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  1. lightspeed2131

    What matters?

    A short while ago many CC's quite. Let's not discuss the rationale. What was the effect? Did it do anything apart from demonstrate integrity in some and less than in others (perhapes)? If there is an effect, what is the effect and how is this seen for the "average" player? If there is NO effect, why bother with the fur flying? Best
  2. Not going there, not doing that. Been lured down this path before and stupidly played into it. Not again. About a year + / - without any purchase down from psuedo-whale like (where are the cutoff lines? What's a dolphin, what's killer and what's a blue???). NOPE, not gonna do it.... wouldn't be prudent.
  3. lightspeed2131

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Who is "AprilWhiteMouse"?
  4. Let's go with what you say for a moment sir. A wreck has no bodies left in it ~ 1 year post sinking. Great. BUT, the ship is still the prperty of the originating nation. A second nation steals the steal of the vessel. Hello Haag. Hello conflict , if desired. Taken to absolute extreames we could potentially see by what you appear to be claiming, over steel, small to medium fission devices popping off as "deterrents" or protectors / defenders (being everywhere at one time) of owned steel. Is this the extreme we (YOU) are asking for in order to not pillage, loot, steal from such sites? Plenty of old buildings (with steel), railroad bridges, highway bridges etc. WHY go for the sea bed? This still you have not addressed. What are you evading? It's almost as if you are attempting to protect someone or some ideology for this rather than just let the (more or less) recently dead be undisturbed. Are you so hungry that you have to desecrate your grandfather and grandmother's graves just to get the silver and gold form their teeth? If so, just say you are that hungry there are plenty of ways to feed you and your family. If on the other hand you are some Chinese government offical, just stop playing silly games, you are making your nation look foolish by now for sure. First blaming Vietnam for a tourist attraction and second trying to somehow steer this first into "a nation needs to protect its interests" (such ships and dead) and then out again. To be sure you are entertaining yet not logical, or consistent. Source documents = 0. Opinions = everyone has one ; Arguments to sustain and support the opinion = 0. "Empty boots" is not cutting it. That's about all that gets found in Flanders, islands throughout the Pacific (all sides) and yet, that's not the honor or the treatment. The pre-atomic steel isn't the whole of it - plenty from other sources (still). "Resources on the seafloor", especially in someone else's economic zone does not cut it else no need to specifically target. What's your story? What's the agenda? Why should anyone not believe you are not part of the project management team? Do they pay well? Do you really believe the propaganda or has that been something recent? Are you wanting to escape to the west?
  5. @SventexWould you care to elaborate on what your real issue is? Upfront you appear to be discussing https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293924-d455010-Reviews-Huu_Tiep_Lake_and_the_Downed_B_52-Hanoi.html as if this is something that was told as a war grave when it clearly IS NOT. Not a tombstone, water grave, any grave for that matter. Just a military museum. Why compare this to a sunk ship and the looting of such things? Seems a deliberate mis-direct when the Vietnamese (not just the North Vietnamese) government decided to keep this where it is AND it IS NOT any sort of war grave. This isn't some collapsed caving system such as were created and used (both sides) in the conflict in Vietnam, or in France (ww1) which are in some cases actual war graves like sunken ships are. War graves are war graves; tourism is tourism. So, I guess to be blunt. What's the point? What's the agenda?
  6. I'm curious, because you continue to dwell on this, what can you point us to in the way of factual source documentation about this point? I do not recall such instances in other US air campaigns (Desert Storm; "second set"; Afghanistan; Yugo; Korea etc.) and so there's either something really unique, this is folklore or .... idk. Sometimes, as you point out about some of the shot-up or shot-down's the nation does the displaying as a show of "what we did". Why is this 100% not the case of the B-52 you point to in this what again, due to the apparent irregularity, what can you point to for referenceable source documentation? (language doesn't matter - translations are easy).
  7. lightspeed2131

    Deploy 6 .... get.... ?

