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  1. If I hacked our game-code and made every ship's AA 1,000% more effective, then most if not all planes would be shot down and do no damage. If that happened, the current system would still be the current system, but the expected losses would go from "some" to "all". That system WOULD address the current issue, though I'm not sure if it would "feel" correct in a thematic, movie-like experience sense. No, it wouldn't. Because the fix cannot come at the expense of CVs. This is a stupid suggestion and is tantamount to just deleting CVs which also won't happen. It's not worth considering, so don't insult our intelligence with this idiotic hyperbole. You're a community manager, for crying out loud, act like it. There is an old saying regarding game balance: Person A: "There's nothing you can do... this can't be balanced :\" Person B: "If it does 10,000,000 damage, would that be too strong?" Person A: "Yeah, that'd be way too strong!" Person B: "If it does 1 damage, would that be too weak?" Person A: "Yeah, that'd be way too weak!" Person B: "So, it stands to reason that there is a number between 1 and 10,000,000 where it would be balanced, no?" It's hard to nail, but it's literally what a Systems Design person does for Game Design. They make a system that interacts in a way that works. Could you be any more condescending? Stop mansplaining game balance to me. I'm telling you that numbers aren't the issue and you're too caught up in your own self-importance to try and badger me with the value of numbers. ME. The girl who was literally a meme in CC-chat for getting over excited when numbers were being shared. "Feel" isn't a metric that translates well into a System Design. "Experience" is probably a better term to use. No . It's almost like I knew this and had several years worth of experience trying to communicate this issue to Wargaming before and they kept on brushing me off because "...but the chart says". This isn't a problem that can be solved solely by spreadsheets. And if you myopically cling to them as your bible, you've already failed. There's going to have to be some thinking done and maybe just a little soul searching from those who think themselves too clever to empathize with the common player. Example: "When I'm attacked by planes, I want to feel an experience like I'm under siege and every plane I take down is a stirring victory for me and the crew!" I'm more concerned about the high-end view of the Ship/CV interactions which is more rooted in the math of the interactions, but I'm open to hearing people try to describe things in a cinematic sense if the issue isn't actually the damage a CV can do to you or the plane losses you can inflict on it. It's hard not to feel like you're deliberately sabotaging and misrepresenting the issue at hand, being dismissive of how the game feels to play. You think bigger numbers will fix the issue. They won't. The core system needs an overhaul. That's what's being asked. Same numbers, different systems. Disagree with me if you like. But don't misrepresent my stance. Do not mansplain to me. Don't talk down to us. ^ Quoting you. And to put the previous pull quote in context: Someone needs to figure out how to translate "feel". Maybe that's not you, but someone at WG sure needs to. Juggling the math of the current system may not be enough. Altering the core mechanics of surface ship/CV interaction might need to be re-examined. Like an overhaul. Someone in this thread may have already mentioned that. (LWM) Hence my "until WG admits that water is wet" comment. Fudging with the numbers of a system that doesn't really allow for effective counter play isn't a solution, unless RNG is kind, or your CV opponent is really green. (This isn't counter play, it's luck and it "feels" like crap to be dependent on it, FYI)
  2. LWM; I would posit to you that the CM in question, is in fact, acting very much like a classic WG CM. Toeing that company line like Gold Five staying on target.. Until you can get them to admit that water is in fact wet; this is an uphill battle. -Mr. Kipling, please forgive this scribe's unworthy plagiarism. `As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn, The Cancer of the Floating Rectangles, with terror and slaughter return.`
  3. Curly__san

    Sync Dropping - is it cheating?

    What's this? Players having fun!? Inconceivable!?
  4. Curly__san

    Why is this such a salty game.

    The OP's statement "you cannot set fires to cvs anymore" is obviously hyperbolic. If you weren't in such a hurry to "Well, actually..." you might have seen that and not gone all Spock literal. I suspect the allure of delivering the equivalent of a playground; "No it's not! It's X______ !" style gotcha was just too much for you. You were playing figurative-to-literal gotcha, and it's boring, even pedantic because it has been done before. Which logical fallacy definition from wikipedia(that doesn't apply) are you going to mount as your defense next?
  5. Curly__san

    Mainz or Weimar. Mainz was the choice!

