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  1. Selling the Monagham

    I'm gonna go ahead and jump on the bandwagon too. NEVER sell a premium. You WILL get it back in crate of SC just because RNGesus hates you.
  2. Myoko survivability

    Man I bet you're fun a parties ;)
  3. Sometimes I want to sell it, then I love it again.... I thought about why that is, and adjusted my play style accordingly. You "NEED INTELLIGENCE DATA" lol... no planes, no radar, blind as a bat. Get caught in storm and it can get ugly vs BBs; some cruisers do better in close. You NEED to have effective spotting or you are the one who's spotted and that's just no fun... I switched to IFHE to make better use of my DeGrasse, and plan to level another captain for the T8. Sold the T9, great ship, just doesn't really have a place in my port. edit: anyone suggesting to go without concealment...well ehh that's just stressful. You thrive on being able to position yourself, kite, repeat. You're already at a concealment disadvantage as it is, don't make it worse for yourself, with speed boost going you're already trollishly agile
  4. USS Oklahoma (BB-37) for premium T5

    LOL...we play the same game right? They're everywhere.
  5. HMS Hood and Refit plans

    Uhhuh...and I said treat it as a perma-camo that can be bought by people like me who acknowledge the Hood is lacking and fan boys like yourself can keep it as historical as you'd like. As far as Hood's stats go, if it's above average it's because only the dedicated few who love her play her. Think about it.... My stats in Hood are above average too, doesn't mean I don't think it needs help. It's a niche ship. Nelson has zombie heal and has 9 ACCURATE 16 inch guns with nasty HE and lovely firing angles. Equal skill players the Nelson should come out on top every time short of some stupid mistake the kiting Hood with crummy DPM and drunk gunners can exploit
  6. USS Oklahoma (BB-37) for premium T5

    Yeah yeah there's always the exception...by and large they're food. Slow easy food.
  7. USS Oklahoma (BB-37) for premium T5

    Absolutely. The more US standards there are in the game the happier my cruisers and DDs will be :D ;)
  8. HMS Hood and Refit plans

    There won't be battlecruiser tree anytime soon. Even if the refit is used on Hood there's no reason it can't be on a tech tree ship...and no Hood is not fine as is. It's gunners are drunk and it's stupid little AA gimmick is useless in the grand scheme of things (AFT to boost my stupid gimmick and give up fire prevention? Uhh nooo....) It's huge so all the spammers can feast on you no matter what you do and said AA gimmick gets knocked out with the first RN BB that looks at you the wrong way. You got one big salvo on a Nelson, congrats, I mean that from the bottom of my dark sarcastic heart. That was the exception, not the rule. Toe to toe, with equal captains and the Nelson will absolutely wreck the Hood no matter what it does. I have both, I'd never take Hood over Nelson. It's been surpassed and power crept by it's own family member. A refit should be added just to save face as the Hood just feels like a rushed gimmick ship in comparison.
  9. HMS Hood and Refit plans

    I don't hate this ship, but I don't love it either. You're more or less just a large tank that due to it's speed gets to decide where it takes damage but lack the consistent guns to make it worth while. I can do well but always felt it deserved a little bit "more"...and not some silly gimmick. Oh and I have Nelson now and that thing just shi*s on Hoods soooo... I would like to see this thing get a refit that makes it more usable, and versatile like Scharnhorst. They can start with increasing gun accuracy. I suggest the hull upgrade be treated like an additional perma-camo. 1-2k in doubloons (throw in a "good faith" mission to earn it since we already dropped money on it) for a more "modern" version (balanced in some way...perhaps less health lose defensive fire gimmick in exchange for better armor/AA/accuracy) and those that just want it the way it is will also be happy.
  10. Tier VII: Nueve di Julio

    I can't wait to open my wallet....and maybe win it in a Santa crate. Buying premiums that I can't use other commanders I have already just seems.... special O_o The trick is to win them with 10 point captains then use some elite captain xp to boost them if you wish, or just play them with the 10 pointers (looking at you Pan Asian premiums...I won all of them last round of crates)
  11. Worst tier ten game ever?

    That's a fair assessment. At T9+ mistakes are punished way harder and the loss of one or two from the start are exponentially harder to recover from. DDs especially. If you get 3 bad vs 3 good DD players your team is toast and there's literally nothing you can do about it. You will be perma spotted and ripped apart from 18km+. It's a lot harder for people to make money at these tiers so they get extra salty which also doesn't help. I have matches where I'm #1 on the winning team and STILL lose money because the reds die so fast, and I run premium!! It's just stoooopid...even a little bit of skill balancing would go a long way towards better battles. And for the trolls: I'm not looking for an easy button, I don't need to "git gud," good well balanced games are more fun and better for the game as a whole. It's something everyone should want. It's nice to give the reds a solid stomping every once in a while, but not when it feels like kicking 3 legged puppies.
  12. Worst tier ten game ever?

    I feel like they're becoming more common. More and more failing their way to the top. I haven't been one to complain too much about match making, but as I've stated on other threads; steamroll games are bad for the game, bad for both teams...just bad period. A more even distribution of skill could help. Some days I might be able to ignore an outcome like this, other days I just can't. One match like this and I'm just done. Totally kills the will to play sometimes and that isn't a good indicator of healthy match making. I've played long enough to know when there is just no hope, every bote for themselves, farm as much as you can, it's over. Not good.
  13. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    O_o <--me when people insist on trying to predict things. I guess I just like the surprise... Nothing like hopping on youtube and seeing a new vid about brand new content for my favorite game of all time \m/
  14. Rise of the Lemming....

    "Abandoning the flank" is often code-word for "sh*t I insisted on pushing into the strong red side and got punished." It's one thing to defend the back door, resetting the cap (lets say a four cap map) and falling back to cover the main push. I often prefer this to following the train if that's the side I spawn on, but it's crucial one does not over extend while delaying/spotting/farming as much as possible. I've had some of my highest damage games doing this because of the target rich environment, just don't get to the point you can't go dark. Usually the trick is to keep moving, I see this mistake all the time: "I'm defending" -ship stops- BLAP "you cowards all abandoned me-reported blah blah blahhhh...."
  15. Rise of the Lemming....

    Highlighting the common denominator is rather pointless if the other factors in the equation are garbage. With the many things you've listed stacked together they're not so much excuses for a loss as they are reasons. Never been the last one standing while everyone dies around you? You are certainly the common denominator, I'm not disagreeing there, but it's not your fault for losing