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  1. I know many have had better games in the Missouri, but I had the good fortune of hitting a really productive game when I was loaded for bear on the silver front. Missouri Zulu, Wyvern, and the three new credit flags (+20%, +50%. +30%, +20% +20%) Gamescon camo (+50%) Premium time I think this is the highest possible silver configuration. This was the result. It's probably about 1M higher than I've ever done since I really lucked out with the loadout (this was for one of the RN missions). There must be some 3M games out there with the new flags. Can 4M be done in a 20 minute battle?
  2. USS Salem

    I just got Salem, but so far I'm very pleased -- it reminds me of a DM with truck nuts: The vehicle isn't that different but the mindset of the driver changes with the heal onboard. I've been enjoying seeking out a good brawl.
  3. Moving from Kiev to Tashkent to Khabi

    Agree with this sentiment, and likewise it didn't take long for it to wear off. I think the biggest adjustment with the Khaba is getting comfortable with your 50mm plate armor -- its downright unnatural at first shattering 203mm HE for example. Another example in the Tash, even as buff as it is and with heal, a close range fight with a Gearing or a Yoyo is going to leave one of you dead and one of you mostly dead. In the same fight in Khaba, Gearing will be lucky to take a few thousand off of you before you melt him (unless you give him a straight broadside for AP or you eat a torp).
  4. 1000 Battles in the Khaba

    Finished my 1000th battle in the mighty Khab today. By far my favorite ship -- the only cure to the dreaded Detection Anxiety DDisease -- That near universal DD captain's experience: that sinking feeling, quickly followed by actual sinking, when the dreaded "detected" icon appears and the enemy team begins raining steel on your head... simply doesn't apply to Khab. In Khab, "detected" translates loosely to "activate war boner." Couple of observations: 1. The torps are so lousy that nobody expects them, which creates opportunity. I had about 100 games before the torpedo nerf. The old torps were like gravy, good for picking up the occasional chokepoint or smoke kill. While I rarely kill anything with the new torps, they're surprisingly effective for shooting into smoke (en route to charging a smoked up dd -- thats the only time they're in range), and using like sea mines when being pursued by a cruiser. The slow speed actually makes up for a lot of the lost range when kiting, especially since anyone pursuing a Khab can't really afford to zig zag lest they lose even more ground. When being hunted down in any other DD, captains are much more paranoid about torps. 2. There seem to be two main types of captains: ones that hate Khaba's guts religiously and will target you the instant you're detected, and ones that seem to hate wasting damage potential on a 48kt dodging target with troll armor, and will only shoot at you if there are no juicier targets around. On to the next thousand Comrades!
  5. As a relatively new player in a tier 4 or 5 dd, was steaming into the cap at the start of the game when I had to tend to a real life kid issue. Tried to hurry but it took a full 5 minutes or so. Return to computer to find my ship a gurgling, sinking wreck as expected, but with one kill, having straight up T-boned an enemy DD. Better yet the red captain was going full butthurt in chat.