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  1. Specifically, Starscream wasn't included in the first wave because with CV being a niche group, they weren't sure how well it would sell, so he has been pushed to a later group if the collaboration keeps going. With Starscreams design, he is too big of a bot to be on a destroyer, and being an aircraft, he is a very obvious choice for CV. That is the gist of it. I was halfway watching on twitch, and was kind of bored with it tbh. @Hapa_Fodder I am sure I have misquoted something. Would you care to restate what was said in regards to Starscream, for what I am sure I have screwed up.
  2. The issue here is high profile. Also they confirmed on stream that Starscream is in consideration for a future skin for one of the CVs.
  3. I enjoy playing against them. It's a challenge, and I am very good at using my priority sector and Defensive AA at awkward times for them. Also, avoiding getting spotted in a DD adds another layer of fun, and TBH, the only time I ever didn't like facing CV is when I am at tier 4 teaming up with a beginner. Double tier 4 CV is absolutely too much when combined with the extra weak AA. I want to note that when I don't have fun with a DD, one of two things have happened; either I have gone to the same cap as 3 enemy DDs and they flood it with torpedo soup so thick there is no dodging it, or Russian 12km radar keeps spotting me, and the offending cruiser keeps bull rushing me while my teammates fail to punish him for over extending. I have had more than a few CVs get tunnel vision obsessed with me, and while I agree that if they are determined enough they will kill you eventually, if I make them burn more than 10 minutes of game time obsessing over me, I call that a team win, especially if I still manage to get a kill while they are doing it.
  4. A few of us were talking on Discord, and a thought occurred to us on two possible Decepticon skins that would fit amazingly well, and should be considered for a second wave if this collaboration continues. Both of these are CV skins, and either one would likely be extremely popular. 1) Soundwave skin for Hakuryu where the planes are altered to look like three of his animal form minions, likely Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat, although Ravage could also be a popular choice. 2) Starscream skin for Midway where the planes are altered to look like Red and Silver (Starscream), Blue (Thundercracker), and Purple (Skywarp) F-15s for each of the flight types.
  5. Shannon_Lindsey

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Going to add on to what Hapa wrote. WG doesn't announce most punishments publically, because there are serious legal and liability considerations when doing so, because there is some legal expectation of privacy, even for rule breakers, so for a punishment to be made public requires a company to really want to make an example of someone for unacceptable behavior that they want to heavily discourage people from doing in the future, enough to weigh against legal and liability risks of exposing someone against privacy laws. To my knowledge, the only time in recent memory I can recall Wargaming doing this was the Asian clan that got caught cheating resulting in a major SEA clan getting disbanded. Bad chat behavior doesn't come remotely close to meeting that threshold.
  6. Praying for modders to give us mods to replace this version of Optimus and Megatron's voices with the Cullen and Welker originals.
  7. Shannon_Lindsey

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    No, it's the War for Cybertron cast; ie bad impressions of Cullen and Welker's voices.
  8. Shannon_Lindsey

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    As much as I love G1 Transformers, I don't hear Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, or Dan Gilvezan voicing these characters, so no thank you due to buzzkill, although this is probably Hasbro's fault and not Wargaming's.
  9. Shannon_Lindsey

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    Who cares? It's not the same rip off the first dockyard was. It's basically earn a premium for playing and a major discount for another premium. It's the same as with Cossack, only more details and graphics. One of these days, they may even do a tier 8 ship that I actually want.
  10. Shannon_Lindsey

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    The whole point of a business is to make a profit, and in this case Oklahoma is a boat people have been wanting, sort of. Actually they have been asking for her sister, Nevada in 1944 configuration. Belfast is the best they can do given they really can't rerelease the OP mess the original is. Overall, this seems quite fair to me.
  11. Shannon_Lindsey

    Dipping my toes back into the water...

    Tier 6 submarines got a trial run in their own seperate game mode last patch. There are still some issues that need to be worked out, but WG is taking their time to polish this before sending them fully into randoms. Expect another go round with the seperate game mode again soon. Also we got a Russian cruiser split and a German CV line recently. The Moskva and the Kirov are no longer in the tech tree and are now Special ship/premium status. While the Moskva is a tanky ship, the new Russian tier 10s are kiters, but still have the annoying 12km radar, which they can stealth use. As for the German CVs, they have long range secondaries, but do not hit as hard as Graf Zeppelin's, and their aircraft are all meant to be used against completely different ship types from the other carrier lines (AP rockets vs cruisers, AP Dive Bombers against battleships, and super fast but weak torpedoes against destroyers).
  12. Shannon_Lindsey

    [ALL] ModStation

    IS the Unique Historical commanders mod supposed to change their names as well as the images? If so, the name part doesn't seem to be working on my game, only the images.
  13. The unique upgrades don't cost real money, therefore there is absolutely no reason Wargaming can't or shouldn't be willing and able to change them at any time for the sake of game balance. This extends the viable lifetime of the game, and to deny them this tool for personal benefit of keeping a tech tree ship OP is the pinnacle of self absorbed narcissism. I feel no sympathy on this, and I doubt most of us would. Seeing as this is common in multiplayer online games, if you don't like it, stop playing MMORPGs.
  14. Shannon_Lindsey

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    So now we are pulling Independence out of the future tech tree? Are we excluding Bogue entirely from the future of the game? I wouldn't mind seeing a premium Independence class in addition to the tech tree one, but this discussion started off about Essex and Enterprise, and by extension the return of the missing tech tree carriers.
  15. Shannon_Lindsey

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    As you pointed out, they would have the possibility to insta-delete, but the flights are small. Also, they do have another tool against enemy DDs, the hydro buoy can spot them even more effectively than the fighters since they can see through smoke and can't be shot down, forcing the DD to move before the 8 seconds are up. As for inability to defend friendly DDs, this is true, but that is also kind of the trade off for getting the small flight numbers. Also I forgot to add that the planes on deck would regenerate VERY slowly, making plane losses extra painful.