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  1. AFK

    And why not? I find the game more and more frustrating to play; with every new update it is getting worse. The matchmaking sucks; if the 'enemy' team loses no ships (or maybe 1) and everyone on your team is dead then there is something SERIOUSLY wrong. And it is not with you or your team. Having played many games (arguably many AFK games) I start recognizing this and I just leave after a few minutes in the game. I am almost never wrong with my guess. And after having abandoned such a game I usually find that there is an overwhelming victory for the enemy team ; where staying in the game would definitely not have made any difference. Yes, I find the ratio of games where I either drop out after a few minutes or just do not start at all ( as there are too many premium or high tier ships in the opposing team) ever increasing. And that ratio is getting veeeery high. Soon I will have lost all my credits, sold everything there is to sell and then... well walk out for good I guess.
  2. Queen Elizabeth needs buffed

    Just played "IT" again - hate her, hate, hate her,..... if one more time I am un-installing; it is HUMILIATING!
  3. Queen Elizabeth needs buffed

    One would start to think that these blogs are staffed by Wargaming trolls. How can anyone seriously say (write) that this ship is completely balanced? It is by far the worst T6 BB of all. It is lousy, crappy, sh&ty, and many more awful things ending on '-y'. I absolutely HATE this boat. Nothing works and most of the time I miss all shots and only once in a while I have a hit or a citadel. Quite the opposite from my Fuso or Iron Duke where just about everything works; and I do everything the same!!!??. It is as someone wrote in this blog - she is deliberately bad, and made with flaws - so that her sister ship the premium Warspite can shine and people will want to buy her. Whereas QE is quite literary the biggest crap in WOWS. If you play her too often you will get sick and tired and utterly disgusted of playing this game. I know I am. That is why I am now having at least 4 in 5 games where I just walk away..... abandon ship!
  4. Queen Elizabeth needs buffed

    One would start to think that these blogs are staffed by Wargaming trolls. How can anyone seriously say (write) that this ship is completely balanced? It is by far the worst T6 BB of all. It is lousy, crappy, sh&ty, and many more awful things ending on '-y'.
  5. hahaha ..skill ... hahaha ... so funny... I am betting you are having tons of little videos posted all over youtube bragging about your skill
  6. Akatsuki is 1 of the worst ships to play in WOWS; in fact all IJN DDs except for the premium ones are utter crap. Sure you can have a great game but that is exceptional. In general you will end up frustrated, annoyed, angry and have a feeling of 'never wanting to play this game again... ever...'. Try torpedoing a battleship... good luck with that because that is what you need. There is no science, skill or intelligence behind this as some people would like to believe; it is just pure luck. Over the course of 1 year of updates, tweaks, balancing, nerfs etc battleships have become super maneuverable and almost totally immune to torpedoes. Just the other game; I was in an Akastuki and got spotted. So you do the only thing can you do and that is to smoke up and hope and pray nobody is popping radar (another one of this utter game spoiling and "I want to walk away from this game" gadgets). So you are in smoke and you use these fantastic riffles that reload every 8 seconds to fire at the Bismarck who is only a mere 8 km away from you; sure you launched torps - all 9 of them - but the Mark dodged them all. And that just made him angry so he is coming towards you at full speed! You are still firing your main artillery at him; full salvo every 8 seconds but it being such a gigantic big battleship it is just not making any difference. And he is getting closer and you know that at 4 km he will pop his hydro and then its all over for you. So you give him another 9 torps - surely at almost point blank range (less than 5 km) you must be able to kill him... No!!! He sees them all and dodge them all. Not 1 hit; and even 1 or 2 would not have made much difference with his repair party. Now he popped radar and you just rocketing out of there. But forget that.... 1 salvo from his guns and you are on your way to your rendez-vous with the ocean floor. IJN DDs are the worst, germans are not much better. And russion and us are just gun boats. And since I am only playing DDs at the moment I end up - for reasons stated above - walking away from most games before they even start or at most after a couple of minutes.
  7. This game is CRAP

