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  1. FitsHeSits

    ST: Clan Brawl!

    Ya know @Kami...a timed battle royale with respawns would be extremely well received by just about everyone I play with. The rewards don't have to be epic, the rules can be minimal. Just get two teams together and have at it. It would be hilarious good fun that would be good practice at the same time. It would be MUCH better than the client crashing because the training rooms glitch out all the time. Freakin task manager can't even kill this game!
  2. FitsHeSits

    Sudden loss of clan members?

    Keep your Deputy Commanders to a select few of your most rational and reliable clanmates. As other's said, I suspect somebody purged them. Time for some house cleaning.
  3. FitsHeSits

    Too many planes on CV's

    That gave me my first laugh today. Thank you. You would be dead before you left spawn.
  4. FitsHeSits

    $100 what ships we buying

    Save it. Just save it. Buyer's remorse is a serious thing. Play a thousand games and see what you like. There are things I spent money on in this game that I kick myself for; if I were better informed and more experienced I would've done quite a few things differently early on. Just sit on it for now, trust me. As others have said, waiting until Christmas and good sales will get you more bang for your buck.
  5. Inboxed. _______________________________________________________ Still room for 5 more at the moment folks. Should we cap out again or you're already in a clan, you're still welcome to join our Discord. Quality div-mates are the key to success, particularly now. PM if interested.
  6. Kamikaze
  7. FitsHeSits

    What happened to operation cherry blossom

    Cherry Blossom was one of my favorites. Nothing like enjoying T8 cruisers without being in T10 matches all time! @Radar_X Hopefully there's some T10 ops in the future to suck some of the T10s out of the queue?
  8. Something needs to be done. I got super unicum stats for the weekend in pretty much everything BUT win rate. Freakin spuds ruin the game. They want to come on here and complain about MM and unicums and spreading out the good players wahhhh wahhhh WAHHHHH, but yet they suck too bad to ever know what it feels like to lose a match even though their baseXP was 3 times higher than that of the 2nd highest score. No. The 40%'ers are the problem. Refusing to learn. Going on pleasure cruises and being armchair admirals. Down voting the best players on their team because some imaginary slight or simply because they're too stupid to know they're wrong. Spread the garbage out more evenly, good players have to suffer enough.
  9. FitsHeSits

    The ONLY CV I don't hate...

  10. CVs ARE the new DDs. A DD in a division with a CV is absolutely brutal when you work together. Spot. Isolate. Eliminate. Repeat. Unless there's a drastic shift in the meta DDs simply can't do the frontline tricks they used to. You need to cooperate with your CV player. If RNGesus blessed you with a bad player, good luck he'll be farming BBs thinking he's making great contributions and screaming at the team while one objective after another switches to red, and the enemy CV murders you with impunity. It's no different than the shimas that used to run around the edge farming BB damage and complaining in chat about his "200K loss"
  11. FitsHeSits

    Why can't I auction my NA and EU accounts?

    Probably was a really fun kid to play with "MOM, DAD, Brad asked a question about breaking a rule!!!!!"
  12. FitsHeSits

    Tier III protected cruisers in CV battles

    I was pretty clear, T3 ships with no AA should not see CVs, let alone 2 sometimes 3. It's ridiculous. I've been in those matches, it's terrible, the rage in chat from other players is not a good thing. At higher tiers you at least have AA, so it's not really valid to say CVs farming ships that can't shoot back is the same.
  13. FitsHeSits

    Tier III protected cruisers in CV battles

    Ships with no AA often piloted by new players, should not see any CVs, let alone two or THREE. It's toxic, no fun and bad for the game. Anyone saying "WASD" and "git gud" in this situation, I pray to RNGesus you get nuked by CVs in your next 100 battles.