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  1. well... since you were writing so full of enthousiasme about the Pod I decided to acquire her again. First time I had her - long, long time ago.. in a galaxy - no not that one. Anyway, way back when I had a lot less experience I did not like her so much. But now... Notice - the second battle; both Pods peak at 1.
  2. sendit2me30

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    thanks for the advice! yes I will move the Skipper to Grozovoi and sell the Udaloi as I am short on everything - credits, skippers etc. Funny thing is that almost immediately after this post I managed to torp a near full health Montana from complete stealth. He knew I was around as I fired on him before but he just did not seem to care and continued at full speed in a nice straight line (as if I wasn't there).. guess he never expected torps from an Udaloi?! 5 torps - I did not kill him but I managed to finish him off in smoke.
  3. sendit2me30

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    yes you are right; I have calmed down a bit since that :=) there were indeed number of awful matches in a row with Uda; and - yes- she has grown on me. But still it sort of immediately 'worked' with the Tash (fireworks everywhere) whereas with the the Udaloi .. hmm, yeah - needs more work. I have absolutely no idea what to do with those torps , so I just find myself doing the same things with here as I would in the Tash/Khab only far less efficient. The only difference is that I would go onto a cap and use the smoke; but that is not always a wise idea either with all that radar. I have a 14 point captain (well 16 but keeping the 2 points for now) and run: I: PT II: LS III: DE IV: CE, AFT and thinking about using the next 3 points for SI. For the rest I have pretty standard upgrades - here concealment is 7.2 km, which is really not much to write home about, and for the final slot I choose AA Guns Modification 3 as I just did not know what to put there? In a torp boat (like Shima) I obviously put Torpedo Mod 3 but I don't see much use for that here.
  4. sendit2me30

    Minsk revisited

    cannot remember anymore how it was on the Gnevny; too long ago. but it is really pretty good on the Minsk and better than the Kiev/Udaloi that comes after.
  5. reading this it looks as if the Pod is a torpedo boat instead of genuine gun-machine.. funny about this BBs completely ignoring you and you just popping up right smack in the middle of them.
  6. sendit2me30

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    really ? just got her an hate absolutely everything about her. She is supposed to be the torp-line of destroyers and has the most useless torps imaginable: 6 km????? and the upgrade (only after B hull mind you!) is still crap at 8 km. No speed, marginal guns and crappy concealment (better than other russian dds but sill utter crap which means you are always spotted) come on; compared with Tashkent, which must be one of the best DDs in the game, everything really everything about her is sh*t (excuse my French!)Love the Tash, hate the udaNOi
  7. sendit2me30


    hmmmm .... I still think Shima is overall the better one..everyone fears those 15 torps coming at you at high speed. and will give guarantee flooding (we're flooding Captain!.. she is sinking quickly!!! teuuuuuh - teuh-teuh-teuh. tueh;....... and then you see the tip of the bow sticking out of the water..and then only some air bubbles...
  8. sendit2me30


    I am curious what skill points you run her with. I have an 18 point commander and use: I: PT II:A AR, LS III: SE, TA, DE IV: CE Which leaves me with 1 point that I have no clue as to what to spent it on. And start believing that I better should have not taken AR (Adrenaline Rush) on T2 and kept those for another 3 pointer?
  9. sendit2me30

    Minsk revisited

    Hey IronMike - yes, eventually it went much better; guess it is also a 'getting used to' experience. Although I always seriously under performed on the high tier (T9) battles. But on T5-T7 and a few T8 all went fine. Wouldn't you agree that the CE skill is worth having for the torpedo lin: udaloi - grozovoi? Currently at Udaloi with CE mounted.
  10. sendit2me30

