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  1. A campaign based around The Battle of Jutland would just tickle all my history-happy places :D
  2. Yeah I'll miss this one.
  3. I heard they were buying back the Kutuzov I sold it in a heartbeat....that's two more T10 camos I can buy now :D T10s can make bank with those, love it. It's all that ship ever fought anyway so I was fine selling it.
  4. I spent an absurd amount of time at T5 in the Konig because I potato'd so hard...once I was only potato'ing occasionally I moved on to T6...then got a taste of T8 MM, annnn potato'd MORE. If you're like me and like variety and couldn't commit to one line/nation, grind multiple lines to T5&6. After T7 the grinds get a lot longer so knowing if you like the "flavor" helps push forward. I'd finish grinding the Konigsberg ASAP, I had a ton of fun in that thing.
  5. My two cents as someone who has literally just begun to learn CV....I'm ONLY learning to be a BETTER team player because I'm tired of being sniped/spotted while my "teammate" running a strike setup farms damage only to LOSE...I can't wait until I'm a decent player and can strafe the **** out of every squad I see. XP be damned I can afford to supplement a slow grind with FreeXP and credits earned with other ships, not a big deal.
  6. This is good advice. I try to get my 3 crates every time I play. If really start to suck, I just quit. If I'm on a roll I keep playing. Some days I'm just horrible, knowing when to quit is great.
  7. Quantity > Quality :D Needless to say I'm not picky and had lots of fun in my youth...ugly ships need love too, just don't tell the wife lol
  8. I think the only time I thought it looked "good" was on the Iowa
  9. Tier 7 MM can be pretty sweet. The only real thing I see going for this ship: load in, see a bunch of Vs and VIs below you....yeah that'd be nice. But at then end of the day I'll probably pass on this one. I love Amagi so much (keeper) that it just seems silly to pay money for a downgrade
  10. rofl...and yeah I tried it
  11. Never gets old. Love that about this game/forum. Always new ships to learn about
  12. I've finally started to not suck at that ship. Now I'm faced with the opportunity to get my money back. Damn this is a tough one. Hoped this thread would make my mind up...instead I've been distracted by Trek memes and may retire to Netflix and binge some Voyager
  13. Here made some more ugly lol
  14. Yup. Nice bonus, ugly as sin lol