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  1. Part of the problem is that the CVs would be used like they are in competitive battles would mostly just spot all the targets for battleships and kill the destroyers and in a competitive game that would make even more difference then just killing stuff because it would allow one CV to shut down the other team very quickly
  2. And I am wondering why the moderator let's abismaly stupid stupid BB players like you post. learn to turn sometimes and DDs become a peace of cake with or without sporting mechanics and don't say I don't know what it's like; I am a BB player
  3. Don't you mean Carmen SHIP Diego? :)
  4. Although I think the clan system looks neat it would be really great if there was a way other then doubloons to create a clan for people like me who refuse to make in game purchases. You could use credits or free XP and it might actually be helpful in the long run because it would prevent compleat noobs from starting clans without actually having played a single game. This would really be nice for causal players who just want a small clan with their friends without having to pay real money. (If something like this already exists please enlighten me)
  5. Go AS and be total cancer to the enemy CV
  6. Enjoy Independence is brutal. If you go all strike you will have your planes shot down instantly because all other t six loadouts have at least one fighter. Balanced is mediocre at best and with all 2-0-1 you have no offensive capability whatsoever.