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  1. I can tell you how long it took me to get all the USN tier Xs -- two years. There is no way I'm going to reset that line and grind it again.
  2. Snargfargle

    Did AFT take a big hit or is it me?

    It works well for gunship DDs and Secondary-spec'd BBs to increase range. I stopped building my cruisers into AA ships because even without the skills they have AA enough.
  3. Not everyone has heard of the new AA dynamic so it's hit or miss how well your planes will do in an attack. You can also do well in a CV with a super awesome team versus a team with one good player trying to carry eleven others who couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag.
  4. Proper dynamic of iteration to a balanced solution: Wargaming's take on CV balance:
  5. Earlier I said that Massive AA Fire didn't seem to have affected CV play all that much. However, I apparently hadn't yet actually encountered it. I was just in a match where I lost squadron after squadron before I could even start my attack runs on ships that quite obviously had the new AA active. Other than finding a couple of low-health DDs to pester, my CV was useless in the match other than as a spotting platform. I'm going to have to figure out a way to just tease the edge of the AA bubble in order to test whether or not they have this new AA activated. Of course, this might not even do any good. I started a torpedo run in a game just now at at my usual distance of 7.5 km and instantly lost every plane in my squadron. I came back with rockets and tried to attack another ship and the same thing happened. It was like I was a fly and there was a giant flyswatter. My planes didn't drop one by one due to attrition -- they were instantly annihilated to the last plane in less than a second! Massive AA Fire!
  6. Snargfargle

    Autopilot bug?

    The new autopilot has a cruise control
  7. Snargfargle

    Autopilot bug?

    The autopilot has been reworked in 0.8.7.
  8. Snargfargle

    Autopilot bug?

    In real life, ships that are turning usually can't do so at full throttle. This is mimicked in WOWS. I took a BB into the training room and played around with the Autopilot. The ship's throttle was lowered as the ship made a sharp turn and then raised as it straitened out. This isn't a bug -- it's a feature. I did see the throttle go to zero once at the very start but only once and it quickly went back up. Perhaps full to zero and then back up is a bug but it may be just the way it works.
  9. Subs will probably be whining that CVs shouldn't be able to spot them, though plane spotting of subs was how many of the ones that were sunk were located.
  10. Snargfargle

    Chat Funnies

  11. Snargfargle

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    What we need are left and right sector hotkeys so that we can just press, say, "O" for left sector reinforcement and "P" for right sector reinforcement.
  12. Snargfargle

    Hi there!

    When I was three I played with a stick, and ate dirt.
  13. Snargfargle

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    I pressed ~ but the reinforcement still was opposite from the where the planes were coming in from. I'll have to take some screenshots.
  14. Snargfargle

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    Well, I looked at the planes and the reinforcement was still on the other side so I'm still confused.