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  1. you missed the whole point, read my post 45, it was never about the money!
  2. for your information this is how the whole capitalist system works, second I didn't ask for any special treatments. and WHALES like me is making people like you to play for free, so a bit of appreciation for the people who actually support this game is sometimes needed, you know like a cherry on the cake.
  3. Lately WG haven't honor many things and pissed many people off for different reasons and as company's POV they should keep a good public relationship if they are planning to stay in business for long time which from what I see they are not doing that either. I shouldn't expect much from them comparing to fiasco that happened for the past couple weeks specially their own senior manager resignation.
  4. my friend there is something beyond currency exchange and dollar signs, I get all of that as a business man, customer service and appreciating is something else that unfortunately WG is getting worse at as the day pass by. Just look at the way how cheap they are getting in every updates. But thanks for the reply.
  5. No , I wont ask them for anything anymore. I have 22k gold sitting in my account and i was about to buy 360 days of premium time but because of what happened I am holding off on that. oh by the way i paid 100$ for Missouri to support their game the day after. This is the thank people like me get.
  6. A little bit of heads up would have helped, dont you agree. Plus why pissing off a whale like this? its like shooting yourself in the foot....
  7. First of all I didn't even remember how much I paid until the Customer service told me that I got the package on special bundle. Secondly If I wanted to pull a fast one I wouldn't have supporting them all these years. Thirdly as I said its not about the money but the cheapskate treatment of their customers. whats 3k doubloon really? its a joke. Now they lost a potential customer (ME) who would spent probably 100s of dollars and more on their game in up coming events.
  8. Hello all; There is something that is really bothering me since yesterday and how the WOWS customer service dealt with my issue and I have to say something about it. As someone who supported this game and spent hundreds of dollars on this game, probably I could have bought over 100 games on Steam with the amount of money that spent on WG titles, my issue is not the money that I spent on this game but the way I was treated by the WOWS and the payback for my loyalty and my support. here is my story; I bought 12k gold for World of Tanks in Christmas time that happened to be on a special bundle for $45 something dollars instead of regular $65 but I didn't spend it, so yesterday I asked them to transfer that 12k gold to my WOWS account, guess what, they transferred only 9040 doubloon to my account instead of 12k. When I inquired about it the customer service respond was that I purchase the package when it was on special so I get the doubloon value of what i paid for but not the gold exchange. So here is whats bothering me, supposedly I bought a Plane or a Tank for 12k gold, I still would get a $65 value out of my gold amount not 9040 right? so who cares how much I paid for the package WOWS should have still compensate me for the amount of gold to doubloon but not how much I paid for on special Christmas bundle. This is not the way to treat your customer base for being so cheap like this. I should have get 12k doubloon for my 12k gold, simple regardless of how or when I obtained it. I got free honeymoon Hotel Suites for just complaining about my bed or bump up to first class fairs, but WG is taking the cheapness to the next level. This is not about the money for me. As for me this was a good lesson and that will reflect on my future support for this game. Thanks for reading
  9. You13

    Is IFHE usefl for German bbs?

    Honestly i tested it in two games and don't see much of a difference, was just wondering. But for Ohio i see a huge difference.,
  10. IS IFHE useful for German BBs after the patch or the same as before not recommended?
  11. You13

    18 Santa Boxes.

    got 6 mega boxes from the gold i won , all i got those crappy holiday camos and few signals. I should have bought a ship with my coupon, again i got scammed.
  12. You13


  13. stay away from these dockyard scams on holidays....