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  1. sendit2me30

    The Shenyang is a pile of junk.

    Not having much experience with this DD (on T4 I mainly play Clemson and Izyaslav whome I both adore!) - would IFHE be advisable? I have it on both Clemson and Izyalsav and I think it is highly recommend on those (even taking above getting CE if all you have is a 10 point commander).
  2. sendit2me30

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    nonsense. look at the stats of any player who has a Kamikaze and compare the win rate and damage of his/her Kamikaze games with the tech-tree equivalent Minekaze. You will always see that on average win rate is about 10 % higher and damage about double in the Kamikaze compared to the Minekaze. Nothing to do with a captain making this ship OP - it IS OP by design. Even below average and bad players excel in these ships. But then again - after another loss because of a Kamikaze or Belfast in the enemy team I will just remember that is all due to incompetence; nothing to do with OP and foremost - according to some nitwit over at WG headquarters - we (players) do not mind that there are OP ships in the enemy team...ugh But I know what I am doing now when there is another one of these totally OP ships; I just leave and wear my pink with pride! It is a statement about how totally f*&$ed up this game has become.
  3. sendit2me30

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Hahahahaha Did anyone actually read these statements? a) majority of players do not object being matched against totally OP ships?! b) majority of players do not want balancing to apply to premium ships only to all other type of ships So here you have it! You no longer need to watch CNN or buy the Washington Post to read lies. Just come to this forum. I will probably be reprimanded for this and censored.
  4. A T4 match with 3 CVs each and 10 ships in total. I was in the Clemson. Now Clemson is not so bad a DD but still I hardly shoot down any aircraft in it - and I continuously switch sector. Anyway this 1 CV was not interested in shooting me with his bomber squad; well he tried but failed all the time. So the only thing he he did was keep me spotted; all the time, none stop. He could as there were ample CVs around. I simply walked away from that awful crap game and would do it again the next time. And of course, wearing the pink with proud. Disciplinary action - what moron thought of this; really thought it is a good idea to have adults give the feeling of being back at boarding school. That fact alone makes me want to walk away from any game. But this is no longer a game; it is pure frustration - playing 1 game ruins the rest of your day. Oh yeah; I can already imagine some of the reactions of those who could not agree less and don't know what the heck I am writing about. Well you are a small isolated group - the majority of players who are average and just above or below all feel the same way. But how you would know with egos bigger than your head.. you are inbreeding among your little group of top players in your own games and have no idea and are absolutely not interested what the rest of community thinks or feels.
  5. sendit2me30

    Global User Poll Re: CV Rework

    4) remove CVs altogether - would get my vote
  6. yeah.. I hear you but I always enjoyed the mid-tiers: V-VI-VII. That was my heart and soul! That is where I really liked the game. Yes, I played / playing the high tiers as well but never enjoyed it as much though; not even before the CV rework. and now even the mid-tiers are wasted on me . *sigh*
  7. just like many other people here I too have learned to ignore anything testers have to say - nothing ever good comes from them
  8. If you play a lot of games as an IJN torpedo boat commander, like the Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Shinome etc. you will inevitably end up really hating this game. There is just no other conclusion; unless you belong to this elite 1% top players, then I guess you are really having a good time? I am not; I am part of the common people, a deplorable if you like. Not having a good time anymore Either way the game has been ruined for me and this time the Russians really are to blame!
  9. want to give it the thumbs up (the cool guy's face) but looks like WG has disabled this for me I wonder, I gave a thumbs down to some WG staffer yesterday and since then.. nada... got this message "Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content."surely not.. surely they are interfering, holding personal grudges? anyway... thumbs up!
  10. sendit2me30

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    as they say.. nothing personal!
  11. sendit2me30

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    It really all hands on deck with community contributors, wargaming staff, testers etc to sell this CV rework that the majority of players do no like, never will like and never wanted in the first place.
  12. sendit2me30

    Thumbs up - thumbs down

    I think we should have a thumbs up/thumbs down option at the end of each game. I for one would be very curious to see some stats on that! However I believe there will be an overwhelming amount of thumbs down. Perhaps that is why we haven't seen this yet...?
  13. there were hardly any CV players
  14. not only in low tiers. on all levels. Almost every single time I play a game in a DD I end up really hating this game and WG for turning it in this pile of... (enter what you feel is appropriate). And I play DD a lot. Well until I will have enough of this ... (enter what you feel is appropriate). All of this ..(enter what you feel is appropriate) .. is due to he-whose-name-we-are-not-allowed-to-speak because if we would then this thread would be terminated and deleted and we'd all be on probation!
  15. sendit2me30

    Adding camouflage and signals increses battle difficulty

    you can't implode you don't have my son