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  1. Lo Yang or Harekaze?

    I'd just like to add the +100% FreeXP bonus the Harekaze camo gets in addition to the usual perks. Stacked with all the flags/daily win bonus that little ship helped me farm enough FreeXP to get the Nelson stupidly fast. Also contributed greatly to getting the Mighty Mo. Stock modules getting you down? Play Harekaze for a day and never sail a stock ship again, yes it adds up that quickly...
  2. Gold of France perma camo

  3. Izumo Chronicles: Day ???

    I happily skipped it. It could play incredibly well...and I wouldn't care.....at all. Izumo is just too ugly. I don't base my decisions purely on aesthetics, but this was an exception lol.
  4. If they were to remove it I'd be pissed...but I can't say I'd be disappointed with a massive freeXP refund either lol
  5. I'm not particularly fond of the ship restrictions. Kinda silly being able to play ANY T7 I want to only being able to play 4 ships and only one with a good captain...I'll get Lyon soon, but can't be arsed playing a Axis vs Allies fantasy with the same ship any longer than it takes to get 5 stars. It's not that I think it's horrible either, it just makes me wonder why even bother going through the effort developing it if you're going to make it so restrictive...whatever, not my money lol.
  6. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    No matter how many times I change my patch it reverts to this.
  7. Would be better to skip Queen Elizabeth?

    Just skip the line entirely and wait for French BBs?? That's what I'm doing. I just can't be bothered grinding the line when PA DDs are so fun, French BBs are on the way and I have other lines to finish. Almost every time I'm up against a non-premium RN BB I almost feel bad for what I do to them. It's just sad. The T10 is the most braindead thing I've been up against in this game and I can't help but think damn that looks so boring.... On I side note I do want the KGV to compliment my DoY/Nelson/Hood/Warspite, but the rest...meh. I'll grind them when there's literally nothing else to do...and probably skip QE LOL **get a Harekaze and stack FreeXP for skipping ships and fast upgrades :D
  8. I've noticed myself getting more top 3 spots over the weekends but not always winning more, sometimes less. Proof you can STILL do well (better actually) while everyone dies off needlessly. This is the point I ask myself "what's the meta like this weekend, and what ship/playstyle changes do I need to make to AFFECT the game more?" Some changes help... and playing in a div definitely helps lol
  9. With the exception of New York, I really really enjoyed the USN BB grind for the most part and would love to see the rest of the major classes in game. I know I know, everyone saying they should finish other tech tree ARE right....but hey nobody ever said what we want and what WG should do have to be the same thing :D
  10. The new special French camos are odd

    My Igor is fond of it...
  11. I'm struggling to find something I like. I don't know why I can't just use my avatar. Customizations should be increased and centralized. I like the idea of having a flag that changes with your avatar.
  12. Wow I learned about the Nevada class for the first time. I love this forum. I want it. Yes for the other two as well, more the merrier.
  13. Here have some ugly

    I felt these were worth bumping this thread up for..... How can one side be OK an the other look horrible!?
  14. Is Texas THAT Bad? (Or Me?)

    Power creep. The End. Mine just sits in port. Texas/NY are food for my GC now