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  1. Snargfargle

    WoWS dying?

    I didn't "manipulate" the data. It's a commonly accepted practice in statistics to sample a population if you don't have the time to analyze everything. In fact, sampling is what statistics is all about. I used the X-axis graph dates to systematically sample the data for the entire time period of the game. I could increase the size of my data set but it wouldn't matter -- a quick observation of the cyclical trends shows that the player population on the NA server isn't crashing. What too many are doing is only looking at the time period between just before the rework and now and saying that the sky is falling. However, if you look at that same time period for all the years the game has been extant you will will see exactly the same downward trend.
  2. Snargfargle

    Have you ever watched a movie...

    ... where they rattled off some "technical" jargon to impress the audience, then realized that the movie must be twenty years old, at least, because the "state of the art" computer had a 500 MB HDD and a 14.4 k modem? Without even knowing anything about the movie, which I never got around to watching until I noticed it on Netflix today, I could date it almost exactly. These were the specs of my computer in 1996. I was off by one year. Another way to date the movie is that it was made back when a BMW actually was considered a good car.
  3. Snargfargle

    The Aircraft Carrier And All Its Changes

    You literally have played one random game. It doesn't matter if it was in a carrier or any other ship. Playing against humans is much different than playing against computer bots.
  4. Snargfargle

    What makes a good game?

    A short queue time. Not being the lone CV on the team. Making a net excess of credits. Helping the other CV kill a Shimikaze by spotting it because you couldn't hit it to save your life. Spotting another Shimakaze for your Zao because you couldn't hit that one either and it was threatening to sink you. Getting three kill secures for the team. Having a good team that won the game, despite of your low damage (I spent half the match trying to spot those pesky DDs).
  5. Snargfargle

    help for an old guy

    I was in the Army in the 70s so I guess I qualify. I never considered myself all that old until the country elected a president that was younger than me. At least Donald Trump, at 72, makes me feel a bit less old. He may be the last president I see that's older than me though.
  6. It took me an hour to figure it out in the Training Room against stationary ships (you have set your attack vector, not dodge any flak, and then time your attack run and engine boost just right). I still couldn't get the maximum damage that the unicums show in their videos. I did get a bit higher than the normal damage I get per strike (that is, three or four bomb hits instead of two or three). However, then again, since this was on stationary ships I might have done the same by just striking normally.
  7. Snargfargle

    Has Anyone Ever Tried Running A Secondary Build CV?

    It might, if the DD couldn't just sit 10 km from you and fire its guns and torpedoes at you.
  8. Snargfargle

    WoWS dying?

    Well, I don't have all the data but I just parsed the graph on the given x-axis dates and generated a trend line from the player data on each date. Zoup was correct; the overall player numbers trend for the game since its release (NA server) is stable.
  9. Snargfargle

    WoWS dying?

    That is representative of people playing on Steam. Also, remember that there is a natural decline in numbers after the holidays so you can't say that the rework caused it. If I had all the data I could do a multivariate analysis to determine what components weighed the most but all I have are the graphs and some collected averages. However, I worked with statistics as a biologist for much of my life and can't really see a precipitous crash in the numbers, only normal seasonal variation. If you only consider the past few months a slight decline can be noted. However, at this rate it would take nearly a decade before it became economically questionable to keep the servers running.
  10. Snargfargle

    What to spend Florins on?

    I got the first two British CVs because the package deals for Premium time and signals were better than if purchased individually, plus I got two ships that I didn't have to research and pay credits for.
  11. I really feel old now as when I was a kid general credit cards weren't even a thing yet. About the closest thing you could find was a Sears card or a Mobil card and I never even had one of those. I didn't have an actual credit card until I was almost 30. Times sure have changed. I now use a debit card or direct bank payments for everything. I can't even remember the last time I used actual cash. The only cash I handle nowadays is some that I give to my grand nieces over the Xmas holidays.
  12. Snargfargle

    WoWS dying?

    To the people who are decrying that "things are substantially slowing down" because a certain quarter's numbers were lower than an other quarter's numbers don't seem to look at the long-term trends. Let's compare similar time periods (Nov to March) over the past four years. Note that things are not as terrible today as some would express to believe. There may be slightly fewer playing than back in the peak years but the numbers are hardly plummeting.
  13. I'll have to remember that.
  14. I was way back too. A CV spotted me and three BBs started shooting at me with spotter planes.
  15. This doesn't have anything to do with the thread but every time I see your username I think of this song.