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  1. frogui

    7.11 PT test part 2

    Some missions at royal navy are to fight with Nelson or Duke of York ships. How can I get them to enter this missions?
  2. frogui

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    One more thing: the consumable for burst reload at french cruisers is not good: I feel the reload is not too fast and the time of consumable is too short. It gives you time for only one reload, maybe two.
  3. frogui

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Hello, About the minimap, the ship appears at same time as in the minimap. I liked the Rank battles and the french cruisers. The Henri IV is better than the Hindenburg. The Anniversary is great because there is a lot of gifts. How can we use the tokens? regards,
  4. Hello, Finally I get the Rank to get the camos but couldn´t apply the camo to the ship. Don´t know if it is a bug or need a command to put it. I get the camos with copper and appear at my inventory but don´t appear in available camos. Thanks for your help
  5. frogui

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Hello, I liked the narai and raptor missions. The only problema I remember is when playing the X tier misión: after you play if click on "battle again" button it gets blocked and I had to reinitiate the game. Some times it happened when changing window from Captain window to port or from clan window to port. apparently is when trying to get back to port window.
  6. frogui

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Hello, Finally played special missions. I liked them, they are much more exciting tan normal ones. I liked the ships are same tier: it is more competitive. Tried the american cruisers and they are nice.
  7. frogui

    0.7.6 - Public Test Feedback

    Good, I´m from Guatemala too
  8. frogui

    0.7.6 - Public Test Feedback

    Cleveland very agil ship. Couldn´´t try other light cruisers. the cherry battle played it but nothing special happened.?
  9. frogui

    0.7.6 - Public Test Feedback

    NAVAL Pride, are you from Guatemala?
  10. frogui

    0.7.6 - Public Test Feedback

    I liked the Baltimore. Tried the buffalo but feel it slower. Try to get stars at oparation cherry blossom but couldn't. It was like other mission... maybe I didn't understand it.