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  1. Shannon_Lindsey

    When the rest of the Carriers come back...

    I am pretty sure he was just throwing stuff out there to hide the real plans that he didn't want people talking about while these carriers were being fine tuned.
  2. Shannon_Lindsey

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    As someone who plays a lot of both ship types involved in this discussion, I don't believe using the Nerf hammer any more is advisable without some careful precision. If there is a problem, it is unique to Midway alone, and probably not as extreme as the OP suggested. Also, nerfing CVs against DDs any further would almost certainly result in DDs becoming over-powered due to all of the spotting changes that came with the rework.
  3. I saw this, and for just a moment, I was excited that maybe I will finally get a chance to get them...
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers (Suggested lines #1)

    Tier V cruisers are made of Matchsticks and citadels, and Hawkins would be no exception. Even though it was definitely a heavy cruiser, it was different enough that I left it off the line. In the game it would most likely be a tier V premium, which is a role already occupied by Exeter. Still, I imagine it will eventually be in the game.
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers (Suggested lines #1)

    I have seen both mentioned, and either way could work, 9.8 or 9.2. Actually, I would be more comfortable with 9.2, but decided to go bigger and flashier. Edit: I went back and changed it on your suggestion, because I had originally heard 9.2 until I began digging a few days ago.
  6. A while back, a challenge was issued to create a hypothetical list of ship releases for a year. In the time since, many of the most obvious and coveted premiums have already come out, such as Alaska and Dreadnought. Also a part of that discussion was tech tree lines. With that said, this will be the first of a series of ideas for future lines leading up to 1.0, which should arrive in early 2021. We already know that 0.8.2 is bringing the Royal Navy carriers, and that the Russian Battleships are coming soon after, likely around ~0.8.5. With the idea that 0.9.0 will likely bring something massive, this is going to suggest that the rest of this year will likely only bring partial lines. So for and ideal goal of 0.8.8, these are the Heavy cruisers of the Royal Navy Tier VI York https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_York_(90) 6 x 205mm guns. Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search, Smoke Generator/Catapult Fighter York was the sister of the already in-game tier V premium ship Exeter. This ship is basically the same ship uptiered with a lot of the prerelease nerfs removed. Tier VII Kent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Kent_(54) 8 x 205mm guns or 6 x 205mm guns (C hull) Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search/Defensive AA fire (C hull only), Smoke Generator/Catapult Fighter Kent was the first of the County class cruisers. Even though the Counties were older than the York class, in most ways they were superior ships due to the Yorks being very limited in size due to treaty restrictions. Also, unlike the light cruisers, the tier VII and VIII heavy cruisers can choose to equip an alternate C hull like US destroyers to sacrifice a main gun turret to gain extra AA protection. Tier VIII Norfolk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Norfolk_(78) 8 x 205mm guns or 6 x 205mm guns (C hull) Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search/Defensive AA fire (C hull only), Smoke Generator/Surveillance Radar Norfolk was the lead ship of the last sub class of County class cruisers. It was the final revision of the general county design. Tier IX Surrey (1939 design) 9 x 235mm guns Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search/Defensive AA fire, Surveillance Radar The original surrey was meant to be the lead ship of the fourth group of Counties, but was cancelled due to treaty limitations. This design, utilizing the same name, was proposed in 1939 as a new line of heavy cruisers, with three triple turrets built on a hull designed as an enlarged York class design. The larger gun calibre would make smoke mostly useless in game, so it is dropped. Also, this class can equip Defensive AA fire without sacrificing main battery. Tier X Northumberland (1941 design) 12 x 235mm guns Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search/Defensive AA fire, Surveillance Radar Sometimes referred to as the "Admiral" class, this was an ambitious heavy cruiser design that resembled a miniature King George V, including 3 quad gun main turrets. The name Northumberland was supposed to have been given to the last of the Counties, but is used here for the sake of naming continuity. Finally, there should also be a premium to accompany and promote the line. Premium Tier VII Suffolk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Suffolk_(55) 6 x 205mm guns Consumables: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, Hydroacoustic Search, Defensive AA fire, Smoke Generator/Surveillance Radar Suffolk was involved in the Battle of the Denmark Straight and helped track Bismarck with her radar. This is a representation of how it appeared in 1943.
  7. Shannon_Lindsey

    Shoot 30 planes

    This first stage has been a real slog through the mud. I see plenty of CVs, but their planes part around me like the Red Sea. Even if I am running a DD, if they even manage to spot me, I start shooting their planes, and they run like hell away from me and won't come back. I was in my Benson yoloing, and I actually started calling the enemy CV out on what I was doing, and they still wouldn't fly near me. All I got was a Chappy chasing me. I had to get under 1000 hp before a single plane came close.
  8. Shannon_Lindsey

    Would CV Mains like return to Alpha Damage?

    I honestly believe alpha strike should be the way of the Japanese line, with DOT being the way of the US and UK carriers.
  9. Shannon_Lindsey

    A Question About British Carriers

    I realized the same thing while playing tonight. It actually made me angry, because I had some serious plans and expectations I had been dreaming about ever since they announced we could get the ships from the arsenal. Honestly, I was prepared for a ridiculous grind, but being required to spend money when we in the past could have just been lucky is infuriating to me, because a small chance is always better than no chance. I had a great plan to get both the Midway and the Audacious on the day 0.8.2 drops, and be able to move commanders onto them using the free respec we are getting at that time. I even have a higher level British commander set aside for just that purpose. I still have hope. The Florins are being kept past 0.8.2, so it is likely they have another purpose for Florins. That makes it possible we may be getting a new way to earn them in the 4th week. If we do, my faith will be restored. If this does turn out to just be a cash grab, they had better stay on my clan mates' good sides, because that will be the only thing keeping me in this game. Edit: It's the other stuff they are including in the packages. That is why they are being cash grabby. I really wish they had just kept it random...
  10. Shannon_Lindsey

    A Question About British Carriers

    It is possible to earn the crowns and florins in-game to get tier VIII as well. We earn crowns and florins for completing each stage of the dail missions, so we can earn up to 6 crowns and 60 florins every day.
  11. Shannon_Lindsey

    Warships Wiki

    Who updates the warships wiki? I am sure 0.8.0 has made this a truly overwhelming task, but I have a technical question for whomever is involved in the process.
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    Exeter Earn-able Starting March 15

    How many missions do we need to get it?
  13. Shannon_Lindsey

    Small Tweeks for your next HOTFIX

    Actually, I was going to suggest a fighter squadron that flies around giving small fighter squads to friendly ships for the alternative CV lines.
  14. Graf Zeppelin disagrees with you. Actually, something I wanted buffed were Lexington's secondary guns, and I think they did. Three destroyers tried to snipe me, and I killed one with my dive bombers, severely damaged a second until it ran away, and the third, which was Russian, closed in to use its torpedoes, and my secondaries killed it. It was pretty cool!
  15. Shannon_Lindsey

    The Fall Of Rome

    It's like you don't even realize some of us have already gotten very good at hitting destroyers with dive bombers, which do a heck of a lot more damage than rockets.