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  1. Snargfargle


    I suppose that they could spawn closer to the battle area. However, this would generate new problems.
  2. Snargfargle

    Time to buff Atago B!

    This stuff is really amazing.
  3. Snargfargle

    Happy Hoildays

  4. Snargfargle

    Happy Hoildays

    "X" is the standard keyboard representation of the Greek letter Chi, which was used by early Christians to represent the name of the personage that their religion was based on. The crossed lines of the character Chi were seen as representing a cross. Therefore, "Xmas" is just an abbreviation of Christmas. The abbreviation is not new, it's been used since the 1500s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi_Rho https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xmas
  5. Snargfargle

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    I propose a "ship's bell" sound that can be used specifically to warn of torpedoes. Only torpedo ships would have it and it would only sound when firing torps if the option was selected.
  6. Snargfargle

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    The "penalty" for torping an ally is relatively small nowadays at just two "pink" games. Nearly every game has someone in it that's pink. I don't think that anyone cares much anymore. Actual intentional teamkilling is extremely rare. I can count the deliberate teamkill instances that I've seen on one hand, and that's over two years. If you are having trouble with your torps hitting teammates then play ships with shorter torp ranges. It's really hard to torp a teammate accidentally when your torps have less than 5 km range.
  7. Snargfargle

    Anti package thief glitter bomb

    You can specify that a signature be required but for the most part packages are just left on the doorstep. Relatively few package actually are stolen versus the 20 million or so delivered each day in the US by Fed Ex and UPS. Requiring signatures for each and every package delivered would slow the delivery system down immensely.
  8. Snargfargle

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    That's pretty normal for Internet forums. Most people don't really want answers, just a confirmation that other people believe the same as they do. I really wish that more people would study a bit of philosophy and understand the difference between a philosophical argument, which tries to discover truth by using verifiable premises and logic to come up with sound conclusions, and a lay argument, which is more of a verbal knock-down, drag-out fight among people with fixed opinions.
  9. Snargfargle

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    That would be a 2.26% SC drop rate for your sample. Were any of these selected "try your luck"?
  10. Snargfargle

    Attention BBs!

    Watch some of Flambass' videos on the Mass, he really does well with it.
  11. Snargfargle

    Taking one on the chin

    If he had only shot down one more plane he would have gotten an award.
  12. Snargfargle

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    Many people think that, just because the odds of winning are, say, 3% that they should receive three wins every 100 tries. However, this is not the way odds work. Each and every time a "try your luck" is chosen the odds of receiving a supercontainer is 3%. With drop chance probability it doesn't matter if it's the first try or the thousandth try, your odds for that try are exactly the same. It's a fallacy to think that just because you have not received a drop in the last 100 tries that the next try, or the next, or even a hundred more, will guarantee you a drop. You might receive a thousand containers and never receive a supercontainer drop. Conversely, you might do as I did a year ago and get five supercontainers in eight tries. The overall probability of a drop with x probability in y tries can be calculated as 1 - ( ( 1 - x ) ^ y ) Therefore, if the "try your luck" drop probability is 3% and you chose this selection 100 times, your overall probability of getting at least one supercontainer in those 100 tries is 95%. These are high odds but the outcome still isn't certain. At 1.5% for a standard selection the probability of getting at least one supercontainer in 100 tries is 78%.
  13. Snargfargle

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    From people who have collectively recorded thousands of supercontainer drops, it appears that the standard drop rate is about 1.5% and the "try your luck" drop rate is 3%. This is about what I've found myself. The odds of getting a ship in a supercontainer are probably about 1%. I've gotten one ship from a supercontainer in two years. My best hauls: 30 days Premium time. 1000 Doubloons. USS Arizona.
  14. Snargfargle

    Forum Funnies

  15. Snargfargle

    Forum Funnies