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  1. alfaboy95

    Update 0.9.4 - Feedback

    Had this pop up when I finished p bagration game. The actual xp modifier was still 200% in the detailed battle screen report. Just seems like the wrong numbers popped up, but thought id bring it to the attention of devs in case bug.
  2. alfaboy95

    9.4 Tokens quick maths

    Just want to provide quick maths for people to make their own judgements. I personally like this event (the directives are easier and I like russian cruisers). In regards to the bounty, it was constant throughout the year as it was my go to purchase so I have several receipts. It surprised me that it changed since I was gonna buy it again and wanted to give people a heads up.
  3. alfaboy95

    9.4 Tokens quick maths

    In the webpage for both, it says "missions for additional Soviet Tokens will be available for cruiser Ochakov. You can additionally earn a total of 840 Soviet Tokens playing this ship" https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/15365/ I am assuming it means that the 7 day challenges are refreshed each week (4x210=840). This would be great to clarify so im paging @Hapa_Fodder and until I get an answer, my previous math stays. If its confirmed, then ill change it to reflect that.
  4. Ok so the new update is out and so are the numbers. It turns out that there are multiple combat missions, which is good and I slightly take back my earlier criticism about how much rng will be involved. There will still be plenty, but there are some guaranteed numbers: Ochakov and Bagration: 7 challenges rewarding 30 tokens. 210 total for each. $45.20 at us prices. Mikoyan: 7 challenges rewarding 15 tokens. 105 total. To get to the total final reward is 2850. If you get both cruisers, its 420 tokens plus the mikoyan's 105, which you are guaranteed to get even with the worst token rng with 60 crates. Thats 2850-525= 2325 2325/60= 38.75 So better hope your tokens roll an average of 40 if you want that cool t10 camo if you drop 90$ for the cruisers. If not, then 45.75 per crate is the magic number. Im gonna wait for @LittleWhiteMouse to release her reviews before getting either cruiser, but here is the math. PSA: Admirals bounty (12,500 plus 30 days for $47.99) is no longer available in the premium shop, instead its the Ultimate treat (9,000 plus 30 days for $38.99). The 2,500 doubloons are 9.99 so the value you are getting is nerfed by 1,000 doubloons. 11,500 new vs 12,500 old. Let me know if any values are wrong, but here is a breakdown for those who want to make informed purchases.
  5. alfaboy95

    What is your goal?

    Working on the Russian dd line
  6. alfaboy95

    ST, Update 0.9.5

    The steel for dailies is a great thing. Even if it's only for a few months out of the year. Very nice
  7. alfaboy95

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    If the combat missions are repeatable like they were in the British Cunningham event, then this event is not as bad as it comes off at first. But this is yet to be seen. Also depends on how good the premium cruisers are. I hope its not as bad, because I really want to enjoy this event and get the camos. Please specify if you are able to @Hapa_Fodder about the combat missions being repeatable ones and if the premium cruisers will only be available as bundles in the beginning. Thank you.
  8. alfaboy95

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    I got my morning tea so lets do some quick maths and start off with the most outrageous one: 100 random bundles. Thats what they add up to and the probability of getting the 700 is 1% the 150 is 4% and the rest aren't even worth looking at. 60 soviet crates: I got the 300 drop once or twice during PTS and that was completing all the directives. So good luck because most will be the 5 or 10 drops. Combat missions: Here is where there is vagueness. You can complete missionS that give you 15-30 tokens. How many missions? This will either make or break the grind. The worst part is that the premium cruisers are only available in the armory for doubloons. So expect the same overpriced [edited] as orkan was in this current patch. Unless I can buy the premium cruiser without the overpriced bundle, then this grind is very upsetting. I was looking forward to the soviet special permacamos and was very ready to spend some money on this event. But here its looking at $100+ with regular luck and all the grinding. Thanks for the lootboxes again WG.
  9. alfaboy95

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.4

    Exciting times ahead, looking forward to trying the subs
  10. alfaboy95

    Enjoy the scenery

    I like this screenshot because it looks like it could have been in the pacific with an actual japanese destroyer sunk.
  11. The screenshot was slightly late, but there it is in the right corner lol. Of course I had to do it with the texas
  12. alfaboy95

    Used up all my luck on the British event

    Agreed, I played them a bit similar to the Italian cruisers. The lack of smoke is balanced by low concealment. I think I prefer the low concealment over the smoke, but both lines have been quite enjoyable
  13. If i knew rngesus would bless me like this, then I would have bought Christmas crates. Haven't had this luck with the previous french or italian events. Not sure I like the unlimited free token box idea, but its the same as the random crate drop of previous events. At least I can see what I am getting with this model. However if there is a premium involved like Genova, then they cannot be unlimited crates. Overall pretty good balance this event and the easy grind is welcome. The first one was the T6 Devonshire, was fun but im looking to try out the T8 now. The AA in the t6 and the def aa consumable made the enemy cv really dislike me in that game. Doesn't make me dread the multi cv games in the bottom tiers with that ship. What I am liking is the good concealment on these cruisers. Can kite and choose engagements pretty well.