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  1. Shoggoth_pinup


    Yes, no more non-CV threads! CV threads from me, CV threads from you, and CV threads from WG! Actually, that last one would be kinda nice, as the silence is killing me.
  2. Shoggoth_pinup

    Question for CV players - Shooting down planes

    A well placed fighter against an especially determined/oblivious enemy CV or a direct attack on your CV. Both can go well, but usually that revolves around timing and some degree of patience.
  3. Shoggoth_pinup

    No deals in the premium shop

    I'm not even sure where this is even coming from. Where did anyone imply this?
  4. Shoggoth_pinup

    Sail! Strike! Win!

    The title of this thread feels both like a click bait video on Youtube and the title of a product on Amazon. Good job...?
  5. Shoggoth_pinup

    No deals in the premium shop

    There's still the 6 ships for 10$ or less and the 15$ container bundles. They removed most of the signals when they made them available for doubloons. If you want signals, could always buy doubloons and check the auto-refill box.
  6. Shoggoth_pinup

    Premium ships you would like be added

    Kitakami. A girl can dream, can't she? On a more serious note, Ise with her silly hat. Always loved the way her runway... 'thing' on the bow looked.
  7. Shoggoth_pinup

    Premium ships you would like be added

    They'll be back in about 5 weeks from what I heard, some time during 0.8.2.
  8. Shoggoth_pinup

    WG ship rental program

    Way to derail the thread in literally the first post.
  9. Shoggoth_pinup

    What have I missed?

    Yuudachi was announced a while back, so the poipocalypse shall return. Also, poi.
  10. Shoggoth_pinup

    IJN CV Nerf?

    I thought Graf Zeppelin was the only CV with deep water torps?
  11. Shoggoth_pinup

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    I think getting enough of the relevant negatives can auto-mute you? Needs a lot, though, from what I hear.
  12. Shoggoth_pinup

    Why i cant use my legendary module ??

    They are disabled on CVs till they get updated.
  13. Shoggoth_pinup

    How it Feels to Play DD in 0.8.0

    Not to nitpick, but... both teams still have DDs when a DD is around. Wouldn't you, in the long term, only lose major WR if you impact the match less than other DDs? After all, a good DD is still a good DD, and a good DD will find a way to do well, just like when old CVs were in a match, where as DDs already having a low WR will probably cap rush like always, die to rardar/CVs in the opening minutes, and then run to the forums. Strategies I've noticed to work well against me when I play CV or help me survive as a DD is juking rockets, not giving broadside to a US CV, being mindful of the CV(s) at all times, avoiding where the CV's planes are before capping, and not playing like a BB and driving in a straight line. Now, I'm not a good DD, but I also haven't played much DD in forever. That said, my shiny new Anshan's been doing fairly well, largely because I have played so much CV that I have a good grasp of what not to do with CVs around.
  14. Shoggoth_pinup

    Is it worth playing above T7 without paying $$$

    I wouldn't do it, but yes, it's entirely possible to do with some money management. Only issue is that it'd make grinding legendary modules a bit of a giant pain in the rear. You just need to be fairly not horrible and money rolls on in till T9. At T9 you need to be good. At T10 you need to be a god to make money.
  15. Shoggoth_pinup

    Exeter coming!

    First off, most of us were speaking about a month ago. Now, as for my own take... the nerf hardly kills it. Furutaka is the scariest cruiser at T5, and Exeter still has a heal. She'll do fine with the right mindset. Being able to overmatch an Atlanta's bow is on the list of things guns that large can do. That said, I feel they nerfed her a bit too hard in one sitting. That feels like it should have been done in two batches, as that is a fairly massive change. Now, one concern I do have is that she no longer sounds all that unique, as she was the first CA to have smoke. I'd rather they have taken the heal than the smoke, as it feels a bit like she's lost the flavor that made her interesting as a ship. Why take her over Furutaka and her now silly accurate guns? Why spend money on her over a free ship? She's certainly more forgiving than Furutaka, so I suppose the skill floor is lower, but so too is the skill ceiling.