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  1. Shoggoth_pinup

    Neptune is visible in Smoke

    Neptune's smoke fire bloom is larger than the entire rest of the line, and significantly so. And she's made of explodium. Not often I Fxp to skip a ship, but that ship was horrible...
  2. Shoggoth_pinup

    Hilarious Ideas About Kitakami

    And let's not forget, Okhotnik's racks are 3s, not 4s. So you're looking at a DD long enough to carry 13 racks of torps, and even then that's 39, not 40!
  3. Shoggoth_pinup

    Hilarious Ideas About Kitakami

    That too, but I mean as a perma camo. Heck, have it as a "any ship you want" perma camo! One for every tier! They would make a fortune, and it would be easy as pie to release something that simple. The framework is already there! @Hapa_Fodder surely WG loves money. You really should pitch that idea of yours to someone that can do something with it. Could sell them on april fools as a "team killer awareness" skin or for breast cancer charity and take a cut. Make it a choose your ship type of perma camo and it would sell like hotcakes for DDs and other torp heavy ships, I just know it.
  4. Shoggoth_pinup

    Hilarious Ideas About Kitakami

    Imagine if they sold a camo for her to raise money for breast cancer. Excuse to sell a solid, bright pink camo. And I would want it so bad.
  5. Shoggoth_pinup

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

  6. Shoggoth_pinup

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Right? Even just 2 losses usually means I can't do one more strike. Often even 1 loss is enough to prevent a bonus strike unless it's a weak AA DD against rockets. Once you're down to just one strike left, you need good remaining HP to do much with it.
  7. Carriers are balanced for full teams, just like everything else. There was no way to balance low team size. Either they are too strong in small matches or not strong enough. And let's not forget that a 3 man division can be murder. Had the displeasure of meeting a 3 black swan div in a 3v3 battle.
  8. You act like this is a new thing. I've been playing something like 3-4 years now, and my boyfriend and I enjoy the ships in those tiers so we play it now and then. Only time those tiers are consistently populated used to be when new lines were released, and then it was teams filled with largely the same two ships. With early access a thing, even that stopped. Honestly, this is something that they could have done pre-rework or even when I was new and it would have been just as needed. Once you get out of protection, matches down there are hard to find. In protection it was easy. For once they learned something good from World of Tanks! Like 200 matches now. They increased it.
  9. Shoggoth_pinup

    Verdict of Unique Upgrades 0.9.7

    Glad I'm not the only one that thinks Kremlin's legendary is just bad.
  10. While I don't have the confidence in my precise stopwatch usage (not to mention my phone's ability to acknowledge that I pressed a button for that matter) to help in full, I did check one thing that had me bothered. 33% is the typical speed loss in a turn, right? Well, my first thought was to check if Audacious' bug was fixed. I put her to 4/4, which was 32 knots on the dot, then I turned hard. I hit 21.4 knots in a turn, which, after checking, was indeed 33% (21.44 was the exact number my calculator gave) so it seems her atrocious turning issues have been resolved. And then I squeed, as that issue was basically the whole reason I never use her. Sorry to clutter the thread with incomplete findings. If I could trust my phone, I'd have tried my hand at doing hers. I just figured sharing that the turning bug is fixed might be worth noting, as I don't think WG stated they had fixed it unless I missed that somewhere.
  11. Shoggoth_pinup

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    I was referring to the missions, actually.
  12. Shoggoth_pinup

    Co-Op Economy Nerfed?

    Kills are about 10-20% kill credit. Damage is percentage based for credit. Did you forget your signals? Did you forget your credit camo? You get more for attacking higher tier enemies. Just figured I'd list out various things that could be it.
  13. Shoggoth_pinup

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    I find that a blend of co-op and random helps. Co-op for the more specific stuff that's to your team's detriment, random for the xp and credits. It really saves one's sanity.
  14. Shoggoth_pinup

    Am new to WoW Random Battles - have questions...

    1: They were, but that's changing for T1-5. Empty slots will get filled. 2: Be T9 and use the 6th mod slot to increase range or pop a spotter plane if you have one. Both increase range. Otherwise, no. 3: I've heard that they spare targets about to die or some such and switch targets or something. Dunno how true this is. That said, if more bots can put guns on a single target, they gravitate towards that.
  15. Shoggoth_pinup

    Turning Circle Triumph of LittleWhiteMouse

    Yeah, Audacious is the one that has me most interested. If that's fixed, I may be actually able to use my favorite T10 CV. As, seriously, that is a crippling problem if you don't just hump the backline. Trying to run with an auto pilot that often wiggles for no reason functionally turns her into Langley levels of slow.