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  1. i agree with you on this. But if you don't spot that is also a losing strat. Cause BBs are huge pool of points.
  2. well not spotting for BBs gets them killed. and BBs are just huge bags of points. So not helping the bbs is a losing situation no matter how you look at it.
  3. Rothgar_57


    Pushing in BB these days is very rare. To many Hi HE DPM ships. Torps are to fast to dodge, CVs. But in terms of Battle Influence DDS and CVs rule the day. This is confirmed by Wargamings own data and charts. Battleships and Cruisers are very close interms of battle influence. However i think the edge has tipped in-favor of Cruiser with the likes of petro and the nerfs to BBs.
  4. Something needs to change. The randoms meta is so bad. The problem with being a BB is no DDs spot anymore. They all go off on their own leave their team behind . Then DDs wonder why their BBs don't push. The reason is they can't. As a DD player try to provide spotting on enemy DD positions and you will see more BBs engagement.
  5. Rothgar_57

    Shikishima - Still worth the steel?

    i would wait until after dead eye is removed. see if the ship is still being played. Even with deadeye i still think Yamato is better.
  6. Rothgar_57

    Is the Des Moines still good vs CVs?

    Tried a Full AA build got dumpstered.
  7. Rothgar_57

    earning german tokens on twitch

    Had to watch the official world of warships stream. Just afk it.
  8. Rothgar_57

    This is not ok.

    yup DM is utterly useless in this meta. Still great in ranked. Cause no CVs.
  9. Rothgar_57

    This is not ok.

    DM even full AA build still does not stop the FDR.
  10. Rothgar_57

    This is not ok.

    not much fun is it. DM really needs a huge buff to AA. DM literately can't perform her role in this meta.
  11. Rothgar_57

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    This is pretty pathetic.
  12. really don't see the point of subs. Its just taking away from the torpedo DD . Likely it will have some un counter-able ability like CVs. So i don't think this will be good from the game.
  13. Rothgar_57

    Sinop a Bit OP For It's Tier

    yup its fantastic.
  14. Rothgar_57

    So, that toxic Gold rank...

    yes Gold is much more toxic. I had the same experience.