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  1. Curly__san

    New game mode/map.

    Well at least it's something.
  2. Curly__san

    Okay WG, You Owe Me 16 Dubs!

    This, is customer service in the new millennium. That it is not resolved to the benefit (however small) of the customer; is either by design, oversight, or laziness. Plain pure and simple. You illuminate a very good point as well, Duck. It's not a Wows specific issue, it's a WG specific issue. Cue the tender ministrations of The Ministry of Truth in 3 . 2. .
  3. UI improvements would be nice, but we're long past that now. After a while you stop hoping for something other than porridge; you just want something to make the gruel more palatable.
  4. Tin foil hat take on this: "Free Premium Consumables" is really code for "Let's crank up the fire/module damage RNG to make this look good, all the while the total incidence of damaged/destroyed modules will be higher than it was before. Even assuming you were using premium consumables already." Thus a slight nerf, but an important one that will create a net in-game resource drag. Especially if the player's downtime for dying slightly faster on average is taken into consideration. In your opinion. Not that I totally disagree, but it is an opinion and other's mileage may vary.
  5. Curly__san

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    Yes, something of a slapdash feel; as if different factions are tossing ideas out there. It's messy, but it could work. Doesn't appear to be though. So this is admittedly a case of multiple lines of content creation? That's not as impressive as it sounds on the surface. It could certainly contribute to an explanation for the "What the actual.... is going on over there?" reaction that keeps popping up. I think if line re-grinding is a thing; it will have to have serious gate keeping checkpoints; so many random wins before next ship (increasing with each tier or course) Then again; once the UI started hiding server pop numbers; I did not take that as a good omen. I've seen little since to change that. I'd like to say something more positive but I'm just not finding the inspiration.
  6. Curly__san

    How do you play the Buffalo??

    A couple drinks help.
  7. Curly__san

    Attn WG: Commander XP = junk

    Maintenance action taken- 799: Could not duplicate gripe, no repair necessary. Suspect break in circuit between control panel and operators seat. . .
  8. Curly__san

    Russian BB Line Balance

    It's not so much that I would accuse the line as being 'unbalanced' as I would note that WG's definition of balance & mine have significant departure points. Kind of liek the Chesire Cat's version of reality; he's not crazy; he's just OPAF..
  9. Curly__san

    NTC post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVED !

    ^Class act there. All act, no class.
  10. Curly__san

    So how long before...

  11. Curly__san

    My Exit Plan

    One theory is that NTC is a "Door in the face" tolerance test and a smoke screen for the IFHE "improvements" and other shenanigans. Not really caring much anymore. I'm already regretting the last purchase of premium time. I wouldn't be surprised if that was my last purchase for the year. Too much uncertainty.
  12. Curly__san

    ANOTHER Reason To Hate the NTC!

    An ever increasing profit margin of ever shrinking sales.
  13. Curly__san

    NTC The Evolution BEGINS!!

    "Ship sighted, sir. It's a troll, two point off the larboard bow, with a bone in his teeth." OOD: "Deck copies. Orders, captain?" Captain: "No orders, Deck. Carry on."
  14. Curly__san

    NTC level 4

    Putrefaction: the process of decay or rotting in a body or other organic matter. Stupefaction: the state of being stupefied. Overwhelming amazement. eg. "The proposed NTC will have a significant stupefaction multiplier."
  15. Curly__san

    Boomers vs Try Hard

    Game. Set. Match. Something about empty vessels ringing loudest also come to mind.