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  1. Rothgar_57

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    yeah your just going to have subs, DDS and CLS.
  2. Rothgar_57

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    I totally agree with Flamu. The game looks empty. If they add more ships and make sure dds and CLs are on both sides. Every ship class should have counter play against one another. With these changes this could work.
  3. What is the alternative? how about only allowing ships that are available for sale.
  4. Rothgar_57

    World of Sinops

    Ranked battles are too short. If your trying to burn a Sinop all game thats good for the Sinops team. Your not shooting squishier ships. Sinop can tank fire damage if shes built for it. Really the only thing that's going to kill a Sinop with in the time frame of a Ranked battle is AP from another BB. This all assumes that captain is not a potato.
  5. I would like to see the reward systems in the game to synchronize with good play. Objective and team play should earn significant income.
  6. Rothgar_57

    Odin. Why?

    I Have zero interest in a low health bb. Its just dumb and unfortunate.
  7. Every T7 Ranked we see the exact same ship Pay fast. Sinop too. Everyone should have access to ships allowed in ranked.
  8. Rothgar_57

    Need 5 DDs and 2 Sinop in every Ranked match

    once you get to premier league its pretty much this or Payfasts.
  9. Rothgar_57

    I love the Georgia: 7 Kills 200k Damage

    Nice work fun to watch.
  10. Rothgar_57

    I said it, now Flambass says it...

    Really the points were not hard to follow. Stop trolling.
  11. Rothgar_57

    Question about the Georgia

    Whats nice about the Georgia is the speed enables the use of secondary's. i routinely get 50 k plus damage with just secondary fire. Then if you have a decent game with main battery your way over 100k damage per game.
  12. Rothgar_57

    Question about the Georgia

    I swear i never read your name LOL. That was not intentional. I love the ship. Remember to buy the Speed boost Module in the Armory for coal. . The Speed boost mod is nuts on this ship. You amost have 5Min of speed boost. I think its 4min 30 sec.
  13. Rothgar_57

    Question about the Georgia

    Georgia is a beast in experienced hands. Its trash if your a newbie.
  14. Rothgar_57

    can a mod delete this plz

    You need to play cruisers like a paranoid drug addict. Everyone is out to get you cause your the squishy. So hide behind islands, kite, dodge. You need to Rob people when opportunity presents itself. Cruisers i think are the most difficult to play out of all the classes. DDs can rely on stealth, speed or smoke. BBs can tank. Cruisers Don't have the best Stealth not all have smoke and most cant tank. Since your new, I would recommend try all classes and all nations. Dont just focus on Cruiser play. The more classes you play the better cruiser crack head you will be.
  15. Match maker monitor will only poison the game for you. It makes you realize that 75% of the player base is really dog poop. The match maker itself makes no effort or very little effort in balance.