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  1. Plastic loses its plasticizer and becomes brittle with age. This happens more rapidly when the plastic is exposed to heat or sunlight. I had a laptop case crack once and replaced it with a new one. It was moderately difficult but doable and this was in the days before all of the nice repair videos on YouTube. The cost of a replacement case ($50, or so) and the hassle to replace it might be prohibitive though for an older system. I'd say that if you can live with it taped then use it that way until you are ready to replace the system. BTW, clear mailing tape might work better than duck tape and look better too. Or, use a good, heavy-duty, black duck tape like Gorilla tape and you will hardly notice it's there. As for glue, I've not had very good luck with gluing plastic.
  2. Snargfargle

    Have you served in the armed forces? When where?

    US Army medic in the 70s. That's me to the left.
  3. Snargfargle

    Snarg is sad

    Got a lot to do so won't be playing or posting for a couple more weeks, at least. Dad outlived his Dad by twenty years and his Grandpa too, so that's something at least. I just regret that I couldn't go fishing with him one last time but with Mom needing 24-hour care these past five years we simply couldn't. I thought he was in pretty good health considering. However, he had had three different types of cancers and a previous heart attack. The second one was too much but I don't really think he felt it. It really looked like he just passed out and died in his sleep. I'm just glad he got to go to Memorial Day to visit Mom's grave before he passed. Thanks to everyone for your condolences.
  4. Snargfargle

    Snarg is sad

    I consider several of you here to be friends so I want you to know why I probably won't be posting for a while. Mt father passed away this morning. He was nearly 87 but in good health for his age. He had a heart attack a few years ago and I can only presume he had another one last night. He had been dead for several hours when I found him this morning so even with all my emergency medical training there was nothing I could do. I don't think that he would have wanted his last days to have been in a hospital or nursing home anyway. Dad was an Army veteran who served in Germany during the early days of the Cold War.
  5. Massachusetts U.S.A. 1 503 715 52.96 % 0.84 59 733 1 500 4.28 1.37 Bismarck Germany 6 409 347 50.60 % 0.71 52 462 1 304 2.40 1.10 People are doing slightly better in the Massey.
  6. Snargfargle

    Chat Funnies

    Posted by OhNoThatSucks on Reddit
  7. The Massey is my favorite ship. The OP's post gives a lot of info on how to play it better though.
  8. Snargfargle

    An Example of Professionalism

    A FA-18 sucked up debris on takeoff and lost an engine. The plane's recovery is an example of what it means to be a professional. Why the debris was there to be sucked into the engine is, unfortunately, an example of incompetence that almost resulted in the loss of a $70 million aircraft, not to mention the hazard to the pilot.
  9. Snargfargle

    Chat Funnies

  10. I really don't see a lot of whining and raging in chat, probably because actual 12-year-olds are rare in this game. The average age for a video gamer in America is 34 and I would say that the average age of a WOWS player may be older than that. Most chat I see is something like this:
  11. Snargfargle

    Why Did WG Take Away My Achievements?

    This brings up an interesting philosophical point. Are you telling a lie if you don't know what you are saying is untrue? Personally, I'd say that you aren't. The OED says that a lie is “a false statement made with the intention to deceive." If your statement is false, but you are not aware of it, then you are not intending to misinform and thus not lying by this definition. A lie has a different connotation than a misspoken statement. Also, I'd maybe think twice about calling a military veteran a liar without proof. And watch those "you" statement too. Just because someone works for a company doesn't mean that they are privy to everything that goes on there. One department may have decided to change things without informing the others. This could also be a software or settings glitch that nobody at WG knew about.
  12. Let me expand on my idea of depth bombs. CVs couldn't spot submerged subs. They could spot surfaced subs at less than DD-spotting distances (maybe 2 km) because they are smaller and also spot them from really close (0.5 km) if at periscope depth. Otherwise they could only know the general area the subs were in unless an allied ship had a hydro lock on them. Perhaps, along with depth bombs, the CVs could have a sonar buoy consumable too, which could be used to temporarily determine a sub's general location for a depth bomb run.
  13. If subs are ever introduced into Randoms, watch the comments explode. I would hope, that if subs are introduced into randoms, that CVs also will get depth bombs.
  14. Snargfargle

    Depth charges?

    See, you can't damage a surface ship, even your own, with depth charges dropped under the keel in WOWS.
  15. Snargfargle

    Depth charges?

    Depth charges in the game don't work as they do in real life. Interesting tactics but unfortunately depth charges in the game only work for submerged subs.