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  1. 1: Expert loader is quite frankly a waste of points unless it's the improved version. Trust me, I've tried a lot to make it work, as I love that skill on US CAs and US BBs alike, and 50% is just not enough for anything short of quickly setting up an ambush. 2: 28 containers leaves a lot of room for RNG. 3: 5$ containers for a single collectible doesn't even need anything else said, quite frankly, it's just that bad. It's blatant predation on WG's part on those that can't wait. Can I wait? If I had to, certainly, though I'd sooner just stop caring about the line, as, by then, I'd have access to RN CAs and probably know what else comes after them. Some people have gambling problems, and, much like a casino, WG is taking advantage of those people that quite literally can't stop themselves. It's not about willpower, it's a condition certain members of the population have that causes them to uncontrolably gamble when given the chance. Give those mice a maze and they'll go looking for cheese. And, quite frankly, so long as something is at least made available for free, most people no longer treat it as a P2W element. Imagine if they released, say... dual nation Ovechkin without any earnable version. The playerbase would quite frankly throw a fit, as that is a unique commander on at least two levels. But release inferior versions without the dual nationality aspect and suddenly Ovechkin being outright sold is okay, as "well, anyone can get it". But if they made it pure RNG to get it, with, say, a 1 in 16 drop rate. This is effectively a commander with a 1 in 16 drop rate and only 28 attempts for free, with stated odds and a system in place to ensure you aren't in RNG hell forever like Noster was over the pre-release of RN DDs. I think he opened around 200-250 containers to get the T8? This is a step in the right direction in ways. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be done better. Why wait 5 months? The only reason is to try and force sales. Why disallow daily containers? As you keep saying, it's effectively 1-3 daily containers in coal per container! Just give them a 33% drop rate and bam, you have a similar rate of acquisition.
  2. Shoggoth_pinup


    To my eternal frustration, no. CAs are great in ops, but nooooo, don't release one for years!
  3. Pretty much, yeah. It's a pretty blatant attempt to suck some money from the playerbase to avoid the wait on top of that, too, as 5 months is more than an entire ship line arc away. I dunno about other people, but I can never really go ham on a new line if I know a commander is waiting to be unlocked. Why bother grinding a line when you can kill two birds with one stone and be more effective while doing it? Played it. Loved it till I got tired of the ever swinging pendulum of P2W and the horrible setup for the auction house strangling all life from the economy with price limits being too low on most things and a lack of much way around it. I know what bad P2W looks like, and that game is it. I honestly shudder to think what it looks like since I quit a year or two ago... the maid outfit was just plain amazing for life skills, as was the fish suit for swimming and the ghillie suit for PvP. I saw a picture of a diving suit, too, of late, and can only assume it allows water breathing or some other thing the playerbase and the PR team will surely try to justify isn't P2W for some reason. Honestly, I don't mind P2W necessarily. I mind P2W where they present it as if it isn't, especially in PvP games. I didn't really play BDO for the PvP, so I enjoyed the crafting and even bought my maid outfit out of love for that stuff. It was honestly a fun game if you completely ignored PvP and weren't in a rush to grind player level, as, seriously, that grind was horrible past 50.
  4. Does it even matter if you can or not? You have to wait so long to even be allowed to shell out a good chunk of coal if you miss out on getting them via the event currency (especially for those poor saps that want to play the line but weren't even around for the event down the line) that you might as well treat the line like it never even came out till then. The ships without the commander are simply just painful to play, especially before you get access to CA guns, and you're effectively locked out of the line being effective until then. While paying coal to finish a collection isn't an overly huge deal (aside from the arbitrary wait to try and ensure you don't pay coal), we're talking 16k coal even with amazing luck, but more like 40-50k if you're unlucky for someone that didn't participate at all. Compared to that hilariously overpriced soviet commander it looks cheap, I'll bet, too! ...Save that you basically need it if you want to use AP outside of a long term guess or shooting potatoes in a barrel. It's not quite RN BB levels of "maybe I'll swap to AP" (which is honestly a line I wish had expert loader on a commander for this exact reason) it's not far behind.
  5. Pretty much. The typical F2P game bribery twisted ever so slightly to manipulate you. If one waits all that time to get the commander for "free" then you might as well wait on playing italian cruisers at all, as he's downright vital to their effectiveness. Even before all the legendary things (which are quite nice on their own), and the torp buff... buff (which has its uses as well, making an extremely niche skill a big enough buff to be worth considering on anything short of Asashio kind range) the improved expert loader by itself turns the cruisers from a struggle to leverage AP at all due to the reload time to actually being very easy, as you can just skip your reload and have it ready when you need it.
  6. Shoggoth_pinup

