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  1. I finally got a super-container today after not seeing one since early winter. It had 25 Dragon flags in it. The best thing I've ever received was an Arizona. The second best was 1000 doubloons just before port slots went on sale for 75 gold each.
  2. Strange History: John Wayne, OSS

    Jimmy Stewart flew 20 credited and a dozen more uncredited bombing missions in Europe and then quietly served on in the Reserves after the war with little fanfare, eventually retiring a brigadier general. His last combat mission was over North Vietnam. Far from shirking his duty, he bent over backwards and pulled strings in order to get assigned to a combat unit. When I was a kid nearly all the old men in town had served in WWI, WWII or Korea. They came home and returned to their civilian jobs and never talked about their service, other than among themselves sometimes on cold winters' evening around the pot-bellied stove at the hardware store. Only old pictures and dusty medals in drawers told the tale that the grocers, postmasters, farmers, and schoolteachers had once fought a war.
  3. Strange History: John Wayne, OSS

    That "OSS certificate" seems dubious to me as an official US document wouldn't be issued under Marion Robert Morrison's stage name.
  4. Free Premiums

    Having to deal with dead bodies is the downside of letting people know that you are a paramedic. Why they call a paramedic to deal with a decomposing body is beyond me. I mean, our job is to keep the living living, not clean up after the dead. Of course, Army medics are often tasked to do the same thing. I guess they figure that we have the stomach for it.
  5. Was the Kamikaze a justifiable tactic?

    This is an understatement. One even wonders what they were thinking. Perhaps they thought that they would be able to cement their hold in the eastern Pacific and then get the US to sue for peace? If so then they woefully underestimated the American response. Perhaps they thought by keeping the Americans busy in the Pacific that their Axis allies would have pressure taken off them? Again, they, and Germany too, woefully underestimated the ability of the US to produce and man war material. Major weapons groups System Allies Axis Tanks, self-propelled artillery, vehicles 4,358,649 670,288 Artillery, mortars, guns 6,792,696 1,363,491 Aircraft 637,248 229,331 Missiles (only for test) 45,458 Ships 54,932 1,670 Economy In thousands of international dollars, at 2014 prices. Service Allies Axis GDP 97,707,908,723.20 10,268,201,776.37
  6. Was the Kamikaze a justifiable tactic?

    The allies also toyed with the idea of human-guided aerial bombs -- but their idea was to have the crews parachute out. President John F. Kennedy's brother was killed when the guided bomb he was in prematurely exploded.
  7. WOWS Mimics Life

    "...but when the smoke had cleared away, the mighty Hood went down."
  8. In real life, if you had an emplacement of Oerlikon or larger cannon and the crew manning them destroyed then most ships probably couldn't easily replace them at sea.
  9. confusion

    To understand what WG is doing here, read the story of the Prodigal Son.
  10. Free Premiums

    I don't play all of the Premiums I have all of the time but a few stand out. The Atago is still a pretty good ship. Even with the new tier VIII cruisers, its combo of decent 203 mm guns and 16, 10 km torpedoes has kept it from succumbing to power creep too much. My new scenario go-to ship, now that the Cleveland has moved to tier VIII, is the De Grasse. I got 12 kills the other day with it in Killer Whale. Occasionally, I'll play the Graf Spee as for a challenge. Interestingly, I can sometimes do well with it. My first Kraken was in a Graf Spee
  11. Kidd/Fletcher build help

    I agree with this. IMO, faster torpedo reloads and the ability to still maneuver after having the rudder and engine taken out are more important skill selections. The same thing goes for smoke screen expert as it does for superintendent. At one time a huge, long-lasting smoke screen was the way to go. Now, only a very few ships (some cruisers at mid range) can benefit much from a smoke screen.
  12. Free Premiums

    Some people here have a strong sense of entitlement. "How dare I have to play certain ships in certain campaigns in order to receive rewards!" "How dare WG give free ships to those who haven't played in a while in order to entice them back into the fold!" Give me a break. I once had to cut a hole in an apartment wall, wade through four inches of human excrement, and help extricate a 600 pound liquefying dead body. Then I had to clean up said hoarder's apartment and get it ready to re-rent. What did I get for my effort? $8 an hour, of which the government took $2 because of the self-employment taxes that maintenance men have to pay because their employers call them "contractors" so they don't have to pay social security taxes or give benefits. Back then I didn't have time to game. Between college and three jobs, I barely found time to eat and sleep.
  13. Free Premiums

    Supercontainer and a free Xmas box.
  14. Free Premiums

    I used to be an adjunct professor, so yes and yes.
  15. I don't see any problem with "jumping through hoops" because it's just part of the fun of game. It's no different from a quest you are given in a role playing game. I don't mind "wasting" my time on a fun hobby. At least this hobby doesn't cost me anything.