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  1. MassiveSalvo

    #557 - KOTS IX Group Stage + Replays 10-12-19

    I was in this stream, the timid Moskva. My team pushed hard and I remained back in the stream above firing HE at a saturated Des Moines Nose. We had a bot through all 3 games with this team. Honestly my team chose a Moskva for me for I am one of the most unskilled players on this team! We managed to win 1 despite! I can see where I should have pushed when my Henri and Montana had committed and ended up in a brawl? I would of much preferred BB but we really needed that for the slightly more accurate Players!
  2. MassiveSalvo

    Done complaining......just done

    Well, stack the Odds in your favor. Not sure if you have a different account but under 20 games you likely don't have a clue what you're doing. How is That Mejash is ranking out in 80 or 90 games and I cannot? He is really-really perfectly placed to do it. There is an arcade aspect to this game which is different than a strategy game. Rest of it's simply where your butt is/how you're facing and what impact you put down. You can deflect a huge load of damage just by knowing which way to face. 90% of players don't bother the 10% who do are called Good.
  3. MassiveSalvo

    Done complaining......just done

    You guys really don't study Warships much I assume. Look at my battle count and My stats are abysmal ... Although I have done something: "Some Homework." There is no secret recipe to why one player gets cits and one player doesn't. There is no magic or money that makes one player better. There is just straight knowledge! My stats have gone from losing to winning by focusing the targets that win battles. Every now and then I'll get a dry run. Since I started using ships that focus on Objectives/Killing Ships that have the most influence on the battle/and practicing my tactics and positioning. My damage is still bad but my wins are starting to skyrocket. At the rate I'm going I'd have a 60% WR in all the specific ships that control these points of power within a period of time which is humanly possible for my level energy to play this game. There are exceptions... There are bad days... there is RNG! When I play a strategy game which is so complex that one click of a unit over a Hex can influence 5000 former Clicks you must learn the power of that one click. I use to run Hotseat for hours to practice where that click was and 9 out of 10 opponents would lose to me. What kind of whining rant is this...
  4. MassiveSalvo

    What makes a unicom a unicom?

    Didn't know there was a guy that would look at replays and offer up advice from the Forums. I watch Unicums: (definitely going to try this out) I played with a Unicum/Super Unicum Player. He had stat-tracker(he was padding a lot but was GREAT) but he was still amazing in all his ships. He was anal as heck... I think being anal makes you good but there are naturals. Being both anal and a natural whoa! I AM SO slow and frustrated in learning this game. On the flip side for the first time I get close to Unicum stats on a couple of my US Heavy Cruisers 6-9. If nothing else: Ambush Caps, Seal Club and try exploit the errors of others! I know a Unicum that refuses to discipline himself. Guy is a wrecking ball just gets too bored to stat-pad. So not all High Stat players are Numero Uno. I watched this guy get 31 Citadels in a CB Match in a Des Moines then take out 5 out of 6 ships in a Low Level Storm Clan vs a Unicum Clan.
  5. MassiveSalvo

    Tactical Tip Tuesday.

    1. Survive, don't play so safe you don't participate but it's one of my biggest errors and the biggest errors in the game. 2. If you cannot hit anything no matter how hard you try, close the distance as safely as possible and practice and then slowly extend your range and aim to learn to shoot better. But you're not very effective if you're not able to hit anything... 3. Use the Torp Predictor (#3) to see the speed of the enemy ship and where they intend to go. 4. If you keep dying use Priority Target(best skill in the game for 1 capt. skill point). 5. If a BB is coming into a cap, expect he has buddies and usually a DD in the vanguard. 6. If you haven't seen a DD in awhile, beware your flanks. 7. Play one ship a lot! Your favorite and learn all it's pros and cons. 8. Tier 9-10 is punishing. 9. Quit when you're losing, tired, tilted, upset! Play another day... 10. Watch Streams, read, find people who will teach you stuff in a clan that are good at the game(working on this now)
  6. MassiveSalvo

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Yeah, I feel you. I am in the same boat! 48%-49% WR. It really hurts to grind every ship in the game cause I can squeeze out 50-51% in any ship it seems I put a lot of matches in. Then I'm in over my head(tier10). If you want your WR up use a tier5-6-7 and smack some seals for 500 games. Then people can admire your pretty numbers!
  7. MassiveSalvo

    The Moskva ranked experience

    Terrible ship for ranked most of the time. In my experience or with my experience. Since there is no team coordination and Moskva is going to do more poorly close up vs DM/Wooster(other 2 Radar Cruisers) Why would you bring her? The AP Shells are great but they don't delete Cruisers quickly enough and the HE is too slow to load. Most of the time I did well with her when the Woosters/DMs I faced weren't great at in their ships. Plus Moskva cannot outright delete DDs due to the slow reload. Whilst the Des/Wooster do.
  8. MassiveSalvo

    Gearing vs German/Pan Asian

    Been playing in my Gearing and despite her many qualities = great torps and guns she lags behind the Zed and Yueyang in cap bullying and in competitive without radar support from a friendly cruiser this becomes very agitating. Any methods anyone uses to cope?
  9. MassiveSalvo

    Ranked is Broken

    Myself included I have seen some of the most vile and detestable comments and play in ranked this season.(THIS is even worse than Random because in Random nobody really cares losing that much and ranked brings out the worst in people) Most people do not participate and the numbers are dwindling aside a few or people who prefer 7vs7(or same tier ship opponents) and just come to play a shorter match. There is no real test of skill in ranked vs say Clan Battles where there is communication. It's not even as good as Random where you can 3 Division up with chosen people and 1 or 2 very poor plays don't kill the entire game. The system needs to be reworked and anyone can get to rank 1 by merely playing for 1500 games so skill isn't really the point. Patience and playing forever is. Some constructive criticism is needed: Rank needs to include irrevocable for more ranks. There needs to be different skill level ranked play. Max I got to was Rank 4 and then some and I am not skilled enough to play with some of the guys I am up against. This is not fair to my team and it's not fair to myself. A 45% WR player should not be grouped with a 75%-85^% WR player. It's part of the issue. EVERYONE agrees including Wargame Contributors, my entire clan, everyone I talk to. I know 20 WoWs players and they all share the same sentiment. Every streamer just about I talk to(and I stream as well) Constructive and useful changes need to be made for ranked play to make it more entertaining. Or do away with it altogether...(I will probably continue to play I like the tier on tier ships but it's not as entertaining and more and more young people are playing so the chat is pretty toxic) P.S. IF you do not believe me join in the over 1400 ranked battles I've played in and ask the Players I will tell you honestly they mostly believe as I do. Come and learn?