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  1. FitsHeSits

    One Thing Too Many

    I hear you loud and clear bro. It's frustrating to say the least. Sure some player turnover is to be expected but to push veteran players aside willingly is extremely shortsighted. I have met countless players who have spent massive amounts of money on this game and would continue to do so (myself included) if WG treated their customers with a modicum of respect; this is crazy, but you can have new people join AND keep old players happy, it's called selling a good product and treating people well. What a novel concept.
  2. FitsHeSits

    Issue with Missouri Camo

    Right...so does mine. It's the other one on the left that doesn't have the selector. I run a few through mod station, none that interfered in the past. I recently did a fresh reinstallation of the game as well. Pretty strange. It wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't my favorite camo choice out of the 4 lol
  3. The alternate color option for the camo selected is gone. Any idea why?
  4. FitsHeSits

    Please keep Grand Battles....

    Not the same thing. Grand Battle allows us to play our normal ships.
  5. ...or something like it. I enjoy having a high tier game mode to derp around in. It's a lot more relaxing and great for trying out different things that otherwise you might not do in random battles for a variety of reasons. Fatsuma and Turnover are nice juicy targets
  6. FitsHeSits

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    Good. A CV player's complimented by not being reported.
  7. FitsHeSits

    I'm Done

    Bored at work so I decided to check in. Same 10 people spamming away on here, picking people apart for every little thing. Some have post counts exceeding their battle counts. This is what's truly sad, and none of them realize most players never come here, play in clans etc, but they act as though they're the voice for the entire playerbase. It's very off-putting, much like playing against CVs.
  8. FitsHeSits

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    What a pile of crap. I just can't with this game anymore... This is particularly stupid considering the community (you know, that thing that pays your bills) has basically designed a US BB line split FOR YOU many times over.
  9. FitsHeSits

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Never said it would be easy, just that there may be more opportunity for lower level clans to earn some more steel.
  10. FitsHeSits

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Yes and no. Personal ability supersedes clan affiliation. A lot of good players stay in *gasp* non-purple clans because they like their buddies, they just don't care about CB's, or about what other players think. If anything the potential absence of a lot of Typhoon/Hurricane clans would create more steel earning potential for the lower level clans who are often effectively locked out by the time they hit Storm.
  11. FitsHeSits

    Kremlin OP?

    It's OP. Anyone claiming otherwise is working for the KGB.
  12. FitsHeSits

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    Certain players love to re-roll, flaunt their stats, and anyone who disagrees with them gets their inboxes inundated with messages on how autistic they are..... Plenty of personality disorders about. Use your stats as a measure of self-improvement. That is what makes the game fun for a lot of people. I like ending a gaming session with like-minded players and seeing improvement, but also where I need improvement. However, when someone who is awful at the game gets on their soapbox and starts screaming at everyone they're also trying to exert authority over others, and I see this wayyy more often than good players trying to lord their stats over others. Generally speaking, the dumber you are the less aware of your limitations you are. Dumb people don't like being told what they're doing wrong, "dOn'T tElL mE wHaT tO dO mehhhhhhhh." <---This guy is way worse than the good player trying to salvage a win by the freak chance the person actually listens.
  13. FitsHeSits

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    They'll both disappoint you these days.... ...but if I had to choose I'd take Graf.
  14. FitsHeSits

    Tired of battleships

    You're kidding right?