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  1. lightspeed2131

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    I'm expecting to pick up the M1 with the upcoming release of the new larger screen machines. Interested to learn the step by 's or guide you used to successfully play using parallels and ARM windows. Have you got such a guide?
  2. lightspeed2131

    Ostergotland The BB Menace

    From a fun perspective I kinda like them. Smaland from a "bother to think about what I'm doing" aspect is deadly vs entertaining. I don't mind others getting kill credit - win the fight....drink beer tonite! Lose the fight.... dead! SML mentioned as first cuz to OGL and step-bro to HAL. I am curious, maybe we've noted different aspects, what is it that turns you cold to them?
  3. Think everyone gets that and at least in general agrees. Maybe (probably - always outliers) wrong but in general think we're safe saying that. Noted is this game isn't like reality anyway so use of propaganda tools is to a certain extent fitting. Call them BB-lite, pocket "pool" or whatever floats it's the same thing. Some lines of this have nearly half (some might argue better than half) of the line as paper only (how "pocket" is that?). Point is use an existing skill and mod it to reflect what Lert's conceptually proposing just modified so it "fits" the cruiser community (sort of, kind of, maybe). If the current 3 pt skills gets modified and suddenly becomes a 4 point skill, so what? Hungry kids all over the world beat that as does me offering to buy you a beer and a refill when able. In concept I do find I agree with Lert's proposal but would extend, in a modified fashion (I'm not king, never will be but this would get done if I were) to cruisers. It's kind of like a 6th rate 22 vs a 5th rate 38 to go for nautical but of a different era. Is the 38 fitted with 12's or with 18's? Could be either and we won't know until.... And back to this game, does the 8" have "slightly" improved pen / damage due to "skill o' the skipper" or not? Back to different era for a sec, is the 64 cut down (razeed) to a 44 really a 3rd rate (pocket BB 1st rates were the cat's meow then) due to armor (timber thickness) protection or a super slow and sluggish 4th (or in some measures) 5th rate frigate (cruiser)? Pricing, not a penny more than 3 points in my mind as described with Lert above. 5% gain even if in two aspects isn't at all worth more than 3 and I'm hacking up hairballs even at 3 pts. Skill re-arrangement and re-pricing is sure to be funneling its way here. Just MHO. Thoughts?
  4. I get that. Proposed is along side the mod of the BB skill and in similar but not identical fashion something for big gun cruisers might become available. Example : Assumed for sake of discussion the BB skill offers +10% to krupp. Alter the cruiser 3 pt Heavy AP to also feature a +5% krupp with the +5% damage. Not an earthshaking change to combine in that the pen and the actual damage numbers will affect the game but should not (things like dispersion and angling come into effect as well) be drastic game changers. Thoughts?
  5. How about from certain gun calibers and up? Point being some of the super cruisers / pocket BBs having "last year's model" of BB guns (figuratively) would have similar effects. Perhaps a lesser but still significant + up?
  6. lightspeed2131

    AL Montpelier demonstrating Dazzle's effects

    You think so? That center mass grouping seems roughly the same. Naturally my opinion is just a quick visual vs detailed measurement. Agree dispersal pattern is different and would be anyway - new test = new data = new dispersion pattern.You think so? That center mass grouping seems roughly the same. Agree dispersal pattern is different and would be anyway - new test = new data = new dispersion pattern. Not sure I'm sold on the skill effectiveness
  7. lightspeed2131

    Real World AA Effectiveness

    Another point here is later in the war these replaced 40mm mounts on a 1 3" for 2 40mm basis. The 3" has better stopping power and (without doing some digging so possible error coming) there was further refinement in the prox. fuses allowing these to function similar to the VT equipped 5". Post war the conversion to 3" went all out for this reason and ability to affect jets better due to longer range. The longer range of the 3" allowed greater effectiveness vs kamikaze during the war as well.
  8. lightspeed2131

    Armory Ship Purchases: Need Advice

    Some really good points. For sake of interesting discussion, if this comparison is taken to what casually might be the ultimate end point, what's your thoughts about Salem v DM equipped with the "Unique Upgrade" or for that matter a Hindenburg (similar in many ways) also "Unique Upgrade" equipped. I'd not, rather sorry to say, paid as much attention to Salem as I should have. You've certainly brought this to serious future planning but I am curious how you see it v noted competition.
  9. lightspeed2131

    Armory Ship Purchases: Need Advice

    What features of her do you find that lead to a rather strong recommendation?
  10. lightspeed2131

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Destroyer Skills

    Is there a concise article regarding game designed torpedo flooding chances? Might be helpful for decisions about the Liquidator skill.
  11. lightspeed2131

    so i checked the EU forums...

    Where can the curious monitor that to see what the numbers are doing?
  12. Honestly, since this is a company induced change having already established the "rules of the road", I'd suggest a 19 pointer goes to 21 and then a percentage degrade from that. It might mean a 15 point (original) becomes a 17 point (new) CO. Or maybe that CO actually becomes that 15 pointer is now a 14.
  13. lightspeed2131

    This is really bad

    So, under the new paradigm, is this bad? The answer under the old construct is obvious but what about under the new?
  14. lightspeed2131

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Not as much as if everyone saved their whaling $$ for a month.
  15. Noted but not understood on the BB captain skills (found while doing manual reset). The "Emergency Repair Skill" shows both the Repair Party (aka heal my damage) and as having +1 charge with this skill. Separately on the same skill is found that the Damage Control Party (stop the fire and flooding) as also having +1 charge. Why? Why does the Damage Control Party which under the equipment tab indicates "unlimited" charges need to have due to this skill unlimited +1?