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  1. Curly__san

    Well WG shows more scummyness

    That's the spirit!
  2. Curly__san

    Well WG shows more scummyness

    No thanks. I've read Plato. His work can actually be entertaining.
  3. Curly__san

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    I don't see this as improving quality of play. It may curb griefing a bit, but you would've though the black list does that. I mean, Shirley, The WeeG has the ability to see if an account has an excessive number of backlisting's and take action on that basis? Edit: So what incentive do new folks have to learn how to actually use torpedoes properly, & learn to play the game well in general. Not to mention now there's a penalty system for something that does no team damage? You just can't put down the whip, can you WeeG?
  4. It's just another in the long line of broken gimmicks. However if it gets to the live server in a form that isn't totally unbalansed™, then it might actually serve as a tool to pry island huggers from their rocks at higher tiers. I won't hold my breath though, the WeeG has a not so great track record for making the results look like what they claimed, let alone live up to anything resembling said claims in the first place. Who remembers this classic: "We expect flooding damage to go up as a result of this new and exciting rework"* *not a verbatim quote, but you get the idea.
  5. Curly__san

    Something I think many should read.

    Which points towards more of the school of thought; "Men don't think like women, therefor they must be broken and in need of fixing."
  6. Curly__san

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    Xamdam: How would one even go about noticing (an additional) blemish on such a reputation as WeeGee's? It would take a keen eye and discerning mind to see if the leopard's spots had truly changed. With each 'adjustment' to make Ops less appealing, I find the threat of a ban to be less and less significant. It's like facing a wild pitcher in baseball who has a very generous umpire(with questionable judgement & motivations) You eventually find yourself in the unenviable position of either swinging at lousy pitches or waiting with your bat on your shoulder, to be called out on them. Hint there for ya, WeeGee; neither of those 'privileges' is worth paying for.
  7. Curly__san

    Well WG shows more scummyness

    Interesting how you went from "Let the buyer beware" to segue into a bit of
  8. Curly__san

    Godzilla/Kong Unique Voiceovers Missing

    & no refunds possible if you've played the "Unique Commander". aka total trash "product" Just when you thought WG couldn't get any sleazier. Bravo sleaze bags, bravo. Dirt Bag Private would be proud of your sham-abilities.
  9. user's drop down menu in the upper right corner no longer displayed. Login works after a fashion, but the drop down menu of options that included logging out is no longer there.
  10. Curly__san

    Warning to new players

    Not even Tom Cruise or any other high level Priestess of Xenu for that matter, can save this thread. . .
  11. Spreadsheet is aware of this development and devoting available resources from the art department to look into it.
  12. Curly__san

    WG can you buff Pensacola.

    Asking for a buff for Pensacola is courting disaster.
  13. Curly__san

    Operation maps need to be rotated

    There are plenty of people who enjoy playing scenario's. This has caused no end of consternation with WG as the concept of folks coordinating while playing a naval-themed game and having fun(gasp) is alien to them.
  14. Curly__san

    Why no tweaks to commander rework in 0.10.1?

    Oh, they'll do that as soon as they figure out how to dress it up and avoid instant litigation. Probably in the form of the "special combat mission" opportunities to pump up XP at higher rates. "If you aren't cheating enough to get caught; you aren't cheating enough." must be a mantra with game studios. It's like the scam crooked televangelist's run: visually impressive. The inner workings? Not so much. To disagree with Spreadsheet is Heresy! Dissent is no longer cool; it will summon the Paladins and there will be much screeching and wailing. Then: