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  1. Ranked season 10 will be worse

    It adds in Coop and Scenario battles. Some people only play PvE so if the battles indicator only included Random, Ranked, and Clan battles then they wouldn't have any number at all.
  2. Ranked season 10 will be worse

    I'm looking forward to this ranked season. I got to rank 10 the past few seasons but the last one fell at a time when I was especially busy so I didn't have time to play much and only got to rank 13. This season I'm going to see how far I can get. I've got a few tier X ships now too. All of them were ground out after the last ranked season.
  3. Sniper Loss

    Exactly. I recently unlocked and purchased the Montana. Hearing of its "tanky" reputation I have been taking it in close, only to get deleted early in the game. I'm not sure that I've even broken even with it yet. Conversely, those who hide behind rocks at the back of the map and snipe are constantly getting Krakens, Hi Calibers and Confederates with it. Like it or not, sniping works.
  4. I made the mistake of not switching sides immediately when I maxed out loyalty for one side. If I had done so I would have collected ten more crates worth of tokens. As it it, I fell 2 loyalty shy of getting that final 50 tokens. Also, the way it turned out, I should have gone Sharks to begin with, as it would have given me several more crates too. Oh well, I did get a not too garish permanent Premium camouflage for my Des Moines (I got the Freedom one) and a good slug of oil via the crates. The grind trying to get into the leaderboards the first few days also coincided with Premium time I won in a supercontainer and got me the Montana, Worcester, and Des Moines, so I can't complain too much.
  5. Forum Game: Useless Facts

    LOL, I could have used this when I was presenting mammalogy papers at scientific meetings.
  6. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    This may be my best SC. I got an Arizona in one, which was really nice too. However, this Premium time has allowed me to obtain the Worcester, Des Moines, Montana, and Gneisenau and I'm just halfway through it.
  7. When you are detonated by a shell that misses you it's not that that shell that sank you -- it's the torpedo from the unseen submarine that lurks beneath the waves.
  8. How the military has been fighting global warming.

    This is interesting. I'd always speculated that Polynesians should have been able to make landfall in the Americas but there was no good evidence of it until recently.
  9. I've done a lot of diving and can tell you that the ocean is a very noisy place. Therefore, something big like a ship will have all sorts of echoes bouncing off of it. It doesn't take all that sophisticated equipment either. Every morning I can hear the mockingbird that lives in the front yard ping its song off the building behind my shop. If I couldn't see I'd still know that there was something there by the song echo.
  10. Forum Game: Useless Facts

    Since we are mammals, and observant mammals to boot, I'd say that this occurred very early on in human history. It may not have been a cow but there's a good chance that a non-human suckled a human infant sometime as it occurs all the time with cats and dogs that raise litters of non-cats or non-dogs.
  11. How the military has been fighting global warming.

    By the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Europeans had been active in the New World for over 300 years. In fact, due to some belligerence with the Indians, they found that few would trade with them and were in dire straits when they reached the West Coat. There they learned that a Russian trading ship would be coming in shortly if they would just wait, so they were hardly the first "white men" in the area. What's even ore interesting are the paleoindian remains that seem to be of ancient Europeans, rather than East Asians, showing that there probably was some migration into the New World even before the Vikings. These people may have left some genetic heritage but their cultural heritage was swamped out. The same thing goes for the vikings. Even though they had a short-lived settlement in the New World, colonization in force didn't begin until the 1500s. Speaking of genetics, Europeans after a few decades, began to outnumber the earlier East Asian migrants to the New World. Much of this was due to disease and why this was so in an interesting fact in itself. In the New World, domestication of animals didn't occur on a large scale. Because of this, the inhabitants were not resistant to the diseases that get transmitted back and forth between domestic livestock and humans. Thus, it wasn't long before a good number of Indian populations in the New World were decimated. This wasn't an overt plan on the Europeans part, it's just that Europe itself had lost much of its population only a hundred and fifty years before so the people left alive were somewhat more resistant. Some diseases went the other way but not so many. Undoubtedly, given the large seafaring cultures of the past, there was some landfall in the New World before the Vikings. I really don't see any reason why the Polynesians might not have landed there, or even the Phoneticians. However if such landfalls occurred they didn't amount to anything.
  12. My Atago T-10 CA

    I was just in a game with the rarely-seen tier X CVs. We had a couple of Bismarks on our team too. What happened? Well, I sailed next to one BB in my Des Moines and another guy sailed next to the other in his Worcester. Problem solved. A tier VIII BB that goes off alone in a game with tier X CVs deserves to be sunk for being such an idiot.
  13. Flag Etiquette

    I found a bit of "flag" trash in the yard today. It was probably a left-over firework. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was close to, but not exactly, an American flag. I think that they can be "legal" about this with a minor change, though the flag code is actually no longer enforceable in the US. There is a farmer here who fought in Korea. All the WWII vets around here sort of thought he was bad [edited], and they fought in places like Guadalcanal and Normandy.
  14. How the military has been fighting global warming.

    If you look at the "non-political" data, you will see that we are actually just about recovered from a cold period known as the little ice age. You also will notice that when the temperature peaks, it soon will start to decline too as global temperatures on Earth are cyclical. What's more interesting in regards to this thread though its the rapid decline in temperature you see near the end of the graph. This was caused by a volcanic eruption. Note too how fast the temperature recovered. We could (maybe) initiate a man-made decrease in temperature but it might just recover naturally in a few years. Even with human influence on the environment temperatures will follow natural patterns. Remember that all the CO2 we are pumping into the air once was there to begin with before it was taken up by living things and sequestered into sediments, eventually producing coal and oil. This graph also is very interesting from an anthropological standpoint. Note how warm it was when the Vikings colonized Greenland and then set up a colony in the New World. If the little ice age had not happened and the Greenland colony been abandoned, the New World would have been permanently colonized by Europeans 500 years before it was.
  15. Flag Etiquette

    "The ensign is displayed from the gaff of a ship during daylight hours when getting under way or coming to anchor, when falling in with other ships, when cruising near land, during battle, or whenever else the senior officer present directs." -- (Navy Regulations 1259.4) I tried looking up "gaff" but it is confusing for a landlubber because its position changes depending on the vessel type and how its rigged.