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  1. This sounds like WG is falling into the sunk cost fallacy. Even if eliminating CVs would increase profits, I suspect that WGs pride and obstinate nature will preclude them from even considering the idea. As for their revenue change I only have my data In 2018 I spent $1169, and in 2019 only $58 and the decrease is solely due to the CVs. I put no confidence in any pronouncements from WG anymore until confirmed by outside sources. Even then I know they can and will screw over my other sources and me if I relied on them. (Example: The first Graf Zeppelin release where iChase touted its value only to have WG gut it when released.) Exactly my feeling. A game with a CV in it is a waste of time. I do not care to argue whether the RTS were more or less aggravating. In general CVs only appeared in only 10-20% of the battles which was a fair tax to pay to the griefers. Give me 4 no CV battles for every 1 with and I will be quiet. Expected behavior from WG, do not provide that option then claim that no one selected it.
  2. gslick

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    There is a very high probability that the UUs available will approach the advantage they envisioned with the original concept for the NTC. Remember when the stuff hit the fan about the competitive advantages they offered, WGs first response was that advantage was needed to get anyone to use NTC (regrind lines). This looks like an unsubtle back door to the reintroduction of significant buffs based on regrinding lines (you are actually suppose to use the Free XP you get with doubloons purchased for cash.) Accepting WGs assurances of balance is not possible given their long history of incompetence in balancing, and their frequent obscure and deceptive statements.
  3. gslick

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    WG says lots of things at one time or another that turn out to not be so when the final results are in. But, I like your optimism.
  4. gslick

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    "We don't know" for an absolute fact is true. However, some of the present UUs are extremely desirable in competitive, so much so that some top clans insist on their players have the Unique Upgrade on their ship for clan battles. Also, given WGs history in these situations are you willing to take the side of the bet saying they will only be side grades?
  5. gslick

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Exactly. The moving of the UUs to the NTC/RB and their concurrent reworking is basically a return to their original concept when they introduced the NTC. That is it is a straight up buff to the ship the UU is applied to and thus if you wish to be competitive you MUST do the regrind, or much better for them just buy doubloons and convert elite ship XP to free XP. But, in the end, I just do not care anymore. When the last of my on-line friends I talk with on team speak while playing leaves the game, I will not have to log on again.
  6. He proposes bet coal or steel. If I make a dummy account and do minimum to get the occasional free gifts for just logging in that sometime drops coal, never steel. Then I bet coal against myself and win on main account thus transferring coal to myself. Would be even better if could bet doubloons, but that would not be in WGs interest to allow. Whether it would be worth the bother or not is uncertain.
  7. gslick

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Regretfully there have been way too many "PR disasters" to have any hope of being able to "just trust us" again.
  8. Wider gap or not, greater or lessor impact is immaterial. Their spotting presence destroys interesting plays based on surprise and eliminates suspense in where might that cruiser that has not been spotted yet (or lately) have gone. Applies to both iterations of the CV. Airplanes are playing a different game. Surface ships might as well be bots as far as the CV is concerned. But unless I can sink his hull my team gets no victory points regardless of how many planes of his are shot down. Never had a feeling of having much say in either RTS no the present style of play. Both were fun killers.
  9. Very much too easy to game the system, especially the coal part.
  10. As a non-CV player, whether the AA is a challenge or not, and even if I can drop every plane in the squadron, I do not find the interaction with airplanes in the least little bit fun, nor enjoyable, nor interesting in any manner. Knowing how many planes I shot down would not change the feeling of total helplessness. The status of the cv's hull very much matters. If I had shot down every carrier plane but because his last plane killed my CL , my team loses 50 victory points while his team gains 35 points. Shooting down his whole hanger does not change the victory points at all, only the loss of the CV hull will provide that.
  11. Christmas break and all the kiddo's need something fun to do !
  12. Based on her views and discussion about the Puerto Rico fiasco in her latest review on the Gorizia, I suspect she will not be allocated her own section on the forum again. Such a shame as it was very useful since could easily comment there. Cannot see how to comment in shipcomrade.
  13. gslick

    How is the actual Puerto Rico ?

    I might "tend" to agree, but at this time the Puerto Rico is only available for crazy money. My feeling is that below average wallet warriors spent the money looking for an edge and the truly good do not need the edge, and can try to reduce the price by grinding some. But you could be right. She's not statically significantly better than Des Moines or Colbert in any case, especially considering the low number of games Puerto Rico has been played.
  14. gslick

    How is the actual Puerto Rico ?

    Right now na.wows-numbers for the 14th ranked season show the Puerto Rico as the 3rd highest win rate for cruisers trailing only Stalingrad and Venezia. May not mean much as not a lot of people have her but still should show it is at least decent.
  15. Sadly for Wargaming my feelings are even worse than that comments. I NO LONGER CARE what WOWs does to or says about the game.