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  1. Okay...I reinstalled it again and after the next update I will send it to you.
  2. After install, pretty much anything having to do with text is all gibberish. It's either blank, or written in code I suppose. Uninstalled Aslain, did nothing. Ran check integrity, first time gave me an error, second "retry" ran for about 5 min then the WGC crashed. I restarted computer, logged in, same gibberish.
  3. Maxim...so after every update now I get the "failed to update script" error. Basically now I download the MSI file and uninstall and update..it's the only way to get mxstat to work. It's curious that this is happening to me...
  4. Maxim...so after update it did the "failed to execute script" again. Before this it was running fine all week. To be honest I'm unsure if I followed your directions last time so I did this time. Downloaded the msi, opened CMD in ran in admin, then used "/i" to install the msi and repaired mxstat (for some reason I could not use "/a" in CMD to run the msi file).
  5. okay...I'll get to it Monday however...off to work..thanks again Maxim
  6. is the new update the reason why mxStat will not work? just says "failed to execute script mxstat"
  7. Little Black Friday/Cyber Monday goodness i7-8700k Cryorig R1 ROG Z370-E G.Skill 32GB Samsung M.2 960 EVO 500GB EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 Air 540 View the rest here if you wish. Got some pieces in..no OS..taking forever.......... https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RJDmnn
  8. USS Texas

    I was actually in Texas this summer the day before she sprung the big leak that caused her to tilt so much. Glad we did because my son loves ships so much. We walked around for hours, top and bottom in Texas June heat 95 plus, so below it was worse even with AC's blowing!! They were doing so much work at the time to keep up with restorations and appearances. The guys on the boats that help out with tours and info couldn't be nicer and know so much. My son wore several of those guys out with questions and those grandpa's took it with a smile and kept on going. Dropped a C note on my way out just for that. I'm buying that Camo
  9. hit to many times by team torps

    I was in this position a few times back during the the "Revolution is My Name 1600 Base XP Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya" missions when people were dropping torps just to get hits and XP. Sank a few times by my teammates after some stout games....anyways I think the person that was torped should get the torpee's XP and money. Why should I get punished for their dumba** mistake?
  10. Game crashes constantly now

    Mine wasnt crashing so much has having graphic/sound issues. Black screen, music/sound chirps before and after battles, in game freezing etc. I just deleted and reinstalled. Fixed now.
  11. Took me 2.5 days myself. Finally got lucky at 430 in the morning
  12. Not to sound rude but did you log into the right website for your support ticket? This happened to me before and come to find out I was on the "Asia in English" site, not the NA site. Down at the very bottom of the wargaming.net page you can change locations.
  13. Been killing myself since yesterday to get 1600...highest is little over 1400 in a Texas...was hoping for more XP since it was a dual CV match and I got 20 something planes. Infuriating.