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  1. gslick

    Are You Going To Buy The Max Immelmann?

    Cheap shots for the cheap shot CV artists. Seems fair.
  2. gslick

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    To be legal a raffle (where the organization keeps all tendered amounts) must be for a not-for-profit cause, and a registration form filed (Texas). If run for profit or personal gain then gambling laws apply. (Of course, since when has WG cared what was legal or ethical?)
  3. We spent 3 days visiting Amsterdam a couple of years ago. Not worried too much about the airplanes on the ship. Now if they were equipped with their "Killer Bicycles" I might have to get me one.
  4. Because, that's WGs opinion of its player base. Agree.
  5. Don't waste your time on Big Hunt. Nothing but griefers and only reward for grinding out enough wins is a Tier 8 permanent camo. Just not worth it.
  6. Because, for the most part we avoid having to play with elitist twerps such as yourself. So you feel that us COOP people should be required to sit in the back of the bus now. GOT IT.
  7. Exactly my attitude on this skill reset, just not going to bother, cannot find any "I care about the game" in me anymore. Agree with not taking any skills on a Captain for quite a while as the try to sort out the s-storm that is coming.
  8. gslick

    360 Day Premium Christmas Discount

    But it gives me 100% more pleasure to get the higher rewards. My time is precious, my pleasure is priceless!!!!!!
  9. Unfortunately, to pay for the 200,000 credits that they generously (sarcasm) are saving you, when this is live your captain skill will NOT WORK at all instead of the losing half of the skill benefit for non-binary skills until you grind out the needed CXP. Give me the option to pay 200,000 credits to retain half of the benefit while grinding please.
  10. It still means that in addition to trying to finalize the skills I take in only one month, I have to decide quickly what tech tree ship each Captain should be on. I think a better system is to allow me to buy up to 22 Retraining Tokens which I can use at a later time after adequately researching what my best option is. Also, do not forget that at present resetting skills on a captain is 10,000 Elite commander XP per point (190,000 ECXP total for a 19 point CPT which I always felt was not only excessive but price gouging obscenely so). Previous WG announcements indicated that a 21 point captain would cost 500,000 ECXP in total. That is an average of 155,000 ECXP/point. Not only do you have to grind 70% more XP to get a maximum point commander, after getting one it will take you more than twice as long (500,000 / 190,000) to earn the ECXP to reset the skills on that commander if you mess up (or WG changes something which decreases the effectiveness of your present build.) And, there are still those who praise WGs for adding a 5% ECXP bonus to all Captains as the height of generosity and the rest of us should be so grateful. Shout out to AdmiralThunder. 110% in agreement with your critique in this thread.
  11. gslick

    Another negative to Capt Skill Rebork

    That's the main point of their Captain Skill point changes.
  12. gslick

    Another negative to Capt Skill Rebork

    I hope you are right for your sake. I just do not care anymore and will just run with sub-optimal ships and captains. I was just thinking WGs history of competence and ethical behavior, neither of which I've seen much of.
  13. gslick

    Another negative to Capt Skill Rebork

    Thanks for the laugh Admiral.
  14. gslick

    Jingles tkes the P out of WG.... again..

    Right on time as expected on WOWS Redit, "we were not being deceptive, we just stink at communications". Seems this is the like the 50th time this lame excuse has been trotted out. For heaven sakes pay the extra for a decent proofreader. Rather than trying to explain why you don't feel your advertisement was totally deceptive (after all its not 100% incorrect), just be honest about the mechanics in the first place. Exactly, that's why I have spent no real money on this game for 22 months. Suggest everyone do the same. ADDED. from recent announcement  . We will work on improving the next Santa event with the feedback and concerns you voiced. Until Sunday, Dec 13, any player is eligible for a one-time refund request for the Santa Crates they purchased For 50th time we will improve. Apparently it was not a case of poor wording, but such obvious deception that no plausible excuse could be found.