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  1. Transformers I.P. gets crossed over into Wows? Color me non-plussed. After what Michael Bay did to franchise; I did not think it could get any worse. I am now prepared to admit I was wrong, horribly so, it appears. I fear this does not bode well for what remains of my fondness for both intellectual properties. (And imho, if it's not Peter Cullen doing the voice work, it's not Optimus. Just pay the money &do the job right.)
  2. Curly__san

    Fanfare post #37

    True, it's not a perfect solution, but seeing as how it took a very long time to get the 'demount all' feature for flags, I would recommend against holding one's breath.
  3. Curly__san

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Haze, I enjoy playing both Buffalo & Neptune in co-op, but Buffalo seems to die horribly against players. She can deal some potent volleys with all 12 guns, but swinging that stern out to do that gets her into trouble.
  4. Curly__san

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Roon is feeling left out of the discussion.
  5. Curly__san

    Fanfare post #37

    So, "Interface Volume" does it. Well, I guess I owe WG an apology. Even though it pains me.. I could've sworn that I tried that already, but who knows. It certainly works now. Now I shall have to go find something else to kibitz about. Or maybe just enjoy the game?! -I know, completely lost it, I have.
  6. Curly__san

    Fanfare post #37

    If you need to wake up people while they are playing your game; something is wrong! It's the oversight of having it set at a much higher level than anything else(much like the citadel ear-blaster debacle) and 'not' adjustable. It's like WG is incapable of cogent analysis of feedback.
  7. Curly__san

    Wargaming Please Fix!

    Don't forget; "There's no place like Home. There's no place like Home!"
  8. Can we please consider adding a control to dampen down the audio on the end of match fanfare/sad trombone music? It's way out of proportion to other audio settings.
  9. Curly__san

    Wargaming Please Fix!

    Looking at your damage details; you took 147 HE shell hits. This isn't Dungeons and Dragons. +100% survivability isn't a "Globe of Invulnerability". Even 3" to 5" shells are going to wreck most any AA mount they hit and 147 of them are going to chew up anything with less than 2" of armor. In short, you got daka'd. A lot.
  10. Curly__san

    0.9.6 Feedback

    more paper ships, (yawn). The sounds a mixed bag, heavy on the awful. Splash sounds is ok. The hit, ricochet and other shell sounds are just plain bad. And can we please get a volume slider on the end of match fanfare/crescendo/ ear-blatting whatever it is noise. If you have to signal the end of a game/match with a blast of eargeschplitten loudenmusik, your game has bigger problems than audio files. Bingo
  11. Yes, Weeg's definition of "fixed" or "Improved" is quite fungible. Conveniently so. Rather than keep screwing with the player base they could just man up and pull ops period. This death by a thousand cuts [edited] is getting old. Just do it already.
  12. Curly__san

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Yep, don't complain about the milk, they might fix things by shooting the cow. . . As for pulling Narai; the "reasons" are pretty transparent. For those that have to grind or re-grind Slow-orado will have two choices: co-op or Ran-dumbs.
  13. Curly__san

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    Necro Thread Un-lives Matter! The meta game for DD's hasn't(arguably) improved; so new(er) players encounter the same situations that originally spawned the thread. Everything new is old. Everything not forbidden by game mechanics is mandated to happen at some point. People who listen to the shrieking of the mob in game chat are going to get bombarded with bad advice, profanity, vulgarity, inanity, and insanity. Somewhere in there is the occasional bit of wisdom; they have mere seconds to figure out which is which. Don't be surprised if there are results not conducive to increasing your calm. Hint: B on most any three cap map is a DD death trap. Exceptions include those times when it is merely a charnel house, a slaughterhouse, or an abattoir.
  14. yes, quite so. Now to something a little less, 'fresh' shall we say? Why does the end of match fanfare have to be so, Wagnerian? If I need to be jolted awake at the end of a match; something else is wrong with the game play.. . . . . . . . . . .
  15. Curly__san

    Who have you seen in game

    May have been my Evil-Spock twin; @nas__ylruC. Look for the goatee. .