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  1. Hey Pigeon, 


    On behalf of ANZAC clan im just gonna post here how disappointed in the customer service regarding the clan wars cross server test. Lots of ongoing changes and last minute cancellations to the scheduled time zones, which I get its a test and sometimes things bug out etc. Unfortunately a lot of these times where we selected the server to drop into were cancelled. Members stayed up late etc to make the time, only to find out the session was cancelled when the session time came round to starting. Much worse was being told later it was only advertised on REDDIT, not the game launcher or in game message. 

    Pretty disappointed to then have played games on NA, and schedule drops into SEA server only to have the session cancelled, and when submitting the ticket to support getting told we don't meet the requirements. This just seems to lack authenticity when we in fact were ready and present in the game waiting to drop in, and due to ineffective communication to us as a player base we missed out on all the rewards. Not a good way to build confidence with, and also respect for customers.

    Hopeful that posting it here will have the same effect previous members raising issues with you has had.

  2. Anzac alliance (ANZAC, ANZ4C, NZS, CLWTH and SACS clans) are looking for active players. Both ANZAC and ANZ4C have requirements for tier tens, and availability for clan battles. There is no requirement for players to be Aussie or Kiwi but we are primarily an Aussie and Kiwi based clan. NZS, CWLTH and SACS are more developmental or social based clans. Come join us if you are interested in committing to clan battles, training and getting better with your higher tiers. TeamSpeak for voice server and discord for community. Discord: https://discord.gg/txkdxe TeamSpeak 3: austs1.gameservers.com:9221 password: jejeje NB: Permission for use of the term ANZAC has been gained by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage.
  3. HMNZS_Leander

    ANZAC Alliance

    Now up to 5 clans in the ANZAC ALLIANCE. ANZAC - if you are interested in clan battles ANZ4C - if you are a good player (must be tested in ANZAC first) NZS - Social clan CWLTH/SACS - developmental and progression clans. Come join us in Team speak and in game.