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  1. The Ultimate Frontier, Hermes, Cherry Blossom, and Dynamo: the scenarios that have been unavailable for two and a half years. We don't need them all back at once, but with so many polarizing game choices being made recently, returning these to us would make an excellent olive branch to give the community, preferable one per patch, with updates to what we once had to reflect new additions to the game. Let's look at what each of these operations could look like and when each should return. 1. Cherry Blossom (Update 0.10.6): The biggest change needed has just been recently added. Giving the planes from the Aerodrome the qualities of the planes of Tone and Ise would easily fit this operation. This would now be easy to bring back. 2. The Ultimate Frontier (Update 0.10.7): Coinciding with the Dutch cruiser event, facing the new Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provincien could make an excellent boss ship to cap this operation, as well as a way to market the dockyard ship. 3. Hermes (Update 0.10.8 or 0.10.9): Coinciding with the submarine ranked event, many new German ships have been released into the game. If Graf Zeppelin is an issue, it could easily be removed for Odin or Pommern. Also, this scenario has always been an ideal candidate to add German submarines. 4. Dynamo (Update 0.10.11): Returning after the Halloween event, The Dunkirk evacuation could easily have German planes with qualities similar to Tone and Ise's planes, in addition to the potential to add submarines. This would require more work than any other of the scenarios, but it would be a crown Jewel in the Scenarios and would be an excellent Christmas gift to the players.
  2. Shannon_Lindsey

    They really screwed up CV's

    In Randoms, I would not be surprised. I still doubt that will be the go to in CB, as the planes are just too slow.
  3. Shannon_Lindsey

    They really screwed up CV's

    I didn't get to play any true CV yesterday, as all my time was taken up with clan battles and a couple of battles with Tone, whose torpedo bombers were not affected. Our CV guy said that the effect varies from CV to CV, with the Germans apparently being the least affected. I am sure sometime today, I will take a game or two in CV just to check it out.
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    Is there a list of subs to be added?

    And here we go: US tech tree subs: German tech tree subs: Russian tech tree VI S-1 in my port in an earlier open sub test: Russian tech tree X K-1: Premium subs
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    Is there a list of subs to be added?

    There is actually a long list of subs that have been modeled. I saved the images when I saw them. I will repost them here when I am at my PC again.
  6. Shannon_Lindsey

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    People who whine constantly and think they know better than you how to play the game make it not fun. Edit: it's also highly probable that the people giving this post negative reactions are the exact people I am talking about, as they feel called out.
  7. Shannon_Lindsey

    Wargaming In The News

    I am not going to be quick to judge on this, as the article offered lots of accusations and little evidence. There could be political motivation in this as well. Considering the wealth of the ownership, it's easy to demonize them
  8. Shannon_Lindsey

    Submarine changes stupid and over penalises them.

    It's not 10 minutes until tier 10. Tier 6 gets about half that, and it's just not enough. The result is that tier 6 subs are severely underpowered, and based on in game economics, aren't feasible or justifiable as a line.
  9. Shannon_Lindsey

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    When I get home and have time to really gather my thoughts, I will write a thread about what I think of this ship proposal. Spoiler: it will not be kind.
  10. Shannon_Lindsey

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    I do not plan on taking this offer, but I firmly believe it is completely fair under the circumstances. I never got a commander with my Friesland originally, since I already had Blyskawica.
  11. My main issue with Congress is the name. It makes me cringe every time I hear it. No ship from the Alaska design studies should have this name.
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    That time again to look at upcoming ship purchases

    I bought the Ise within 5 minutes of it hitting the armory. I would also have bought Agincourt if it wasn't hidden behind loot crates. De Zeven Provincien will be the first dockyard ship since Puerto Rico I put effort into. Other than them, the ships I am waiting to pounce on are Tone and Repulse.
  13. Shannon_Lindsey

    How Long Before Ise is Removed From Sale?

    This is actually an economic fallacy. The only costs that matter in a decision going forward are costs yet to be paid. Sunk costs are irrelevant to future decisions.
  14. Shannon_Lindsey

    Yamamoto Isoroku, Emergency Reserve +1

    Really fast if you are using Hyuga or Ise.
  15. Shannon_Lindsey

    How Long Before Ise is Removed From Sale?

    Yet the subs are still coming. Nice try with the denial, though.