    If anywhere that's a good possibility; or maybe PG based and operate Red Sea; PG & Horn. But, how much care must a nation use if operating in seas of another or of international waters and performing "law enforcement" duties? To start with under what laws or codes would a charge or citation be levied in most / all of these cases? In the case of enforcement of Navigation Acts, that's well established via UN treaty, a law I suppose yet clearly not national, and if I recall correctly it is based upon low mean low water mark. One might suppose that gives rise to a dispute to some of SCS PRC claims due to the reef or atoll may not actually have had a mean low water mark. It could well be there and yet remain subsurface.
  8. lightspeed2131

    Deploy 6 .... get.... ?

    Think the good enough depends on the actual tasking. Probably yes, else there would be more but, it leaves unanswered do we send 6 to have 2 working? Unsure. Not always does there need to be active links I'd suggest.
  9. lightspeed2131

    Deploy 6 .... get.... ?

    USN announces deployment of 6 LCS soon. How many effective do you think there will be at a time? Unmanned's appear to be doing well for their stage of dev. Is this a last huhraah to stave off the new Connie's (FREMM mod US) with a mix of quasi disposable's and US hyper's as well?
  10. lightspeed2131

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Would you describe this a bit more now that time has passed? Is parallels still a good way to go? I'm looking to shift to a big screen M1 when those appear later in the year and get back to not paying GeForce $$. I'd like to understand what I'd have to do with an M1 based system to succeed. Or, is there a better way to go? No, changing to a different non-Mac machine is not going to be feasible for other unrelated reasons.
  11. lightspeed2131

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    I'm expecting to pick up the M1 with the upcoming release of the new larger screen machines. Interested to learn the step by 's or guide you used to successfully play using parallels and ARM windows. Have you got such a guide?
  12. lightspeed2131

    Ostergotland The BB Menace

    From a fun perspective I kinda like them. Smaland from a "bother to think about what I'm doing" aspect is deadly vs entertaining. I don't mind others getting kill credit - win the fight....drink beer tonite! Lose the fight.... dead! SML mentioned as first cuz to OGL and step-bro to HAL. I am curious, maybe we've noted different aspects, what is it that turns you cold to them?
  13. Think everyone gets that and at least in general agrees. Maybe (probably - always outliers) wrong but in general think we're safe saying that. Noted is this game isn't like reality anyway so use of propaganda tools is to a certain extent fitting. Call them BB-lite, pocket "pool" or whatever floats it's the same thing. Some lines of this have nearly half (some might argue better than half) of the line as paper only (how "pocket" is that?). Point is use an existing skill and mod it to reflect what Lert's conceptually proposing just modified so it "fits" the cruiser community (sort of, kind of, maybe). If the current 3 pt skills gets modified and suddenly becomes a 4 point skill, so what? Hungry kids all over the world beat that as does me offering to buy you a beer and a refill when able. In concept I do find I agree with Lert's proposal but would extend, in a modified fashion (I'm not king, never will be but this would get done if I were) to cruisers. It's kind of like a 6th rate 22 vs a 5th rate 38 to go for nautical but of a different era. Is the 38 fitted with 12's or with 18's? Could be either and we won't know until.... And back to this game, does the 8" have "slightly" improved pen / damage due to "skill o' the skipper" or not? Back to different era for a sec, is the 64 cut down (razeed) to a 44 really a 3rd rate (pocket BB 1st rates were the cat's meow then) due to armor (timber thickness) protection or a super slow and sluggish 4th (or in some measures) 5th rate frigate (cruiser)? Pricing, not a penny more than 3 points in my mind as described with Lert above. 5% gain even if in two aspects isn't at all worth more than 3 and I'm hacking up hairballs even at 3 pts. Skill re-arrangement and re-pricing is sure to be funneling its way here. Just MHO. Thoughts?
  14. I get that. Proposed is along side the mod of the BB skill and in similar but not identical fashion something for big gun cruisers might become available. Example : Assumed for sake of discussion the BB skill offers +10% to krupp. Alter the cruiser 3 pt Heavy AP to also feature a +5% krupp with the +5% damage. Not an earthshaking change to combine in that the pen and the actual damage numbers will affect the game but should not (things like dispersion and angling come into effect as well) be drastic game changers. Thoughts?
  15. How about from certain gun calibers and up? Point being some of the super cruisers / pocket BBs having "last year's model" of BB guns (figuratively) would have similar effects. Perhaps a lesser but still significant + up?