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  1. gslick


    My experience the same. My first and last battle (my BB vs a DD). He has both caps taken before I reach first ring. Have to go in, have to take couple of torps, push into his smoke and unload 5 HE into him, no kill and he just drives by and I eat 6 torps and die. Tired of playing cruisers and destroyers and just want to chill in a BB. Will NOT playing this mode anymore.
  2. gslick

    PSA: Beware the auto resupply...

    I think this hits the nail on the head.
  3. gslick

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    There are two types of listening, that which seeks to understand the others concerns and reasoning, and the second which is listening to dispute and degrade the others opinion and observations. As usual WG has chosen the second path. I wonder why any of us bother anymore. I'm still glad you are still making noise. Thanks.
  4. gslick

    Weird game bug

    Nope, not always as see my previous response about mods.
  5. gslick

    Weird game bug

    Had same thing happening to me just now three different times in co-ops. Had to get out use task manager to close the game each time. After the first time I repaired the game and same thing happened the second time. I then rebooted my computer and removed all mods, and it still happened the third consecutive time. Screw it, I'm done playing for the day.
  6. Hopefully the rest of the evening made it worthwhile!
  7. gslick

    PSA: Sub_Octavian Leaving His Position At WG

    Thanks for expressing my same feelings about him so eloquently. Hopefully it is not too late to turn around the game. However, given the armory showing that you can buy tier 10s for straight up money (I consider doubloons==$), I seriously doubt it. I do have to admit that I was totally expecting that.
  8. gslick

    Black nerf

    You can count on your ship being nerfed if it helps their bottom line. Exactly the reason I have gone cold turkey from spending any real $ for over 3 years now. Reflecting back to prior times when I whaled some containers, I now realize how foolish I was to put any trust in WarGaming.
  9. gslick

    Black nerf

    Dumb ideas generally do not improve with the passage of time. So, to satisfy Boggzy desires for acquisition we must cheapen the ship people (not myself but still) of the original owners who ranked out 5 times in order to obtain?? Big fan of the Ferengi I guess. Lots of things use to be "just not how we do things". Until they were not because you saw a possible opportunity to get some $$$$$$$. Reads like the typical, after the fact coming up with excuses to try and paper over the original bad decision. 1. Regarding the being before you time, it behooves you to research and understand your facts before spouting off. 2. Regarding people wanting THE ship, not a copy - Make a clone of the Black as exists before the nerf (name it AkaBlack) and allow those who have the Black now to exchange their BLACK for the AkaBlack with the longer radar. Then the original Black owners may have either the name or the better radar and the new buyers get the nerfed name. Looks like we a couple of CMs bucking to replace the thankfully finally departing sub_o.
  10. Hopefully, in addition to dailies it will also count for the personal challenges, and the time for the airship to traverse the map is short (less than 10 minutes) as long as some ship stays close to it.
  11. gslick

    Black nerf

    There in lay the first mistake of your own making. This is not sour grapes on my part since I have never ranked our, nor have I ever played in clan battles; but at the time I very much disagreed with the decision to allow all players to access Flint and Black (and Stalingrad) when those ships were promised as rewards for the requisite achievement and should have remained so. Iwaki A and Arkansas B owners should be very, very afraid. The only thing holding back on their sale is the disdain which tier 4 and below are treated. They will be sold the second WG calculates the revenue to be gained is positive.
  12. gslick

    PSA: Asymmetric Battles

    He has been drinking their (WGs) Kool-Aid for a long time, at least going back to the exodus of CCs last summer, where he was carrying WGs banner that they (WG) were completely right and Mouse and friends were unreasonable. He was a CC himself at the time so I guess drinking their Kool-Aid then got them to give him a paid job. At least now it's obvious that he needs to toe the company line.
  13. gslick

    Received Warmly. Poll

    And that's the point. The frustrated player is then encouraged to spend real $ to alleviate their problem.
  14. Fat chance of it happening. The removal of the reset for CBs excuse was total [edited] the first time. Made abundantly clear by no reset this time as you pointed out. Us Missouri owners were assured that a 17% increase in credits would make up for the removal of the hull's bonus. So much for that assurance. Now we are supposed to believe that our DDs will not be more vulnerable with their new, untested methodology for applying SE? Because they said so? "Oh" they say, "we planned to make a change to SE sometime anyway", so rather than revert back to the previous method, they only reduced the amount of nerf applied to taking the SE skill. To believe WGs explanations and excuses anymore, is akin to believing in fairies and pixie dust.
  15. gslick

    New Code