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  1. Do You Believe in Yourself?

    When we were kids, the family used to go out to a local farmer's land and help plant potatoes. At harvest, anyone who had helped plant could go and load up the pickup with as many potatoes as they wanted. His son was one of Dad's students, as were his son's kids. The old man died and then his son died of brain cancer so Dad then sort of took the kids under his wing. The girl, especially, took a liking to him and Dad to her, partially because she was Dad's star athlete and he was the head coach. She has always kept in touch ever since high school. Recently, she sent a picture of her daughter at her Marine boot camp graduation ceremony in San Diego.
  2. It looks like you have been playing a lot of high-tier DDs lately. At higher tiers you will not earn the net credits that you do at lower tiers unless you have a premium account and/or a bunch of economic accoutrements added to your ship. Try going back to something like a Fubuki for a while in order to earn more credits if you need them. Even if you are good (as you seem be, at least in the Fletcher) at the highest tiers you may still only just break even credits-wise. As for DD gameplay, certain things that once made the DD too overpowered have changed and the DD driver simply has to get used to playing the game under a new meta.
  3. Winter Mystery - a mystery to me!

    I like scenarios as they are an excellent platform for learning how to play the game well. As the UI is programed to be consistent in how the scenario progresses, players can try different strategies and tactics until they find those which lead to success. They can then take this knowledge into random games and apply it when they encounter similar situations. It's not a whole lot different from a chess player having a repertoire of classic winning moves memorized.
  4. This song was originally recorded by Evie Sands. However, her label then went bankrupt and Merilee Rush made it famous. In the 80s, Kim Karnes re-popularized it with her version, which went to #4 on the charts. Lots of singers have covered it over the years, including Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. I prefer the Merilee Rush version above all others because I really like that dark, smooth bass of the horn in it, perhaps because I used to play a cornet in stage band. I wish that my band teachers had let us play this song but they usually didn't have a clue as to what people actually wanted to listen to.
  5. Winter Mystery - a mystery to me!

    I didn't even know that I was close to finishing this campaign until I got back from a Scenario and the crates were waiting for me. It's easy to accomplish the mission requirements in scenarios.
  6. Do You Believe in Yourself?

    When I was a kid, I just went out and did pretty much anything I wanted without any fear of the consequences. There are many times when I could have gotten myself into serious trouble or even killed but who thinks about that as a kid? I believe that the first time in my life that I seriously wondered if I was going to be able to do something was when I was goofing around alone on an old abandoned PT field and came across a "Jacob's Ladder" that had to be half-again as tall and looked a whole lot scarier than the one we climbed in Basic. The ladder seemed to reach into to the heavens and its crossmembers were not only made of peeled logs, they increased the distance between them as they got higher. Even from the ground, I could see that the last one would require a jump to reach, 30 feet in the air, with nothing to land on if one missed but hard dirt and weeds. At 19, I still had enough kid in me to say "why not." I'll have to admit that that I felt a tingling in my nether regions as I rolled over that final top log and almost slipped. However, it was at that very instant that I knew that I'd be able to do absolutely anything that I set my mind to do for the rest of my life. I've never really considered myself all that talented. I've come to realize though that if a person keeps at something then talent usually comes a knockin at the door.

  7. Love your stuff, you sound like a great guy. Have  a feeling if we'd grown up together we would have been good friends. Name is John ok

  8. Question about the map Trap

    I think the reason for the name is that it's pretty easy to get into "B" from "C" but it's a bit harder to get out of "B" going into the direction of "A." Ships that go into "B" from "C" tend to get trapped in a crossfire when they get inbetween the large islands.
  9. Ungodly Amount of DDs in Queue?

    I was in a game like that Friday night. I was getting ready to ask a DD to go spot for me when I realized that there were none to be had, the only DD in the game was on the opposite team.
  10. Ship Class Theme Songs

    @BrushWolf I tend to play mostly cruisers. I think "Flirtin' with Disaster" is a pretty good description of the gameplay I usually encounter with them.
  11. Heroes of the Morning To the tune of “Angel of the Morning” by James Wesley Voight (yep, Angelina Jolie's uncle) as sung by Merrilee Rush And The Turnabouts The subdued strings of four-piece band Will laud our name as we depart For it was we who took a stand The loyal, the brave, the pure of heart And though we knew the odds were bleak We fought and kept our winning streak We are the heroes of the morning, heroes The mild, the meek we are no longer, baby We are the heroes of the morning, heroes So quickly turn away, and flee The clouds were low, the sky was dim As we ventured forth from port We who had heard the cannon's din Though from that battle did abort And though they called us “fraidy cats” We knew we were much more than that We are the heroes of the morning, heroes The mild, the meek we are no longer, baby We are the heroes of the morning, heroes So quickly run away, go elsewhere and play Just flee Tears will come, to your eyes You will cry, baby, baby We are the heroes of the morning, heroes The mild, the meek we are no longer, baby We are the heroes of the morning, heroes...
  12. I'm Not the Best (Cause The Good Players Roll Me) To the tune of Life is Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) BBs rumble, AP slingers, citadels they are such stingers Got the knack now, guns are ready, just the thing to sink a CV Brag it's easy, score is higher, "liar, liar, pants on fire" "I got the notion you're trash talkin, ain't no purple, get a walkin" Ain't true baby I'm a soldier all the time I'm gettin hotter New ships cookin in the store now gotta get em, get some more now Tachibana, Mutsu, Kaga, Hood and Belfast, Błyskawica Admiral Graf Spee, Warspite, Tirpitz, Mikhail Kutuzov and some more ships Pick a DD shimmy shimmy sink some BBs gimmie gimmie I'm not the best cause the good players roll me Gotta get a lot better, so my CC told me Some day I'll rock and the uni's won't scold me At the end of my rainbow lies that purple trophy Start the game now, mouse a clickin' no fear cause I ain't no chicken In division, salutations, then the game starts, tribulations Gotta play good, be much bolder, but my team it is a foldin' In the channel at Two Brothers, DD spotted and another Torps a ready, send them off now, those DDs they are both gone now In the cap now quicker quicker, win the game then snicker snicker Gotta hurry, gotta get there, popping smoke will give me shelter Hydro up now, gotta see now, any torps that come for me now Clock's a-tickin, gettin' closer, yes I capped it, game is over! I'm not the best cause the good players roll me Gotta get a lot better, so my CC told me Some day I'll rock and the uni's won't scold me At the end of my rainbow lies that purple trophy
  13. Nice Presents

    I got 250 doubloons and 5000 free XP. I used the doubloons plus a few I had leftover from a previous event to purchase a port slot.
  14. I'VE HAD IT!!!!

    Canadian airmen are the bravest of the brave. When a pilot has depleted the ammo depot's ordinance he just straps on a tech sergeant and takes off on another sortie.