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  1. whoehahahaa..... this is like watching CNN or reading the NYT; propaganda and keeping up the false narrative, spreading the lies There is nothing random about this game and certainly not in the least the match making. Every single little detail is measured, controlled and directed. After all we are talking about lots and lots of money - many times more then all of us will ever make in a life time. And you want us to believe that Vic (WeeGee CEO and Belaruse fist billionaire) would be leaving all this to some random mechanic... but you beta testers and super testers know all that, you are trolling, giving false statements.. blablabla...
  2. don't tell me, you also firmly believe in world peace, right....?
  3. sendit2me30

    How broken is MM

    Best game ever! Lastet 5 min and 25 seconds and I did jack-sh*t; just jolo-ed to the cap in a straight line and still in top 5??!??!!
  4. sendit2me30

    Is this right

    only 1 word comes to mind: moron
  5. sendit2me30

    stream bonus code don't work

    d'ont??????????? shouldn't it be d'oesnt... the bonus code d'oesnt work
  6. sendit2me30

    So, we alread back to normal?

    I say, it''s going back to school for you and working on your spelling. This is just outregeous.
  7. sendit2me30

    Wargaming - Your Game is Broken

    again more nonesense coming from the fault mouth of.. what else a 'beta tester', a mr know-it-all DDs did not work around radar; they all left or now playing BB/CA . just look at the state of DD play in the curent meta it has never been this bad.
  8. sendit2me30

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    not if you are in a DD or CA - and don't bother starting an entire argument ... I can tell you upfront: I don't care - you do not see any issue, fine. I do.
  9. sendit2me30

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    it's all the fault of these damn russian battleships - will follow suit soon but will first be a bit more of a nuisance to all those folks that are still so very fond of this game...
  10. you are most likely that BB camping at 20 km; so why don't you take a break huh!?
  11. sendit2me30

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    you obviously believe in bedtime stories
  12. sendit2me30

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    totally justified. A Zeppelin in the enemy team with a win rate of 60% is totally unacceptable - absolutely no excuse for that CV player to be there as I am completely NOT into his/her league. So yes I left early and will do that every time.
  13. sendit2me30

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    totally agree with the OP - CV rework is a total failure; and for all the reasons mentioned in the video. But the most important one for me - as a DD main - is when there is 1 or several CVs in the game, which is still very frequent in the low and mid tiers, then I usually end up being totally frustrated, pissed off and generally leaving the game early in total anger and shouting all known swear words at WG. So yes, my wallet is on lock down and it will never ever be opened again as I no longer trust this company.