    Depends on whether you want a randoms boat or an ops boat. I don't have Mainz, but the CW is that's she's good. I have Weimar, and she's absolutely broken OP in Narai.
  6. Curly__san

    Why is this such a salty game.

    Pedantic? Really? I'd be more enthusiastic about wearing that badge if it didn't come from someone who'd just gone full..
  7. Curly__san

    Why is this such a salty game.

    Without any additional data it's hard to say what statistical relevance the 11 fires from Wooster HE have? How many HE hits at what fire%? That data is conspicuous by it's absence, mein freund.
  8. Curly__san

    Why is this such a salty game.

    WOWS isn't as bad as games with a younger player base. That said, it's still an online game & some people feel like it's a place they can vent a little. Also, it doesn't help that apparently WG is more interested in income than behavior. Doubtless Spreadsheet™ has plotted an expenditures vs administrative enforcement efforts curve that tells them precisely when it's economical to kick someone loose.
  9. It was a hasty effort I confess. I probably spent all of five minutes on it. All of them distressingly sober I might add.
  10. With apologies to Dr. Seuss. I do not like support CV's Would you like them on your seas? Would you like them with your team? Does the thought make you scream? They reek of magic most arcade. I pray the idea to quickly fade. On no torp, no bomb or gun. Was ever written the word "stun". After all. LCDR Robert Dixon's (USS Lexington diver bomber squadron leader) famous quote wasn't "Stun one flattop!" -I case my rest.
  11. Curly__san

    Economy changes coming summer 2022

    Nothing new here. It's an in-game economic devaluation, and anyone who's got a a lot of economic camo's & other things that they (WG) will be targeting is going to get hosed. It's a "quantitative easing" all wrapped in sandpaper, set on fire and applied to the player bases collective sterns. That statement isn't at all comforting. Quite the opposite in fact, and perhaps a tad disturbing. Indeed. Once folks realize just how badly they're getting screwed (yet again) the uproar will get, interesting. (There will probably be some other equally furious hand motions going on..) He's right in that it will be an absolute screwing over for the player base. But there won't be any Absolut. Not for the rubes.
  12. Curly__san

    MM on a whim, all human 5s and 6s, with bot 7 on top

    I see that :Borkenhagen: the top tier bot also took top score, in a slow firing BB no less. Coop matches have classically become "root hog or die" speed matches. No one wants to talk about the change to 9 v 9 format & the other tweaks that all make it a little less profitable for human players who blink. It's not even that subtle, but it's there and it's consistent. (yes, I know the 9 v 9 change was a long time ago) If you have old screen caps of scores prior to 9v9 you can see a dip in average BXP. That said, one solution is to just go faster; ships with speed boost, relatively high DPM and good torps fair better than BB's in most coop games. CV seem to struggle the most as they are more damage over time dependent. -disclaimer I don't CV, but I can read scoreboards. Innocu-latte` vs the "Well, Akshually.." that is doubtless forming in several minds right now. Don't bother; I have limited patience to satisfy the argumentative requirements(which often evolve to suit) of random nerds, or "fact" trolls, on the 'net, however well-meaning they may or (most likely) may not be.
  13. Can't sell better optimizations. It uses more pixels now, just like the port. so glad I could help. /s
  14. Curly__san

    Port Message Abuse - Isn't this a crime?

    Shirley WG has already looked into this and found the idea wanting. Probably because it ate too far into Spreadsheets' profit calculation. A certain amount of chaos, rage & frustration are key ingredients in punitive social manipulations for profit. Just like sour compliments sweet & alcohol in a mixed drink.
  15. Curly__san

    mighty mo credits

    This is the harvest that WG's years of shilling, shrilling, and chicanery have wrought. = No one wants to be the sap that tries to believe them just one more time; because it always comes back to bite players in the stern. But please WG keep sending your minions to bleat your protestations. The handwaving & gyrations of the paid staff & their coterie sometimes compete with the few brighter moments the game has to make me laugh.