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  1. Captain_Rawhide

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Cruiser Support

    I log in with Neptune. First BB to spot me, I die. That's the plan.
  2. Captain_Rawhide

    What is it with the Edinburgh?

    Just finished up the Edinburgh and working through the Neptune. I've found the Edinburgh a bit easier to manage. I seem to get blotted faster and easier in the Neptune. In either, they are just way too easy citadel. With Edinburgh it seemed I could face plow a BB and get some torps in. With Neptune they just have to sneeze on me and I'm toast.
  3. Captain_Rawhide

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    Not sure why anybody would want to share an unsolicited opinion. One way to get ignored is to play a Cruiser.
  4. Captain_Rawhide

    Physical Trolling In-Game

    Playing RN Cruisers so I see more people sitting in my smoke than I would care to. I generally think it is intentional since my smoke field is so small. I wouldn't mind except they always park so that I cant move. It's annoying. And yes, I've been killed by being pushed out of smoke.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    Free Experienc to the Minotaur?

    Thanks for everybody's advice. I will grind the Neptune and give it a shot.....and save the free experience.
  6. Hi; I am almost through to the Neptune. I was thinking I would play it in CoOP long enough to get the B Hull and then Free experience to the Minotaur. That looks like it will cost 238,000 free experience. I have saved 370,000 but it has taken a long time to do it. I mostly play CoOP. I have played Minotaur in Space Battles and had allot of fun with it. So my question is this. Is it worth doing it? I don't have any tier ten ships and I thought it might be fun to have one. I am sick of putting effort into getting something though and having it nerfed or just outclassed by all the Premiums. Thanks for your input.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    Goodluck getting the Cossack for Free. Thanks WGing

    I don't mind paying for a game I enjoy, so I buy Premium time. Premium time seems to be about the same as others charge to play their games. I think it's nice that people spend their real money on their pixel ships, but do we really have to be manipulated into doing it?
  8. Captain_Rawhide

    Why am i being reported?

    Karma means nothing. It's just a way for people to let out frustration. For some reason, people expect you to play in their way or to fit their game plan. They usually have no idea why or what you are doing. Ignore it and move on.
  9. Captain_Rawhide

    How do you get rid of...

    Same problem. Pressing tab does not remove it.
  10. Captain_Rawhide

    Get Rid of KARMA

    Karma is just a way for players to let off some steam in a very harmless way. I would rather deal with karma than have to listen to people complain in chat during the game.