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  1. Are you talking about the armory in the real game or in the PT, either way there's a thread to report eather of those problems
  2. Actually the the first Dock Yard had it's missions in a separate area like the Russian special event or British special event was. very simple and clean looking and easy to look at and find all the missions. and when in the Dock yard it had clock progression timer and the progression bar with the next prize/leavel
  3. Dock yard, graphics look good, i actually liked the original layout with the counter better tho. When leaving the dock yard to port i have a 15-20 sec lag time. Random Battle, when switching from normal view to zoomed in retical view in a high number combat area a lot of lag happens. Armory and Combat Mission lay out seems more cluttered, more confusing and less simple. The lay out in game now seems better for me.
  4. well i am have that issue aswell that you discussed and many more that we have had in game for a very long time. thank you for your response and im sure WG will get right on it,
  5. just went back to game, 10 min latter and the serve has now open. this is ridiculous!!!!
  6. This is so funny because WG just sent me a serve that froze up and was unable to fill out, what i would like to say is this isnt the only ingame issue but has been around for some time. At this time i rate this game a 4/10 in game sink is very laggy, your cross airs lock on a ship that your not pointed at, the io is very buggy. this game has been this way for a long time and feels like a beta game experience. Maybe it is time to pay a team of competent programmer's to come in and fix the problems at hand,
  7. I understand why WG wants to change the look of the consumables and keep the game looking new but it dose make things more confusable, why not just give them the premium look and call it a day "Simplify". Still my number one point for subs is make the concealment the same as the lowest concealment of the DD of that tier and give subs longer torp rang, or make it so the subs cant spot for the team unless they ping a ship sacrificing their concealment.
  8. I would suggest giving the sub's the same detection of the lowest detectable DD for that tier, and chang the Sub torp distance to 10km then per nation different damage per torp. Radio location of data via ping would be a good idea as the sub would have to give up it's stealth to do so, sufaced or not.
  9. First of all i have 2k mor battles played in BB's than DD's and i don't care for the argument of Sub's vs BB's as of now but lets start at the class that's going to "counter" subs. #1 DD's are out spotted by Subs so what your going to end up with for spotting/torp DD's is the Shima effect of the F-10 line DD's #2 To me it seems that in a DD vs Sub that the sub doesn't take consistent gun damage as with DD vs DD the gun damage is consistent and a Sub will just keep DD's spotted for his team to kill #3 When or if Subs come to the game it will be the new spotting class and will compound the already bad team play of DD's not spotting other DD's because they just want to stay alive and torp or chase a CV #4 CA's is your second class for defence against Subs but with no help from the DD's or sub's lol
  10. CV_19

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    WG the CV dive bomb drop angle or distance of the camera has been to close when dropping "attacking" since the first 9.1, update are you going to fix this? it seems that the game programers fix one thing and break 3 things, i would really appreciate it as many others if you WG would fix the problems of "UI" "Lag" "Glitches: Before adding new features that cause 3x the problems that the previous update had.
  11. CV_19

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    Played CV for the first time since the update and the iu from the aircraft to the hit retical is way to close now and makes it harder to aim. Was this intentional?
  12. TY for the response, sounds like i will participate but will not get rewards.
  13. Furthermore i cant vote on the KOS camo because you can only vote on it threw discord, GJ fore not having this so everyone can vote on it.
  14. So if we don't have discord dose this mean we cant participate, Our clan uses Teamspeak for quality and no tracking system of operating systems for sale to 3rd party venders .