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  1. I was actually in Texas this summer the day before she sprung the big leak that caused her to tilt so much. Glad we did because my son loves ships so much. We walked around for hours, top and bottom in Texas June heat 95 plus, so below it was worse even with AC's blowing!! They were doing so much work at the time to keep up with restorations and appearances. The guys on the boats that help out with tours and info couldn't be nicer and know so much. My son wore several of those guys out with questions and those grandpa's took it with a smile and kept on going. Dropped a C note on my way out just for that. I'm buying that Camo
  2. I was in this position a few times back during the the "Revolution is My Name 1600 Base XP Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya" missions when people were dropping torps just to get hits and XP. Sank a few times by my teammates after some stout games....anyways I think the person that was torped should get the torpee's XP and money. Why should I get punished for their dumba** mistake?
  3. Mine wasnt crashing so much has having graphic/sound issues. Black screen, music/sound chirps before and after battles, in game freezing etc. I just deleted and reinstalled. Fixed now.
  4. Took me 2.5 days myself. Finally got lucky at 430 in the morning
  5. I'm like most of you...played several times make it to the end with easily 90% health and Rasputin shows up game over in 2 min. Last night finally got around guys who knew what to do and won.
  6. I HATE HATE HATE HATE that noise when you use the binos (shift key, zoom, whatever you want to call it) for the first few times. That creak noise..like nails or chalk on a blackboard (a generational thing for some in here).
  7. Not to sound rude but did you log into the right website for your support ticket? This happened to me before and come to find out I was on the "Asia in English" site, not the NA site. Down at the very bottom of the wargaming.net page you can change locations.
  8. Been killing myself since yesterday to get 1600...highest is little over 1400 in a Texas...was hoping for more XP since it was a dual CV match and I got 20 something planes. Infuriating.
  9. Yep I look forward to 100 (or 250) Hotel Yankee "Ramming" flags or another 10 to 20 Captain spots
  10. glad someone posted this..I'm done for the night then..not gonna beat my head only to screw myself
  11. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/211 This is very much like what you need to do except look vastly different if running Win 10. You can also Google "symbolic link ssd to hdd" as well I think this is what I followed and it worked. You have to use the mklink /j
  12. They were giving them away and I missed out?? Dam**t to hades!!
  13. Who else wasn't humming John Williams while watching the scroll??
  14. took me forever to find the other filter setting. For others having issue, it's the gear icon where the "ships, vacant slots" number is
  15. No joke...took me 3 days, around 70 missions, finally did it with the Nurnberg