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  1. I've noticed in increase in lag and random, massive FPS drops, really wierd. I don't have a top of the line system but the GTX1050ti card has proven more than adequate until now. It's frustrating to say the least. Especially when my directional keys refuse to work, that's a first.
  2. By the time I had the CO I had Concealment Expert, so that helped... Keep up with your fleet as long as possible, and stay central so you stay near targets. Hard cover is your friend, play her sneaky. Get your concealment in range so you can drop off between shots. The second you see a faster BB you angle and kite away. Your guns are amazing if used well and I killed many a Gneisenau that tried to rush me. If you can't kite, then be a thorn in their side, literally. The CO turns pretty well being the stubby thing it is and surprised me with quite a few successful brawls simply because I could out turn my opponent.
  3. That's actually a pretty interesting idea...*scratches head* Unplayable...after my games tonight I'm inclined to agree. But after weekend/events weekday play isn't AS bad, just unpleasant, occasionally fun lol. I have the most fun at T6&7 with my Arizona and Scharnhorst.
  4. It's so much easier said than done though. One DD, one airplane can keep you spotted for the whole team to shoot at. How does one play around that when the second you show yourself you die? And that's what happens if you're playing anything other than a DD. If I play a DD I tend to do better independently but in a BB forget it. Unless there's hard cover, you're screwed on the high tier maps in particular, or if your CV is useless. I've really been struggling with this with my two T10 BBs. Everyone wants to shoot you and they do. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of good games, and am getting very good at WASD and angling, tank builds etc. both have 19 point captains, but more often than not DDs suicide and if you support them you die then and can't get away. A lot of DD captains get mad because you "let them die" even though your visibility is 2-3X theirs and are MUCH easier to hit. So tired of the "get good" crowd too because it's not easy. I've gotten used to being shot at, I try to use all my heals if possible for my team, but your average player is just going to be like F*** THIS S*** I'M OUT...and tadahhh camping.
  5. Paypal credit all the way. Saw the first international banking fees and oh he** no...
  6. Smart. There's tons of info out there, especially youtube that helped me a lot. I'd wait to buy your first premium until you can consistently place in the top 5 on your team or do 1.5X your HP in damage. That's when I decided I was good enough to not embarrass myself and get chewed out by my team. All the vets can spot a noob in a premium across the map it seems lol. Sailing blissfully along side on to .... bloop
  7. Do you want feedback on any ship in particular?
  8. This. I'll be passing on this as well. There's too much diversity among them to categorically label them one way or the other.
  9. Best: Permanent camo for my Kurfurst. Honorable mention goes to Scharnhorst and Arizona, but at the end of the day it's the closest thing you can get to a T10 premium. It just s**** on everything :D Worst: The recent Paypal bundle I later got a refund for. Marketed with vague descriptions which Wargaming "fixed" by making absurd restrictions. I'd say doubloons for this anniversary event but they never go bad...unlike my opinion of Wargaming NA. Apparently the other servers get better treatment, and the Russian server is swimming in perks and bonuses.
  10. Good. There needs to be an official response for this. This has to be a mistake if ALL the other servers get it and the only reward I was able to get was the anniversary camo... *reaches for pitchfork* the villagers are angry....
  11. Ditto
  12. Didn't get a super container for my GK game. Typical. Hyped something and left us with disappointment.
  13. At lease I'm crying on appropriate threads and not spamming new ones :P Shouldn't have to delve into the website to know this. Can't know every detail. This is not clearly communicated and I'm salty about it. So what? If you were mistaken you would be too. I'm not the only one having this issue. If the discount isn't on ALL Elite XP then they need to specify it's only on commander XP...
  14. What exactly have I done wrong? EliteXP-FreeXP has ALWAYS meant SHIP XP, this is the first time I'm aware of it was only pertaining to Elite COMMANDER XP. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me and everyone else we're wrong? I'm not the only one. I would not have bought the doubloons otherwise. It's sloppy, it's poor attention to detail, and it's blatantly misleading. Stop playing devil's advocate and look at this objectively, to most people this is obviously misleading and borderline shady.
  15. This It has not ALWAYS been exclusive. Elite commander XP is a relatively new thing. Yes, for nothing. I had enough doubloons, I bought more under false pretenses because Wargaming can't take the time to get the details right.