    Twitch you SUCK

    It's even more fun to make passwords for sites that annoy you! Ohh, you can fit so much colorful language in a password...
  7. Shoggoth_pinup

    Done with Research Bureau for good

    My methodology as well! With Midway's hilariously bad torps, I knew that I'd not miss her for quite some time. And lo and behold, they are buffing her... basically in time for me to finish the regrind! About time...
  8. Shoggoth_pinup

    PT, Balance Changes

    Finally! I knew that Midway needed a torp buff!
  9. Shoggoth_pinup

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    Right?? I swear, if people included an accurate comparison to RTS CV performance in every complaint they made that very, very few complaints wouldn't look comical. "UGH, CVs spot me so much less than they used to! WG FIX THIS BROKEN GAME!" "UGH! My AA can actually stop a CV now to a degree, when before I'd just plain die outright no matter what I do!" "AA isn't all that nerfed from the old system, fewer planes just need to be shot down for it to matter as much! WHY ISN'T AA ABLE TO SWAT WINGS LIKE FLIES" "WHY DID WG MAKE SHIPS CAPABLE OF TICKLING ME FROM ANYWHERE ON THE MAP WHEN THEY USED TO JUST GET DOWN TO BUSINESS AND LEAVE ME BROKEN IN THEIR WAKE" Etc, etc.
  10. Shoggoth_pinup

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    I'll assume you've not tried to play an IJN DD without smoke with a competent RTS CV keeping you spotted quite literally the entire game once they've dismantled your team's CV's capability to do anything. This made me quit DD long ago. I don't look at something and say "it only happens once in every 10 matches" I look at it and say "this can happen, and I don't like that." I'll also assume you've not been taken 100-0 by the full force of a CV's squads via the sky falling only on you short of a detonation. This shaped my mindset as a player. I was one of those weirdos that took heavy AA builds every step of the CVless meta. If it had great AA, I wanted it. If it had poor AA, I wasn't interested in it. KM BBs being instagibbed, AAA ships being instagibbed, DDs being instagibbed... the question wasn't "can a good CV kill it?" but rather "does that good CV want to lose the planes required to kill it?". Give me 3 CV games till MM is blue in the face, as CVs have nothing on RTS CVs. High tier CVs were basically directing the wrath of an angry god if they knew what they were doing, and the only thing they could have done about it in the old system is to completely gut the manual aspect.
  11. Basically every gun has a different AP pen value at every range. Even 0.1km difference can mean a different pen value. A CA can cit certain BBs if super close. Likewise, it's also part of why BBs tend to overpen cruisers so much up close, especially smolensk. https://wowsft.com/arty?lang=en This site is where I go to compare AP performance. Just pick a ship and a gun if it has several and it'll show its exact performance with AP.
  12. Shoggoth_pinup

    Most expensive tier 10 ship to run

    If I could downgrade Midway's torp bombers to Lexington's, I'd be a happy camper! Hate those torps.
  13. Shoggoth_pinup

    cv vs dd

    Sounds like a Prinz Eugen I landed all 3 torps from Ark Royal on last night. They could have avoided at least 1 torp, and yet turned in the only way that would ensure they'd take it if any way would. And even then it was so close I thought it'd miss anyways. I can only guess it was chasing them for quite some time.
  14. Shoggoth_pinup

    cv vs dd

    This a thousand times! It was the reason I took up CV in the first place; I didn't want to be a victim to my own lacking understanding. DD, CL, CA, BB, it doesn't matter. If you don't know how a CV fights, how can you ever hope to defend against it?
  15. Shoggoth_pinup

    13 Hours left to collect Double Rewards.

    Yeah, I know that this'll be my first and last regrind if this is the case. The entire point in my eyes is that you can do it at your own pace. That it's time limited (and not actually ranked) is why I don't invest much time in ranked, and making snowflakes and such tied to a "we probably won't tell you the 3 months in advance you need so you have time to finish the regrind at a comfortable pace" just makes it not worth bothering to me. Quite frankly, I feel making an already niche mechanic that much more niche a terrible idea.