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  1. Captain_Rawhide

    Beasts....the unbalanced bar

    So WG thinks they have to fool you into thinking you are half way done with a mission? I guess they never fail to disappoint.
  2. Captain_Rawhide

    Which Steel ship to use my coupon on - AND WHY

    If you don't mind spending your steel on a ship they will nerf the day after you bought it, pick any of them.
  3. Captain_Rawhide


    Maybe they are using Brawls as a way to test out new matchmaking. So far, it seems a failure, but you can always hope.
  4. Captain_Rawhide

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    Older Tech tree ships are pretty much just there so that the new and expensive Premiums have something to shoot at. There may be a few that still hold up, but not many. Play for enjoyment if you don't mind losing.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    This has to stop

    I suggest they take all the purple players and only let them play with other purple players. If they have to wait ten minutes for a game, so be it. Or else or you could just go play Clan battles, which is where you should be if you want to be 'protected' from playing with the other 80% of the player base.
  6. Captain_Rawhide


    I'll use it if you'll pay for it.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    Cruiser numbers still down

    The Captain skills for Cruisers hit them pretty hard. It seems like every cruiser takes a 'special' build and you can't move them around easily. The Captains skills are a mess. It wasn't just DE that was the problem. Some of my favorite Cruisers are just unplayable.
  8. Captain_Rawhide

    I hate this 75k damage by flooding requirement

    I saw it and said forget it. It's not worth it.
  9. Captain_Rawhide

    Abusive purple players

    Well, your distortions or misinterpretations of what I said are so far off, I think I will just wish you a good evening.
  10. Captain_Rawhide

    Premium Ship Changes

    So they are going to change Flint from a joke to a laughing stock?
  11. Captain_Rawhide

    Abusive purple players

    I remember a thread awhile ago where one of the unicum players said he'd look at the Match Making mod and would sail his ship over to go play with the best players, leaving strategy and anybody else who could use his help to go fend for themselves. He was defended by other unicums. Some of these people are their own type of cancer. Being good at a game only makes you 'good at a game'. They play the way they want. So should you.
  12. Captain_Rawhide

    Beasts, which team are you picking this week?

    So far I have a winning record of picking the last team each and every time.
  13. Captain_Rawhide

    The thing about these signal containers...

    Easy solution to this. Don't use flags and count on somebody else to carry your team to victory if you can't do it without them. Seriously, I've never used flags in CoOP and am pretty stingy with them in Random. Ranked I am more generous. And yes, of course, this is just one more way WG takes away with one hand and gives less with the other. I'm waiting for some bird brain at WG to decided to put ship restrictions on them.
  14. Captain_Rawhide

    Sinop in ranked

    Been doing okay with Flint. Since it is useless in Randoms against higher tiers, Ranked gives me a reason to play a ship that normally sits in port. Sinop is my BB of choice.
  15. Can we all just agree that this is a pay to win game?