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  1. Bone_Mutilator_69

    Any Khab captains gonna try the legendary upgrade?

    I tried it and have had a bad experience so far, but it may be a play style thing. The reload is nice and there is no problem hitting targets at the new max ~14.5 range. The rudder feels very slow as expected. My problem is that I love using khab to run down or ambush enemy dds and melt them while they helplessly plink my troll armor, and I find myself eating torps that I would have just dodged before. I may throw it on again next time there’s a BB glut.
  2. Bone_Mutilator_69

    Khaba Ultra Edition

    This is interesting to hear. I had the other special commander and Ovechkin both at 10 pts, and the Elite XP to take one up to 19. I chose Ovie, because the upgrade was more in-your'face tangible, but busted engines and turrets are extremely common since Khab is such a shell magnet. I'm going to try to keep a loose count to make a benefit comparison.
  3. Bone_Mutilator_69

    Kamikaze Replay Thread and Tactics Discussion

    Don't have the replay, but I did get a screengrab of one of those "only in a Kami" moments. Always happy when I can make good on the smack.
  4. Bone_Mutilator_69

    Khaba Ultra Edition

    Now featuring higher Stalinium content. Are all my fellow Khab mains going this route?
  5. I know many have had better games in the Missouri, but I had the good fortune of hitting a really productive game when I was loaded for bear on the silver front. Missouri Zulu, Wyvern, and the three new credit flags (+20%, +50%. +30%, +20% +20%) Gamescon camo (+50%) Premium time I think this is the highest possible silver configuration. This was the result. It's probably about 1M higher than I've ever done since I really lucked out with the loadout (this was for one of the RN missions). There must be some 3M games out there with the new flags. Can 4M be done in a 20 minute battle?
  6. Bone_Mutilator_69

    USS Salem

    I just got Salem, but so far I'm very pleased -- it reminds me of a DM with truck nuts: The vehicle isn't that different but the mindset of the driver changes with the heal onboard. I've been enjoying seeking out a good brawl.