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  1. OmuRice_Shower

    Clan Brawls has a HUGE problem

    Already seen a few pictures of sub 3 minute wins. Yeah, the 3 minute restriction should be loosened or lifted for 3v3. Fastest I’ve seen so far is 2:20.
  2. Every time I hear someone say CVs are destroyed now, CVs can’t do anything now, and you lose a lot of planes every strike, I laugh. I laugh a lot. CVs are still very powerful. You being bad at them doesn’t change that.
  3. OmuRice_Shower

    5 blowouts in a row? MM broken?

    Yeah, going to have to agree that all the theories being thrown around here is just confirmation bias. The game isn’t out there to make you lose. The game isn’t deliberately giving you less damage. You can’t win every game, but the better you are the more games you win. Over the long run, you can easily see this is very evident. There were ways to get 90% recent WR, and you can still easily push 80% recent WR now. I can definitely tell you it isn’t WG just blessing these people, though. :)
  4. OmuRice_Shower

    Hosho-Unlimited Torps! (iChase gameplay video)

    This thread has some comedy gold.
  5. OmuRice_Shower

    Open letter/request fpr the Devs to consider

    Dunk may be a little on the weaker side, but everything else is fine as-is.
  6. OmuRice_Shower

    I think CVs are working now.

    T8 CVs in general will need a nerf if they only see +/-1. Heck, I think many ships will need rebalancing if you change MM like that. T8 CVs will simply be too powerful if they never see T10, and T6 CVs will be too powerful if they never see T8.
  7. OmuRice_Shower

    Hosho-Unlimited Torps! (iChase gameplay video)

    I can't believe people here are actually defending the state of Hosho. It is completely OP and broken right now. Experienced players have already been spamming Hosho, just look at Hosho leaderboards.
  8. No, actually. The last time I had a no contribution game was shortly after beta, when I was still new.
  9. OmuRice_Shower

    Found the ultimate seal clubbing div

    Win rate printer, there. Three competent players behind those ships should easily break 80% win rate in that division.
  10. OmuRice_Shower

    why is detonation a mechanic

    It's a crapgame mechanic but people are too invested in it already to remove it. If it wasn't in the game already and it was added into the game, there would be massive uproar. There's really no reason for it to be in the game. People argue "historical accuracy", but game mechanics is more important than historical accuracy, and this is a crapgame mechanic.
  11. Removing win requirement is a bad idea. You'd encourage people to throw for missions without it. That's a much worse alternative. Just play normally and the wins will come.
  12. The bigger problem is 22.8k damage 14 minues in in the Alsace. Non-damaging hits is not the problem here.
  13. OmuRice_Shower

    Balanced MM "tree" SPOTTED!!

    Can you repeat that, except this time do it clearly?
  14. OmuRice_Shower

    Appeal for Commander/Dep Commanders' Benefits

    Can you start by making your post readable on dark mode?