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  1. HMNZS_Leander

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Its great to see the effort you made here Femmennley. All the best in your future endeavours. We have permission from the NZ government to use the name. We also have ex-servicemen in the clan. Lest we forget their service. https://mch.govt.nz/nz-identity-heritage/anzac-day/anzac-guidelines
  2. HMNZS_Leander

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Thanks Hapa_Fodder - finally Wargaming have taken note of this important day for all Australians and Kiwis (New Zealanders). On behalf of the Anzac alliance of clans i want to say thanks for acknowledging our service personnel in this way. Please pass on our appreciation to the dev and events team for doing this. The Perth is a great and in my view the best choice for a reward to commemorate this day. However, I find the brief information blurb quite brief, and the history around the Dardanelles Campaign/ Battle of Gallipoli could, and in my view should be teased out more. Mainly because for Aussies and Kiwis this day is as significant in our joint history as the attack on Pearl Harbour was to the USA, and the blitz was to London. This was the day in 1915 where our combined corps were coined the name Australian and New Zealand Army Corps by General Sir William R. Birdwood. Looking forward to Anchors away in January aboard the Vampire, in Darling Harbour. To those Australians and Kiwis who will also be commemorating today: They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Lest we forget.
  3. HMNZS_Leander

    Hi, I just got here, what's good?

    Well welcome to NA, welcome to stop by ANZAC and have a yarn if you like. Details in clan description.
  4. HMNZS_Leander

    Transferred from ASIA ... is NA better or worse?

    Im actually on holiday atm so just message NZRogue in game, and join the comms listed in the clan description. Into fishing if you're from Taupo?
  5. HMNZS_Leander

    Who have you seen in game

    @Troa_Barton we dont have it out for ya mate ;-p
  6. HMNZS_Leander

    How many Australians play on NA?

    Katze if you are still looking we are a fairly active group of clans. 2x Clan battles clans and 3x social clans. ANZAC and ANZ4C play clan battles. Just look for our contact information in the clan details.
  7. HMNZS_Leander

    Hi, I just got here, what's good?

    Max did you transfer your account over at all?
  8. HMNZS_Leander

    "There is Australian people here..."

    Lots of Aussies and kiwis in the ANZAC ANZ4C NZS CWLTH and SACS clans too.
  9. HMNZS_Leander

    Transferred from ASIA ... is NA better or worse?

    Hi Otago, or should i say Otaku.. Yeah Black flag is right, if you wanna stay in a kiwi aussie centred clan then really ANZAC and ANZ4C are really where its at. I hail from Dunners so you're more than welcome to join us.
  10. Hey Pigeon, 


    On behalf of ANZAC clan im just gonna post here how disappointed in the customer service regarding the clan wars cross server test. Lots of ongoing changes and last minute cancellations to the scheduled time zones, which I get its a test and sometimes things bug out etc. Unfortunately a lot of these times where we selected the server to drop into were cancelled. Members stayed up late etc to make the time, only to find out the session was cancelled when the session time came round to starting. Much worse was being told later it was only advertised on REDDIT, not the game launcher or in game message. 

    Pretty disappointed to then have played games on NA, and schedule drops into SEA server only to have the session cancelled, and when submitting the ticket to support getting told we don't meet the requirements. This just seems to lack authenticity when we in fact were ready and present in the game waiting to drop in, and due to ineffective communication to us as a player base we missed out on all the rewards. Not a good way to build confidence with, and also respect for customers.

    Hopeful that posting it here will have the same effect previous members raising issues with you has had.