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  1. Can we have Steven Seagal Back now?

    Give it time. The rhetoric is sounding like the 1850s, and a certain Twitter account is regularly pouring gas on this fire.
  2. Is this possible to fix ?

    Nope. High shell arcs. I can't shoot at A or D, but depending how I position, I can absolutely shoot into B or C.
  3. Jean Bart is to Richelieu what Alabama is to Massachusetts. They may be sisters, but they play completely different. That said, I still want both ships, but Alaska comes first.
  4. Is this possible to fix ?

    I use the middle in one of my favorite strategies for this map, where I camp in the exact middle in a US radar cruiser and use it to periodically light up most of both A and D cap at the same time. Heaven help if there is a CV. They will avoid crossing the middle
  5. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    Speaking of GenCon, it's 12 months to the next one, and it's centrally located, so how about that for a Wargaming event?
  6. Grinding Through Ranger

    Make sure the airplane buff upgrades are equipped. Remember that in every match you face, other than the mirror, you are the strike carrier. Your planes are more durable, but with only one fighter squadron, you can't take control of the skies by force. What you have is a deep reserve of strike planes, so focus on getting your drops off. Use your fighters to deter theirs, and once your strike drops are away, if they catch your planes then it isn't as big an issue. Most important, if they do attempt to engage your planes with theirs, keep the strafes head on, and don't let them catch you from side or behind. When you get to Lexington, it will play the exact same way.
  7. The New WGC Launcher

    My computer barely keeps up now. That said, in marketing, perception is everything, and it's very difficult to change. The public perception of the WGC seems to be overwhelmingly negative, and maybe enough so that this could kill all their games. More research is needed.
  8. New incoming commander

    We all want Jingles in the game, it just probably won't be this time.
  9. New incoming commander

    Fem isn't a CC anymore. Actually, now she is in charge of them.
  10. Threat Assessment Thursday - Two Brothers

    I have found that parking an American radar cruiser in the middle and just occasionally peeking out and shooting can be extremely effective, especially if CVs are in play.
  11. New incoming commander

    She is a former CC that is a very active Twitch streamer, and was recently hired by Wargaming to oversee CCs. She also happens to be a unicum level CV player and has the best how to play CV videos on YouTube.
  12. New incoming commander

    Then it's Femmenenly. If you can find an additional Australian or commonwealth reference, that would confirm it. She is known for playing Japanese CVs, was born in Australia, grew up in the U.K., and currently lives and works in the U.S.
  13. Server Issues

    Not being credited for the win before the crash, though...
  14. Server Issues

    Back in!!!!!!!
  15. Indianapolis Marathon Depression

    I got the Indianapolis on Monday, and I am happy I did, but I am sad I never pulled any of the special missions from all of those containers I opened.