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  1. Iris_

    Just stop it

    If you ban the top 10%, a new set of players becomes the top 10%...This is Stalin's list all over again.
  2. >Calling others out as potato >Very meta >calling self out as potato >
  3. Iris_


    I think they're using the nerf bat to beat the living crap out of CVs atm so it's kinda occupied. They'll get around to smack the harugumo/wooster later. Until then, stay frosty. (cause that ship's a flamethrower)
  4. Iris_

    Who have you seen in game

    No one ever pings me when they see me in game.
  5. Iris_


    She's exactly like her AL collab character. Really strong guns, high dmg/dpm but quite the glass cannon heavy cruiser. She's supposed to be quite the risky ship and i think her balance related to her collab is perfect if ur describing her like that. Pic of her below:
  6. Iris_

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    No fighters = easy CV Snipe, what a surprise WG!
  7. Iris_

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    Potatoes don't read the forum... Potatoes don't read in general... What's wrong with you....Expecting potatoes to read, they're potatoes.
  8. Iris_

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    As weird as it sounds, OP is right. No bait, no sarcasm, none of that popcorn crap. When WG releases new lines like the wooster and harugumo who have 100~350k HE alpha dmg/min that goes through 32mm plates they're pretty much signalling how they want battleships to be played: Outside of firing range of these daredevils. also @Mothermoy You have 450~ games, you need a lot more and higher tiers before you can determine your skill level.
  9. Iris_

    Comfortable Pictures of BB doing BB things

    no vision no problem.
  10. Iris_

    WG logic at its worst

    WG has to make lower tier non-prem ships difficult, else why would you buy a premium accounts to grind/sustain T10s and buy premium ships?
  11. If i die on a flank, it often means my team is a being a bunch of derps who don't want to scratch their paint. (SE T10 BBs and pink destroyers torpedo sniping.) If i'm far back on a flank, it often means i know that flank is extremely dangerous/will be pushed and im over there in the bloodiest part of the battle. Nearly all the time i know what i'm doing, but i can't say the same for teammates
  12. Iris_

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    Time to meme some noobs.