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  1. gslick

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    Since no one paid real $ for it, I think they could just refund your coal, the credits for your upgrades and pull it out of play. Unfortunately I think they will leave it in service, but will sell you bundles of marginal flags that just happen to contain 1000 coal in case you are short.
  2. gslick

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    But the lack of time constraints in a campaign means you are less likely to buy things to ensure you beat the deadline.
  3. WOWs, what the h@!! are you doing. I want to play for fun, not restudy Calculus again. Quit being so obtuse with your mechanics.
  4. gslick

    Premium consumables...

    Free premium consumables was just "a teaspoon of sugar to help the medicine(NTC) go down".
  5. gslick

    PSA: Free Skill Reset

    My opinion is that it is poorly worded. Actually I think that captain respecs should be a nominal 1 doubloon or 100 FXP per skill point all of the time.
  6. 1. Assume that CE skill is built in to all ships and that the only change to skills is the concealment option is removed. I think that in think that the maximum skill points should be reduced to 17 points. For example for my secondary build Bismark I now have a dilemma. After AFT and MFSA do I take CE or FP as my 18th points. If CE is built in that means that without more changes in the skill tree (fewer max points) I would have a 23 point captain. Other builds that take 3 of the 4 point skills that include CE would experience the same. This shows how tricky developing a captain skill tree is. I have speculated that a captain should be maxed out at 14 points. If you want 2 - 4 point skills you are done (5 total choices) and if only 1 - 4 point skill you have at least 6 choices. As the OP indicated that requires a complete rework of the captain skill tree. Given all that has gone on this year (will not regale you with the details), I'm not confident WOWs has the ability to do any better than what we have now.
  7. Or just wait for about Christmas 2020 loot boxes where you will have a chance to get one for just money and luck. I also believe that this is how good they will make those reward ships.
  8. gslick

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Same since 0.8.0 dropped, not 1 real cent.
  9. How many planes I do or do not shoot down is of no consequence. The planes in and of themselves ruin the flow (fun) of the game. Any battle with a CV in it is a cr*p battle because of their existence.
  10. gslick

    "lets rework to make cvs more popular"

    But it was so typical of WGs normal behavior. And the fact they sold premium CVs when they were reintroduced them for sale shows that it works.
  11. They were much more than "a little too effective" in star savings. Typical WG glossing over and trying to minimize problems they created.
  12. gslick

    WGing vs Beached whales (Frozen wallets)

    Another former spender who's no longer spending any real money on the game. Had been uneasy last year. Then WOWs said the Gulio Cesar was too good to sell any more and withdrew from the premium shop. But you might drop one in the Christmas loot boxes. And, immediately after the loot boxes were not sold any more they proposed to nerf it. That ended my spending. Since then the total mess of the CV rework (and saying they were in final state and could release the Premium CVs only to continue to this day adjusting) and also the fiasco that was/is the Naval Training center has only confirmed the wisdom of not spending money anymore.
  13. gslick

    Clan Battles and Ranked at the same time?

    The more game modes operating simultaneously the fewer players that will be in each que and the longer to assemble a battle. Even though I agree that we should have +-1 Tier MM, the same problem applies, more few players within my que range to assemble a battle.
  14. gslick

    Clan Battles and Ranked at the same time?

    Clan battles exclude CVs. Some people do not participate in CB but do not like random with CVs thus tier 9 ranked where no CVs exist and they can be happy. Make sense?