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  1. Game freezes in the Azur Lane news article
  2. davebit15

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I haven't spend a dime on WoWS since the carrier rework, and I highly doubt I'll ever spend another dime, the models are gorgeous, but the gameplay and matchmaking are awful, and keep getting worse. The only only thing I'm still hoping for is to find a new game good enough to justify abandoning all the time and $ I already invested in this game.
  3. davebit15

    Armory Bug When Viewing Armor Of Armory Ships

    They don't give a damn...
  4. I haven't been able to load the ships in the Armory since the last update, please..?
  5. davebit15

    Carriers are still an issue

    Easy: I don't play Random anymore.
  6. Please fix the never-loading of ships in the armory.
  7. Exactly the same for me.
  8. davebit15

    Punished for being disconnected

    Ah, smart-[edited]comments in a forum, what life would be without that!
  9. Your pos game punished me for being repeatedly disconnected because of my Internet provider having an outage, very freaking smart to keep pushing people out of a game that is lamer with every new day.
  10. davebit15

    no more money on this game

    Where do you find those teams playing according to successful tactics? Please tell me, because all I get is half a team yoloing in the first 2 minutes, and another half hiding and/or running until there's no more map. And the team with the better cv player usually wins.
  11. If you feel Russian ships are op, play Russian ships. IMO, the whole "Russian bias" trend is nonsense, but hey, prove me wrong by always winning with your Russian ship. You know what bothers me in this game? The lousy balance in player skill due to the way MM works. The inability to win consistently unless playing a DD (or a CV, but I hate CV gameplay). That's IMO what sucks in this game.
  12. davebit15

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    Honestly, I don't see the supposed "Russian bias." Maybe Kremlin, but just marginal. Smolensk is a very-annoying ship to deal with, but it's also relatively easy to counter. Russian DDs same thing, can be very annoying but of limited utility and relatively-easy to counter. It can be argued that Khabarovsk was OP when introduced, but IMO it's not now. But hey, I'm an average player, I may be missing something.
  13. Nothing is fun in the no-fun end of the spectrum. Everything is fun on the other end, though.
  14. Suspended from sending messages for calling someone "[edited]?" He was a [edited]! I'm freaking close to quitting this damn game, and things like this aren't exactly helping.
  15. davebit15

    What's with the 32% winrate on Sundays?

    Having in mind how f**d up MM is, it's probably already involved.