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  1. New to Missouri?

    I enjoy Priority Target on BBs that don't have a plane or hydro. Not necessary, but nice.
  2. New to Missouri?

    I only have one 19 point USN captain, so i want to grind as many daily wins with him as I can. It's primarily for the Missouri, but if it's comfortable in other premiums as well then I feel I'm doing ok. Seagal has been respec'd more times than I like to admit, and this is where I've arrived. Learning to use the stealth compensates for a complete tank build imo. Also I've noticed (having run both AFT and BFT separately) BFT gives more of that "AA Wall" effect that CV players hit and pull back from and the concentration of fire prevents a lot of drops from happening. Any damage reduction is good damage reduction.
  3. New to Missouri?

    There's a noticeable increase in Missouri's lately, myself included. Iowa was NOT my strongest ship by any means and I couldn't sell her fast enough to get Montana...but I didn't HATE it, and the long term plan was to get the Mighty Mo anyway. Point being, a lot of people like myself probably never bothered to "git gud" at Iowa play so learning Missouri has proven a bit awkward at times and it wasn't easy. Anyway, I just wanted to share a captain build that finally clicked with me, and to point out it's the speed of Missouri that got me into lots of trouble in my first several matches. You're not a DD, there's no rush. Push in to support with an escape plan in mind. Also, Missouri gets a lot more focus than other BBs, which can be a shock at first. We have tons of FreeXP going around from the crates/camos/flags/XP conversion etc. so naturally there's going to be more Missouri drivers. It's one of the most powerful ships in the game so instead of blasting new players in chat and on the forum, give them some hints on here or in chat. *MOST* people I find are open to advice as long as it's constructive. We dropped 750K freeXP on the thing so we WANT to get the most out of it. It's unlike ALL my other BB captain builds and playstyles, so it's understandable why people Potato for quite a while. People are harsh in their judgement of Missouri drivers, I hope this helps someone. Happy hunting :) Also, on a side note, I'm *ALWAYS* losing turrets in this ship. Almost every match so far, so that's why I dropped auxiliary protection. This captain was built with ALL my USN premium ships in mind (except SIMS), and I will be training another captain then just for my Montana as I want to put Mr. Seagal on my DM when I unlock it.
  4. Bull$&#¥ pink status

    Generally speaking map pingers pi** me off. You got trolled dude. If someone has a reason fine, but I've seen there's a direct connection between how salty a player is and the amount of pinging they do. Like pinging my Yamato 14km outside of a cap saying I'm "camping in spawn" even though I'm perfectly positioned and they had 5.7 concealment and I can be seen from the moon i.e. usually the person pinging has no business telling anybody anything. You might think the choke points are important, but maybe they aren't as important as you thought? Maybe someone else's playstyle is different than yours. There's lots of factors and s*** like this has taught me to use the F keys very very sparingly because I know what it feels like.
  5. Musashi camouflage

    Amen. I'd take it a big step further and get rid of all that horrible baby puke green hideous nonsense spattered all over my otherwise great looking IJN ships....even the yamamoto camos don't look nearly as good as other lines
  6. Well...I've sold every T9 so far and haven't missed them lol
  7. I hope seal clubbing divisions get some attention. I div up with newer clan-mates from time to time to help them learn/grind/daily wins etc. point being it's not consistent, deliberate clubbing and even then I feel scummy sometimes. I remember my first matches and the only reason I stuck around is because my absurd love of naval history....totally understand why some players don't stick around. Furthermore, I don't mind being farmed as much if I understand WHY... Perhaps help reminders could be triggered by a dev strike for newer plays with captain bad advice like "heyyy show MORE broadside next time" or "I MUST sail in straight lines, torps taste fantastic!"
  8. Which tier 4 ship you like best? Cruiser.

    Bought back the Kuma just to have a T4 cruiser. Tells you all you need to know imho :D
  9. Admiral Makarov HE Pen

    I am actually looking forward to this. I love the Nurnberg. If I had to guess I'd say they're probably going to keep the guns the same, do away with German hydro and give it better AA/defensive fire
  10. I consider low tiers to be 6 and under...that being said: T6) Arizona (Bayern/Warspite/Fuso tied for second...tons of good BBs at this tier) T5) Kongo. Texas for runner up if only because 14" guns and the occasional 4-potato-CV games Texas owners dream of (don't have the GC). T4) Ishizucchini. Orion can be tough to fight (haven't committed to grinding RN BBs yet...) but I can dance better than they do. T3) Nassau (bought it back just for the special Halloween skins :D ). I have the Konig Albert too and as fun as it can be it's noticeably less so these days. Gets focus fired like crazy.
  11. Game Crashes Getting Worse

    Same here. I've had more crashes this patch than I ever have. Almost always after I get in a division.
  12. Which is ridiculous. A lot of us with kids and stuff will have our gifts budgeted for and purchased by then. I may not buy anything because it's taking too long for WG to communicate things.
  13. Should've posted here first....I've restarted the game, and it will not allow me to invite anyone to the clan which isn't full. Not sure what else to do??? My first topic, please delete:
  14. I'm using it to build a captain for my Akizuki. If you want to use it to level a different captain you can always switch guns if you can't stand the 100's without IFHE