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  1. jondoom

    People's behavior

    It's an online video game. Didn't you play Quake, Unreal, CS 20 years ago? Remember original X-BOX live voice chats? I don't really find anything in game chat to be a big deal.
  2. jondoom

    Roma vs Vanguard

    I recommend the Roma. After my first 15-20 games learning the ship, I've had no problem doing a consistent 80-150k damage per battle while absorbing more damage than I probably should. Dreadnought achievements are common as is Fireproof. My one problem is the overpens. The main battery even overpens the Kremlin and Grosser Kurfurst. That makese NO SENSE to me. I've got no problem against Bismarck, Tirpitz, etc.
  3. I am 100% certain that wargaming is creating imbalanced teams in matchmaking after losing. I was using my Colorado and I went B and ended up ALONE. I don't want to join a clan because I don't have the time to dedicate to that sort of thing, but my entire team other than this guy was clanless whilst the entire other team were in clans. I was the only one to sink a ship.
  4. 117 ranked games and I've gone from 7 back to 12. One win in between all of that over the course of two days. I think it's rigged so you can't rank out tbh.
  5. You want to fix the game? Make a casual matchmaking mode and a competitive one. Competitive will put only people of the same rank and 1 rank above or below against each other. Casual mode any of any rank can be in a game together. Do away with the current rank season system and do it that way and you'll have more consistent play.
  6. jondoom

    whats better for ranked?

    Looking back at this question. I think that Scharnhorst is better for anything above rank 10 because battleships play less of a role in the battle. It's all destroyers and cruisers. I may actually buy Scharnhorst just so I can rank out because even though Gneisenau is stronger, having 6 shells compared to 9 against small enemies with German dispersion just isn't cutting it.
  7. jondoom

    Battle of Midway

    Kongo which was at Midway but did not participate in battle.
  8. jondoom

    Best Battleships

    I'd say Giulio Cesare (which you can't get) or Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya are the best. I've had a lot of fun playing Okt Rev and find it to be a very stable ship. I've played the Konig and the Kongo as well and find both lacklustre, though I do find the Kongo especially as built to be an attractive looking ship.
  9. jondoom

    whats better for ranked?

    I've played 94 games in the Gneisenau currently at rank 8 (almost 7 hopefully) with a 52% win ratio 46k damage per battle average, 1.13 ships sunk per battle average. I honestly think the competence of your team makes a bigger difference than the ship you use. I've seen people do just fine with Lyon, Nueve de Julio, etc. I'd still like to get Scharnhorst, but I'll probably use the 2500 doubloons from ranking out towards that rather than buying a ship to rank out with. I don't really find Sinop to be a problem that everyone on the forum makes it out to be. I just use HE on it when I don't have the citadel angle and I know exactly where to aim for the citadel on it after facing it so much that it's probably my most sunk ship in ranked (maybe I've sunk more Fiji, not sure). I just wish it had hydro so that all the dead players on my team that tell me to push the destroyer or Fiji sitting in smoke wouldn't give me a suicide demand.
  10. As the title says. I doubt I'll ever have enough coal to complete the collection before it's pulled from the armory (if it's pulled).
  11. I'm suspended from chat myself because people are too uptight. It's actually costing me matches because I can't communicate that I'm being shadowed or where the enemy is other than basic radio commands. I don't think the kids that play this game could handle playing any online game in the early 2000's.
  12. Roma or Gneisenau. Roughly 50k average damage per game.
  13. jondoom

    T6 french Dunkerque or T7 Scharnhorst

    I have Gneisenau and Dunkerque. I use Dunkerque primarily for operations but I’ve found much success with it in random as well. I will pick up Scharnhorst after I rank out. Gneisenau (tech tree equivalent) is free if you grind it and is very powerful. Scharnhorst is more agile because it’s smaller than Gneisenau and it has 3 more main battery rifles with a 20 second reload time. I’d play Gneisenau before buying Scharnhorst rather than spending 40$ and not enjoying it. There’s no tech tree ship like Dunkerque. Richelieu is higher tiered and plays differently
  14. jondoom

    What is ur fav ship?

    I typically sell my tech tree ships after I get the next tier, so my "port" doesn't have as many as most. I'd say the Roma. I find it devastating, accurate, and very easy to survive in. I also like playing Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Giulio Cesare, Colorado and Bismarck. I HATE North Carolina and Massachusetts. Something needs to be done about American dispersion on the 16" 45's. The shells take a million years to reach their target and then they scatter like ants.
  15. jondoom

    Doomed to 5 token containers

    I've opened over 20 containers and still haven't got enough tokens to get the tier V