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  1. Curly__san

    The man, the myth, the legend....

    We need this for Captain Williams. Ash Williams:
  2. Curly__san

    The importance of not getting wiped out on your flank

    Too many times does the Lemming Train end badly though. Individual members of the Lemming Conga Line need to recognize that steamrolling one cap & then stalling out is a certain loss. If you have the advantage press it, or once you get a cap, fan out and harass the next cap. Do something. Just Blobbing uselessly after taking one cap is a sure recipe for getting flanked to death. There's no value to being in the enemy spawn if there's no one to shoot at. BB's on the enemy spawn line that are not shooting at something aren't doing jack. BB's don't spot, they shoot.
  3. Curly__san

    'Mercy' Rule now even worse

    'Success' of WOT. . Nearly coffee-sprayed the monitor!? Thanks, Prophet!
  4. Curly__san

    A-D-F Now Recruiting

    ^ in every cake at A-D-F: Or, you can play with the clan that has this *guy on their roster.. Choose wisely.
  5. You replied with a hyperbole; you should probably grow a thicker skin before playing that particular game. Well, bye.
  6. Curly__san

    I Don't Understand This

    The ships for the filth raid are essentially re-skinned ships that are already working models. The filth as a resource is as simple a mechanic as the picking up of survivors in Dynamo. The maps are maps, made by map-makers one would guess. So really, the Halloween content isn't looking like a major resource drain and can actually be fun = good work WG. So subs are taking up a lot of their efforts of late; not to mention the continuing albatross of CV-balancing. I imagine the goal is to have subs out for sale before Christmas break. That puts the shelved scenario's out during the doldrums of Jan-Feb-March. Most likely Feb. at the earliest would be my guess as subs will be an all hands thing until premium subs are on the market. The way things appear to be not shaping up; my guess is they will be offering up nebulous premium's for pre-sale in time for Christmas. Meaning the name will be for sale, but the virtual boat(and her stats) won't be available until the model is actually closer to "ready". They replaced the CV's in Aegis with Battleships a long time ago. There's only one red CV in U.F. and two static flights of green NPC aircraft. Doesn't seem too hard to substitute a BB. The static flights are even easier, either the players eliminate the threats to it or they don't just like before. Now Operation Hermes? I can understand that one may take some balancing. .
  7. Curly__san

    Co-op going downhill?

    That's an individual outcome for one game.
  8. ....Because the backdrop for a ship/captain menu system is so why we play this game.. Not.
  9. Curly__san

    I Don't Understand This

    Like Cherry Blossom is ever going to return to the scenario line up. Nor Dynamo, Ultimate Frontier, or Hermes. WG admitted they've got too many resources devoted to subs and the Halloween games to bother bringing back those scenarios. Besides, those scenario's don't sell the things that WG needs you plebs to buy so; No More Fun Scenario's For You! *One of the most fun games we had was getting a group to run U.F. with only Axis Powers(German & Japanese) ships. This was back when Yorck AP was worthless at longer ranges so it was a real challenge. It was fun and cost nothing; but premium consumables were a good idea. Fun and low cost is not something WG can tolerate apparently.
  10. Curly__san

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    "Never argue with a Crucis; you will just end up tired & feeling somewhat sullied. Besides, the Crucis likes it.." /s
  11. Curly__san

    Co-op going downhill?

    Just off the cuff; the problem I see with that would remove part of the incentive for folks to play random(higher rewards in XP/credits) & that is most definitely not something WG seems likely to do. Tai; the problems I see with MM in the 9 vs 9 setting for co-op are: The above lineup is a great example; extra spaces for bots just mean more XP is sponged off, or removed from the pool that human players have to compete for. If I figure this correctly; the potential loss is the different between 8 portions & 9 or 12.5% -11.1% =1.4%. Per player at 9 positions versus 8 and 4 of these in this line up are bots so = 5.6% less XP assuming the humans are at least as competent a scoring as the bots.(A theoretical assumption to be sure) Any time there's a bot on the green team you're getting your XP potential watered down. Now throw a noob with fewer than 300 games in there & they're pretty frustrated before long. They may already have learned to hate Randoms & now Co-op just became even less rewarding; the majority of the operations are sidelined, perhaps permanently, what's left? More green bots = less potential XP for humans. The current 'mercy rule' effect only makes this worse as there is no way to earn points for 'mopping up' the red bots. But hey, we get new port screens and more patches, badges, emblems & flags with every patch!? /s
  12. Curly__san

    New DD nerf?