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    AFK players

    Being in the electric power and telecommunication business, I have observed a significant amount of players who lose internet/broadband signal which creates the same appearance as one who is signed on and just inattentive. Recently several companies including our own conducted a rather expensive scientific survey of broadband availability among other other characteristics. A couple of interesting perspectives learned: (1) There was a significant % of respondents who were oblivious to the fact there are many people who don't have higher capacity nor reliable broadband; (2) The average household cannot afford more than $65/month for broadband of 25Mb/sec (or higher); (3) For those willing to pay more than $90/mo for speeds greater than 100mb/sec, the number of respondents fell to approximately 10%. This was an average of an urban and rural area. These numbers are similar nation wide, with urban areas providing the lower cost, higher speed, and higher reliability one would expect. As i began to notice more AFK players i realized while not every AFK player has unreliable and or lower speed broadband service, it will be a contributing factor. The more deluxe Wargaming makes the game and "if" the requirements increase broadband needs, this could also be contributing to more AFK players. I am sure those players with lower and poorer performing broadband service is not something they desire, rather they may be stuck with it depending upon their economic condition and local service availability.
  2. Cmdr_WSRamsey

    How is Base XP calculated?

    Taylor salute to a vet !
  3. Cmdr_WSRamsey

    How is Base XP calculated?

    Red Sea Bear love that video i needed a good laugh after surgery!
  4. WOWs Techs and Code Writers: In WWII should a ship encounter ships close up and in smoke or storm they would random fire to see if they would get a hit as a way to locate (especially if they knew the enemy was close and conditions were bad).. Since we can blind fire in storms and smoke with main guns, i would highly encourage you guys to allow the player to manually pick a coordinate for the secondaries to begin firing until you disengage. I understand the current programming is set to fie on the middle part of a ship's bow; however, to make this more realistic and give BBs and Cruisers a little help when being gunned from smoke. Most BBs and cruisers do not have radar so at least this is one option for the CO to use those secondaries. Perhaps performing some tests with manual secondary control to allow the player to choose the target versus the game is worth a try? Love the game thx..
  5. Cmdr_WSRamsey

    Ranked season 10 will be worse

    Having T10 Ships myself, I think it would be more fun if they started out with lower T ships and as you progress the T ships go up. In other words saving T7 ships last season till the end (and I think T5 till the end this season seems a little backwards). But if WOWs is trying to entice players to move up to higher T ships quicker then i could see why they are doing what they are doing.