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  1. jondoom

    Your top 5 "wish I could buy with Coal ships."

    The only ship I'm actually interested in being added to this game is New Jersey. I'd pay coal, RB, steel, doubloons, whatever. My personal preference is her October '43 - May '45 configuration with the rounded enclosed bridge and overall MS-21 camouflage.
  2. 3rd / 5th fleet. Spruance was 5th fleet. Both fleets were, at some point, commanded from USS New Jersey in '44 & '45. It's odd that Spruance is not available as a commander in this game yet.
  3. Why not just put New Jersey in the game instead of these other ridiculous ships.
  4. There has to have been an increase in chance percentage of incapacitating a main battery turret in the last update. I have never had my turrets incapacitated this much, EVER. It doesn't matter the ship or the flags / mods I'm carrying.
  5. I would focus solely on playing ranked to improve your skill at the game and then moving back to randoms after. The maps are only 6v6 and you're guaranteed tier X (or whatever tier rank is that season) against the same tier. You can improve your abilities based on that. Short list I would recommend Salem, DM, Stalingrad, Alaska, Kronstadt, Jean Bart, Roma, and Massachusetts.
  6. jondoom

    Carnot or Tulsa

    Of course but I have well north of 1 million coal so none of these would impact me financially. I don't know how many RB points I have, maybe I will go for Siegfried or FXP Agir.
  7. jondoom

    Carnot or Tulsa

    While this is definitely true at tier x I have Salem dm moskva petro stalin venezia and yoshino for ranked. That doesn't even touch a slew of BBs and DDs.
  8. jondoom

    Carnot or Tulsa

    I have Alaska and do use it, however I am also trying to complete the Dockyard event, and some of the cruiser specific tasks don't lend well to Alaska (IE fire damage). As I ONLY play ranked, a rapid DPM cruiser is much more efficient at this task and I am not overly fond of Seattle, Chapayev or Roon.
  9. All I purchased was the New Jersey camouflage for Iowa as it's the only way I'd play Iowa. I'm waiting for New Jersey herself to be properly implemented in the game.
  10. jondoom

    Carnot or Tulsa

    The ability to use it for the next 6 weeks in ranked as there is no tier X.
  11. jondoom

    Carnot or Tulsa

    I only play ranked. This will purely be for ranked. I've got more than a million coal, so it's not an issue. I'm wondering how these ships play. I have hundreds of games with DM and Salem. Does Tulsa play like those? Is Carnot a kiter ?
  12. I've already stated my case, but I'll say it again. Kuroi-ryu herself. Imagine how many special edition Black Friday New Jersey's would sell.
  13. I would love more to be added at varying tiers.
  14. New Jersey is the most historically significant ship still in existence that is not in the game. Either her October 1943- May 1945 configuration with the round enclosed bridge at tier IX or her Vietnam configuration at tier X would be viable. her mods would be akin to Jean Bart or Bourgogne. Main battery reload boost and speed boost (she holds the record for fastest battleship ever) with decent secondaries (she has sunk ships with her secondary battery)
  15. Using New Jersey as an example, I think historical accuracy and being fun to play could be factors in her implementation. New Jersey is the fastest record battleship (over 35 knots) so she would actually warrant a speed boost consumable. Additionally in WWII she actually sunk enemy ships with her secondary battery at Truk in addition to firing over 1500 5" rounds in 6 hours one evening during Vietnam (excerpt below). There is no reason she cannot get the Bourgogne treatment to Iowa's - Alsace. NEW JERSEY continued firing observed missions by day and both observed and unobserved missions by night through Saturday, 22 February. That night turned out to be the busiest of NEW JERSEY's entire deployment. Just after 0100, while NEW JERSEY was firing prearranged unobserved fire, she received an urgent call for fire from a Marine outpost about 1,000 meters south of the DMZ which was under attack. The post, named Oceanview, was manned by about 20 Marines and a Naval Gunfire Liaison team. It was attacked by a force later estimated to be about 130 North Vietnamese Regulars. Following is a chronological record of the night's action taken from the ship's operation report: One thousand-seven hundred ten 5-inch rounds were fired that night in nearly six hours of continuous fire. At various times throughout the night NEW JERSEY was teamed with the Coast Guard cutter OWASCO and two artillery batteries. One spotter, Lance Corporal Roger Clouse of Lincoln, Nebraska, controlled all fire that night, and at one point he was firing six batteries simultaneously. He was recommended for the Bronze Star for his night's work.