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  1. joekewwl_1


    Check us out on discord if you want to chat or have questions. https://discord.gg/BB26Qsb Are you looking for a place to learn, or help others grow in WOWS. Fun laid back clan here
  2. joekewwl_1


    Mid level players are welcome to join for a place to learn and grow and have FUN. T8 and above please. Doesn't matter if you good great or learning we have a spot for you.
  3. joekewwl_1


    BEARS are a casual laid back active clan. We rotate ships and players for Clan battles. we do Naval battles too. We have all ages in our clan but everyone gets along great. We use Discord for communicating during battles and also to just have fun. No long waiting to join. If your active want to do CBs and willing to learn and help others then come relax and have fun. Check us out on discord if you want to chat or have questions. https://discord.gg/BB26Qsb You cant win them all but you can have fun trying.
  4. thanks. Will we get a full 4 hours? or are we gonna get shorted an Hour again like Thursday??
  5. im guessing its gonna be an hour behind like last CB was. let the waiting begin, again. Sigh sofb. :(
  6. joekewwl_1

    Clan battles NA server

    Bears cant join either
  7. joekewwl_1

    NA CB start

    Thanks for the Info
  8. joekewwl_1

    NA CB start

    Soo, in game its letting me start a DIV for the NA CB. waiting for a few players to see if I can get it to fire. The post earlier said it wouldn't start until 7:30 eastern time. so im confused. Any thoughts??
  9. @iKami where do I find pyton logs? Also for those of us who dont send in this do we miss out on something? Like rewards or compensation?
  10. Free T10 CV for everyone. would be good for a start. for the pain! :)
  11. waiting, sigh. really after last time. we get this again?
  12. joekewwl_1

    season 5 CB

    Does anyone know where I can find info on when next season of CB is starting? I saw the Server cross over test but im looking for info on Season 5 start date. thanks for any help/ Joe
  13. joekewwl_1

    Looking for an active, relaxed clan.

    @Shenanigans_Abound we are the BEARS. we do CBs. We switch out players giving everyone a chance to play during the sessions. Our clan has almost 47 members. check us out if you like. Laid back and like to have fun. We have DIscord too.