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  1. FitsHeSits

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    What a pile of crap. I just can't with this game anymore... This is particularly stupid considering the community (you know, that thing that pays your bills) has basically designed a US BB line split FOR YOU many times over.
  2. FitsHeSits

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Never said it would be easy, just that there may be more opportunity for lower level clans to earn some more steel.
  3. FitsHeSits

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Yes and no. Personal ability supersedes clan affiliation. A lot of good players stay in *gasp* non-purple clans because they like their buddies, they just don't care about CB's, or about what other players think. If anything the potential absence of a lot of Typhoon/Hurricane clans would create more steel earning potential for the lower level clans who are often effectively locked out by the time they hit Storm.
  4. FitsHeSits

    Kremlin OP?

    It's OP. Anyone claiming otherwise is working for the KGB.
  5. FitsHeSits

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    Certain players love to re-roll, flaunt their stats, and anyone who disagrees with them gets their inboxes inundated with messages on how autistic they are..... Plenty of personality disorders about. Use your stats as a measure of self-improvement. That is what makes the game fun for a lot of people. I like ending a gaming session with like-minded players and seeing improvement, but also where I need improvement. However, when someone who is awful at the game gets on their soapbox and starts screaming at everyone they're also trying to exert authority over others, and I see this wayyy more often than good players trying to lord their stats over others. Generally speaking, the dumber you are the less aware of your limitations you are. Dumb people don't like being told what they're doing wrong, "dOn'T tElL mE wHaT tO dO mehhhhhhhh." <---This guy is way worse than the good player trying to salvage a win by the freak chance the person actually listens.
  6. FitsHeSits

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    They'll both disappoint you these days.... ...but if I had to choose I'd take Graf.
  7. FitsHeSits

    Conquerable Territory

    Read the post before you go smashing your keyboard. I never once mentioned WoT. There could be a PvP mode for clans that want it. Random missions for convoy or base defenses popping up in port, players could div up to fight it. There's all sorts of possibilities.
  8. FitsHeSits

    Conquerable Territory

    Not what I'm talking about. 4 posts in and already an alarmist doomsday poster. Typical of this place.
  9. FitsHeSits

    Conquerable Territory

    It really opens up a ton of possibilities. I'd particularly enjoy a PvP mode. Territory wouldn't give so much as to create dependency, so losing territory wouldn't be "clan-breaking" so-to-speak. If your buddies in another clan take some of your tiles during the day then you could get some guys together that night and take it back. Get in-port notifications that a tile needs defended and have a chance to do so. Having actual diplomacy would be very interesting. Smaller clans wishing to participate in such a mode might benefit from reaching out and consolidating with one another. There's an absurdly high clan to player ratio right now.
  10. Clans need something else to do. I propose conquerable territory similar to what was available in Starfleet Command III. You start on a map with a set amount of territory, and you expand one tile at at time by completing various random missions associated in to that tile. Could be convoy escort, base assault etc. Territory might have to be defended against random raids by pirates. There could be a PvP mode for this as well for those who want to raid against other clans. The harder the challenge the greater the rewards. Tiles could award clans with a slow and steady income of resources for the treasury that could be used collectively. The "expand and control" factor is something missing from this game that many RTS/turn-based strategy players like myself enjoy a lot. It would be a nice addition for those of us who maintain active clans, and would like something interesting to do other than the same old OPs or for when we just don't feel like playing randoms.
  11. FitsHeSits

    Tired of battleships

    You're kidding right?
  12. This is the worst part. Facing that as a new player would have made me quit on the spot. I never recommend the game to anyone as I have a multitude of low tier or low AA ships ships that I used to enjoy but can't play now because I just get gangbanged by double or triple CVs.
  13. Not thrilled with the status quo myself. Playing quite a bit less. Well said.
  14. ...I've supported the game for 3 years. Got some camos (which are gorgeous) and a 30% off coupon....which expired abruptly. Wow. What a bunch of tight wads. Ho hum read the fine print yadayada apologists go elsewhere. It's the principle that irritates me. Been super busy and burnt out and haven't really had a chance to "shop." Perhaps my financial support for the game will "expire" for good. Really poor customer service.