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  1. MockingBird94

    The Server Burped

    Interesting. I've been disconnected from battles before, but never the whole team.
  2. MockingBird94

    got the Graf Spee

  3. MockingBird94

    Low Tier Random Battles infested with Bots

    I was talking about the other game made by another Russian company.
  4. MockingBird94

    Too Many Events!

    I don't need the Odin. I am happy with Graph Spee. I don't have enough doubloons for Odin.
  5. MockingBird94

    Low Tier Random Battles infested with Bots

    Oof. They censored part of my post.
  6. MockingBird94

    Low Tier Random Battles infested with Bots

    World of Warships is getting less popular. There aren't many new players so they have to fill the battles with bots. The problem is that [edited] is getting all the new players.
  7. MockingBird94

    Too Many Events!

    In 2020, we've started getting many events. They were very fun and I enjoyed the European DDs, Cap's April Fools Day, and the Hamburg Dockyard where I finally got the Graph Spee! But these events started getting more and more boring. They are too repetitive. Instead of grinding the tech tree, I spent my time grinding the missions. One after another and there is no brake or end sight! Events are more fun when there are a bit fewer of them and, not one after another.
  8. MockingBird94

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    Found it.
  9. MockingBird94

    Game is cheating more amd more on CO-OP

    I noticed the same thing too.
  10. MockingBird94

    What's your home port?

    I would like to have Alameda Naval Air Station though. I grew up next to it.
  11. MockingBird94

    What's your home port?

    My favorite ports are Susharima Base, New York, Black Sea, St. Petersburg, Naval Base, Hawaii Zipangu, and Fjords. I would probably pick Naval Base or Black Sea as homeport.
  12. MockingBird94

    PT Spring Season T6 ship container out!

    What? How did you get a premium ship container?
  13. MockingBird94

    Massachusetts or Alabama?

    People keep saying that the Massachusett's main battery is less accurate than the Alabama's main battery. Despite that, are there reasons why Massachusetts is better?
  14. My team ignoring the objective and players ramming other ships.