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  1. Shoggoth_pinup

    The possible END ALL to CV vs AA grip "Warning CV bias"

    You mean regen? Just go a step further and have AA not get destroyed in the first place. An HE spam meta is bad for AA survivability.
  2. Personally, I at least expect truth from WG. It's just the quality of the truth I question. I expect them to bend the truth, sure, but I still expect it to be true by a certain meaning of the word. The hard part is figuring out if it's the meaning you'd prefer or not.
  3. Because matchmaking was too slow. It normally isn't a thing. It gets especially bad at lower tiers late night. Once had a 6v6 with 3 CVs. ...I don't think anyone enjoyed that, honestly. CV vs CV sucks, after all.
  4. It is every effort of 1 guy, now isn't it? That's the thing, though. WG practically talks in riddles. Personally, I'd say it's every effort of their operations team. And what do we know about operations? They aren't working on any new ones for the time being. And, if they aren't, it's reasonable to assume the op team isn't at 100% size, but that their entire effort is focused on this. So much so that we didn't get a new Haloween op. So much so that they didn't even update the haloween sub op and rerelease it. We basically got harder modes I'd not be shocked if only involved minor stat tweaks you could probably do in a single work day of just one guy. "Well, let's raise hp to x and y. There's only 2 different red units in saving transylvania, so copy paste! Ahh, but catapults exist... Ehh, raise the health there, too!" Not saying that this is exactly what happened, but it's not like super duper hard modes need to be truly balanced, just possible.
  5. Shoggoth_pinup

    Idea - Full points for top of the table loss

    Could just give the harder achievements larger rewards tied to them. Say, a multiplier on xp/credits for winners and losers.
  6. Shoggoth_pinup

    Don't Sacrifice the Atlanta

    Ohh? It doesn't get the T4+ 16mm plating? Her current plating is 13mm.
  7. Technically returning as a redo of a limited time event is still returning. Some of them could be done, and they could be sitting on them for event purposes. WG does it all the time with ships, so seems entirely plausible to me. Edit: Not to mention they never mentioned soon, or how large of a team is dedicated to trying very hard. Could be 1 guy.
  8. Shoggoth_pinup

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    You only win at social media by doing that. Though, I suppose to some people, that sadly is life.
  9. Shoggoth_pinup

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    Thank you. Finally someone touches on the topic. Sure, I might disagree with Smolensk being OP outside of OP combo divisions (Much like Belfast, really, especially since the smoke nerf), but very well put despite that differing opinion. Glad someone was willing to touch on the topic that is allies bias. It's something I had felt to about sum things up for a while now, especially with so many US ships looking a bit OP yet nobody batting an eye. Like Georgia, who probably isn't far off from having half the gimmicks of the entire BB population. Just one more, and I expect she'd have been removed from sale by now. The only US ship I remember cries of OP about would probably be Ohio pre-nerf, and that probably had more to do with a paper ship they couldn't get being OP than actually caring if it's OP.
  10. Shoggoth_pinup

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    To be fair, I'd sooner attribute the whole russian bias thing to the Russian tanks that actually are supposed to be good, and then people started pointing to basically everything Russian, good or bad, and expecting OPness. Sure, you had Nikolai IV, but on the flip side you had Krasny Krym. Due to the company being russian, people point to Russian things that are OP, yet oftentimes there are things from other nations that are also OP and people ignore. And, heck, plenty of "OP" things aren't even truly OP, like Smolensk, they just aren't enjoyable to be attacked by. Sure, there's a couple Russian BBs that are too much, but meanwhile something like Stalingrad is made OP simply due to people with steel being the only players that can get one, much like basically every steel ship. It took how long for Henri to be properly nerfed? Sure, they overnerfed her, but that time frame is just silly-long, right? Yet people point to things like Khaba's nerf for the example of it taking too long, as if "taking too long" isn't WG's middle name. CV rework? Took a long time. KM BB buffs? Took a long time. Unless something is literally game breakingly broken, they take their sweet time, simple as that. The flying Shimakaze's are a good example.
  11. Shoggoth_pinup

    Don't Sacrifice the Atlanta

    With the plating buffs, there will be a lot more targets with more armor, mind. The problem with DD guns is two fold. Not only is IFHE getting hammered, but plating buffs to cruisers alone means you need IFHE to hurt even T6 cruisers with guns this small. Meanwhile, proper-sized CL guns can pen that just fine without IFHE, if memory serves. My expectation is that this is more or less going to make many gunboat DDs into torp bote DDs overnight. Only the Akizuki 3 will be truly fine. Are proper CLs in a good place? No. But they aren't as good of an example of how much these changes will suck. If you want to show how bad something is, showing the extremes is more persuasive. For instance, imagine what the 113mm guns on Daring will be like. Already they struggle to pen anything without IFHE. This will massively nerf that ship as well, as that ship all but needs IFHE. Atlanta is effectively the Daring of cruisers. Once it was Akizuki, not Daring, that had this issue, but they buffed her like. Atlanta needs some form of buff to be effective against many targets. Other CLs at least have targets. Atlanta will struggle to even have anything but DDs to shoot unless you take IFHE, and that's while top tier. Unlike BBs, "shoot the superstructure" doesn't work very well against cruisers. They are too mobile and too small to effectively peg where you want unless they are going in straight lines and letting you. The biggest issue is the fires are horribly RNG. We'd need a rework of how fires start to start considering stripping ships of their entire ability to deal direct damage to most ships. Say, have fires need to reach 100 to start, and every shell contributes to that fire starting number. Just take the percentage off fires and it'd be the same thing, but not luck-based. You will know exactly when fires should start and be able to count on it. No more would 1 lucky shell start a fire. No more would 100 shells with 5% chance to start a fire just... not.
  12. Shoggoth_pinup

    Co op verses Random

    Huh. I figured you would, as it's basically structured co-op, and often allows completing missions not easily done in co-op if one doesn't want to do random. With a pre-made team using the scenario chat, it's even hard to fail, with rewards about as good as (and often better than) random.
  13. Shoggoth_pinup

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    WoT and WoWS are seperate teams. I don't look to WoT for my expectations of WoWS, as such. I look at WoT to a game I'd not have enjoyed even in its prime, and WoWS as a significantly different beast.
  14. Shoggoth_pinup

    Newer Player Mistake. Please don't repeat!

    The gold isn't always at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes you're already where the gold is.