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  1. _KlRlTO_

    Japanese CV Shinano

    Shinano, Akagi, and Soryu have all been modeled for the game in the past, but none of them have ever gone full public live. At this point, the models are old enough they would all have to be graphically updated, but it would be nice to see the three come in as premiums, as well as the return of Zuiho, Hiryu, and Taiho.
  2. _KlRlTO_

    Leone (Again)

    @Boggzy Leone still needs depth charges...please pass it up the chain...
  3. _KlRlTO_

    A legitimate and practical no CV mode

    The lack of full integration is intentional. It limits the amount of player pool split off. Remember that many alternative modes don't get counted for parts or all of ongoing mission themes, so there is no need to fully integrate. At most, it would have an integration close to operations, but remember that it would also be getting its own set of lesser daily missions.
  4. An earlier post was looking for ways to make low tiers relevant again. Here is a solution: a new game mode called GREAT WAR BATTLE Great War Battle Tiers: II-V. Ship types: BB, CL, DD Matchmaker: +2/-2 To implement this, an alternative set of daily missions with reduced rewards will need to be implemented as an incentive. The issues of tier IV CVs are well documented, but with the new bot system for low tier random battles, CV drivers will have ample opportunity to learn the mechanics before advancing to tier VI. It's also important that the battle economy of tier V in this mode be credit losing for non-premium players as a means to convince top tier players to "graduate" to randoms where the tier V economy is much friendlier. This game mode would allow for battles to have a legitimate "Jutland" feel, especially since all but one of the Jutland ships in game (Warspite) would be included. No, it won't be as good as randoms, but it could easily carve out its own niche.
  5. _KlRlTO_

    Heretical Proposition

    I have a counter proposal to this...
  6. It's a fair point. I already have the Tashkent, and I already used free XP to research, but not buy, Kurfurst. I have the free XP in the bank to research Khaba, but I am also trying to get Groningen. TBH, If I am going to need anything, it's credits to fit those three ships out when I get them, plus any premiums I somehow pick up along the way.
  7. My plan is to take the birthday coupon and turn it plus the 25% coupon as will as the 8k doubloon stash I already have into 3 tier 8 premium ships if I can stretch it, including Tirpitz and Indomitable. The third I haven't decided on yet, but I can promise it will be a historical ship. I am leaning towards Prinz Eugen for the third. I might just go the doubloons route first and go from there.
  8. Did you just tell us not to spend free XP to get a FREE T10 special ship with type 20 camo that can be used with any of our Russian captains witout any need to retrain, which will also be good each year for a supercontainer and a santa container? Are you nuts? Of course people should spend free XP to get it! It costs less free XP than the T9 premiums or even the Hayate!
  9. _KlRlTO_

    Vote for Femennenly!

    Bear in mind this nomination is based on her new position with EA, not her time with WG.
  10. @Maredraco Is the process of fixing this issue still ongoing? I recieved a WG container, and had my 5k doubloons taken away, but I bought the Moskva camo back in the day literally a couple of days before the announcement we weren't getting any compensation (I thought it would allow me to have the benefit for Moskva and then have camo waiting for me when I got Nevski), and I bought the Nevski camo not long after unlocking it. I am supposed to have that 5k in doubloons that was taken away.
  11. (Edited to try and post with a cooler head for now)
  12. _KlRlTO_

    German Tokens

    I am going to invest up to the tier 6, then I will turn my attention to coal.
  13. High game numbers + low post count + new player = Alt account of established player coming to complain while making themselves look like two players instead of one. Not a new thing around here.
  14. _KlRlTO_

    Winning bids?

    I think I heard 25001 on the battlecruiser. Not sure on the rest.
  15. I am amazed people still take Flamu's opinion's seriously...oh wait people want to be angry and Flamu offers fake anger, got it.