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  1. Why does the DL halt while the installer sends just a few bytes to hundreds of ip addresses?
  2. This is not necessarily true. For example if the average height of all students is 5, and the average height of each class is 5 then the average of the averages will also be 5. While you are correct that averaging averages is unsound and could give a false result. Averaging averages does not automatically give an erroneous result. It would be interesting to do a detailed analysis of individuals to see if there is a significant difference from the server average.
  3. phsstpok

    Mercy rule in Coop sucks!

    i never even noticed the mercy rule until co-op went to 9v9 format. others have pointed out that people started complaining about it only after the 9v9 went into effect the answer should be simple, go back to 8v8 i will add that i don't care much for capping in co-op, but at least that was far less frustrating than having battles end early