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  1. Hi can I get a invite into the lone wofves. World of warships    ( willie242)   wlsh242@gmail.com

    1. _HELLDOG_


      Good Morning!  Any of the WOLF clans will definitely accept you as long as we have an opening.  I can't send an invite since it shows you are in a clan already.  Buccaneers.  If you'd like to switch to one of our clans, leave your current one and you'll have to wait the allotted time before the game client allows you to join another clan.  I think its 3 days.   Good luck, Fair seas!!


    2. willie242


      Ok I'm leaving the other clan now. Thanks for your time.


    3. willie242


      Ok I got the invite but have to wait until 6/16 to accept. Thank you.