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  1. AtomicMan3

    Happy holidays y'all!

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!
  2. AtomicMan3


    Seeing as the OP wants more realism, I propose a new mechanic that selects players at random at the start of the battle and those player's nations could no longer afford such a large navy. The unlucky player's ships would be sold for scrap as part of a downsizing program.
  3. This is in the wrong place, but I cant seem to post it in the discussion Have been playing for several years and have never used mods, but I heard about some that seem useful and was thinking of getting them Mod that shows time till victory for each team mod that shows the WR of players by their names mod that shows health when last spotted Mod that gives nice gray/historically accurate ships, (want the economic benefits of fancy camos without my eyes bleeding) what are these mods called and were can I download them, also are they WG approved as I would not like to get banned lastly, how much work is modding, do you half to re download some massive mod pack/do a long instillation with every pach? Would love to have some of this stuff but not if its a lot of work/will get me banned. Thanks
  4. AtomicMan3

    If I cast and design Kong: Skull Island

    Michael bay is that you?
  5. AtomicMan3

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    Armchair admiral spotted, fellow dd mains, You may fire at will
  6. AtomicMan3

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    To drop off detection
  7. AtomicMan3

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    F RIP
  8. AtomicMan3

    Add altitude to cv

    The problem with a full strike like this is that you could just use one squadron to execute full strike and then different squander to do the same thing, letting you put out massive damage in a ridiculously short amount of time.
  9. AtomicMan3

    Add altitude to cv

    CV planes would need an maneuverability buff, and flack shells would need a longer arm time and many other balance changes for this to be viable, I certainly don't want this to go into the flack as it currently is I would see it as less shooting at the planes but more laying a minefield, trying to anticipate the cvs next move. It would be like shooting at a dd in a bb at long range, in that you need to get in their head and think one step ahead of them if you want any chance of hitting. The issue with these as counters is that they require very little skill, the sector system is a start but doesn't do enough. Every other ship can punish oblivious opponents, but this doesn't mean they are incapable of hurting aware opponents. It's the difference between a 20k broadside hit and 3k in bow on superstructure over pens. Letting CVs to be able to punish oblivious targets doesn't make them incapable of punishing aware ones, rather I want it to be in a state were against aware targets CVs do damage like what they do now, but can do much more against oblivious ones. Letting CVs punish oblivious targets and letting them do fair damage against aware ones in not incompatible.
  10. AtomicMan3

    Add altitude to cv

    Are we taking about the same game here??? Also I asked for something to defend my ship from airstrikes, even if it was mostly a placebo real ships had aa that was controlled by people not RNG. No one is asking for a complete removal of the threat of cvs, but rather the ability to have some sort of counterplay to them that involves skill. Every other ship in the game can counter other ships in a way that factors in player skill, why should cvs be any different? Avoiding aa directed by a real player would make CV play more rewarding, and would allow them to punish oblivious targets. You seem to think I want to make CVs weaker but I want them to be able to punish oblivious ships. The cvs would obviously need tweaks to balance them but I do not see this as being a nerf, but rather a way to add more skill on all sides of the equation. This would make aa escort a much more interesting role, as you could actually do what you speced into rather then having RNG do it for you.
  11. AtomicMan3

    Add altitude to cv

    One of the most frustrating things about the old CV was the feeling of helplessness. It felt like your life was out of your hands and there was nothing you could do to prevent a strike. That is not a good feeling to have in a multiplayer PvP game wg. Even if it was just a placebo, manual flack would give the feeling of defending yourself would make the game much better.
  12. AtomicMan3

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    Tried it right after 2.0 felt like a WT clone. Will stick to WT for now but to each their own.
  13. AtomicMan3

    Add altitude to cv

    Devs take note Altitude control and manual flack control would give the rework the depth it needs Don't rush it, get it right
  14. AtomicMan3

    All Hail IFHE Secondaries

    Sweet,be Shure to post the link