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  1. Yeah, your business model has been seriously flawed from the start. Advance ten tiers and the game is over. Now the “great idea” is for everyone to replay and repay, until they reach Tier 10 again and then the business model fails again for the same reason. Part of the problem is that each tier represents a set of capabilities with limited appeal. Upper Tiers are no fun to play for many, WoW has made it that way. Tiers 3, 4 and 5 have an appealing set of capabilities given their limits, but you guys have no way of exploiting financially the continued play of those tiers. I noticed this early on and saw your problem coming. I’d pay to play mid-Tiers but you guys don’t even think that way. Were I an investor I’d tell you guys to encourage revenue streams from mid-tiers but hey it’s your game and your investors, so follow the path you want.
  2. No interest in playing Tier 10 or hardly any of the upper tiers - it is so anti-DD Can we just ignore this and keep playing the lower tiers that are more fun?

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    "....bad CV player are now rendered useless..." I fail to see why that would be a complaint, were bad CV players previously given some undue advantage they've now lost?
  4. No, a CV Torp buff is not needed. It's already totally lopsided in CV's favor. Lower tier CVs have a huge advantage in rockets over DDs, whose AA is ineffective against them.
  5. No, Tier 4 DDs are not overpowered. Their torps are already weak, the only advantage is that a good Wickes captain can launch 12 at a time at a target by flipping the bow. The argument to enhance CVs torpedoes would give them too much advantage against DDs. All tier 4 DDs are already weak in the face of CVs planes that now have rockets. DDs have no defense against rockets which is lame. Planes' rockets are more powerful than DD AA and that is just stupid. No further freebies for CVs please.
  6. 48 battles for me. DD had strayed into my torp, didn't even sink. Went to COOP to play it off 2 or 4 games. In COOP, started the games sent my ships off and then left...the way some of us "old-timers" worked them off. Instead COOP had the new rule of punishing players who leave a game without dying and my four games went to 48. It was pretty PO'd but played them all away anyway.
  7. So some DD strays into my torp, takes the hit doesn’t sink, nobody cares – four games to be played as pink… So I play four games in Co-op without hitting a thing and I come out with 48 games to play in pink and not allowed to play games above Tier V. No explanation no nothing. wth WoW people? wth! Does seem to be end of play for me – over one torpedo that didn’t sink anything

    Tired of Timid DDs in Radar/CV matches?

    DD is still a great challenge to play. There are various tricks to circumventing current CV plane scenarios. Not always but they work often enough to make it fun. Radar is something else, don't often play those tiers in DD because of it.
  9. So many BBs seem to prefer to ram each other in a final blaze of glory - kinda cheats us DD players of killing you guys. That's unfair!!!! (whiney nasaly tone)
  10. PIGARD

    Are the DD Mains' Whining Days Now Over?

    Whining about DD players? Still?
  11. It sounds so pathetic and is so ineffective now, I've been thinking of turning it off on all my DDs. If we're going to pretend planes had rockets why not given to 'em us DDs so we got a chance to hit 'em back?
  12. then you get two DD's fighting for the middle heal and the winner is the one with team support or the better attack plan. I like throwing a wall of torps at the center heal hoping to catch an enemy DD or at least scare him off so I can clinch it as I follow my torps in.
  13. DDs got a pretty big nerf this time.... some work arounds are possible but the nerf in AA and the buff to CVs with rockets just not racing to get back in and play another game now days
  14. you're not playing DDs since the last couple of updates
  15. PIGARD

    Garbage boats you like...

    Liked Yorck early on but couldn't do anything with here...Nurnberg the tier below always seemed a better ship. So I quit playing Yorkie for a long time. Still liked it so I rebuilt it as an all-out AA cruiser - have gotten as many as 28 kills in that guise - sadly there are not many carriers playing at that tier anymore.