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  1. Losing streaks and you.

    Ha! That happened to me today.
  2. Dealing with Richelieu

    I'm starting to see a gazillion Richelieu in my Alabama matches and am wondering if any of you have tips on how to deal with them with a US bb? Catching them broadside when they're distracted is easy enough, but what do you do when one's focused on you and ignoring them isn't an option? When all you see is their bow pointed at you, do you just spam HE and hope for the best?
  3. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    The good news: all my wins since this objective rolled out have been >1750. The bad news: BOTH of my wins since this objective rolled out have been >1750...
  4. Losing streaks and you.

    I'm with you OP! The last couple days I couldn't pick up a win if it had handles! I'm trying very hard to stop caring about WR. Don't get me wrong, I'll play hard and try to improve - but I need to let a loss be a loss and start the next game with a clean slate.
  5. CitadelPalooza

    Actually the 45 degree Yammy cit is a thing. At least from the front.
  6. Lyon seems to be happiest kiting away. Bow tanking or angling seems to be useless, you just can't avoid the pens. Kiting frees up the 2 rear turrets and I've had better luck snapping off quick over-the-shoulder 16-gun broadsides. It's easy to get high damage games, but harder to make big impactful strikes on other BBs. You tend to just grind them down. New Mex is much better than NY. Good ship but T6 MM can be harsh.
  7. Really MM

    I get those once in awhile. They can be a lot of fun!
  8. People HAVE to keep bringing up the Izumo.. my WR will never be the same.
  9. CVs can't get a break

    Trouble is, it's easy too miss a carrier being competent. People don't notice the plane spotting the dd they're blasting at, or the strikes that didn't get to them. Of course this happens with others too. I've had plenty of times where I charged a flank, killed everything, and taken the cap... only to have some weenie click on the map and say "hey look at the coward BB hiding over there!"
  10. This. I'm pretty easy going until I'm down 4 games for the night. Then everything about the game pisses me off. Other team got and extra DD? I'm the top of the loosing team again? There's a CV in the game? Bottom tier.. you get the idea. I'm trying to cultivate playing a little less and just walking away after a couple bad games.
  11. For me, PvE is all about breaking my Mikasa secondary hit record.
  12. FS Richelieu missing color streamers?

    It's nice of them to put a "for best results, aim here" mark on the camo!
  13. Oh I like the mug idea. On the signal flag idea - pins maybe?
  14. MM Power Spreads

    Tough choice, but I put T5. There are just so many ships there that get stomped in T7 games. T8 can get pretty rough too. T10 engagement ranges can be brutal to some ships or simply not fun for folks that like T6-T8. And those T10 cruisers are just evil!