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  1. Rarely do I get Cit Hits on German BB's but it does happen. Iowa, Mo, NC, and Monty are fairly easy to cit in a broadside. British not so much, IJN a little easier. I'd probably rate it easiest to hardest: 1: USN 2: IJN 3: British 4: German Definitely not immune unless you're sailing a CL trying to get cits on BB's
  2. If I'm not mistaken, all players can see it. I've seen a few in battle myself.
  3. Hi Helldog318,

    did you change to Lone Wolves8 Wolf8?

    1. Helldog318


      I did,  I'll also make sure to find my LSW recruitment post and edit that.  

    2. paradat


      OK, Well Welcome home! :Smile_glasses:

    3. Helldog318


      Thanks!  It was tough biting the bullet on another 2500 doubloons but hey, if it makes the clan grow quicker, I'm all for it.

  4. I know I'm bringing back an older thread but I considered making a new one regarding weather conditions. I know in WG Q&A they said they won't be doing a night map, stating the "cyclone" will be their only limited detection mode. Why in the world wouldn't they at least make the cyclone a little more realistic? Bring in fog and obscure everything outside of detection range. I've found it odd that a cyclone hits and I can't see a ship at 8 km but I can see that mountain range at 50 km like it's a sunny day??? Have players rely on mini-map to avoid islands and for travel directions. Bring in driving rain instead of what looks like a drizzle. I'm all for changing up the monotony, such as weather conditions also. Rain here and there or snow would be visually pleasing if it lasted the even half of some battles... not just 1 minute... really.....
  5. I think it would be a tremendous task and months upon months of work but a "battlefield" type setup would be amazing. Somehow incorporate WOT, WOWs, WOP into one server. Carrier aircraft are set up as bombers, fighters, torps, etc. They can attack tanks, planes, ships, ground targets. Ships can attack tanks on mainland, or other ships, planes etc. Tanks are battling tanks and avoiding incoming fire from ships and planes. It's a dream, I know.. :)
  6. Did it ever load for you? I'm at 4 minutes load time right now. I figured it may be because 2,000 people are all logging on and looking at the clan base??
  7. @Crucis How would you feel about the "Citadel" game type I mentioned above in the poll? Essentially it would be similiar to Defense of Naval Station Newport except as PVP? Of course the game mechanics would need to be changed somewhat to adapt to that playstyle.
  8. I wonder if Bastion will ever return. I realize a lot of people absolutely hated it but it's another game type added to the mix.
  9. The sky would be darkened from all the shells. Absolute chaos! I love it!!
  10. That battle mode is already available. Its called forums.
  11. Thanks for that catch. :) Edited
  12. I've been thinking recently about how the game can get somewhat monotonous at times. Cap then kill, or kill then cap, or cap AND kill at the same time. Other than PVE scenarios, every map has always consisted of kill points and cap points. I'm curious about what the community would enjoy other than caps in some maps. Feedback please, maybe we can open up different types of battles soon. Personally would enjoy a battle with equal teams battling until the last one standing wins. Game timer can stay at 30 mins and the team with the most kill points win. Maybe to prevent camping and hiding the entire match in an attempt to secure a win, you only get full credits and XP if you win by killing the other team in its entirety. 20% reduction in credits and xp if win is secured by time limit??? Let me know what your favorite battle type is or would be in the poll. Maybe Wargaming can get in on this... Side note, I think adding a no cap "battle royale" would encourage a different type of gameplay. Instead of everyone spreading all over the map or splitting into two teams to cap 2 areas, everyone may stick together.