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  1. jondoom

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    the same 50 of us play in gold over and over again and nobody ranks out. it's purely to make people waste camouflage and signals. I've gotten rank 1 twice.
  2. jondoom

    Automated reply for support tickets

    no. every ticket has simply been closed after the automated response.
  3. Absolutely ridiculous. Tickets should only be answered by humans, not an automated response. This is not how you run a business WG.
  4. jondoom

    Alabama VL?

    Reskin I'm assuming. Haven't seen it in a devblog but played with one on my team. Any idea where I can find more information?
  5. jondoom

    Ranked: An Unpopular Opinion

    I like the system but it's broken. I've played 25 games in the past two days and am still on rank 9 in gold with a total of 5 wins. The previous sprint I had no problem making it to rank 4 and felt more balanced, the previous season I had no problem ranking out in gold. Wargaming is clearly using matchmaking to stack teams to make people burn thru consumable flags and camouflages.
  6. jondoom

    Ranked system is busted.

    I've played with and against you with no issue. This season has been ridiculous compared to last.
  7. jondoom

    Ranked system is busted.

    No. I was in Gold last season as well and had no problem ranking out. You can add another 4 losses to that screenshot
  8. jondoom

    Ranked system is busted.

    This new ranked is purposely rigged IMO. At this stage there's nothing random about it. Evidence: This is gold tier ranked. This screenshot does not include other games I played before logging out and logging back in. I've had 3 wins today and 15 losses. At what point will wargaming admit that they're purposely stacking matches in ranked to get people to burn thru consumables.
  9. I only play ranked. I don't think it should be a fun game mode at all. It should be a highly competitive mode with a huge skill ceiling and no trash players allowed. I expect all of my teammates to at least be able to get 1 frag or trade as I would in any other competitive team based game.
  10. I've noticed that occasionally when I call out my teammates the game takes a long time post game, doesn't display a stat screen and goes directly to port. At first I thought this was just a bug, however it always coincides with a loss of karma as well. Wargaming, stop with this cheap tactic. I want to see my stats regardless if my teammates reported me or not. I think this is done to insure I cannot counter report or exact some type of revenge by PM in game. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. jondoom

    FDG and GK Finally dead?

    I was in a ranked game earlier where I ran aground in my thunderer while fighting a GK at 5km . in our 2 minute altercation he only hit me 40x with his secondaries and Id didn't even feel like he was a threat. His Smaland teammate ended up torpedoing me while I was stuck otherwise I could have sat there all day and obliterated him. Shame. I've got hundreds of games in GK in the old ranked format. The lack of superintendent meaning less heals and hydro make it even harder to push with a ship that already got farmed. The turret angles are abysmal at best. They may as well remove it from the game.
  12. It is infuriating to have to deal with this. There are way too many bad players that have snuck their way into gold and the teams are always lopsided. Gold needs to be way more difficult to get into so players that have no idea what their doing / positioning / dying 3 minutes into the match have no chance of being in there. Been playing this week since Monday (obviously) and I am still sitting at rank 9. My scoreline typically looks like 1 win 7 losses in a row with me being the only one alive, high calibre, etc. Having as much base EXP as some of the people on the other team while my team has less than half of my own. The rank system needs to be completely rebalanced, way more than this commander skill reset.
  13. I see fire prevention is no longer available for at least these cruisers. What is everyone carrying. I do not have time to "experiment" I just want to play ranked.
  14. jondoom

    Smaland or wait

    That's my issue, I don't know what's "next." I play an incredible amount now as I have been laid off for 9 months so getting FXP isn't a huge deal. I already reset the Russian CL line and have no problem FXPing the Minnesota and Vermont abominations to reset the American BB line for RB points. I could also reset the Italian cruiser line without a second thought and not have to FXP more stuff to get an RB ship. I know if I had Smolensk I would play it. I missed Jean Bart and knew I would love it, when Jean Bart was available for Black Friday I bought it immediately and have something like 100 battles in it already.
  15. jondoom

    Smaland or wait

    When a ranked season starts it's pretty much all I play. Don't really see the point in randoms when there's competitive. It's like going into a Counter Strike pub server instead of matchmaking. Just doesn't make sense to me. When there isn't a ranked season ongoing, I do play random battles, but with this new system.