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  1. Rustycan99


    I have had Starlink since mid december. My ping is usually 35-40 in game while watching netflix on the highest resolution. It is still a bit quirky as I could drop 2-3 times in a game but just for a second or two then I log back in. Usually it is nothing, but sometimes it happens at the absolute worse time. And I only have about 9-10 minutes of down time through an entire day.
  2. Rustycan99

    Gift codes - What did you get?

    Thanks! I got 2 containers with coal and flags from first and the other were no joy. I love free stuff
  3. Rustycan99

    Gift codes - What did you get?

    No sign of any email from WG yet for poor ole me....
  4. Rustycan99

    Friendly Fire/Team Kill

    Wow! I wish I could read the minds of my team mates like that to know they are just wandering aimlessly instead of getting into a position that might help them win or aid the team.
  5. Rustycan99


    Are you making purchases in the client or on the website?
  6. Rustycan99

    CV's in clan Battles

    Our clan played 14 battles this evening and our opponents had CV 50% of the time.
  7. Rustycan99

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    JUst entered them all 1 min ago and all of them worked, Thanks!
  8. Rustycan99

    Moskva becoming Premium

    Isnt the Moskva becoming a 'Special' ship and not a Premium?
  9. Rustycan99

    Its Fixed! Its Fixed!

    Im Newfie and my family is in Carbonear just outside St Johns. How close are you to Cape Spear?
  10. Rustycan99

    Its Fixed! Its Fixed!

    Geez, do you have satelite internet??? I live in the middle of nowhere in the woods and my ping rarely goes over 65ms with the norm being around 20ms... FYI im in New Brunswick Canada, right in the middle so very East coast.
  11. Rustycan99


    The ram would not cause you to go pink. If you were zoomed in shooting odds are you were clipping the friendly ship as they were right against you.
  12. Rustycan99

    AA should not be automatic.

    They do not.
  13. Rustycan99

    When your team refuses to Cap!

    We have caps to encourage engagement, otherwise everyone would just sit back and 'attempt' to snipe and waste 20 minutes.
  14. Rustycan99

    Karma Change

    Karma does not affect the game so don't even worry about it. Just do your best and have fun!
  15. Rustycan99


    You have too much time on your hands??