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  1. Captain_Rawhide

    Clean Up Your Act

    For gawd sakes turn off chat when they are dead. It's bad enough to have to listen to them while they are alive.
  2. I appreciate anybody who follows their passion.
  3. Do any of the containers give you a chance at a ship slot?
  4. Captain_Rawhide

    Seattle: Skip or play?

    Play it for awhile. Each game saves you some free experience you can use on other things. At least give it a fair shot.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    ^ Agree. As a Cruiser player I hate these things. Some Cruisers are just plain useless in these storms. Roll your Cruiser in with a big 'KILL ME' sign on it. Shorten the time so we can at least wait it out.
  6. Getting a captain speced for Sinop. It seems like Concealment expert doesn't give you much, because once you are within range there is usually no getting out since this is a close in ship. Fire prevention looks good to me. Would like others opinions as to which I should take first. Thanks.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    This. Try grinding through a couple tier nines in a row and see how your stats look.
  8. Oh yes, run to CoOp and ruin that for the people who actually 'enjoy' it.
  9. Captain_Rawhide

    Yoshino vs. Salem?

    I heard this awhile back, so I think they were referring to when it first came out before they changed it's economics.
  10. Captain_Rawhide

    Yoshino vs. Salem?

    I can buy one or the other. Would like your opinion comparing these ships. Should I just wait for something better to come along? A few personal notes. 1. I would like a ship that I won't be losing money on to play it. I've heard the economics on the Salem are not good. 2. I'm not a fan of the island hugging play style. I prefer open water with my cruisers. Addendum: I have Musashi already and that is enough BB for me. I just don't care for BB play.
  11. Why listen to people in game no matter what their stats are? Ninety nine percent of the time they have no idea what 'you' were trying to do and I don't have the time or energy to explain it to them.
  12. Captain_Rawhide

    Henri IV is an absolute Beast!!

    Wait for the nerf....it's coming.
  13. These are designed to get you just close enough after a huge amount of effort to spend real $$ to finish it off. Don't fall for it.
  14. Captain_Rawhide

    Current Combat Missions

    Click the Rogue War event on the left above the Premium shop.
  15. Captain_Rawhide

    What changes would you make to Savage Battle?

    Sorry, this thing is so broken it's not worth changing it. Just flush it.