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  1. Yeah I got a few go-to ships but I can't be bothered anymore either. Tired of the rug getting pulled out from under me. I just don't enjoy the game right now in it's big beta-test form. When the meta starts to settle then I'll adjust my strategies, builds and play styles but until then they can stuff it, I'll be playing CIV VI. Got a loyalty offer I couldn't refuse This company reminds me of an ex-gf I had, I'd tell her to F-off until she gets her **** together, then we can talk.
  2. You play another game until they get all the nonsense sorted out. It's all a work-in-progress right now, don't waste your time, everything's subject to change. I'll still pop in a play and few rounds here and there but I know better than to commit to any concrete strategy at the moment. I have a DD/CL/BB that I intend to play when I get the itch, the others will sit until the dust settles.
  3. Of course. But we have reached a point where their balancing issues are all coming out of the woodwork. Re-tiering premiums, radar fixes, CV's taking an entire rework, AA and everything related is currently a work in progress; they've got their hands full. Pretty sure the community's collective head would explode if they dropped another line before clearing up their current balancing issues.... *looking at you Russian BBs* I love variety as much as the next guy but not at the expense of quality. I, along with quite a few others have pointed out heavily incentivizing players to use the public test server would definitely expedite new content being released properly balanced.
  4. HeathenForay

    Out with the old, in with the new...

    Eh... I'll keep spending money as long as I feel they're worth spending money on. Ball's in their court, regardless of how old my account is. I'd rather keep a happy base of players that are big spenders than piss them off to attract "flavor of the week" players that will play a few hundred free games, hit their skill ceiling and quit, but hey that's just me.
  5. New ships!? Uh no. They need to fix the ones they have and if anything get some NEW MAPS first.
  6. HeathenForay

    Wichita is finally on sale

    Easiest "pass" I'll ever take. My wife rejoiced when I said "wallet closed," and meant it.
  7. HeathenForay

    possible solution for GC situation

    To everyone who says "suck it up" or "deal with it," which ship is next? There's a lot of ships doing better stat-wise than GC. Also very few of us claim to want the GC for the sole purpose of seal clubbing. With the mix of players we have now seal clubbing can occur with any ship at any tier.
  8. HeathenForay

    possible solution for GC situation

    No. Also, I don't need a GC to "beat up" on new players. I can take a stock ship with a 3pt captain and still win. Furthermore, I'll play any tier I want so get off your high horse.
  9. HeathenForay

    8.0.2 Hotfix Impressions - We’re almost there fam

    +1 He's always there, singing their praises. AA is broken. MM is broken, there should only be one per team and the bottom tier CVs are basically scouts or there to harass anyone actually trying to play a DD like they're supposed to. DD play is broken. Oh sure Notser and Flamu posted vids doing well in Grozovoi...duh. Post videos in a 2 CV match playing a shima, survive, do well, and I might be impressed. When I can play Yugumo again without getting [edited] by two CVs I'll consider things "almost there." "Stay with your fleet, group up blah blah blah" yeah ok. Then get pinged and reported for not scouting or trying to cap. I CAN stay in multiple AA bubbles and still get wrecked. The only DD I've played lately is Grozovoi. I'll probably try out the Kidd at some point, but frankly I don't play as much as I used to and I just don't care. I don't see things changing all that much. Of course, we all have unique experiences so all the WEEGEE wankers kindly be apologists to someone who cares. I'm so happy that YOU are somehow having fun, good for you.
  10. HeathenForay

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    T10 burn out is real. There needs to be alternate game modes for T10 only that's NOT competitive, that's just for fun, that earns credits and XP at similar levels to Randoms....it's almost as if something like this exists, oh yeah OPERATIONS. Get some fun T10 OPs WEEGEE and suck some of the T10s out of the queue.
  11. HeathenForay

    GC in tier 6 Wrong!

    *Arizona salivates*
  12. HeathenForay

    Scharnhorst or Kii

    Nobody is asking about the Mutsu.
  13. HeathenForay

    Scharnhorst or Kii

    I happened to win the Kii, so yay, BUT if I had to spend REAL money: Scharnhorst all the way. I'd never spend real money on Kii.
  14. HeathenForay

    When wg want you lose, you lose.

    When your base xp is 3x the 2nd place person on your team then you can complain. Didn't even break 1000. Some games everyone just dies, but you were a contributing factor to that team failing. Second on a list of crap is still crap.
  15. Yamato: "nice citadel" Staliniumship: *blushes* "you too"