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  1. Shannon_Lindsey

    Next tech tree release

    Yes, but there is not one CC that isn't directly on the WG payroll that has said they are anywhere near ready, and often saying this should be viewed as more of an Alpha test than a Beta test. They are fun, yes, sort of, but not anywhere near functional yet.
  2. Shannon_Lindsey

    Next tech tree release

    No way the rework hits the live servers that fast. It's way too rough right now. Optimistically, we could get the rework in March. The only ways we get the RNCVs next is if 1) WG goes 6 months between line releases, 2) WG releases them for play with 2-3 months left to go under the old RTS system, or 3) WG rams the rework through prematurely, which depending on balance issues could very well kill the game entirely. Pray it's not 3.
  3. Shannon_Lindsey

    USS Idaho?

    I think it is interesting, although I want to see USS Mississippi in her 1950 configuration...good luck finding a tier for that...let the flaming commence! 😛
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    Can't unsee this

    Do discussions like this get locked in here? It isn't exactly salty, but...
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    Saipan: What is being done to fix this broken ship?

    The worst part about Saipan is the speed its planes have. I have tried sneaking my planes in to attack on the far side of the map, and it's planes still made it all the way across to kill my drop.
  6. Most of my deaths by Dev strike come by eating a torpedo while playing destroyers, usually from the second enemy destroyer I never knew was there. My most memorable Dev strike death however came in Lyon while I was full health and angled. An Arizona fired at me while angled, and managed to hit me with all 12 shells at about medium range, and enough penetration happened to one shot kill me. Everyone was congratulating him on winning the RNG lottery.
  7. They aren't taking unlocked ships away. They are testing a completely new way of playing them. I am also a CV main, and I am optimistic about the new design. I am just concerned about potential flaws I see in regards to CV self defense.
  8. I am going to repeat this many times. I ask in the strongest way possible, if you participate in the CV beta test, and you are playing carrier or destroyers, please regularly go out of your way to snipe the enemy carrier. Based on the earlier videos we have seen, I want to be sure they have sufficiently answered this as a potential weakness in the new design.
  9. Shannon_Lindsey

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    I would be willing to bet the reason we haven't seen a skill specialized captain pair for IJN yet is because they are going to be CV based, post rework.
  10. Shannon_Lindsey

    CV Rework Thoughts & Observations

    Just to clarify for everyone, this rework isn't about fixing CVs. It is about making CV play console compatible, which the current RTS system is not.
  11. Shannon_Lindsey

    Questions on playing a CV

    To the OP, to avoid sniping DDs, keep the bulk of your team in front of you. If you keep your carrier on the strong side, it is far more likely they will spot a creeping DD. As far as USCVs, a lot of people are salty still about the US fighter heavy loadouts being taken away. When matched up against IJN CVs it's important to know what your role should be. Generally at tiers 7-8 your role is exclusively strike, and some people still aren't comfortable with that.
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    I have Acasta, Icarus, and Jarvis and have already had several battles where I used all of my smoke charges, and I wouldn't change a thing about the smoke. What makes me sad is that Gallant and Campbeltown don't also have the same smoke, which throws me off when I play them, as I constantly keep wanting my smoke to be back up. I am going to be keeping all of my RN destroyers.
  13. Shannon_Lindsey

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    In before the lock... Seriously, why is everyone in the world so angry anymore? All we need is love...and WOWs! Also, jean Bart has moved to the top of my must acquire list, not because I really want it more than Musashi or Alaska, but because I agree with LWM's assessment and am concerned it will go the way of the Missouri...
  14. Shannon_Lindsey

    Question abou special for you offers

    That is a tight window of a few hours, but I can work with that. Thank you. I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I would pay $10 if I can.
  15. How long do these offers usually last? There is a special on a Pan Asian ship I kind of want to pick up, but I would kind of need to wait until I see my next paycheck. I have never paid close attention to this in the past.