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  1. So i looked with favor on the updates in 0.7.4; however, i am experiencing the same problem with same error. I guess i am not playing tonight.
  2. X15 love that dog picture, looks like he is ready for a big treat.
  3. Alaska class why?

    I love the current Scharnhorst and play it frequently. If the Alaska comes out at T7 I will buy it. Every ship has its pros, cons, and style. Part of this game I like so well is learning the history behind the ship, time, and geographical regions. My dad was a fighter pilot thru WWII and Korea with VF-11/111, then worked in naval weapons as an engineer before retiring from the Navy in 1964. His last project was an electronics upgrade to the CV USS Oriskany as Exec Officer. Love the game.
  4. Whatever the criteria I do think it reduces the chance for both teams to practice skills in that situation. One might recall the Kobayashi Maru scenario from Star Trek and the reason for it. However, it is WOWs game and they may do what they wish. My first thought was this was a decision to save on server capacity to delay expansion of their assets. Either way I enjoy the game, it is not too far from a simulator in some ways. ​Cmdr WS Ramsey
  5. Shimakaze DD

    ​I do believe what you say, the simulator is good but very different than real life. Thank you for your time.
  6. I thought it would have been a great distraction if my cam flying around was flaming ball coming at the enemy ships. Anyone still alive ever seen this?
  7. Shimakaze DD

    I play practically each day. While I would admire having the said ship on my side, I have noticed a rising number of players getting this ship which is ok. However, I have started noticing some rather unusually significant kill numbers being reported. I do not have time to calculate the damage impact 15 torpedoes can impact when launched at once within a short time span. I would suggest perhaps doing this and comparing to the other upper division ship munitions to see if they are close to being equal. Another significant impact of the said ship is the torpedoes travel well over 20Km. I hope as more of these ships come into service in the game, the game does not send many other ships into irrelevancy. I do love your game. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feed back it does I hope, give you information to fine tune your exceedingly good product. Cmdr WS Ramsey
  8. So the bottom line when the ship specifications indicate 4 x 1 on Main Battery and 4 x 1 on AA of the same shell size, the game plays as though you have 8 guns firing the same said shell size even though you only count 4 gun barrels of that said shell size?
  9. Matches ending early?

    Regardless of the 1,000 points those of us on the losing and winning sides lose a chance to improve our skills, let us be the ones who decide when the match is over. I cannot count the times I was preparing to utilize something I learned in training then the program ends! At least move the points up and maybe the timer. The program has killed many great battles still underway. My dad fault at the battle of Midway, I guess it is a good thing for our west coast citizens they were not timed or scored on ocean held with ships left to fight etc or California might have become part of Japan. You guys have a great game please do not artificially handicap it.