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  1. It was difficult to view, but on the stern of the ship in Hamburg port, it identifies the liner as the Cap Arcona (as others have already posted). This ship ended its career as an SS prison ship full of concentration camp inmates. But then WG already knew this ships history when they selected it. Kudos for the selection, but how about an article on the webpage? My apologies if there is and I missed it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Cap_Arcona Cap Arcona's final use was as a prison ship. In May 1945 she was heavily laden with prisoners from Nazi concentration camps when the Royal Air Force (the pilots not knowing of the nature of her passengers) bombed her, killing about 5,000 people; with more than 2,000 further casualties in the sinkings of the accompanying vessels of the prison fleet, Deutschland and Thielbek. This was one of the largest single-incident maritime losses of life in the Second World War.
  2. AltarSkunk

    Premium Naval Aviation containers for sale?

    Found it! Edited.
  3. AltarSkunk

    Premium Naval Aviation containers for sale?

    Anyone know how to edit the title of a thread? I'd like to put a question mark to clarify and not get folks hopes up.
  4. I think my premium shop is broken...I don't see WG selling the containers and I really want those premium carriers (just have the Saipan). Anyone hear if they are going to sell them?
  5. When will we get the Daring's Personal Combat Mission? Hopefully it is something that'll make it as stealthy as it was advertised (though I'm betting it won't go below the 5.7 possible for the Gearing).