. Player base is just a tiny piece of the overall population. Open your eyes, look around you. You really shouldn't be surprised.
  12. Captain_Rawhide

    Thunderer Capt. build

    Would anybody like to post their Captain build for the Thunderer? WGs recommendations don't seem to ring quite right for me. Thanks.
  13. Captain_Rawhide

    A one question survey

    Depends on what type of player experience they would be looking for. If they are a serious gamer, I would say no. There are much better games to spend your time and money on. If they are a casual, just want to shoot stuff up, I might recommend it. No matter what, it would be with a caveat. This not a 'free to play' game. It's a 'free to be taken advantage of' game.
  14. Captain_Rawhide

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    Not a great player, but I seem to do well with Ragnar. Largely, because I play allot of CLs, which is how I play Ragnar. As somebody else mentioned, it takes a high point Captain to make this work. The only thing that annoys me are other players who think I should be rushing in and capping just because it's a DD.
  15. Captain_Rawhide

    I did a thing.. Black.

    Do you want to stick your neck out and say they won't nerf it again?