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  1. Actually, I personally believe it is a divine obligation to mock and insult people who hate things based entirely on personal bias and prejudices without any consideration of real evidence. However, WG makes us play nice, so I check myself, especially since this is only a game. I am doing pretty well at holding my tongue, but you have no idea how many times I have seen a real gem of stupidity posted in here, and I have started to type, and then erased it all because I realized there was no good way to respond without breaking the rules.
  2. There is no cap limit that considers CV and sub together, and double CV with double sub matches at tier 6 are not unheard of. Also, a total of 5 DDs and subs represents a queue dump. The total is supposed to be four, but it relaxes to five after someone has been waiting more than two minutes.
  3. _KlRlTO_

    3 mercs for the whole clan?!

    I am quoting this mostly because I have a vested interest in following this. It is not unusual for us to mix players between IND8's bravo players and IND6, not to mention a few friends and former IND members from other clans that still play with us on occasion. Last season, we had no issues mixing this, as I specifically recall a night when three friends from a hurricane clan played mercenary with IND8 Alpha while at least one IND6 member played with IND8 Bravo (vice versa as a couple of IND8 members played with IND6). We haven't done that much mercenary yet this season, but if there is going to be an issue, I would rather we know about it sooner rather than later.
  4. To further expand on what Ahskance already said, the matchmaker is very random by design, because in a truly skill based matchmaker, the parity becomes so balanced that a game will become mentally fatiguing, causing frequent cases of player burnout. The current version, as random as it is, actually doesn't burn people out nearly as quickly. It also does have a tier safeguard built in that guarantees after 20 battles at a tier that you will no longer be the bottom tier more than 40% of the time. As for player experience, well the good news for you is that a lot of more experienced players have left the game because WG made decisions that didn't match what they were wanting. WG actually does try to cater more to newer players.
  5. Posts like this one make me want to put up a poll for people to vote on as to the most likely explanation for such a poorly worded and difficult to understand post. Unfortunately, some of those explanations would qualify as personal attacks, even if they were, in fact, true. The one I like to hope for is that it's a case of English as a second language, because that hypothesis is the one that allows me to still hope humanity isn't imploding.
  6. Dynamo is in the same boat as Wolfpack. It's an operation that uses a single ship type, which means everything said about Wolfpack in the Devblog also theoretically applies to Dynamo. I think we will see them both again, although not as part of random operations. On a different note, there are other operations I am expecting to happen. I would love to see future operations called Catapult, Judgement, and Overlord join the game, as well as single ship type operations called Tora (for 6 CV), Skagerrak (for BB), and Sitting Duck/Ironbottom (for CA).
  7. The Forum is mostly right on this, in that most people won't spend money on multiple cosmetics, although they will for one or two. Speaking of one, there is a certain cosmetic not in the game that I am certain myself and some other individuals will absolutely spend money on. This is my Balao, as she currently appears in game. I am using Tokyo game show camo, because it is the closest camo in game to what I want my Balao to look like. This is a picture of the real USS Balao in the paint scheme I want her to be in. Wargaming, I don't care if you make this a permanent camo or just give us a solid pink expendable camo, but please make this happen!
  8. HMS York, beached on March 26, 1941. The British initially planed to recover her, but continued German bombardment damaged her past the point of saving. She was scrapped in 1952. York was the sister to HMS Exeter.
  9. There are some serious fundamental flaws to this design. There is no way this makes it through testing without massive changes.
  10. _KlRlTO_

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Angry/hateful people can't tell the difference.
  11. _KlRlTO_

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Most ships in the game are force multipliers in the hands of a good player. While CVs are great at spotting, for them to have match impact, their allies have to actually make good use of said spotting, and I can tell you from experience, some of these new players are bad enough not to do this. Subs on the other hand, despite have notable detection advantages, lose their spotting when they submerge, which largely negates the biggest benefit of low detectability. Also, subs do damage when enemies make mistakes, which sort of feeds them into the one big problem causing steamrolls, which isn't actually the presence of subs, but rather the presence of players who are too new and too over their heads playing in tiers they have no business being in. If WG is doing anything to hurt the game, it's letting players whale to tier X. The fact that players can spend money to get a tier X in early release has enabled new player whales to show up in numbers and make the gameplay get full on ugly.
  12. _KlRlTO_

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Does anyone else see the logic gap here? Since both teams get CVs and Subs, how exactly does that equate to being responsible for one team steamrolling another? From my experience, Subs have almost no effect on win-loss, and CVs have significantly less since the rework in 2018.
  13. _KlRlTO_

    Snarg signing off

  14. _KlRlTO_

    Santa Crate Question?

    Indeed there have been changes. I am pretty sure I read that the ultra rare tier 5 premiums were re-added to the Santa drop lists. (ie Guilio Cesare, Kamikaze, R, Gremy, and Fujin)