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  1. Snargfargle

    So, how Hot is it where You Are?

    I can relate. I simply hate it when the humidity here gets to 1%. 105 now. I was out weed eating and mowing just a few minutes ago like an idiot. Going to spend the rest of the day indoors though. May have to retire to the basement where its cooler and watch a movie if the Fire Stick down there still works. Guy showed up to "fix" the AC but didn't have the right parts, even though I told the company what they should send their technician out with before they sent him. Supposedly he will be back out Monday to fix the problem. Hope so, it's already cost me $350.
  2. Snargfargle

    So, how Hot is it where You Are?

    104 now. The hottest I can remember it being here was 113. I'd just gotten out of the Army and had a job that summer cutting down dead trees. I drank three gallons of water that day.
  3. Snargfargle

    So, how Hot is it where You Are?

    Currently 103 F here and my AC is out. Fortunately, it cools down at night so it's not too bad in the house until mid-afternoon. My main problem is that I've got a ton of stuff to do in the shop and it's too hot to do it. Guess I need to start pulling some overnighters until things cool down. They might be coming over this afternoon to look at the AC or not depending on how the tech's other calls go over in the next town but that's just the normal hassle of living in the boondocks. I know a lot of things about home construction and maintenance but, unfortunately, not so much about HVAC and central AC systems are one of the few things I can't readily fix myself. The cost of the specialty tools I'd need would probably be more than a service call anyway.
  4. Snargfargle

    They really screwed up CV's

    It would add realism to the ambiance of the game.
  5. Snargfargle

    Only for today! Lert's TRUE form revealed!

    This has a biological basis. Vocalizations were being produced by ancient animals long before the age of dinosaurs. I had a chemistry professor once who told the class that he couldn't understand how students could remember a new song in one listening but couldn't learn a chemical formula in a week. A biology professor would have known why and have never made this statement. Certain note combinations cause us to feel certain emotions because they are similar to the social sounds made by our ancestors before we were anything near human. It doesn't take long to pick up on the meanings of the vocalizations that other species make either. I always know where my cats are by the "danger, predator!" sounds the birds make. That the "cat call" is ancestral to at least passerine birds is evidenced by its similarity among different perching bird species.
  6. Snargfargle

    Undo the rocket nerf WG

    I mainly use the rockets now to target battleships as even cruisers can easily avoid them. I no longer actively hunt DDs with them. If I happen to stumble across a DD while flying rocket planes, I will circle it and try to keep it spotted as long as my team is firing on it. However, if they don't shoot at it in 30 seconds I'll ping the map to show them where it is and then go find something I can hit. Now, if the DD is stationary then that's another matter. I've actually sunk a half-dozen DDs post-patch when they were hiding behind islands and not moving or moving in a steady straight line.
  7. Snargfargle

    9/12 players in the red...

    Burning fossil fuels is just oxidation of organic material. Every organism that performs cellular respiration, which is every organism, burns organic material. Tool use, and even tool fabrication, has been documented in at least a dozen non-human species.
  8. Snargfargle

    9/12 players in the red...

    You obviously haven't studied much biology. Life feeds on life and always has. Nature doesn't live in "harmony" with itself. In nature, it's a constant struggle to live long enough to reproduce before something else kills you. You want to talk about "toxicity?" Then let's talk about photosynthetic bacteria, whose toxic waste, oxygen, once killed off most other life on the planet.
  9. Snargfargle

    User Music appears to be acting up again

    I've had trouble with the game's audio for some time. I traditionally have set "use user music" on but with no music just to get the Port interface "clicks" to sound right. However, since a couple of patches ago after a few games played the interface clicks, and also my gunshots, become muffled. Restarting the game fixes this but only for a while, then it's rinse and repeat.
  10. Snargfargle

    Snarg's Chat Funnies

  11. Snargfargle

    They really screwed up CV's

    Rockets should fire instantly but then take time to reach the target, just like torpedoes. If this were the case I think that there would be less fuss about the patch. This WWII-era documentary shows that Tiny Tims took about five seconds to reach their target from a low-flying aircraft, and several more from a higher-flying one.
  12. Snargfargle

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    4-5 DDs per team is sort of becoming the norm for Ranked. I have very rarely seen a CV in Ranked. I've seen none since the Rocket Patch.
  13. Snargfargle

    So was the idea to dumb down the game WG?

    The trend nowadays is to dumb down most games. Game developers want matches that can be completed in the time people have to spend on their coffee breaks. Only rarely now will will you find the epic matches of the past in open-ended games that may have taken hours, or even days to complete. It's a symptom of the "freemium" economic model. Of course, it's not just games that have been dumbed down. In the early days of personal computing you had to read a shelf of books in order to become proficient with your computer. Now, you only have to pick up an iPhone and know the rudimentary basics about a couple of apps in order to seem productive. I say "seem" because what most people know about those powerful computers that they can slip into their pockets extends mainly to taking selfies and posting messages on social media.
  14. Snargfargle

    Snarg's Chat Funnies