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  1. How do you get rid of...

    Same problem. Pressing tab does not remove it.
  2. Get Rid of KARMA

    Karma is just a way for players to let off some steam in a very harmless way. I would rather deal with karma than have to listen to people complain in chat during the game.
  3. American Cruiser split - why?

    My apologies to LWM. I think I just assumed it was a guy writing under that name, but I really have no idea.
  4. American Cruiser split - why?

    Well I've played the new Cleveland in test and looked at LWM review where he says it is now a mediocre boat, I would say yes, they destroyed it...at least from my perspective.
  5. American Cruiser split - why?

    I've heard allot about the Cruiser split coming tomorrow. But what I still don't know is why are they doing this? Unfortunately, Cleveland is my top rated ship and my go to for Operations. So what is WGs reasoning for destroying a great ship.
  6. AP.....for the third time!

    I agree. Very annoying. I don' t understand how a simple shell tracer can't be built into the game. Seriously, it's not that difficult.
  7. Just for an example. Was topred by a friendly Cruiser and killed. This didn't bother me too much, because as said, 'ships happen.' and I said nothing. But, the player who killed me immediately starts blaming me and saying 'I did it on purpose.' Seriously.
  8. Fine. If they don't want random players to play this game I'm sure there are other games out there that wouldn't mind having my money.
  9. The Ultimate Frontier.....of death

    I think you can blame all the elites who kept coming to the boards and bragging about how easy operations were and how they were farming credits. Don't blame WP, blame the 'better than everybody else' group.
  10. 0.7.4 TK rule change

    ...at least it didn't make you wear lipstick.
  11. Fiji Commander skills

    Hi; Noticed that some Fiji setups do not recommend Smoke Screen Expert, but do recommend Jack of All Trades. Question. Which would be the better to choose? Wargaming Wiki recommends Jack of All Trades, but it's only a 5% reload increase. Hardly seems worth it. Thanks
  12. Played through the Bismark with a secondary build. What others have said about brawling is very true and it is allot of fun. However, the trick is to know when go in for the brawl. Rushing into three ships will have you deleted before you get to secondary range. So learn your ship and know what and when you can do it. You will have to learn to ignore other players who think your job is to tank for them while they hide behind mountains.
  13. Leander - Second Capt Skill

    Hi; Just wondering whether you would take AR or Smoke Screen expert first for the Leander? Thanks
  14. You are right about this. Cleveland has definitely moved up on the target list. I wish when they did stuff like this, they would at least let everybody know so we don't even bother wasting our time on Operations anymore.
  15. Cannot Complete 3 German ships

    Big cheer out to WG for this! So now my Bismarck has to sit out of rank...the only ship I have available. Nice going to the genius who figured this one out.