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  1. So was at the MK11 Community Reveal Event in LA recently. Oh my goodness it was a disaster. First off the stage, it looked terrible. Hey guys not enough gold. By the way Iam in the front row in this picture. Then there was a gameplay trailer which was garbage. It shows bits of the silly story and watered down finishers. This trailer also reveals Sub Zero for the game. The very moment it showed him, the crowd went crazy and cheered as if they were looking at Tom Brady. Iam thinking why is this? As you can see he does not look at that intimidating. Heck I could take him and I don't have any powers. His default look consist of a silly looking hood, a misshaped mask, giant metal shoulder pads, and a voice that sounds bored. Finally Ed Boon comes out. Everyone was chanting Ed, I was just giving him the bird(He ignored it though). He revealed a new character name Geras. Geras is a bald headed man with blue blood, silly armor, sand control powers, and time control powers. Time controlling powers got that, just imagine how much a player will abuse that. Next he showed a fight between Scorpion and Baraka both look silly in this game. The fight itself is boring. But one think that got me mad was that scorpion has a normal human mouth underneath his mask. Then we got more sneak peaks of the story mode and more fights. All of which were lame. Later on Chloe Dykstra was interviewing people. She saw me(Iam not that hard to see at 6,3). She and the camera guy came to me asking if I want to be interviewed. I said "Oh so I can say how this good this pile of junk looks?" I then walked away and left the event. Don't get started on that joke of a collectors edition. As a gamer boycott this mess!
  2. M8i

    Mortal Kombat 11 will fail

    Well thank you
  3. The show is terrible and is sad that it is one of the only sci fi shows on network tv.
  4. Oh yeah and those non humans.
  5. M8i

    Mortal Kombat 11 will fail

    I know it is out yet but the artwork is getting me upset. Lets hope this is not the final design for the game's case cover. Here are the designs for some of the characters. Here is a screenshot I say we will boycott the game now!
  6. Why would people think a show featuring a series about an idiot for a captain is great? The storylines are bad, the humor is brain dead, and look is dumb. Lets look at that ship the orville As you can see is a small hunk of junk explorer with p$%s poor weapons. That is lame now this ship is more like it. A massive warship that is covered with weapons. That is more bada#$ then a tiny little piece of junk. The crew of the Orville Well lets see an idiot captain, an idiot first officer, a pervert chief engineer, a man child for a helmsman, a bland doctor, a security chief who is barely an adult, a second officer who is a jerk, and a science officer who does not even wear the uniform(as silly as they look). Now just picture them on a starship. Whats next oh aliens and robots, yeah they look bad. Isaac is a robot with a light bulb for a head, Bortus has a piece of poop for a head, and Alara looks cheap.
  7. Let me tell you all another thing. The game was announced in early December of 2018. The game is set to be released in April of 2019. That is just four months away. This is proof that the game is being rushed.
  8. It starts off with a fight with Raiden between Scorpion. Now you would think a battle between a God and an Undead Demon would be cool. But the trailer disappoints, the battle was cheesy and kiddy. The outfits also look bad, they resembles cheep hunks of plastic. The environment is also poorly design, just old buildings. After Scorpion is defeated, another Scorpion appears who is wearing an ugly yellow getup and defeats Raiden. This is then followed by a lame looking Shao Khan and a nameless bald woman(looks lame). I say this to all gamers, give this pile of garbage a pass.
  9. M8i

    A Monster Hunter movie!?

    So fights involving ugly cgi blobs of s!#t is epic?
  10. M8i

    A Monster Hunter movie!?

    The Jaegers look like trash. Just hunks of rusty steel pined together.
  11. Actually it is the king kong lives design
  12. My version is not cutesy
  13. Iam big monster movie expert
  14. Well whats so scary about Legendary King Kong? Heres the answer nothing, it is also weak as can be.