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  1. bsbr

    Yamato Citadel is Dumb

    I agree, Yamato is ONLY TX BB with punishable citadel so you can't actually make mistake or you die, unlike the idiotproof Montana.
  2. Lol your delusional. Yamato would easy blow Iowa to pieces IRL the USN sent carriers instead.
  3. Good for Conqueror getting higher citadel but why is Montana not getting touched? It’s just as braindead and its got so many other things going for it should compensate with something else.
  4. WG is going in positive direction with Soviet BB with raise citadel that can be punished when broadside. That’s how BBs should be and I’m glad WG isn’t making unpublishable monsters from them. With these big citadels, is it time to raise Conqueror and Montana and Iowa citadels too? These ships are currently hard to punish when broadside and makes it not fun to play against. A high citadel would be balanced because they already have so many other things going for them. Less [edited] sailing broadside. Conqueror has ridiculous HE and Montana is the most picked ship in Clan Wars anyways.
  5. Yamato is LEAST versatile BB of all. There's not much Yamato do that other T10 BBs don't do better. All that overmatch don't mean much when people in Montana and Conqueror would rather give you their broadside than bow tank these days because citadels don't exist anymore If people don't like buffing Yamato, can some other BBs get some nerfs to bring it in line with Yamato?
  6. If people don't like buffing Yamato, can some other BBs get some nerfs to bring it in line with Yamato?
  7. The problem is Yamato got so many things that make her uncomfortable to play. The turret traverse is extremely slow and legendary mod makes even slower. The speed and AA is also bad and Yamato turns much worse than real life too. Other T10 BBs like Montana saw big buffs so with Yamato being so vulnerable to citadels, having the old heal restored will being her more in line.
  8. Yamato has seen a lot of powercreep over the years. The new legendary mod is nice and all but I think unnerfing the heal can make the ship better rounded especially since it's only ship that still get punished with citadels. It got good guns but it pays with turret traverse, bad AA, huge citadel, bad concealment, slow speed. With all other BBs being so hard to citadel giving the old improve heal to Yamato bring it more in line with other T10 BBs?
  9. RN BB citadel is not that bad you still rarely hit it and there’s so many other ways to take them down like HE spam and torps. USN BB citadel is much bigger problem, that garbage is way too hard to hit and they were fine before the retarded buff.
  10. bsbr

    Jolly Roger flag

    Why are they changing this? Is it because rank won’t be same anymore after this season?
  11. Is it true this rank season is last season to get Jolly Roger flag? I’m disappointed if true. WG should not hide Jolly Roger flag behind arbitrary wall. They need to award it some other way.
  12. bsbr

    PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    Do you get Jolly Roger flag for ranked sprint?
  13. bsbr


    Montana just needs that stupid citadel raised so it can actually be hit. I have no respect for Montana users that can sail broadside and not be punished.
  14. Funny when it’s USN BBs people always find excuses on why it’s ok but when it’s IJN just constant bashing and whining about ineffective.
  15. bsbr

    The Hood even worth it?

    Hood is fun for historical settings it’s famous because it got sunk in Bismarck’s maiden voyage. But you can div Bismarck with Hood.