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  1. Saint-Louis, Dominski, Neptune, Seattle. Hate tier nine in general. Tier nine is a pay wall. Credits suck and expenses are high. Most ships are just not as good as their tier VIII lead in ships. I will usually play it half way through before I decide if I just can't stand it anymore. For some reason, Buffalo worked well with me.
  2. Captain_Rawhide

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    I am usually confused by your posts. Does your opinion usually only apply to CoOP? I thought that was all you played. Random and CoOP are very different as I'm sure you know. Some ships will perform great in CoOP, but are terrible in Random play. Just curious how you view your posts.
  3. We can talk about Win Rate being used as a meter when you get rid of Seal Clubbing, stat padding, Divisions in Random, OP Premium ships, rerolls and all the other questionable tactics people use to increase their Win Rates. Balancing sounds fine except, you want to be on a team that had it's high level spot going to somebody who seal clubbed their way to a 65% win rate? Or somebody who can't play without his Division mates helping him out? Quit whining. Go play Clan battles.
  4. Not in a position to offer you advice, but gratz on posting it and requesting help with your game. I will be curious to hear what others have to say.
  5. Captain_Rawhide

    Coal Ship Conundrum - 9.1 - advice/thoughts?

    Just keep in mind that if you get a Smolensk you are going to need a very high level Captain and spend allot on premium upgrades in PVP. That said, I use my Smolensk mostly to grind out free Captain Experience (I have a 19 pt Capt. on her) in CoOP. Kills come easy and on games that last a bit longer, it's usually the Smolensk that will carry the win. People say get the Smolensk.....but only if you are going to use her. If its just gonna sit in port, put your money into something you will actually play.
  6. Captain_Rawhide

    this game has no new players because low tiers are literally unplayable

    New players vs. 3 CVs and 3 Seal Clubbers (or more) = A very broken game at lower tiers. Limit the number of CVs in tier IV and under. Limit the effect of Captain skills at tier IV and under. This is why Win Rate means nothing. Rerolling and seal clubbing their way to a 65% win rate is not skill.
  7. Captain_Rawhide

    Post your SC loot here

    SC = 25 Scylla flags. Better than a sharp poke in the eye...I think.
  8. Captain_Rawhide

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    This makes perfect sense, except the part about taking it down. Having worked as a developer for enterprise systems for twenty years, I see absolutely no need to take it down while they fix it. Fixes are done on a copy of the original, leaving the original in place until the fix is done and then just replacing it. The only time the original would be taken down would be if it was causing other issues within the system, which this clearly is not. If their intention was to fix it quickly, they could easily have just left it up as is until the fix was finished. I am skeptical of their intent.
  9. ….uh...so how what's the easiest way to get them as soon as possible?
  10. ...and btw, new WOLF clans are forming all the time. Just look for any WOLF clan that has member openings and apply. There are usually quite few out there.
  11. I don't really think that being in a Clan or necessarily a Division is an indication of who is going to win a Random battle. I used to think so and watched closely over several months. Some Clans are just friends with various skills who get together to play. Doesn't mean they are any better than anybody else. Obviously, the high rated Clans will bring higher skilled players, but then you have to listen to their whining about how bad everybody else is.
  12. Captain_Rawhide

    4 Directives 0 Botes

    All done...no ships.
  13. Almost all the directives/missions these days take a well rounded fleet to accomplish them quickly. My suggestion would be to build a fleet of Vs that you can use for these objectives when you have to.
  14. Captain_Rawhide

    Smoli RU Super fire starter

    People are gonna hate. It will eventually die down for this ship after they find something else to hate on. Just look at what fits your line up and what you think you will enjoy playing. Ignore the haters.
  15. Captain_Rawhide

    Why do many good players now hide their stats.

    Give me a break. You completely distorted the argument so you could take a cheap personal shot. Congratulations. It's about what I would expect out of your Clan.