    There are just not enough words to describe how bad this is. As so often - played the Kag. There was only me left on our team and a CV + 2 DD on the enemy. I go after the CV, a Lexington. I avoid multiple fire bombs and a squad of torpedo bombers. The Lexington is dodging EVERY SINGLE TORP I throw at it. And multiple salvo's, all broad side. The only thing that damages him are my HE shelves. In the end I was killed by his torpedo planes. So what is the crappy - s&*t (s-word) utter meaning and logic of this nonsense??? A huge big monstrous carrier can dodge every torpedo and a small, tiny, super maneuverable destroyer cannot avoid them. Ha - bloody - ha! And you see this time and again. Conclusion - with all the nerfs and the bufs and the tweaks and constant updates this game has finally gone down the drains... it now has only 1 purpose - to be flushed.
  8. I am so glad I hate this game. Not all the time of course - otherwise I'd be a masochist playing it; but still very often. Sure most of you feel the same from time to time about it. And that is what is keeping me from spending $200 a month or more on this game; like some of you out there do.
  9. Akizuki

    well if I compare 'it' (doesn't deserve anything better) to my Minsk then this is light years of difference. Minsk can do everything Akisucki can and much better and is only at tier 7 -cannot wait to get tier 8; and torps..... really;since the infamous IJN 'buff' torps have become totally obsolete. only Shimakaze can have some moderate success with torps and that is only due to the sheer volume she can lay down. no, it really is game over for the entire IJN DD line - perhaps only Shima... don't know yet.
  10. Akizuki

    even that is impossible. this junk is so slow that even battleships overtake her; and then most BBs prefer to stay in the back far beyond your firing range - which incidentally is 12 km not 15; and even at 15 with AFT the speed of the shelves is all but gone.... rubbish, crap, useless - it really sums up the worst of this game.
  11. Akizuki

    yeah... I just got the Akisucki and did not immediately want to give an opinion; but now after a few battles, just 1 word: CRAP. utter CRAP it is one of these boats where when the battle is over you can only think ... well, I never going to play this game again. and before I got her I was even thinking of buying some permanent cameo... ughhh... waste...
  12. location : california/new mexico.... right, ok..
  13. you could also protest by going AFK - your team will for sure miss the DD hell, I am sure I'm going to do this from now on whenever there is ship with radar. I am CONVINCED they buffed radar - sneakingly, without saying anything to anyone .... Imagine we knowing they nerfed DDs and buffed CAs in 1 patch. I am now detected a million times more by radar (in smoke) than any time before. No... from now on; a boat with radar... that means AFK for me.
  14. I am very close to stop playing this game forever... it should be fun for every one who wants to play it - meaning also for a DD captain. Just had a game where I launched 9 torps from within smoke at a Dunkerque at less than 6 km. HE DODGED EVERY SINGLE TORPEDO!! Of course the Dunkerque being a) a battleship and b) a premium ship is made in such a way that only a fool would not be able to dodge torpedoes. So.. who has all the fun and excitement??/ Of course I was shot and killed by the same Dunkerque captain since he was now able to get so close (having dodged all torps) that he could shoot me at point blank range. RIDICULOUS - utter .... <fill in the word you think is appropriate - I have a few>
  15. T6 Leander

    I just got her and kinda like her. Compared to Emerald the Leander is an absolute delight. I love chasing destroyers with her; they will throw their torps at you but thanks to her excellent maneuverability and her hydro I can avoid all of them. It is just a joy seeing these little guys run and trying to get away from you - without success of course! And stated several times in this post; you just pop smoke and start shooting at everything within your range. You just cannot miss. I am very much looking forward to the Fiji - that is reason why I started the RN cruiser line in the first place. I wonder whether she will be as good as my Shchors - some pretty big shoes to fill!