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  1. TierX Worcester

    It's going to be a floating flamethrower with the absolute best aa in the game.
  2. USS Juneau found

    You're right! I didn't realize only a small piece had been found! Yes, the four should be searched for, but what is the window of opportunity?
  3. USS Juneau found

    One of the four, Kaga, has already been found. May I suggest 3 plus 2, Akagi, Hiryu, and Soryu from Midway, as well as Shokaku and Zuikaku? Maybe complete the Pearl Harbor attack set?
  4. USS Juneau found

    Pennsylvania is at Bikini, and Nevada is a known approximate location as it was sunk as a target. Good point on the other 3 Midway carriers. How about looking for Oklahoma?
  5. I keep and collect CVs, but I also keep ships from tier IV up to play in division with clan mates, with the ships in specialized roles: Sneak, bully, bodyguard, flyswatter, and big gun
  6. Terrible FPS lag in game, Forum laggy too

    It's not just warships. My work software was a bit buggy too. On the other hand, facebook and YouTube ran just fine.
  7. USN Cruiser Split Question

    Okay, here is the light cruiser line: VI: Dallas (paper ship) VII: Helena VIII: Cleveland IX: Seattle (paper ship) X: Worcester Also, I have heard two premium rumors, VIII Wichita for the heavy line and VI Brooklyn for the light, but that is completely just a rumor. The main line above has been officially shown in teaser materials from Wargaming.
  8. Tier 4, The New Tier 10

    I invested in a Yubari just to be a flyswatter at tier IV, so yes, a few premiums are still decent pickups at IV.
  9. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    As mentioned above, the Cleveland was heavily nerfed to fit at tier 6, and the nerfs will be removed when she returns to her rightful place at tier 8. These include, but are not limited to, a higher rate of fire, greater range, and a split citadel that is very difficult to hit. I have heard that in the original testing, it was the strongest cruiser at its tier, despite the low gun caliber. On a side note, the side profile of Dallas looks to me like a Northampton class with 4 turrets of a smaller caliber instead of 3. Was the US ever considering a light version of the Northampton/New Orleans design?
  10. British Carriers

    This is a line I am most excited to see in the game. I imagine the main tech tree progression will look something like this: IV Argus V Hermes or V Eagle VI Courageous VII Ark Royal VIII Indomitable IX Indefatigable X Audacious or X Eagle (Depending on tier V) As to what the ships will specialize in, they will obviously have thicker armor, but there will probably be something else giving them their own national flavor.