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  1. CheapWine

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Most of my battles are not showing up. What a waste of time. Any response from WG?
  2. The fact that people are spending as much money as indicated here on a video game is a sad commentary on our society.
  3. CheapWine


    Had a game tonight, tier 8-10 where I finished 2nd on my team in scoring (we lost). I did 99,664 damage 1 kill and 1 downed plane. Not fantastic but not bad and that effort got me -22,265 credits. Next game I get hit from 20+ km's away by a BB before I can even come close to engaging the enemy, game over. I didn't wait to see my score but I assume that will be worth around a -100,000 credits or worse. Ok I get it WG owns the game and they can make the scoring any way they wish and whether that scoring system makes me want to leave the game is not going to make the folks at WG lose any sleep. That being the case does anyone have any suggestion for other games of a similar genre that they can recommend to me that they find enjoyable?