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  1. yup it works no problem.
  2. Rothgar_57

    5 game disconnects or crashes in 24 hours

    check your windows event logs.
  3. Rothgar_57

    5 game disconnects or crashes in 24 hours

    How old is your graphics card? this happened to me when my thermal paste dried up on my GPU. Replaced the thermal paste all was good again. Weird thing was it only happened in WOWS.
  4. Rothgar_57

    When did MrGibbins turn Sour?

    MR Gibbins is a great streamer. Really enjoy his streams. I do prefer watching his alternative content. Ships is just not fun any more for me.
  5. Rothgar_57

    When did MrGibbins turn Sour?

    warships turns everyone sour at some point. Its just a matter of time.
  6. Rothgar_57

    Can I leapfrog the tech tree

    to be honest your not saving that much time getting to t10. I would just grind it.
  7. Rothgar_57

    Which ship should I get first?

    Pommern is not worth getting. The new German line will fill this niche just fine. having said that Freddy is actually just better than Pommern iMHO. Kearsarge has a unique play style and great guns. kersarge is just strong at her tier go for it.
  8. Rothgar_57

    IZUMO vs DES MOINES, who would win?

    Its all about position.
  9. Rothgar_57

    why does WG give us what we don't want?

    There is a cost benefit analysis to everything they do. Its all about he short term gains.
  10. its been power-crept a small bit. Its still a very good choice.
  11. 156 battles. Is this your only account? if it is. Yeah don't worry about clan battles.
  12. Rothgar_57

    kearsarge is stupid

  13. Rothgar_57

    Become comfortable with the meta

    let me look up every profile of everyone so i can call them out. Well is just possible that people can play multiple accounts?
  14. Rothgar_57

    Become comfortable with the meta

    I simply disagree with you. i have played them. Depth charges are easy to dodge. You just have to get off access to the drop line easy dodge.