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  1. gslick

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    Flambass is right. In the end he did sink in no small measure due to the early unavoidable CV attacks. When did Flambass finally sink the CV it was only after the game was completely decided with Flambass team up by over 350 points, ahead 3 caps to zero, ahead onships 7 v 4 and the red CV still survived till the 12 minutes mark which was better than two thirds of his team mates. Using this battle to claim we should enjoy being cr*pped on by CV is funny.
  2. gslick

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    It seems WG's philosophy now is that you paid 5000 gold for early access to the camo. Lucky me I hadn't bought it yet, but have bought a couple of other permanent camo's before. Never again!!!!
  3. gslick

    Dockyard is coming back!

    I put NO faith in either their competence nor in their truthfulness. What? You will believe a WG statement if Sub_O writes it?
  4. There's really no reason all tech tree tier 10 ships should not be available to rent at the same time for clan battles.
  5. gslick

    So it's for sure? We have to regrind with Donskoi?

    Personally, I am not going to take the chance of a last minute change on WGs part where you do not get the premium if it's not in port.
  6. gslick

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    I am in total agreement with you Admiral. Even though I had not purchased the permanent camo for my Moskva I have previously purchased permanent camos for my Mino and Grosser so I totally understand where your anger is coming from. It's another example why my not spending a dime of real money in over a year and a half was a wise decision. Yes, the typical WGaming apologists are out in force again. I agree with you about not trusting WG, and that buying the Moskva into your port ahead of time is the wise thing to do.
  7. gslick

    Suggestion for CV play

    So why should I or anyone bring a BB/CL/DD into a battle where my entire game consists of simply pressing my sector reinforcement key while waiting for the CVs to see who can farm me the fastest? That would be historical but I suspect that it would soon result in randoms consisting of CV vs CV after 5 minute ques.
  8. gslick

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    T4 CL in queue for couple seconds before exited que without getting caught and shafted. More CV's in queue than all other classes combined. I'm done for the day.
  9. gslick

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Bring a BB = auto loss (unless other clan also brings a BB). Our clan never has more than 8 players available and half the time do not have even 7 online to play CB. I foresee that after playing against CV one time our season will be over. It is very much apparent that WOWs has gone into an extreme face saving mode. Amen.
  10. gslick

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    I imagine WG thoughts were "Do not care, have already sold to most of the chumps anyway". I think you are correct.
  11. gslick

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    You may very well be paranoid, BUT you are very likely correct.!!! "... hoping the downtime ….. will be minimal" s....u....r....e...………. thing.
  12. gslick

    Research Bureau

    And why would we have any faith that the legendary modules obtained from research bureau will not be the equivalent of the direct buffs offered when it was originally rolled out as the Naval Training Center?
  13. gslick

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    Understand. Will also be out of my reach. No doubt. Still trusting WGs assurances? Will admit that is 60% likely to be true though as not much benefit in that much of a bald face lie. Of course if it is pulled from premium shop for a week and then reinstated I would reckon they could claim it was technically not a lie. Not bothering to read the rest of the comments in this subject: After all their stunts over the last year, I just do not care what they do anymore.
  14. DDs are not nearly as irritating and toxic as the CV. Also, the DD vs BB and CA/CL interaction can be easily tweaked to ensure equally fun and engaging play against each other. On the other hand, WG has demonstrated that they have NO CLUE how to make my (CL) in the least fun and worthwhile to play when a CV is involved> (NO. Shooting down airplanes is neither fun nor does it bring victory points like sinking an enemy ship does.) DD's interaction with other classes can be adjusted by increasing the range at which they are spotted, decreasing torpedo speed, give BBs back the ability to achieve penetrations on DDs and other items. They have done nothing to fundamentally adjust my interaction to the CVs god's like view over the battle space.
  15. gslick

    No balance in sight

    You have fixed nothing, The threads have reduced because people have come to realize that we were wasting breath the same as talking to a brick wall. You can return that level of damage if I can only have to have a CV in 10-20% of my battles, the same as with the RTS CVs.