    Possible Solution to Radar

    WG is promoting selfish, unsuportive gameplay with the recent mass introduction of radar. I have been playing a lot of destroyer games lately, especially on the higher tiers: T8 - T10. Following is the account of 3 games on those tiers involving radar cruisers, which is everything but rare. First game. This was a two-area domination map with islands; cannot exactly recall the name but I believe it was Estuary. In any case our team had a Des Moines and, if I remember correctly, a Worchester that were both hiding behind a rock at the edge of 1 of the 2 caps, the eastern cap. Waiting of course for an enemy destroyer to enter the cap. At the same time, a bit further to the east, a friendly Massashusetts was being hammered by a least 1 BB and 2 CAs. Our two brave radar cruisers were not moving an inch and just waiting for their destroyer to show up. So I, in my Shima, decided to set a smokescreen for our desperate BB. Of course this was the trigger for one of the enemy CAs to pop its radar and now we were both getting beaten. Our radar CAs? Well, they are still safely behind their rock, not moving and waiting for their destroyer to show its nose. They had no intention to assist. The battleship was killed and I barely escaped. We lost that game. Second game. A three-area domination map. We take point A; simply because there was nobody else there. So we move on east-wards to the next, middle, cap. I was in my Tashkent and was followed by 2 radar CAs. Again it was a Des Moines and perhaps a Battlimeore - cannot recall. Suddenly behind a rock, near the second cap, there was a Worcester hiding. I was way too close (at about 5 km) so I legged it whilst being under continuous rapid fire from that Worcester. I hit a rock and got stuck. All the time I was expecting relief fire from the 2 CAs that were right behind me...... but nothing happened. Our brave radar CAs specialized at hiding behind rocks were doing what they do best: hiding. They stopped at that rock and never showed their ugly faces to take on the Worcester; presumably because there was also an enemy battleship, but a lot further away and with difficult line of fire. I was killed. And I can guarantee you that my reaction would have been entirely different had I been caught like this on my own. I would have faced the cruiser bow on, slightly angled and got as much damage out of him as possible. We lost that game. Third game. This time I remember the map: Trap. And this is an example involving the enemy radar cruiser; coincidentally again a Des Moines. In 1 of the caps there is a small rock right in front of a bigger rock where you can hide in between. Usually you use it to dodge torps or incoming fire. But in these case an enemy Des Moines had positioned himself there; ready to take out destroyers and other venom I presume. He can fire over the rock but of course he is limitted to what he can hit and see as he got very little maneuverability. So we just more or less ignored him and made sure we were not in his line/sight of fire. In the meantime right behind his rock his teammates were under heavy attack. And he was just sitting there waiting for his targets that never showed up. In the end he was taken out easily as he just trapped himself. Needless to say that there are other games where it is the exact opposite and the CAs are actively involved and supportive. But those are far more rare these days.
  11. sendit2me30

    Minsk revisited

    Recently I acquired the Tashkent and I really love that boat. Firing at anything that is moving from 14 km (commander with AFT) and setting one after the other on fire. Now I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Udaloi and Grozovoi that I decided to start that grind and bought my Minsk back. I speced her just like my Tashkent. However she is just the way I remember her when I first played Minsk: very, very disappointing. The only things that start burning are CAs and DDs but battleships - for the most part - seem to be completely immune...? What is wrong?! I play her exactly the same and only get about 10-15K of damage per game. It is frustrating as hell. Commander skills (currently 13 points): PT (1), LS (2), DE (3), AFT (4) working on an extra point to get the 4 point concealment (probably not very useful but I am planning on keeping her and moving the commander up the ladder). PS - forgot to add ; it is very good at making a lot of gun fire noise.. pffff - my ears hurt after a few battles.
  12. sendit2me30

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    I just got the Tashkent a few days ago. Funny thing, I first thought of skipping her - nicknamed Trashcan for some reason I presumed - and use free XP to go straight to Mr. Khab. Thank God I did not do that! And now I am thinking about foregoing Khabby and stick with the Tash. I am writing all this because I am curious about how the Udaloi can be any better? I only see 2 minor points (comparing both fully upgraded versions) 1) a bit better concealment but still awful compared to the competition. So you will always get spotted first on caps just like Tashkent 2) slightly better torps as the speed is 66 knots. But 8 km is just not very usefully at that Tier and more so due the bad concealment. So I cannot believe that there can be many opportunities to use them.
  13. sendit2me30

    Shimakaze unique upgrade

    That is what I thought as well. The standard time is 7 seconds for 180 degrees turn (goes down to 6 seconds with Aiming System Modification). So - 80 % - that will be almost double to 12-13 seconds; fair enough. I thought. But it seems they calculate it differently. The tubes traverse at a rate of 25 degrees per second (standard); which means it takes 7.2 seconds for 180 degrees turn. With this upgrade this is reduced by 80 % - or you have 20 % of the original traverse speed left: 25 x 0.2 = 5. Which means 5 degrees per second; this comes down to a traverse time of 36 seconds for 180 degrees turn (that you can bring down to 30 seconds with Aiming System Modification). Now how about that for a penalty..!
  14. Just got that special 'Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reload' upgrade; and this, I may say, after a long and painful grind through the five stages of the personal mission. Well, I'll cut through the chase, it is useless. To say that I am extremely disappointed is an under statement. On the up side, the reload time of the torpedos improves and is now 103s for the 12 km torps (that is with the extra Commander skill). Which is an improvement of about 13 seconds. BUT - and hold on to something ! - the 180degree traverse speed went up from 7 seconds to a mind blowing 30 seconds!!! That is a 23 seconds penalty!!! You can eat a pizza and have a few beers whilst you wait for that thing to turn into the right position. How can you cap with that?? How do you contest a cap with mediocre guns and NO torpedos....??! Well ok, they might be ready and loaded but you will just not get them on target. You can only go after battleships and launch into smoke; that is it or c'est tout as the French would say (so they told me). Anyone think this upgrade is any good? I am seriously thinking of trashing it - got no doubloons so will need to sell and forget about it.