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  1. _KlRlTO_

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    O7 You are one person I will greatly miss reading the thoughts of
  2. ...is what this post almost was about, but there is a lot more to be said than that, and I am not actually leaving the game, although I certainly am not playing it much either. I was thinking of creating sort of a signed statement of defiance at WG's choice to close the forums, which I do see as fully equivalent to the death of the game. Any argument against such is nothing more than semantics. World of Warships has a huge problem that I see complained about in discords constantly, although people often don't recognize the problem for what it actually is. It usually presnts as complaints about the quality of matchmaker, but that isn't the actual problem. The real problem is a massive influx of new player ignorance. A lot of the players regularly playing the game now joined in the last two years, and have never really learned the details of what makes winning and losing strategy. The net result is battles being a chaotic mess. There are so many bad decisions regularly being made in random battles, even some insanely good players can't carry. That is why losing the forums kills the game. The forums have been the single best tool for self improvement. Discord can not fill this role, because the very nature of discussions on Discord are both too chaotic to follow easily in a busy channel, as well as impossible to thoroughly search for information. Basically, knowledge is power, and destroying these forums cuts off a path to knowledge. That's why I was going to post a leaving the game post. It's all moving in a direction of being too chaotic to be enjoyable. I wanted to make a post to be a sounding board. I was also seriously considering leaving the Discord as well, which I think might be a good way to get WG's attention as to how bad an idea this is. As I said, I haven't been playing warships much lately. My attention and money have been going to an older love of mine, Star Wars the Old Republic. I say the name because it's not in direct competition. Of course, some of the more internet saavy players in here will recognize that title, as it is currently changing development studios, and the specter of "Maintenance Mode" is often being thrown around about it as a result. Now, people who really pay attention to it also know that is not actually what is happening to it right now, but the rumors and gossip still drift that way. That said, I feel more confident about putting my time and money into that game right now than Warships after this announcement, which is really sad since the removed carriers are just about to be brought back, something I have personally been waiting years for. All this considered, I am still sort of lingering around just in case WG surprises me and somehow salvages this hot mess. And now to the final reason I made this post. If you are planning on leaving the game with the death of the forum, please comment below. Turn this into a petition. I won't even do my usual troll anymore for it. You get a freebie pass from my trolling on it from now on until the end of the forum.
  3. _KlRlTO_

    Can the game be over developed???

    What do you call it when a free to play multiplayer online game isn't developing new content? The answer is maintenance mode. Do you really want maintenance mode?
  4. _KlRlTO_

    How do you use smoke on the new CV?

    Seriously, how hard is it to look at a dev blog, or even just earlier forum posts? These new mechanics are long term meant for new lines, the tier 10s of which will be available to test in this mode next patch. The CVs in the mode now are just place-holding. If you hadn't noticed, the planes are different from the current tech tree CVs, not just in terms of new mechanics, but also in attack parameters. Spoilers US minefield CVs: VI Independence>VIII Yorktown>X Essex Japanese smoke CVs: VI Zuiho>VIII Hiryu>X Taiho I will edit in images of Essex and Taiho later when I am not on my phone.
  5. If that is the case, then the odds would shift on everything, with the 0.5% for tier 7 & 8 ships being split between all the other possibilities based on their ratios to each other, although when the current system was originally explained, I don't think that is what they said would happen, especially since if you have all the possible ships, and it tries to drop a ship, it grants alternative compensation instead. I know that it will always drop a ship you don't have from that bracket if you hit the odds of a ship, but I wasn't sure if it would skip to the other ship bracket first or go back all the way to the full odds. That is really the core of my question. And there is the answer. I thought that was the case, but I wanted to be sure. This means I will definitely participate in this event. Earning the full 25 possible containers actually makes for decent odds, especially since I already have the WV41 too. If I do hit the Georgia, then I will have a goal to collect all the states (Which is rough since we now have two different incarnations of the West Virginia.)
  6. I already have all of the tier 7 & 8 ships these containers can drop, but neither of the tier 9's. Does that mean I still only have a 0.1% chance of pulling one of those, or do I have a 0.6% chance since I have all the ships from the higher drop rate catagory?
  7. It's also always 5:00 somewhere. Bottoms up!!!
  8. I was actually pleasantly surprised that all of my mods were already up running and updated on patch day with no issues. This patch was probably the best performance I've seen from the mod station as long as I've been playing the game. If you're getting the 24-hour update error, it is absolutely because you need to uninstall and reinstall.
  9. _KlRlTO_

    Well well now........

    @Ahskance Buff to Minotaur unique upgrade to still function correctly with smoke mod 1 and X-ray Papa Unaone when?
  10. _KlRlTO_

    secondary build for german CV viable?

    Yes, a German secondary build can work on their aircraft carriers. Graf Zeppelin can be especially good because it has very large secondaries. It's not quite as good with the others, because their guns are smaller, but they are very accurate, reload very quickly, and have German 1/4 pen. I think they are roughly equivalent to Harugumo guns, but I might be wrong. Interestingly, if WG would actually fix Hidden Menace, the reduced detection range for the other tier VIII and X German CVs (not Graf Zeppelin) would match their boosted secondary range.
  11. Yes, this is the second attempt, but the only similarity between these support carriers and the earlier ones is the use of deployable smoke. Stun bombs and chaff have been replaced with aerial mines. What this means is that unlike the previous iteration, smoke and mine planes are proving feasible enough to advance to open testing, and not dying in closed testing like the prior version. I am betting that mines work as an alternative munition, and smoke works as long as damage or spotting potential is reduced. One neat idea could be to drop aerial smoke on an enemy DD on the opposite side from enemy aircraft to deny spotting to that flank. BTM, aerial mines can deal damage to submarines, so a new ASW weapon has entered play.
  12. I mean, I know these are just placeholding, as the actual tier VIII CVs will be VIII Hiryu and VIII Yorktown, but still, unless you have plans to bring Saratoga and Zuikaku into the main game soon in their own right, you could have at least given them a brief moment to shine in this alt mode testing.
  13. Okay, I have some basic feedback, that I am sure others will agree on, and I am posting this as a meme to make it easy:
  14. _KlRlTO_

    A new low: You have to buy missions

    Basically, just ignore the missions. They aren't worth getting. They are nothing more than an idiot trap, and if WG can get idiots to burn resources on the missions, that means less good resources for them to get a good resource ship only for them to play it badly.
  15. _KlRlTO_

    What is the west virginia 44?

    Not really. West Virginia was severely damaged at Pearl Harbor, and at first was believed to be a total loss like Arizona and Oklahoma. However, the salvage teams discovered she was repairable. Consequently, West Virginia's refit was far more thorough than what her sisters Colorado and Maryland received. The short version is West Virginia 44 is California with Colorado's main guns and Massachusetts secondaries and AA.