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  1. WidochMeirker

    Loving the Shiratsuyu

    Guns: It's the telltale sign of someone who can read statistics and has been playing the game for a while. In a fair 1v1 gunfight against any other similar tier, the opposing destroyer has more gun power than you do and if played correctly will never lose to you. The guns require you to hope for enemy incompetence. If you believe otherwise, you're simply displaying ignorance. Outside of other IJN DDs, every single destroyer from T6 and up easily outguns you. Torps: People who complain about this are people who have the ability to look at other destroyers with similar range torpedoes. Once again, you're relying on the enemy being incompetent. The detection is so bad on the torps and ships have so much time to react that your hits rely on an incompetent player, luck or the occasional perfect situation. The fact that your guns on this ship are so bad and the ship speed is so bad means you can't outrun any radar or many other DDs in the game. This requires you to generally rely on the torps for your damage. When the torps are so bad, this really weakens your ship compared to other destroyers. Speed: The slow speed handicaps your ship in a way that other DDs are not handicapped. The 10km torp range, their poor detection stats and the general RNG of torping pushes you towards occasionally wandering into radar range. The inability of the destroyer to escape radar also removes the ability in many cases to smoke up and set a fire if you're able to get a flooding (other DDs get to do this but good luck with such a slow reload and so few guns on the IJN ship) and if you happen to get ambushed because other players aren't all incompetent like you're hoping they are, you die. Other DDs have the tools to get away. Again, you're relying on incompetent players rather than any strengths of the ship. All you have to do is play it and then compare it to other similar tier DDs to realize it's weaker in pretty much ever aspect. Hoping and praying other ships make mistakes does not make a ship strong, it makes it completely reactionary to opposition and cannot force it's own will on the battle like other DDs can. If you go up against players who know what they're doing when you are in a Shiratsuyu you are, as empirical evidence shows, at a disadvantage almost every time. You get outgunned by enemy DDs, you can't smoke up to fire start because of radar, your torps are easy to spot and dodge, if you have the torp launcher then you might get to be useful once every 3 or 4 minutes a few times a game assuming they don't just chase you down and kill you, you're less nimble than most destroyers and the only thing you have going for you (detection) is made fairly moot in many cases by the slow speeds. It doesn't have "intricacies," it has weaknesses that far outweigh any strengths. There were no expectations on my part regarding the ship, I've just used it and realized the truth about it.
  2. WidochMeirker

    Loving the Shiratsuyu

    Just free Exp past it. It really puts in a good showing for worst destroyer in the game. No guns, only 8 torps that are already useless enough as IJN torps (every battleship can dodge if they're not a glue sniffer), too slow to escape radar or escape when using the torpedo reloader. It's kind of a pointless ship with a useless design unless you get an enemy of glue sniffers who give you the occasional good game.
  3. WidochMeirker

    Does anyone play Arms Race?

    So, I've never played Arms Race. I'm curious why it's so unpopular? Is it really that bad? The timer in the image below is up to 15:00 now...I also may be wrong, but I think 10:15 is longer than a maximum wait of 5:00...