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  1. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    WOLF8 has 10 spots now open. Become a part of the movement, or lack of.....
  2. Deep Water Fishies

    True! Do you think the majority will take smoke or radar?
  3. Deep Water Fishies

    I can definitely see plenty of DD players purposely hunting down Pan Asia for that reason alone.
  4. Deep Water Fishies

    I think we are going to see hundreds of posts and comments after tomorrow about how those torps need to be stripped form the game. I really don't mind them even though they took most of my HP out of the game kind of early. I'm one of those infamous BB mains but I don't hang back and snipe so I don't want to hear it . I like getting close to the caps and taking advantage of people while taking damage. Plenty of "Surprise Muthaf&^^%" moments.... The smoke change made me adapt a little and not push so far near the caps and I'm worried this may do the same to a lot of BB players. We will have to see.....
  5. Deep Water Fishies

    What was your first experience against/using deep water torpedoes and what are your thoughts? Had mine this week in my Montana, about 2 seconds warning before they hit even with my DD and CA support. They were apparently outside the detection range of them. All I can say is holy friggin hell those things are a pain in the a#$. Not complaining by any means though, all we can do is adapt. How is your play-style going to change after the update???
  6. Yep, got her a while back and was almost deleted during a turn around. After about 10 battles I was in the buyers remorse depression state... lol I love her now after learning how to sail her properly. YouTube was my best friend.
  7. Save Texas

    She's so fragile near the engine rooms and other areas that she likely wouldn't be able to support herself. They're talking 80-90% degradation in some areas of the support structure. Currently as she sits, the water and mud is likely providing enough support evenly over the total square feet of the hull, it won't collapse. Lets say you take that water away and put her on blocks, that surface area drops tremendously into say 100 "pressure points." Who's to say she wouldn't collapse under her own weight??? I think that's why they're reinforcing vital areas of the ship currently, just to get her stable for future dry dock.
  8. Terrible change to smoke

    This confuses me also... Complain about the smoke change but praise the change in the same sentence... I just learn to roll with the punches. I like change since it forces you and team mates to change strategy after you've gotten complacent doing the same thing over and over... Yes, I have sat in my "Duck Blind" and absolutely murdered reds but that strategy is suicide now. I'm glad WG doesn't think we are all morons by keeping the game stagnant... If things never changed, I'd likely get bored and go elsewhere. And yes, I'm one of "those" BB mains. Guess what I'm saying is quit griping and change your strategy.. lol
  9. Pick your targets wisely and push up only with support. Getting singled out is devastating in any ship. Don't focus your attention on one target in a BB. Keep your head on a swivel and look for juicy broadsides. Don't waste your time on other angled BB's if you have better opportunities.
  10. Idea!!! One of you start a training room and invite the other. Battle to the death with your favorite ship, record and post the replay file here please!!!!
  11. Battleships and citadels.

    Rarely do I get Cit Hits on German BB's but it does happen. Iowa, Mo, NC, and Monty are fairly easy to cit in a broadside. British not so much, IJN a little easier. I'd probably rate it easiest to hardest: 1: USN 2: IJN 3: British 4: German Definitely not immune unless you're sailing a CL trying to get cits on BB's
  12. Yamamoto tracer fire

    If I'm not mistaken, all players can see it. I've seen a few in battle myself.
  13. Hi Helldog318,

    did you change to Lone Wolves8 Wolf8?

    1. Helldog318


      I did,  I'll also make sure to find my LSW recruitment post and edit that.  

    2. paradat


      OK, Well Welcome home! :Smile_glasses:

    3. Helldog318


      Thanks!  It was tough biting the bullet on another 2500 doubloons but hey, if it makes the clan grow quicker, I'm all for it.

  14. Weather Conditions

    I know I'm bringing back an older thread but I considered making a new one regarding weather conditions. I know in WG Q&A they said they won't be doing a night map, stating the "cyclone" will be their only limited detection mode. Why in the world wouldn't they at least make the cyclone a little more realistic? Bring in fog and obscure everything outside of detection range. I've found it odd that a cyclone hits and I can't see a ship at 8 km but I can see that mountain range at 50 km like it's a sunny day??? Have players rely on mini-map to avoid islands and for travel directions. Bring in driving rain instead of what looks like a drizzle. I'm all for changing up the monotony, such as weather conditions also. Rain here and there or snow would be visually pleasing if it lasted the even half of some battles... not just 1 minute... really.....
  15. World of Warships

    I think it would be a tremendous task and months upon months of work but a "battlefield" type setup would be amazing. Somehow incorporate WOT, WOWs, WOP into one server. Carrier aircraft are set up as bombers, fighters, torps, etc. They can attack tanks, planes, ships, ground targets. Ships can attack tanks on mainland, or other ships, planes etc. Tanks are battling tanks and avoiding incoming fire from ships and planes. It's a dream, I know.. :)