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  1. Boat_Ape

    Premium Day Rewards

    The obvious is missed. If I want to buy something or use a reward I've earned I would like to use it when it's convenient for me. If I want a patch-I'd buy a patch and it would go in to my inventory, just like when I purchase doubloons or a ship. The Med tokens have to be used by Dec. something, and if I want to use them all at once to buy premium days they would run concurrent. It's one thing to buy a year's worth of premium and use it as you want. It's completely different to use up premium days by someone else's dictate.
  2. Boat_Ape

    Premium Day Rewards

    I would like WOWS distribute 24 Hour Premium Day rewards like they do with most every other reward such as, Signal Flags, Camos, Modules, Free XP, etc. etc. As we all know these rewards are placed in our accounts/inventory to be used as we desire and this is not the case when you receive a day of premium. It begins regardless of your desire or schedule. I can certainly appreciate the requirement to spend specific resources such as the Mediterranean tokens by a certain date. However, I don’t appreciate not having the flexibility to spend them on Premium Days and then use those rewards at my convenience. What amazes about this oversight, is that if WOWS can place and track every other reward in an ‘as desired’ account it obviously already has the basic code/mechanisms to do so with Premium Days. So an inquiring mind wants to know-why not?
  3. Boat_Ape

    What's all the fuss about subs?

    In addition to what Elisabeth has said I would also add; If your going to introduce subs to the game I would suggest that you either only make them available for play in clan battles or offer a player the choice as to whether they want to play a random battle with them as a component or not. The game is more like a 20 minute knife fight than an actual naval battle. Already, the game asks for a lot of multi-tasking from a player. So, now we not only command, fight; surface ships, sky cancer and now underwater cancer as well? Worse yet, with this added dimension you have to rely on other players to do actually do their job. Can you imagine in real life-the CO of a DD before he was hung, having to explain to an Admiral why he deserted the Task Force and went rouge (YOLO)? Far too often I see players doing the Lemming Train or BBs running from their spawn and leaving players short and unsupported at a cap. What's a player in WOWS to do? Report them as being a bad player? I'm sure that'll make them better. Lastly, I would also look at this from the economics of the game. If I'm in a cruiser with 30,000 HP-and one rocket attack can destroy 5,000 of it in the first few minutes of a game, one more threat in the game will obviously cause most of us to sink quicker, we'll cause less damage and not accumulate as much XP. That's fine for someone like me with 11 million in Commander XP, but what about the people who are grinding ships and containers? The only good news about submarines for me is that at least they start at tier IV . This way grandpa will still have stuff to kill.
  4. Boat_Ape


    Is it possible to stop the ribbons from displaying from each volley's hit? Mine display in the center of the screen and cover up my field of vision/cursor and distracts me while in battle. And before some wise-guy or/gal responds with get glasses, I already have 3 different pair of computer glasses with varying prescriptions. So, if it's possible, how do I change the display location and or the size of the pop-ups?
  5. Please adjust the loudness of the sound for when your ship explodes. There isn't any reason for it to be any louder than what sound levels I've chosen .
  6. Boat_Ape

    Fix the Compass

    Did it cost extra to put a readable letter N on the new style compass? And, I'm assuming that you guys left off S,W and E because you forgot. Geez, I liked the old compass. You could make it and the ship smaller so that you could lower the chat box out of the middle of the screen. But for a compass it's design fit function. The new one is a poor design resulting in poor function. I sure hope that I know, I know, a lot of people don't even know that's it there. But some of us actually know how to navigate and can read one. Oh! Wait. This one is a pain to read.
  7. Boat_Ape

