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  1. Shannon_Lindsey

    [IND8] The Bloody 8th

    [IND8] The Bloody 8th is recruiting players who are friendly and like to play with others who may not quite have reached tier X yet, but would like to explore clan wars in the future. We are pretty easy going and not hyper-competitive. We have allowed non-Discord members in the past, but are asking new applicants to have it. If you are interested, please contact Shannon_Lindsey or WW2_Carrier_Killer to set up an interview. You may also apply directly to the clan in-game, and you will be contacted in-game to set up a Discord interview. https://discord.gg/dPfWbm
  2. Shannon_Lindsey

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    First off, I am a CV main, so I do have a strong opinion on this. I understand why so many of the current CV mains keep trying to suggest ways to save the RTS system, because they don't or won't understand that part of the rework plan is removing the RTS system, and most likely, WG is 100%committed to that. The most logical explanation for this is console platform compatibility. If so, it limits WG's options for the rework to what can be done with a controller. Looking at the rework itself, it does have potential, and it did initially draw interest from any player who saw it that either isn't completely given to the RTS system or that hate carriers so much they would break the game to get rid of them. The biggest problem with WG, unfortunately and oddly given all the computer programming involved, is that collectively WG has a track record of being unpredictably bad at math and logistics at times. One needs only look at the first attempt at the Ring competition or the Missouri in game economics to see this issue in action, as both had problems due to issues to consider the interactions of all the numbers involved, yet could have been predicted had they been put to more scrutiny. NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, got that out of the way. The CV rework is also showing early signs of failure to fully consider the logistics, mostly in total damage potential and CV survivability in a group vs solo, but also may have issues with the new economics of advancement up the tech tree. We need more time to adjust these things, but it feels like someone is pushing a deadline, and that is insanely bad for product quality, and has me deeply worried for the future of this game.
  3. Shannon_Lindsey

    The chief problem in WOWS

    Dude, you're doing it wrong! Threads like this need salt to survive! ;)
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    Where is Alaska?

    "But I'm using it!"
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    to who it may concern

    Geez, it's just the color pink. It's hot! If they put you in orange, then you can complain about it.
  6. Shannon_Lindsey

    so tempted...

    I find low tier premiums are useful for helping newer players learn to the game by playing alongside them. Also help recruit and train new talent for the clan.
  7. Shannon_Lindsey

    so tempted...

    If only that were possible, I would have one of the ARP battleships I barely was too late to the game to get.
  8. Shannon_Lindsey

    so tempted...

    Sounds like a waste of money? Someone wise once said to never sell a premium ship for credits.
  9. Shannon_Lindsey

    Task Force Tuesday - Tier VI

    My most battles of any ship in the game is my tier VI Independence, and I am very good in it. I play a lot of tier VI overall, and my other prime choices are Ryujo, Huanghe, Warspite, Gallant, and Icarus.
  10. This right here is why I have been learning the other ships beside CVs and playing all nations. Every ship has to be played to its strengths to perform well. In this case, US cruisers play best when finding a spot behind an island and firing over it.
  11. Shannon_Lindsey

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    From experience, I can say it is hard to kill a full health Kongo with one airstrike. It takes a near perfect drop with the Kongo going either in a straight line or caught in the exact wrong point in the turn. You can't get that result with a cross drop. Incidentally, from a CV player's perspective, if the CV driver went after you first, it means you weren't full health, the DDs weren't visible, or the CV driver wasn't experienced enough to know to kill the DDs first with Japanese planes (Which would make the skill level to hit all 8 torps unlikely). Leaving the DDs alive is a good way to get your team rolled fast, regardless of the game mode. Then again, maybe the CV driver was thinking farm damage over winning.
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    Allow manual CV control without recalling a squadron

    Shift key to do this, Wargaming. Key it to the same way artillery ships switch to targeting sight view. Really it's the same thing anyway.
  13. Shannon_Lindsey

    Matchmaking solution

    Until the recent MM adjustment, I was seeing a lot of T8-10 battles, and recently it has only been 1-3 radars per side most battles, and even then, all a DD has to be is smart about their ship placement. The era of heavy radar was only a temporary shift due to an event and new line release. People that left the game over it were using it as an excuse. Being someone who is a better DD player now than I was before the split, I can't say I care much for the opinion of the players that did leave, because they likely would have just left over anything else that changed, or even a lack of change.
  14. Shannon_Lindsey

    Matchmaking solution

    It's a mathematical certainty. In your 3 leagues example, the top third of players are being paired against each other, but there is only 50% of wins to go around for a group that previously did consistently better. Somebody is not going to win as much.
  15. Shannon_Lindsey

    Dear Little White Mouse.

    This is the dedicated Massachusetts build and why I would take each of them. 1 point: Priority Target, knowing just how many enemies are targeting you is critical for determining whether to engage or head for island cover or Concealment. 1 point: Preventative Maintenance, to give extra health to secondary guns 2 points: Adrenaline Rush, secondary ships take lots of spam, and the rate of fire increase from this skill can be critical 3 points: Basic Fire Training, to increase the rate of fire from secondary guns. 4 points: Advanced Fire Training, extra range for secondary guns 4 points: Inertia Fuse High Explosive, all non-German secondary builds have issues getting penetration at same tier and above armor. Mass is no exception. 4 points: Fire Prevention, because you will get HE spammed frequently.