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  1. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    I got an idea to make Yukikaze more different. Give it RNDD levels of maneuverability. in Azur Lane, her tanking skills is incredible due to her evasion skills. RNDD maneuverability would take strides in recreating that ability.
  2. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    Don't sell your Midway back ,,, It's a scam

    "Bait and switch" seems to be the forum's favorite word, eh? Yeah, no. This isn't it. Failure on your part to recognize the refund conditions is a you thing, not a WG thing.
  3. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    89 plane kills in a single battle.

    I got 104 in a defeat.
  4. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    That really oversimplifies the RTS CV gameplay. It completely ignores the fighter aspect of RTS CV gameplay, which is the aspect that gave WG the most issues. Fighters was a skillful counter to the enemy CV, and since CVs are mirrored 1 to 1 (most of the time) it is down solely to the CV player's individual skill in the CV v CV fight. Some people were too skillful at the game, so skill must be nerfed. CVs were not easy at all. Not as easy as just clicking a button and deleting things. When a good CV was pitted against a good CV, that's where the game enters another dimension and gets very difficult. Fighter vs fighter becomes an intensive fight with both CVs trying to grapple for control. Strike planes have to find gaps to strike through. One mistake and that could doom the match; the players must remain at 100% for the majority of the game. As a spectator, a good CV fight was a performance art. The issue with all this is that the playerbase is mostly not good. Most CV games were just average against average, which was nothing really spectacular. The real complaints arise against good vs bad CV, where 75% of the time it just ends badly for the worse CV. It punishes the entire team for having a bad CV to a large scale. The rework aimed to scale back this divide where the good stomps hard on the bad. In some ways it succeeds, in others it fails. No longer can a CV just hard carry every aspect of the game, with only one squadron flexibility is more limited and map control can only be worked on one section at a time. However, the skill gap has increased. The damage gap between bad and good CV players widened. Good CV players no longer have to multitask between fighter play and strike play, with CVs relegated to just strike play unicums can just farm. For poorer players, autodrops were gone and getting strikes in was heavily skill reliant. With the various adjustments over time with the CV rework, the lower 50% of players find it harder and harder to do damage. Target selection is a skill, flak dodging is a skill, knowing all the exploits required external studying. Honestly, I feel like we're back where we started in terms of enjoyment of CVs and the amount of players playing CV. It's still a system where unicums absolutely dominate and where the pleb is starved of any meaningful damage and impact. Please mind the gap, as the gap has widened.
  5. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    I don't find MM monitor mandatory, but having it doesn't detract from gameplay either. MM monitor helps me prepare for what I should expect from the game, and with that information I can adjust playstyle.
  6. lol no way I can't play mania heck, I'm bad at standard too :D
  7. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    Damage saturation. 12000 is a reasonable amount of damage for 5 bombs on a cruiser due to the bombs hitting around the same place and saturating that area. I initially found the fighter glitch from here. The key to this trick is to drop the attack right as the fighter symbol turns from yellow to orange. If you successfully pull this off, your planes will take no damage from fighters and the fighter will despawn. This was put into practice by 10GO's carrier in EU KotS against SSA, where he successfully despawned several fighters to help get the kill on a Stalingrad.
  8. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    Pay attention to the bomb graphics. 6 bombs drop per drop, and at least half the drop appears to hit the water, however the game awards 5 bomb hits.
  9. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    Consistently getting 5+ bomb hits dropping perpendicularly to the target is not RNG. Stop being deliberately obtuse.
  10. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    No matter how you spin it, this is a bug and not intended. Being able to drop bombs inside a ship's hitbox is no way intentional.
  11. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    CV refund period.

    You can dump on DDs with Ranger DBs as well
  12. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    Premium Ship Review: Kaga

    Your statement is a bit difficult to understand, can you word it better? Kaga is a decent prem ship right now, both at top tier and bottom tier.
  13. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Really, the only thing you can do if you're a destroyer that doesn't have good AA and DFAA is to be within touching distance of an AA cruiser at all times. Yes, it really sucks for gameplay. But that's the only way you can guarantee safety. Smokes work for warding off CVs, but you only have a limited amount of them and there is a cooldown between them. A good enough CV that wants to kill a DD will kill the DD as long as he's not right next to an AA cruiser and he doesn't have smoke ready. This was first blood fairly early into the game. He made the mistake of trying to play objectives.
  14. Ayanami_Kai_Ni

    CV > DD? No: DD > CV, Carefree DD no Fear the CV!

    Just because the enemy CVs you run into suck doesn't mean everything is fine And as Gaishu has said, low dropping is an abusable technique that is replicable and you can consistently get at least 4 bomb hits on a DD if done correctly. The key in doing it is that you must boost during the dive and drop in the last 0.5 seconds.