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  1. _HELLDOG_

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    WOLF8 recently unlocked the expansion to 50 clan members. We have 9 openings for those interested. We occasionally participate in clan battles and almost always have a group that enjoy divisions if you're interested in team play. Solo minded warriors are also welcome, no pressure.
  2. _HELLDOG_

    Server Issues

    We will all be orange when we log back in LOL
  3. _HELLDOG_

    Server Issues

    PTS works fine but regular server still won't allow me to log in.
  4. Hi can I get a invite into the lone wofves. World of warships    ( willie242)   wlsh242@gmail.com

    1. _HELLDOG_


      Good Morning!  Any of the WOLF clans will definitely accept you as long as we have an opening.  I can't send an invite since it shows you are in a clan already.  Buccaneers.  If you'd like to switch to one of our clans, leave your current one and you'll have to wait the allotted time before the game client allows you to join another clan.  I think its 3 days.   Good luck, Fair seas!!


    2. willie242


      Ok I'm leaving the other clan now. Thanks for your time.


    3. willie242


      Ok I got the invite but have to wait until 6/16 to accept. Thank you.

  5. Hi Helldog318,

    did you change to Lone Wolves8 Wolf8?

    1. _HELLDOG_


      I did,  I'll also make sure to find my LSW recruitment post and edit that.  

    2. paradat


      OK, Well Welcome home! :Smile_glasses:

    3. _HELLDOG_


      Thanks!  It was tough biting the bullet on another 2500 doubloons but hey, if it makes the clan grow quicker, I'm all for it.