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  1. Shannon_Lindsey

    2 Million FXP for the Hayate and Smalland?

    The fact they made the PR disaster and still increased their player numbers while doing so is exactly why they could make this mistake.
  2. Shannon_Lindsey

    2 Million FXP for the Hayate and Smalland?

    I have been debating about getting Freisland or Smaland first, and a 2 million fxp tag on the latter would make it too easy to choose. If it were only 1.5 million fxp, I would keep saving to get Smaland first. I have about 830k now.
  3. Shannon_Lindsey

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    I had not heard of this, but what a waste...
  4. Shannon_Lindsey

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    And this is one reason why I have no respect for France as a nation. They had history preserved, and then they scrapped it. The people wanted it scrapped, for God's sake! Seriously, who intentionally scraps a museum? I can't say anything else about it that wouldn't get me reprimanded...
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    What will submarine unlock requirements be?

    Not anymore. They changed to DDs with the CV rework.
  6. While feedback is one of the main reasons for this forum, lately, it has almost turned into something that feels like a localized 4chan social experiment, so I started this thread as a satirical pushback. The very people it was targeted at have taken the very obvious response of trying to hijack the thread, which in a twist of irony just proves the original satire I was aiming for.
  7. Ah, but is this a place for free speech, or a privately owned business? How long do you think you can hand out fliers about the evils of eating meat and the packing industry while in a McDonald's before they ask you to leave? WG is patient, as they should be, but I'm just saying I might go to a different restaurant if a bunch of PETA vegans are protesting in the lobby all the time.
  8. Reminds me of a certain card game when someone asked the company about tournament formats for older cards...(hint: an electric mouse was involved)
  9. Like Puerto Rico and Naval Training Center...yeah I am definitely not a White Knight, they really blew it on those events, maybe...(looks at spreadsheet data for PR event and sighs in disgust at how high the player numbers actually got)...
  10. Shannon_Lindsey

    Some thoughts about what 'OP' means

    @Lert consider this: CVs being called OP is the exact same thing as the Izumo being considered weak. It's the perception of the past bleeding over from pre-rework and the early rework era of the Flying Shimakaze. In some Anti-CV threads, it's not unusual for the accusers to refer to things that haven't been true or even possible since RTS went away.
  11. Shannon_Lindsey

    Keep Fighting, You Just Might Win

    I just had a similar thing happen in my Shokaku. My friend and clanmate was the only destroyer on our team in a tier 10 battle. His Kiev died early to a charging Des Moines. They were up four ships on us at one point, as well as controlling three of the four caps. However, their West flank, where we were, managed to over push and overextend themselves. Then I got an idea. I began sending in my torpedo planes not to hit them, but to deliberately miss them with easy to dodge torpedo runs meant instead to force them broadside to my allied ships. In dodging my torpedoes, they were rapidly wiped out by my allies. We killed the entire enemy team and still had five ships of our own left. I feel evil.
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    New here

    Welcome! Always more than happy to help a new player!
  13. Shannon_Lindsey

    Plagues are a plague that needs to be addressed

    What an infectious idea...
  14. I haven't been playing as much lately. It's not because I have any issues with mechanics in the game. When I am in DD, CVs don't bother me, I'm good at not getting spotted. When I am in BB, I try and give DDs with decent torps a wide berth. Etcetera for when I am in a CL, CA, and CV. As a long time gamer, I understand tilt and the effect random events can have on game judgement. As long as the software is working, I usually enjoy the game. Unfortunately, I look on these boards to keep informed on upcoming events and changes, and what I see here depresses me. I constantly see people complaining about molehills you would think are mountains and threatening to close their wallets if Wargaming doesn't make changes to the game that would wreck it for logistical reasons, and would most certainly drive me away from the game, along with everyone else who is caught in the middle. Anti-CV and anti-DD players, I am looking squarely at you on this. Nearly every suggestion I see from either of these camps is something game-breaking. I often want to go in and wreck the logic of every argument, but it's getting tedious, and my greatest fear for this game is that someone might actually start listening. In fact, it sounds exactly like modern American politics: over-hyping and fake outrage from both sides, causing people that don't know better to get angry over mole hills the think are mountains. I think it's time to answer this by consolidating these threads together every time a new one pops up. I'm tired, and I think I am done ranting.
  15. Shannon_Lindsey

    this game has no new players because low tiers are literally unplayable

    Not sure if you meant that sarcastically or in earnest...so not sure how to respond...