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  1. From a programming standpoint, it's much simpler to just reveal everything within, say 9 km than to take into account whether or not the target is behind an island too. I can see why WG might not think this is worth the bother right now. I used to program database applications back in the days before Windows. I know how long it sometimes takes to code a feature that to the end user appears to be simple.
  2. Pretty much a verbatim conversation from my last game. Does anyone want to trade compliments with me? What? If you give me compliments I'll do the same. Why? So I can get more XP. Uh, I don't think it works that way. So you won't give me a compliment? Uh, you have nice lips?
  3. TFW

    "Tautology" is a word that forum posters should know the meaning of.
  4. I may not be very useful here, my computer seems to be having some problems. Yeah, I use the same excuse when I suck.
  5. True story (OK, I'll fess up to it, it was me just now). aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Turn, dammit! Crap, I was trying to turn while I was in chat!
  6. Do you remember how it was last year when friendly fire wasn't disabled. That was a complete mess in a scenario that forces the players to convoy in close proximity.
  7. In a forum about a game dedicated to sailors and their ships I think this is an appropriate song. If I had to pick one song as my "favorite" it would definitely be in the running.
  8. Have you ever listened to the full lyrics? They reveal that the couple are actually on a ship and both sailors, perhaps metaphorically but, then again, perhaps not. She said, 'I'm home on shore leave,'though in truth we were at seaso I took her by the looking glassand forced her to agreesaying, 'You must be the mermaidwho took Neptune for a ride.'But she smiled at me so sadlythat my anger straightway died This can't be embedded but you can go there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYBqv3NIqho
  9. Mr. Snargfargle, Most all America has been very understanding. I have some mental and social failings that prevent me from speaking in person very well. Makes very difficult for someone who just wants to be friendly to me.  So my perceptions are certainly no standard to base a formulation of truth. My time at U of A are extremely difficult for me. (My doing not theirs). I have belief I use my inability to learn English as a rationalization to be unsocial.Here I have wonderful talks with you fine Gentleman. who are kind and funny. Wish it was that easy in life. You are one of my Stars that shine a soothing light on my darkness. 

  10. All the Japanese women I've known never had any trouble associating with Americans. Of course they all were the types to travel 10,000 km to go to college too so they probably were inherently adventuresome types. Of course, it goes both ways. Despite of what the movies sometimes portray, most Americans simply love to meet people from different places and cultures. Show up in a small Midwestern town as a Japanese girl and you will pretty much be adopted. My Japanese friend was really just a friend of a friend but she probably spent more time with my family than my actual girlfriend did.
  11. No cat and mouse in Saving Transylvania -- it's a down and dirty slug-fest!
  12. As should you in the scenario, due to the fact that your damage control party comes off of cool-down so fast.
  13. As often as my clan has gotten together to play a game so far. I think two players would be about appropriate for me. As the clan grows, however, it is my hope that there will be more online at any given time.
  14. A girl I dated in college had a Japanese roommate. She was always making me laugh. Once, I drove her to the airport to pick up her mother, who was visiting America for the first time. I asked her what her mother though of America so far. My friend said that she had exclaimed on how everything in America was so wide! I guess that's an appropriate comment from someone who had lived in Tokyo most of her life and then traveled to the wide-open pains of the American Midwest.