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  1. Captain_Rawhide

    Coal ships

    This. It was a double whammy for the Flint. She used to up tier fairly well. Now, forget it.
  2. Captain_Rawhide

    Coal ships

    Don't waste your coal on Flint. The IFHE nerf completely ruined it.
  3. Captain_Rawhide

    Wargaming Divisions need to be 4 people

    No offense to you, but I have no interest in talking to you, getting to know you or playing with you. This game for me is relaxation. I deal with people enough in my everyday life. I have no interest in dealing with people when I play. For me, this is a solitary effort. One of the main reasons I play this game. If you want to div up, have at it. Go play in clan battles where you wont' ruin the game for everybody else.
  4. Captain_Rawhide

    Wargaming Divisions need to be 4 people

    Clan battles. You have an entire mode devoted to 'TEAMWORK ENCOURAGEMENT'. Us, Lone Wolves, that you would like to 'screw' are the vast majority of players. I am not interested in playing according to somebody else's schedule.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    This makes me crazy

    After the battle is over and you see the Team Score lineup, the ships that have been killed are all in black on a black background. Anybody know if there is a way to change this. It makes my old eyes crazy.
  6. Captain_Rawhide

    Karma may not matter, but sometimes it feels so right

    The only thing I hate about Karma is you have no idea how, why or from whom you got it. It could be revenge, it could be some wheenie who expected you to play his game or it could be just a certain ship you play (Smolensk?) . -1: Big mouths blaming everybody else for them dying. Badmouthing your own team, even if we are losing. ('this team sucks', etc.) Political garbage in chat, even if I agree with them. +1 For a job well done. Usually DDs who play well, since they seem to have the biggest impact on the outcome of the game. For just being a decent human being.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    Zao or Minotaur

    Zao is going to play similar to the ships you already have. Mino will be a very different play style. So, it depends on if you are feeling you want to hone the skills you already have or venture into something new. As others have stated, go to PTS and try out the Mino. It's unforgiving, but I find it allot of fun. I think you will learn more about the game in general playing the Mino.
  8. Hmmm, so we should award an Olympic gold medal to whoever gets the best RNG on a particular day?
  9. How could you even take this seriously? 'Most Americans' are smarter than this ( I hope).
  10. Captain_Rawhide

    Six Months of "More Resources" Containers

    Oh yeah. Thanks for posting this. Expecting nerf any day now.
  11. Captain_Rawhide

    Terrible PTS first experience.

    Personally, I love PTS. I get to try out all kinds of stuff that I normally wouldn't try out on the live server in Randoms. New ships, new tactics, new builds, and you get a few rewards in the process. I also like the way people play Radoms on PTS. Brawling, close in. Maybe it's just the Russian way of playing, but the games are much more fun.
  12. Captain_Rawhide

    Slow Down, WG!!!

    These games are designed to suck your time and money. For some people it is easy to say, no I don't want to do that one. For others it's nearly impossible to slow down when a carrot is dangled in front of you. It all boils down to self discipline. Some are very good at it, other's, not so much.
  13. Captain_Rawhide

    0.9.6 Venezia Nerf

    This nerf has more to do with Clan battles and how Venezia was being 'exploited' there. This is the result of Clan battles. Unicum Clans look for 'any' advantage they can find and they found one with Venezia. Unfortunately, everybody has to live with the nerf.
  14. Captain_Rawhide

    Is the Shinonome worth the grind?

    I finished the campaign several months ago. She sits in port. Just don't like DDs at that level (or any level ). However, the old campaigns gave very nice rewards for each star, compared to the 'nothing' they give you for Directives. So for that it's worth the grind since you are playing the game anyway.