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  1. WidochMeirker

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    Wargaming has been displaying absolute incompetence for months now. They won't nerf it. It shouldn't have been in the game to start with as they were told over and over again by the testers it was crap and bad for the game. Wargaming wants to make the game as brain dead as possible and so the spam fest of no skill will continue.
  2. WidochMeirker

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    Besides the fact that CV players munch on T10 DDs like candy, the damage they do isn't even half the issue. Being spotted in a T10 game as a DD is death. So, either you stick near your AA support ships (which is a joke really. T10 CVs laugh at AA) and don't actually do anything helpful, or you try and spot/cap etc and get spotted and killed.
  3. WidochMeirker

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    That's not been my experience at all playing both CVs and DDs.
  4. WidochMeirker

    Any plans to make DD's relevant again?

    Yeah, I'm not great at playing CVs and I find rockets on destroyers to be easy and OP. It doesn't take much. DDs are starting to become like carriers were before the rework. Basically, if you get good DD play on your team, you will win 90% of the time. However, good DD play is getting harder and harder to find because of how stacked the game is against them. I've found that most of the waffle stomps I've seen in the game are a direct result of how bad the DDs play on the team that has been waffle stomped. It's been suggested by some of the community contributers that Wargaming is trying to force a new meta for DD players away from stealth. Look at the French DDs. They just sail around at super high speeds, not being shot because of how far away they can stay and how fast they fly, but baiting ships into shooting at them thus doing spotting. All of the conspiracy theories aside, the simplest answer is that Wargaming are just clueless and have no idea what they're doing, which based on the premium ships they've been farting out and the new upcoming Russian cruiser line would be the better option. Edit:Typos
  5. WidochMeirker

    We dont need more fantasy russian ships

    To wargaming, Russian fantasy will always be better than non-Russian reality.
  6. WidochMeirker

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Yes, I've noticed this for a few weeks now. Even Flamu was talking about it on his YouTube channel. Something is clearly off.
  7. WidochMeirker

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    This simply is not the case in the game right now. I suppose you might be the exception to the rule but this is not normal. You will be on fire for most of the game if you're actually participating in the battle. I did not. I specifically mentioned one or two ships that should be removed. You're describing HE fire setting perfectly. One stray HE shell hits without being aimed and you are now on fire with higher detection for the next 60 seconds. At least with AP you have to aim and ships can angle against it or overpen. A lot of cruisers can even bounce most AP in the game if played right. There is nothing that can be done to stop yourself from being at the mercy of the RNG fire gods. This is incorrect and not how the game works. Some examples. You can hit the Zao and get nothing but overpens if the Zao is played correctly, yet he can keep you on fire non-stop in a 1v1. Ships like Moskva, Alaska and others (Furutaka as a low tier example) can actually sit there bouncing shells from a ship like Missouri all day and just burn it down by keeping it on fire non-stop. Smolenks can sail around broadside all day and get nothing but overpens unless you get lucky. If it doesn't want to sail around broadside it can just juke and dodge and do fine. The French DD line for example can just sail around at max range keeping you on fire while never getting hit due to it's speed.
  8. Yeah, but didn't you know them charging into a cap, getting spotted, smoking up so no one can see anything and then dying to radar is everyone else's fault?
  9. I've started to notice that it comes down to which team gets the competent DD play. Radar, CVs and machine gun stupidity like Smolenks have been driving away DD players like mad. I used to be a DD main and it's just not fun anymore. I imagine I'm not alone. So, what happens is now it seems like there are so many bad DD players that you can tell within 3 or 4 minutes if your team is going to lose or not by how your DDs are playing. It's becoming normal now to be 5 or 6 minutes into the game and have all the DDs either dead on my team or hiding behind islands doing nothing useful. Then, because there's no spotting the team just gets rolled. It's worse now than it used to be. A year ago, the game wasn't as unbalanced as it is now.
  10. WidochMeirker

    Border Humping

    I think there needs to be a change to a game mechanic in this game. Border humping in this game is pure chicken s***. it encourages bad game play, is unsportsmanlike and abuses a game mechanic. Ships need to take damage when they're border humping. A ship should not be able to angle up against an invisible, impregnable border with the magical ability to stop their ship on a dime but not be beached and move in unpredictable ways while bouncing every shot. That ship should be taking damage for playing off the map border. Wargaming keeps pretending they want fun and engaging game play that stops people from hanging back, well, there you go.
  11. WidochMeirker

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    Because it doesn't require knowledge to spam HE. Focus on the point, you're referencing stuff that doesn't have anything to do with what we're talking about. If you have one of the HE hosing ships, you hold the mouse button down and hose. There's not much to it. You don't play randoms much, I assume? and it doesn't matter. As I've already stated in this thread I run fire resist builds on my BBs. But, you're still always on fire. I don't know how you got it in your head that my problem is being focused by hordes of HE spamming ships. I've never said that nor have I given that impression anywhere. The problem with the game right now is that if you are being shot at by any ship with HE, you will be on fire basically non stop. One salvo of HE comes in, you're on fire. The next salvo comes in, you have two fires. This is normal. and then the next time someone shoots HE at you, you'll be on fire. It never ends.
  12. WidochMeirker

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    It's very different. Do chunk someone with AP you actually have to have some skill and know where to shoot. BBs overpen WAY more than they chunk people. Ships like Smolenks don't require any knowledge of the game at all. It's just spam/spam/spam and watch the fires burn. It's a much lower skill floor with HE spam than AP ships. And then instantly get set on fire and continue burning which makes the heal useless. If you're actually going to be having an impact on the game, you will be spotted. If you are spotted you will be on fire. That's just how the game works. It happens all the time. The fires go out or you put them out, hit your heal and then the next shell that hits you (and it will hit you because HE spammers get long range) sets you on fire and you burn from double fires while you heal. In high tier games, if you are spotted, you are on fire. That's just how it works.
  13. WidochMeirker

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    I'm talking in general. Yes, my BBs are always on fire but there's really nothing you can do about that in the current Smolenks derp meta. But it happens in my other ships as well. I can't take a single HE hit in my Zao these days without being on fire. Additionally, with the introduction of all of the HE derp ships like Colbert, Smolenks, etc if you're in range you're going to be on fire. Fire is so powerful that those types of ships are being played very heavily. My Russian battleships are always running out of damage repair consumables due to the dozens of fires and no, I don't put out single fires. Fire and HE spam is the new meta in the game and that's my point. I don't find it an enjoyable direction at all for the game to be going. it didn't used to be this way. I started out playing mostly DDs and Cruisers and never felt the BBs were just waffle stomping everything. But now, with the Colbert, Smolenks, Friesland, etc derp HE meta that is getting spammed so much, I just don't find it enjoyable anymore.
  14. I've started writing down results for the past month or so while playing. I've noticed that I'm averaging over 11 separate times my ship has been set on fire per game. This is 1 or 2 fires. I don't generally see more than that if I can help it. So my question is, with all of the HE that gets thrown around and the derp ship premiums they've been putting out, is it even possible to NOT be on fire for most of a match anymore and is this considered fun and engaging game play? I personally don't find it all that engaging and it generally is making me lose interest in the game. If I'm alone in this, and this is the direction the player base wants the game to go, with more derp HE spamming ships, I don't hold it against anyone. Whatever floats your boat (See what I did there?). But it'll probably make me just go find a game I enjoy more. That's a shame, this game is a really neat idea.