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  1. To compliment or not

    If it's stupid but it works...
  2. SUPER Simple fix to CVs

    It MIGHT be possible to bandaid fix CVs but a true fix will require all plane related mechanics to be reworked from the ground up.
  3. Scharnhorst Fanclub

    Although I don't own a shiny horse I have killed quite a few of them. To be honest it seems a bit squishy to me but I see why you guys like it.
  4. Ideal loadout on Taiho

    Although I have no experience in this category, I would think splitting your planes would be harder for the enemy CV to counter. But that would be harder to manage and would be easier for a surface ship to counter.
  5. SUPER Simple fix to CVs

    The main problem with your suggestion is that there wouldnt be anything to punish CVs for extremely over agressive plays. But trying to fix CVs will be a more complicated problem then I think you realise. The real problem is that they are completely reliant on RNG and that you can balance them agenst a single surface ship or a couple ships but not both.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April. 3rd, 2018

    Very well put and you make a very true point about passive BBs (I've died so many times in genisu when I pushed, expecting support and getting none) therefore, well the meta may be temporarily harmed I don't think the damage will be permanent.
  7. I personally went with the stealth mode and it has let me out spot many other Bensons. The only time I wish I had taken TA was what me and an enemy poped smoke 2 km from each other and he could still see me. Benson is pretty manuverable so I find I can disengaged without being spotted about 50% of the time. But that's just me.
  8. Asashio Poll

    Agreed. It doesn't matter how good she actualy is; what matters is that BBs will be scared of her and play more passively.
  9. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April. 3rd, 2018

    I would respectfully disagree with you on the way it will impact the meta. What concerns me and what I think both you and the OP miss is that the worst impact this ship will have is phycological. How effective the Asashio is not actualy relavent; the problem is that BBs will stay further back in fear of the threat it poses. It doesn't matter if the threat is real or only in their heads.
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April. 3rd, 2018

    First off hahahaha first 3 times I read the name I saw a**hole. But despite its potential to be overpowered and hurt gameplay I will be looking forward to its release. *Locks and loads Benson and Edenburh*
  11. This got me thinking

    As fun as this would be it would only be worth it with massive railguns then I am all it
  12. I opened hundreds of try your lucks and not a single super container. IMO it's a scam
  13. Benson torps

    Playing the Benson in ranked and I was just wondering if I should use the stock or upgradeed torps
  14. The Bayern - Totally NOT OP

    I loved the Bayern. When you fire at a cruiser at almost any range you get misses a over pen and one citidell. It doesn't matter the range or angle it's like clockwork. If it's a RN CA you just delete it. The armour is troll and you can survive almost anything. The only hard part is the speed.
  15. Machan torps.

    I I noticed