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  1. Curly__san

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    You supplied the answer but fail to understand the question. CV spotting enables the damage done. CV's don't kill DD's directly so much as they remove the DD's most effective asset; stealth. That removal of concealment is what neutralizes offensive DD value and turns them into targets. However CV's aren't the natural counter to DD's they're just the most effective ones. Getting spotted by anything is bad for a DD's health. Even a green CV driver can quickly figure out that they are able to hound a DD back to port. The Re-bork and the addition of rocket planes just exacerbated this set of conditions. You adapt, but DD play is altered to two states. 1. No CV- You can be more offensive, spot, use your smoke for others, contest caps, scout pushes, do DD things. 2. With CV- Be prepared to go strictly defensive/evasive once plane spotted. It's now cat and mouse, with you being the mouse and the cats have air support. Plus in the dumbest move ever, in post re-bork; there's no such thing as player controlled air to air, so not even any (real) hope of fighter planes covering you and driving off the nasty All-Seeing-Eye(s). Arbitrary is a good word for it; since CV's only burn for a few seconds, and possessed of other almost magical resistances to standard attacks.
  2. Curly__san

    Will the global economy...

    They've created it as you say, let them reap it.
  3. Curly__san

    When are the REST of the OPS coming back?

    That's the spirit!
  4. Curly__san

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    I'll drink to that. The general direction Wows is taking doesn't look good though.
  5. Curly__san

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    Would require changing their thinking which is synonymous with admitting the Holy Spreadsheet(s) are not infallible, and devoting a modicum of effort into something folks have already told them, repeatedly, that they would enjoy enough to pay (a decent) fee for. So listening to reasoned discourse? Nyet. Admitting their practices are by nature & intent, deceptive? Nyet. B-bingo. Once they have the money, they don't care. No, they have begun a not so subtle strategy of 'fixing' Operations, to death.
  6. I have been 'suggesting' a similar idea for two years, it gets no response. Apparently The Emperor has no clothes, and The Holy Spreadsheet; has no ears.
  7. That is exactly their goal; to drive people from co-op and Operations. Their obsession with punitive management is in line with a command economy. It is completely out of place in an entertainment market that is largely capitalist. There is simply no containment. If people get tired of the lack of fun, they will leave.
  8. Curly__san

    I tried a Tier 4 game today

    DD have the lowest health pool & highest stealth ratings. Stealth is their main asset, low health is their weakness. CV spotting removes their main asset, and aids in the removal (by other ships shooting at them) of their health pool. In short a CV doesn't have to fire a single rocket, torp, or drop even one bomb to effect a "kill" on a DD. CV's spotting DD's certainly can yield 'indirect' kills, with no direct damage done to the DD as a statistical link. So your 800 game study isn't of much use without taking spotting into account. It may be statistically accurate insofar as CV's damaging DD's, but that's not the whole picture, is it? Spotting is the counter to DD's. CV's just do a lot of spotting, thus negating sneaky DD tactics. Besides hiding under a now much less effect AA bubble of bigger ships, what do they do now?
  9. ^This guy gets it. It isn't about fun, its about managed aggravation.
  10. Curly__san

    IFHE All Night Long

    Let's not forget the French access to secret BHG Armor. (Black Hole Generator) ;) "Spaced Armor" is just a clever maskirovka.
  11. Curly__san

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    Operations is(was?) better than Ran-Dumbs on average for making money over time, as you have a much more consistent win rate with a decent ops group. A 90% plus win rate in ops beats a 55% win rate in randoms which would be hard to maintain. Bonus that good operations groups are less stressful, and more than occasionally a laugh riot to run with to boot. I understand WG wanting to curb a Monty Haul syndrome in earnings, but given their penchant for using a sledgehammer where jewelers tools would suffice. . I reserve the right to be skeptical as to outcomes.
  12. Curly__san

    A-D-F Now Recruiting

  13. Curly__san

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    And apparently WG is perfectly happy with the revolving door of; experienced players leaving and more gullible new players entering; so long as the numbers add up. You cannot call into question the morality of a business model that has no morals. We don't expect promises from WG anymore. Honestly, they would be something of a disappointment. If I had any enthusiasm left for this game, I would find this amusing.
  14. Curly__san

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    ^A bold move, Cotton. Let's see how that works out. They might as well. This "boil the frog slowly" is just cowardly [edited].
  15. ^ This. So much this. The very term 'game' implies fun. WG seems to have not learned the lesson. You cannot force people to play 'your way' if they regard it as not being fun. Period. Grind is relative. It exists for any online game. Folks will always try to maximize bang for buck. Those of us in Hoperations have not only done this, but we have fun working as teams. You know, that whole teamworkthing that Reds vs. Greens kinda hints at, but fails so miserably in implementation. Instead of making this less economically rewarding (i.e. punishing competence in essence) perhaps WG should figure out how to make more segments of their game, I don't know, maybe, more fun? instead of less so. Just a thought. What is worse; a repetitious grind with real teamwork, predictable reward levels, and perhaps dare I say, something an awful lot like camaraderie? Or a completely RNG end result after a pitched battle between you and 23 other unknowns with variable skill levels and motivations? Random Battles, by WG's very own design are a turd taco. Match making drives outcomes towards %50. This is designed to 'enhance' frustration levels, which WG believes sells product better than 'fun'. That's my theory and it fits the observable phenomena. WG wrote themselves into a corner when they made the framework of the games' main interactions too simple. Ships aren't customizable to an extent that is interesting: Why can't you unlock an option for Tirpitz to have four Scharnhorst turrets? Where's the option for North Carolina to have 12 x 14" guns? Why don't maps scroll in one direction or another, forcing players to think about actual maneuvering?