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  1. Shoggoth_pinup

    ISE Class BB & Subs

    Right? Especially with how suicidal it often is to use depth charges.
  2. Shoggoth_pinup

    New World of Warships Merch Store

    No torpedo plushie, no purchase. I hate graphic shirts.
  3. Shoggoth_pinup

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    Lexington's HE bombs and HVAR rockets make her brutal against DDs. Aside from DDs, this is my best ship for cleaning house. I'd take her over Midway, as faster planes make DD hunting harder, and Lexington torps are a lot more reliable in general. That said, Groningen or Lo Yang would allow you to hydro spot torps and DDs alike, allowing you to have a much easier time against them. Lo Yang especially, as 5.5km hydro is just mean at T8. On the other hand, Groningen can often scare off CVs that aren't willing to pay out the nose to harm her. What makes you struggle in DDs specifically?
  4. Shoggoth_pinup

    Monetary Blues

    It's not rare to get over a million credits in a T9 premium if you do well. And that's without economic boosts on top. Best I've gotten is probably around 2.5m credits before service costs. The reason I say to not do T10s is they don't have those same improved earnings, and instead have reduced service costs baked into the hull, so don't try using T10 premiums for the same thing. You won't lose money, but you won't really get much either. If you do all 3 daily resource containers for a year, that's about 600k coal by itself. Not hard to get a coal ship every 6 months starting from 0. Also, be sure to use your bi-anual 25% off coal ship coupon with it. It'll let you get the ship that much sooner. Edit: Also, you can speed it up by converting steel to coal at a ratio of 1:10, but I'd not recommend it unless you're desperate.
  5. Shoggoth_pinup

    Monetary Blues

    Choose more resources containers. Get a free T9 premium ship. Do not get a T10 premium. Your money problems will be completely gone.
  6. Shoggoth_pinup

    Ranked "Qualifying" Scam

    I've reach rank 1 before and pointedly not ranked up. The reason why? I'm still looking for T10 ships I feel comfortable taking into ranked, but have plenty T9 ships I feel comfortable in. I'd not play ranked if T8 or 9 isn't allowed, and so I get more steel by not ranking up. That said, they could just offer a confirmation popup, as I agree that qualifiers are a pain. "Do you want to proceed from bronze to silver?" or the like. Everybody wins! The motivation for most people playing ranked is to get steel whether they like or dislike playing ranked. Ranked is just mini-random at this point, as you won't get proper competition unless you play clan battles due to people that don't want to play ranked playing anyways so they can get a ship they want.
  7. Shoggoth_pinup

    Co-op needs to be kill all, no points.

    I consider myself a co-op main, and I'd rather lose out on a kill in one match than have to look for a sub that went off to explore a weird area of the map for no apparent reason in another match. And then, when you find it, it may well have some battery to submerge, making matters worse. The former wastes my time while allowing me to start a new match. The latter just wastes me time. Is the former more common? At times, yes. But the latter is bad enough that it at times allows you to win on points before you even find it. Thus, you both get to waste time and still get nothing more out of it. Could one just quit and likely avoid penalty due to the 25% or whatever grace period? Sure, but I don't take that risk.
  8. Shoggoth_pinup

    Co-op needs to be kill all, no points.

    Honestly, I'm just happy they're trying to fix it. It's been forever since they even did that much.
  9. That's the kicker. You don't sit on steel because there's nothing you want. You sit on it because some day there will be. And, if it's a ship destined to be removed from sale, getting together enough steel from 0 would be impossible. For me, that ship was FDR. I didn't want her for PvP, but because she's the only T10 CV truly good at co-op. And on Wednesday I'll finally have her! Can't wait for bots to start screaming expletives in binary!
  10. Shoggoth_pinup

    Coal and Economic Separation

    And he called out to a mod to answer the question, as Ahskance is one of the few who will both probably know and bother to answer. If anything, he was making a joke about how he feels like he's asking his teacher, rather than being rude.
  11. Shoggoth_pinup

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    Which is fair. Most CVs aren't in a great spot in co-op. There are 3 CVs I'd call truly good at co-op. Kaga, FDR and that russian T8 premium. Ignoring secondary build CVs, as those require a match to drag on a little, which is wishful thinking with a DD ahead of you. The thing that makes all three good? Ability to lose massive amounts of planes and keep trucking, as the bots clump a lot.
  12. There you have it. Halland and Attilio need a legendary mod, then. Having legendary mods below T10 would just make playing any tech tree ship a sub optimal experience half the time, and make ranked that much more of an uneven playing field. Not to mention give the game a massive research sink in places it doesn't need it.
  13. Shoggoth_pinup

    Destroyer features I want changed permanently!

    You realize SAP just overpens DDs like with AP, right? It has the exact same size rule for god knows what reason. Even if the bulk of the appeal of SAP is to blap DDs.
  14. Those are for T10 tech tree ships. Tell us about how many T10, historical, non-premium ships have no legendary mod.
  15. Shoggoth_pinup

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    Also, might wanna mention co-op in the title, OP. The PvE forum isn't very noticeable if you join via the recent conversations section.