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  1. jebbook I think hit it pretty close to how I feel. This is suppose to be fun and it has been for up until the last two months. I have been working on the campaign The battle of the North Cape mission 1 task 5, I I'm 3 for 15 in the Duke of York Getting more than 20 each battle. I have not survived the 3 wins. This is the kind of frustration a lot of us are having. jebbook thanks for the reply
  2. First off let me say I really like WoWS. 2nd MM needs to be fixed. The past two months have been bad to me ever since I have had two players tell me in private chat that the gave me the rest of there Plays Poorly to me. I looked at the team score and Both of them did not survive and finished lower than me. My job I have for the past 19 and half years (In the restaurant business) dealing with costumers face to face and have learned a lot about costumer relations. We also have a phone center where they call up and complain and I know what the differences are in there job and mine. I have really learn to hold back my judgement back so I can make the right decisions. OK back to to the point I want to make. Dealing withe people face to face you get more honest feedback than you would talking to to them over the phone. So if they can't see you the will tell you all kinds of things just to get something for free and that's where 90% of are complaints come from. On my end it's only about 3% the other 7% are legit complaints for face to face and on the phone. This is one way I think the complaints can be fixed. Remove Plays Poorly as an option and leave everything else alone. Because I know more people complain then they would compliment someone. I know that from my job. And this might be away to fix MM but I don't know if the complaints and compliments figured in with MM process. The MM is a hard one I know but I thought about this for a few days and not sure if War Gaming can do this. Maybe every 30 days or so MM should clear everyone's stats so that everyone starts of with clean record and everyone starts off 50/50. I know and prepared to get salty remarks from people that like to complain so please keep it clean. My salty remark is you know what a picture does. Some of this is my fault but not all the 90%
  3. Stealth firing solution seems inadequate

    I am almost 62 and really like WoWS. I don't think taking away stealth fire a good idea at all. Yes I have only been playing only for 4 months. To change something for the few to ruin the fun for the many just doesn't seem right. I play other ships and if I get stealth fired at I just retreat away from them and regroup. And as far as the money end of it goes I have setup a few DD's for stealth fire and will have to spend more for a different setup on different ships because I might not want to play DD's anymore. Good for WoWS not good for us. I have already put too much money into this Sim and not sure if I want to continue playing it if stealth fire goes away. Only because I have put a lot of time and effort to get my DD's unlocked and captain skills to where I want my build to be to go into the recycle bin. Thanks to anyone who understands an old slow old man who cares.