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  1. This got me thinking

    As fun as this would be it would only be worth it with massive railguns then I am all it
  2. I opened hundreds of try your lucks and not a single super container. IMO it's a scam
  3. Benson torps

    Playing the Benson in ranked and I was just wondering if I should use the stock or upgradeed torps
  4. The Bayern - Totally NOT OP

    I loved the Bayern. When you fire at a cruiser at almost any range you get misses a over pen and one citidell. It doesn't matter the range or angle it's like clockwork. If it's a RN CA you just delete it. The armour is troll and you can survive almost anything. The only hard part is the speed.
  5. Machan torps.

    I I noticed
  6. Machan torps.

    Ok that's what I thought just wondered if the speed loss was so much that they were useless
  7. Machan torps.

    Should I use the stock torpedos that have a 6.4km range and do 64 knots of or should I use the upgraded ones that have a 9.4km range and a stealth window of 2.1km but only do 55 knots.
  8. Part of the problem is that the CVs would be used like they are in competitive battles would mostly just spot all the targets for battleships and kill the destroyers and in a competitive game that would make even more difference then just killing stuff because it would allow one CV to shut down the other team very quickly
  9. Invisible ships

    And I am wondering why the moderator let's abismaly stupid stupid BB players like you post. learn to turn sometimes and DDs become a peace of cake with or without sporting mechanics and don't say I don't know what it's like; I am a BB player
  10. Ideas For A Big Change

    Don't you mean Carmen SHIP Diego? :)
  11. Go AS and be total cancer to the enemy CV
  12. Independence fighters

    Enjoy Independence is brutal. If you go all strike you will have your planes shot down instantly because all other t six loadouts have at least one fighter. Balanced is mediocre at best and with all 2-0-1 you have no offensive capability whatsoever.