    A Suggestion to Help with AA

    I appreciate WOWs ‘good faith’ effort in trying to restore some balance of a ship’s AA to the reworked, but now over powered CV’s. However, in my opinion the free re-assignment of commander skills is more inline with the concept of polishing the hard night soil of an ox than of having any meaningful value. When a small ship, tier 4/5 has limited AA protection to begin with, any minimal gain in it’s AA rating isn’t worth the re-assignment of commander skills. A smaller ship which lacks the various modules and consumables that the higher tiers have. And as such, need the all of the complimentary skills they currently have so that they can fight more effectively in the first place. So to give anything up just weakens the CA's play and is a poor substitute. Therefore, if WOWS truly wants to help the smaller ships adapt I would suggest; You bump up every small tier ship’s AA rating. Admiral Snargfargle is correct, WOWS needs to rework the torpedo alert particularly because we gamers don't have a 360* view of the threat which in real life radar and lookouts give you. I don't know about the need to know what type of plane is trying to kill me, but I think that we at least need to always know if the threat is to starboard or port, plus fore, aft, or abeam. Particularly, now when CVs drop one or two torps at a time from different angles of attack. In as much that it seems that it's only when you get to 6/7 tier cruisers that we begin to see decent AA or at least a consumable that improves it, I would say that you no longer put tier 4s CAs with 6 CVs and tier 5 CAs with 7CVs and/or you limit the battle to only one CV per team. Lastly, as a new incentive and or money maker for WOWs, I would suggest that for those of us with 19 point commanders we have earned the ability to build/customize our ship by being able to acquire more commander skills. Mind you, I’m not suggesting that it should take any more earned XP than what is currently required to become an American Fleet Admiral at 19 points. I’m saying that as a Fleet Admiral I have the new option to add whatever new skill I want. Perhaps WOWs could make this possible through a purchase, IE. of 50,000 Commander XP and 500 doubloons or some combination thereof.
  8. I hate to use the 'N' word. But...have any of the tier-4 and 5 ship's been 'nerfed' or had their shells fire potential reduced in the last month or so? My average damage is 33K and recently I've been struggling to break 20K with roughly the same amount of hits. As well, it seems to me that I'm starting less fires. Admittedly, it could be that I'm not seeing as well. Are they making it so the ships are displaying smaller?
  9. Am I missing something about the American Cruisers Collection rewards? I finally lost patience in waiting to see how many total collectibles I had to acquire before I completed the collection. Still, I ended up with 44 first issues of the 48 possible collectibles, plus a whopping 50 in duplicates. The reward I most wanted (or at least I thought I wanted) which was the “custom” camo scheme for all American Cruisers. Silly me, I thought that I would be getting an actual unique and permanent camo scheme like I received for my New Orleans and Baltimore which was awarded for prior collections and contests. Heck, I would’ve even been ecstatic if WOWs would have just taken the Stars N Stripe camo and stripped it down to just the -3% Detectability and +4% Dispersion benefits of plain camo and offered that as the reward. At least that would be a truly custom color scheme and I would happily pay the same fee of $22,500 to mount and resupply. Mind you, I’m a capitalist. I certainly appreciate that WOWS is in business to make money and I want them to be successful in this venture. I recall that 30 Freedom Boxes with 2 collectibles in each, cost $150.00. If I had bought enough Freedom Boxes to get to this amount of first issue collectibles and duplicates I would’ve had to buy 50 of them at a cost of $250.00. And for what, the choice between the original traditional dark grey and the ‘new and improved, light grey’ camo? And adding insult to injury, WOWS recently comes out with the patriotic camo for the Dallas and Helena that you purchase to mount. Perhaps those should have been the reward for all of the cruisers instead of plain old “grey.” I’m not privy to WOW’s marketing strategy but I would invite them to revisit where they spend their money. I just saw the new video starring the Pin-Up Girls. It’s terrific-it’s a first class production and had to cost a fortune to produce. Perhaps instead of going big budget “Hollywood”-they might have spent more on the rewards for completing the collection. Another flag to fly and new grey camo to mount isn’t much.
  10. Hey! Thanks for all the replies. Here's my briefest of thoughts. My current system; Intel I5 2.90GHZe CPU, 8G Ram, 64x64 W10, Nividia GE Force710, 27"HD Monitor. So, as I condense the content of the replies my understanding is: As long as I buy something greater than what I have now to accommodate the 4K monitor I should be good to go. (I like the idea of dual drives) As for building it myself-well, not in this life time. I was a deck ape-if it don't fit, get a bigger hammer! FYI-I'm a shopper. I've been to the place that built my last computer. I've been on Dell's website and I've been on Amazon. Surprisingly the prices are close if you match apples and apples which is damn hard to do. When I bought my Logitech G910 keyboard, Best Buy's price was the lowest by far. I ordered it online and had it shipped to the store. So, it could have been a special deal. But... Lastly, does anyone have any input about a 4K monitor? I've been on CNET and PC MAG's sites to see the highest rated, but other opinions can never hurt. As well, it will be helpful to know if WOWs looks so dramatically enhanced on the 4K monitor that it's worth the money. Many thanks!
  11. Greetings Mates, What's the latest on a great set up for WOWS. My computer just like my exes work on the five year plan. However, a computer when it quits doesn't get the house. My current desktop setup has a Nividia GE Force710 that I added when I first started playing. I assume that I'll need to upgrade that if I get a 4K monitor. I saw a fellow senior citizen post that he was using a TV as a monitor. Great idea, but I don't have the space, so a 27 or 32 will have to do. I was at Best Buy and this young man was excited to show me the two best gaming computers he had, and I'm sure for $1,100 and $1,600 respectively they are. However, considering that WOWS is the only computer game I play it seems like overkill and huge waste of money. Then again, maybe not. That's why I'm asking. So, if any of you skippers out there are tech savvy, I would appreciate your input. Thanks!