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  1. FitsHeSits

    [-BAB-] Bastards and Broadsides is Recruiting!

    Members of our group have enjoyed our interactions with this clan. They have motivated, organized, and level headed leadership cultivating a respectful, non-toxic atmosphere. Good group to get your foot in the door, they're off to a great start.
  2. ....the "ohhhh I get a free captain reset for CB's" applicants are coming. They can't wait to take up a spot up in your full clan and never play again! How dare you come between them, and their cheap last second decision making? You must be elitist. On a more serious note, people who suddenly decide to join a clan just for CB perks may have a shock in store for them, even if they have good stats: 1) We can tell. We'll smell your bulldookie a mile away. You not only didn't have the foresight to get into a clan early and make the effort to get to know (at a minimum) the people you'd be playing with, but we'll see your relative lack of activity between CB sessions, and lack of interest in all matters not concerning the resource you're trying to use our clans to farm. 2) MOST clan commanders want players who will be reliable, but also make the effort to join Discord, run divisions, and make the effort to improve their respective communities. If you're there for one thing only NOBODY is going to like you, and you most certainly will not be the first choice for CB teams....Then you will be the guy complaining his team never let him play. Chances are they did, you just didn't try and gel with the group or contribute anything other than your "holy presence." Yes I know there's exceptions, I've heard them all too, but generally the latter statement tends to be true. 3) More often than not people may be willing to give you a chance, but will regard you as a seasonal player until proven otherwise, and they will already be expecting to remove you. Higher level clans in particular have literally heard it all. People will really talk a good one to get into a clan with good stats, and a completely upgraded port, but yet they won't do anything to actively take part in the clan. They're only there for the resource they wish to farm. To most clans, that's a wasted space, and you'll probably be removed. We never know who we got until we have them, and they're getting to know our guys and trying hard to work as a team, but that player is rare. This is why you should not be surprised if you're not warmly greeted by the command staff, as you will be taking a spot in their clan that they could've given to the aforementioned player. You get what you give out of clan membership, and if you continually find yourself clan-less at the start of yet another CB season, perhaps you should look at yourself as a player and ask what you're truly bringing to the table.
  3. FitsHeSits

    Kremlin OP?

    It's OP. Anyone claiming otherwise is working for the KGB.
  4. FitsHeSits

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    Certain players love to re-roll, flaunt their stats, and anyone who disagrees with them gets their inboxes inundated with messages on how autistic they are..... Plenty of personality disorders about. Use your stats as a measure of self-improvement. That is what makes the game fun for a lot of people. I like ending a gaming session with like-minded players and seeing improvement, but also where I need improvement. However, when someone who is awful at the game gets on their soapbox and starts screaming at everyone they're also trying to exert authority over others, and I see this wayyy more often than good players trying to lord their stats over others. Generally speaking, the dumber you are the less aware of your limitations you are. Dumb people don't like being told what they're doing wrong, "dOn'T tElL mE wHaT tO dO mehhhhhhhh." <---This guy is way worse than the good player trying to salvage a win by the freak chance the person actually listens.
  5. FitsHeSits

    THE HORDE community is expanding.

    WTP is full but all the clans listed here have openings. Each have their own identities and goals. Come hang out, maybe we'll have a port for you. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they like. https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000070905,-THS-The-Horde-Social/ https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000045153,OGRES-OGRE-Gaming-Group/ https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000050478,WFSDL-Wolfsrudel/ https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000071184,BLEP-BLEP-Blasting-Little-Electronic-Pixels/
  6. FitsHeSits

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    They'll both disappoint you these days.... ...but if I had to choose I'd take Graf.
  7. Get a better attitude. I've been looking at the same stuff for a while now too. My clan uses Discord for 95% of it's communication so the poorly made purple point above is trash, much like the UI.
  8. FitsHeSits

    SIAS needs XOs

    ok boomer
  9. FitsHeSits

    How to grow a clan?

    You don't. At this point new clans are basically late to the party, and those who start them typically don't realize the state of the playerbase. I'd love to know how much money is made just from the doubloons sold to people along with the false hope of a thriving clan. Most fail because it takes actual effort to recruit. Decent players that want to use discord, play as part of a team and improve are rare, Clan Battle players are an even smaller minority. Nocona doesn't need to be such a salty t*** about it, but the point made is a good one. Too many clans, not enough players to fill them. You have to have friends in place ready to go, or you're in for a long process if you have any kind of standards and refuse to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Late to the party mate, good luck.
  10. FitsHeSits

    Tired of battleships

    You're kidding right?
  11. This is the worst part. Facing that as a new player would have made me quit on the spot. I never recommend the game to anyone as I have a multitude of low tier or low AA ships ships that I used to enjoy but can't play now because I just get gangbanged by double or triple CVs.
  12. Not thrilled with the status quo myself. Playing quite a bit less. Well said.
  13. ...I've supported the game for 3 years. Got some camos (which are gorgeous) and a 30% off coupon....which expired abruptly. Wow. What a bunch of tight wads. Ho hum read the fine print yadayada apologists go elsewhere. It's the principle that irritates me. Been super busy and burnt out and haven't really had a chance to "shop." Perhaps my financial support for the game will "expire" for good. Really poor customer service.
  14. FitsHeSits

    2 questions about the harakaze

    Just wanted to drop this off for you since you appear to be a newer player and not a lot of people realize this exists. Play around with points without accidentally resetting a captain....ask me how I know Most things are learned the hard way in this game... https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,9,18,20,23,25,33&ship=Destroyer