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  1. You can run the game directly. It won't update but it will tell you if it needs to and you can launch the gaming center and update it then. Just make a shortcut to: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\WorldOfWarships.exe
  2. What Ships Is IFHE Viable On?

    There are only a very few structures, mainly in the American BB line, that it 203 MM HE is good for, not enough to warrant spending the 4 points.
  3. That Damn CA cost us the game!!!!

    Right, nobody likes California!
  4. What Ships Is IFHE Viable On?

    It's not ships, it's armor that you should be looking at. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration Look up the armor for a ship in game. Roughly speaking though, I put it on everything around 155 mm and smaller using HE.
  5. Someone gets free port slots easily?

    I got three or four port slots from containers and bought a couple more at full price when I got doubloons from a campaign. However, where I really made a killing on them was when I got a super container with 1000 doubloons and a Christmas container with another 1000 doubloons at the exact time the port slots went on sale for 75 doubloons each. I now have about 35 extra slots.
  6. Did any of you listen to the podcast? This is what he says regarding game length: "We are in a comfort zone right now and I think that probably is where we will stay." He goes on to say that if the game time was shortened he would be "surprised, to say the least." Nothing going on here, move along...
  7. Camo that doesn't look like camo

    There is a picture somewhere of a model who was fully clothed but her clothing was painted in an image of her nude body so she appeared nude. This brings up a conundrum for those who consider the unclothed human body "offensive." Other models have walked down the streets of major cities for hours completely nude except for body paint that looked like clothing and hardly anyone gave them a second glance.
  8. Luck in the game refers to the random number generator and also fortuitous events. For instance, let's say a new player went somewhere unexpected, a place that no good player would go, and then just happened to round an island and tun right into the best player on the opposite team, The new player then hits "3" and frantically clicks the left mouse button and, out of sheer luck, just happens to torpedo and sink the best player on the other team. Luck is just the perception of rare events. Bad luck is a rare event that goes against one's favor. Good luck is a rare even that goes in one's favor. This is just how we talk. I also did a lot of statistical modeling and used probabilities in my biological work but still would say things like "well, we had some pretty good luck on that trip; the weather was nice for a change and the creeks weren't swollen with runoff." An example in the game would be using a spotter plane and taking a shot at a battleship 25 km away and, through a fortuitous occurrence of the randomly-generated numbers, in a low-probability event, getting 5 citadels and deleting it in a single strike. The next shot might be "unlucky" in that the five shells that hit are all overpens.
  9. Does Video game measure IQ?

    Yore correct. Online video games are highly social, especially when one includes the forum community. If it were not for forums my interaction with people would consist mainly of saying "hey" as I saw them in passing.
  10. Do we need faster games?

    I have been known to play Civilization and Ultima for half a day and Age of Empires for up to six hours straight. However, these games are more complex and naturally epic than WOWS. I think the 20 minute match limit is just about right. Most people have 30 minutes out of their day that they can invest in a match.
  11. Not everyone likes emblems. Some don't bother with badges or emblems, just staying on the stock one the game assigns because they couldn't care less. I personally like the rattlesnake and was waiting for it to appear so that I could use it. I've several emblems I could chose from though.
  12. Raptor Rescue

    Since this is the current Operation. Here it is again for those who missed it.
  13. Several of us have performed statistical tests on things like average team win rate, average team WTR and average team XP earned and have found the differences to not be statistically significant. I have seen games where two divisions, each consisting of "unicums" with rank 1 stars and WTRs in the high thousands were tromped by "below average" players. There is a lot of luck involved in this game. Basing the MM on a skill index would increase wait times. I know because I played a game for a long time that had a skill-based rank rating index and where players themselves determined the matchmaking. There were times where getting everyone to agree on all the aspects that go together to make a "balanced" game took hours. And still they yelled if they lost saying that it was "unbalanced." If things are so easy to balance in games then why are so many people complaining that the matchmaking is unbalanced? Surely a gaming company, one who holds a patent on matchmaking and whose founder is a billionaire, knows more about how to design games than a single player of the game. If not, then perhaps you should submit a resume. A graduate degree in game design, a few years experience in the field, and a couple of game theory patents of your own should suffice to get you an interview,. You do have all of these, right? You do realize that there have been thousands of papers written and hundreds of thousands of hours of discussion as to what constitutes skill at games and which index, if any, would be the best to use to approximate skill? As far as I know, nobody has come up with a best answer or everyone would be using their system.
  14. This is promising, nVidia RTX Technology

    Prices will stay high as long as cryptocurrencies are mined with GPUs. Of course, the video card manufacturers and sellers don't mind -- they are making a killing. Who cares about the gamers if you can sell card to "miners" for above MSRP?.
  15. "Fix MM" = "Bias MM towards me winning." Fix lottery tickets, I keep buying them and I hardly ever win!