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  1. Special upgrade missions

    That's not what I meant. I mean when we finally get our tier 10s in a couple of months, will we be able to get to the missions then?
  2. Special upgrade missions

    Considering these upgrades will be received by completing special missions, what about those of us who haven't reached tier X yet? Will we be able to get the upgrades later?
  3. Coal for oil question

    If it comes from our personal, I am about to be a very happy boy indeed.
  4. Coal for oil question

    With the launch of arsenal, is the amount of coal we are receiving to start based on the current amount of unspent oil in our clan, or based on what we individually have earned? Is it advisable to stop building new clan structures until after the update?
  5. Carrier Rework Update

    Notser just did a video on this, and now I am desperately trying to find the transcript. They actually talked about the CV rework a lot during the Q&A. The big thing slowing it down was them wanting feedback from the CCs first, which they now have, and are pushing full speed ahead with it. There are major questions I still have that they did discuss, but I need to find a transcript...
  6. I need a kaga

    I, too, would like to have a Kaga. However, all the premium CVs have gone away. I fear that Wargaming has committed to changing CVs soon and doesn't want people getting any more attached to the current style and complaining about spending real money. It's a shame since tier VII and below are seeing increased CV play.
  7. American Cruiser split - why?

    The British are exclusively a CL line right now. I would like to see the British Heavy cruisers join the game, like Exeter, Norfolk, and Dorsetshire. Then again, their DDs and CVs are still absent as well.
  8. report player for using hak

    Looking at the stats, it was a total blowout, and it seems to statistically be due to your Des Moines being much better than theirs with everything else being a snowball as result.
  9. USN CL Captain Skills

    Concealment expert, demolition expert, and expert marksman are hard skills to pass on, but then again everyone has their own way of doing things. It largely depends on what role you want to play. I will want to be a flyswatter when running CL American. If I want to be a gunnery assassin, I will do CA instead. Considering the role I am going for, here is my reasoning. Expert Marksman does nothing for the AA, but Jack gets DF back up fast, and AR improves my rate of AA fire to offset damaged gun losses. Similar argument against DE. As for Concealment expert, the point of the build is to division with a CV and post up near map center as an obstacle for enemy planes. I want the planes to fly over me, or avoid me and take longer traversing the map. Either way, concealment is kind of pointless in this situation. If you are playing these like a Des Moines, then yes, CE is a must. However, for me personally, if I am looking for that kind of battle, I will be in Baltimore/Buffalo/Des Moines instead.
  10. An Across the Board CV Nerf Idea

    If you think fighter supremacy doesn't matter to players, you are clearly forgetting the massive complaints when the US flight controls were changed.
  11. An Across the Board CV Nerf Idea

    Defense is a part of naval aviation, as is scouting. I do believe there should be nerfs to aerial spotting too, but air supremacy is a core CV philosophy.
  12. An Across the Board CV Nerf Idea

    I agree with the removal of strafing and manual drops, but I think fighters should still have the ability to exit a dogfight at the cost of a plane.
  13. I don't mean the premium camo. That would be easy. I am asking about the sub collection reward camo. That answer isn't as clear cut.
  14. When a line is changed and ships are moved, does special premium reward camo, like the New Orleans anniversary camo, move with the ship? How are those little details handled?
  15. USN CL Captain Skills

    1. Priority target 2. Jack of All Trades 3. Basic Firing Training 4. Advanced firing training 2. Adrenaline rush 3. Superintendent 4. Inertia fuse